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Dick Week 6


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I hope Showtime TOO takes their cameras to the sequester house...that's where the Show is going to be!

You either Love to Hate Him...or Hate to Love Him and it's all Dick's Fault!

joining with my drinking buddy...


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I used to defend Dick as well then I realized I could no longer defend some of the indefensible words and actions.

Verbally abusing Jen and Kail

Pouring tea over Jens head

Sexually degrading Jen and Jameka

Thats not what BB should be about in my opinion

I screwed up and I made a mistake in previous weeks defending him.

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Evil Dick doesn't need any of us to defend HIM...he's more than capable of that task! the things that you listed are the "Highlights" of this season so far!

the Ratings spike therefore are all Dick's Fault!

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Dick can still stay ..

Jessica puts up Daniele and Dick.

Then someone wins POV takes Daniele down.

Then Jessica puts Dustin up as a PAWN.

He takes the fate just like kail did, then..

We give a big F U to Eric by making him vote Dustin out..

Dick stays and dirtbag Dustin leaves.

Lol, How great would that be.

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If Jessica does that it will be the stupidest move she could make.

She has already made the stupidest move... Letting Eric use her... Specially after it was brought to her attention...

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Transcript of the coversation last night

Amber: Did you see them in there eating dinner together, the two of them at the table with their salad and their..?

Dustin: Pathetic!

Amber: She's like 'Are you ok?' He's like.. they're in.. you'd think they're a f*cking couple

Dustin: No, no, no, they're disgusting

Eric: I said outright the other day, I said I'm going to walk in on them f*cking

Amber: You should have heard him the other night.. he was going off about he loved little petite blondes

Eric: What??!!

Dustin: Oh my god!

Eric: Oh my god

Amber: It sounds like to me he's got the hots for his daughter

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