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  1. Nobpdy said it was Dicks fault that "America" liked him. America likes the Jerry Springer show. One segment of America likes to watch white violent trailer trash people for entertainment. This is no shock. But that doesnt change the fact the game was basically given to him via 3 times the power than most other hgs had. He isnt to blame for that. He is to blame for all his actions especially all his talk of raping 4 other hgs in their butt till they bleed or die. The producers wanted a story line before the game and they made it happen. It was a lie from the start. Dick and Dani both knew before the game they would both be in there. Dick emailed and texted her about it. There was no surprise when the "twist" was announced.
  2. I love the "America had just one vote line". 1 vote nobody else knew about 1 vote that always went Dicks way which no other HG had. Add that 1 vote to his blood relative daughters 1 vote and thats 2 votes nobody else in the house had. If Dick decided something thats 3 guaranteed votes going his way. Nobody else had that power regardless of who was up for nomination. I wonder if any of the other hgs would have been able to do better with the extra power of having 2 guaranteed votes in their pocket all game long plus 2 people always looking to nominate anyone but Dickard Its funny how people will even argue that Dick did not have a huge advantage over the rest of the house by having his daughter and America on his side. Its like arguing that 2 plus 2 doesnt equal 4.
  3. Erin thats a realistic answer and I applaud you for being honest enough for it. 1) They did have an advantage being blood relatives that nobody else had. That was a bond that no 2 other hgs had coming in to this game. That bond had them vote the same exact way in every single vote. That bond gave them an ally that they knew no matter what the circumstances would never put them up. Nobody else in the house had that. Even Amber turned on Jameka. Blood is thicker than water. 2) They did have Americas (Eric) help via another vote in almost every scenario Some things are facts not opinion.
  4. Forget the rigging of the game. That at this point is an opinion matter. I asked a yes or no question based on facts. Simple as that but some people would rather stick their heads in the sand than answer a simple yes or no question because they dont like the truth. All you have to do is answer yes or no. Is that so difficult to do? Is the truthful answer so difficult to say?
  5. Yath why would a simple yes or no question based on facts be baiting? I think the facts and truth would be the opposite of baiting. Most people in the real world hold the facts and truth up much higher than opinions and spin.
  6. More spin while avoiding the 100% facts. 14 hgs 12 hgs without a blood relative in the house that would vote the same in every vote and protect each other over every other hg regardless of the circumstances. 2 hgs with a huge advantage that was written in as a story line by the producers before the game. In fact nobody under 21 ever was even allowed on BB before as far as I know. They went out of their way too make this happen.
  7. How about instead of putting spin or opinions to things we just answer a simple yes or no question. Did Zach have an amazing advantage of blood relative in the game that voted the exact way that he did in every single vote and who would never put him up if he won a HOH? Yes or No?
  8. Zach was the HG that went the farthest without the producers allowing him to have a relative in the game and another player (Eric) being forced by the producers under the guise of "America" to protect him. Eric is on record that he never would have kept Dick over Dustin or Amer. That he was told what he had to do without any choice. Ditto the pov he won. The producers wrote the story line from the very first show and nothing was going to stop that story line as long as they had a say in the matter. Even playing field and Zach is the victor. Simple as that.
  9. I never said Eric never trashed Dick or Dani. Dont take what I said and spin it in to your own deceptions. I said Show me 1 time America told Eric he would complete his goal if Dick was nominated or evicted. Show me 1 single time! Sorry it never happened. Eric was told who to vote for and who to get nominated. Dicks name was never on his target sheet he got for nomination nor eviction. Not once! Carol? Yes Kail? Yes Jen? Yes Joe? Yes Amber? Yes Jessica? Yes Dani? Yes Dustin? Yes
  10. Show me 1 time America told Eric he would complete his goal if Dick was nominated or evicted. Show me 1 single time! Sorry it never happened. Eric was told who to vote for and who to get nominated. Dicks name was never on his target sheet for nomination nore eviction. Not once! Carol? Yes Kail? Yes Jen? Yes Joe? Yes Amber? Yes Jessica? Yes Dani? Yes Dustin? Yes Dick was allowed to have his daughter help him all game. There is no reason Zach shouldnt have been allowed the same huge advantage via his brother of his father. But he wasnt. Ditto Eric having no choice but voting for him as well as campaigning to nominate his enemies (Kail, Jen, Dustin, etc). Lets be realistic here the storyline was drawn up before the show and that was that. Nobody was going to be allowed to stop it. Jen even spoke of how the DR people would constantly pressure her in her votes. All things being equal Zach won. Dick was given the game with a 3 handicap.
  11. Dick and Dani were together 100% of the game. They are blood relatives. Dustin and Joe hated each other. They were never on each others sides nor were they blood relatives. Ditto Jessica and Carol. It wasnt just knowing each other. They are father and daughter. As far as Eric goes it wasnt just 1 extra vote Dick had. The whole game he had Dani and Erics votes. Thats 2 automatic votes for safety any time he went on the block. He also had Dani and Eric to protect him at all times whether it was Dani winning hoh's or Eric being forced to campaign to nominate other people. America's choice did not allow Eric to campaign to nominate Dick 1 single time. Nor did it allow him to campaign to get Dick nominated via the pov one time. I'm not pissed about Americas Player. I thought eric did a good job with it. But I would have to have blinders on not to see the whole game was about America making Eric protect Dick. When Jen and Kail went after Dick America made Eric go after Jen and Kail. How could anyone miss that? That was not Erics choice. How much more slanted could the producers make the playing field? They gave him huge advantages in the house that Zach did not have. Zach was the winner if the playing field was level. Not even close.
  12. Put Zach in with a relative of his, with another player (Eric) having to vote for him and campaign for him via the AC, and the producers manipulating the game for him based on a predetermined story line and lets see if he would be able to improve on #3. Eric and Jess can say what they want now but the bottom line is they all said they wanted Zach to win when in the jury house over the evil family The producers pretty much fixed BB8 so much this season that it really ruined any "victory" What else could the producers possibly have done to fix a victory for him? Nobody else in the house had the advantages he had. Even Dani probably is mad inside when she realizes she would have won the vote without Americas Twist and the producers manipulation. There is no denying that Dick was given a pass to third base. So with that pass he was able to cross home plate. Seems to me that is a very empty victory. Zach was the real winner in my book
  13. If you look at the game with out all the unfair advantages the producers set up for a entertainment based prefabricated father/daughter story line than Zach really won the game. Take out the totally slanted playing field where 1 guy gets his daughter in the game for him, gets another player (Eric) forced to vote and campaign for him and the producers other obvious manipulation and that leaves Zach as the obvious winner. Dustin even said Zach would have won easily with a 6-1 vote. Congrats Zach!
  14. Alex they never even gave America a chance to vote on it because they didnt want to take a chance that Dick or Dani would get nominated in my opinion
  15. Jessica was very complimentary of Eric. She said she fell for him hard and they are dating. I wish she could have come away with some money She seems the opposite of a spoiled girl. She was all happy her parents re did the basement bathroom. I got the feeling that might be her bedroom.
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