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  1. Does anyone have a link to the video of when Dick gives up in the HOH?
  2. carmen I agree completely. Also isn't Eric's vote automatic and he isn't expected to have influence over the others because it wouldn't be fair?
  3. And it's too bad that some of you can't accept a little act of kindness from Dani toward Dick - and Zach - for what is was - a simple act of kindness. If she's "white trash", as someone said, then I would gladly accept that kind of "white trash" as my friend. I actually used to like Dani but in the last few weeks she's been so catty and said some really nasty things about Zach and others. But also just her whole mightier than thou cocky attitude from her and her dad is just irritating. So it's hard to give her credit for anything. It's their sense of entitlement to the winning of this that bothers me.
  4. I am proud to say I've been cheering for Zach for weeks. I don't know why people pick on him so much he seems perfectly fine to me. Go Zach.
  5. I am curious about something. The people who enjoy the Donatos in the nominations ceremony where Zach is explaining why he chose them what was your reaction to the behaviour of Dick and Dani as they were openly mocking him and laughing at his speech in a very smug cocky manner? Did you laugh or were you disappointed? Honestly?
  6. If Zach goes to final two with Dick America's vote finally won't matter.
  7. Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that everyone was complaining that Zack was nasty "he didn't wash his hands after using bathroom." "he annoyed everyone by following them around" I remember signing on to morty's and seeing nothing but hating Zack, how fast people's opinions change.... That's right but don't forget when you listen to the feeds and read the updates all it contained for a while was Zach bashing by the two D's. Surprise surprise once they complain and moan about Zach it translates into all the sheep, I mean people that listen to their crap and vote for them to hating a guy they don't even know. Brilliant.
  8. I don't believe for one second Dick is using belittling and humiliating people as strategy. I think he enjoys it. He sure seems to and he's just not that good of an actor.
  9. With that being said, good LORD was Dick a prick last night. He's such a moron. Repeating the same things over and over again was just lame and I had to change the channel a few times because it was SO obnoxious. On top of that, the moron wasn't effecting Zach at all, it was STRENGTHENING him. If anything he was effecting his own daughter. Instead of talking to her and keeping her psyched up he acts like a jackass. He deserved to lose. As someone who has participated in numerous physical games in sports in my life Dick is bar none the worst example of sportsmanship I have ever witnessed. I truly find it mindboggling how anyone can find him as someone to cheer for. Zach was trying to tell Dani and him nice job and shake their hands after the veto and all Dick could do was taunt and gloat and swear at him. Nice. Why does anyone want this asshole to win? I am truly amazed.
  10. Besides Dani will win the next 2 comps. Yes I'm sure BB will find a way to get their two precious Donatos into the final 2 somehow.
  11. I think if Zach goes to final two with Dick he would have a good chance to win. Dustin, Jen, Jess, Jameka, Amber would all vote against Dick IMO. Eric will probably be told to vote for Dickhead so he will have no choice. You can't say Zach has been a floater for the last month and in his speech he will point out that he has thrown some comps on purpose because he didn't want the power or the spotlight then.
  12. Right and when they vote her out tonight you think she is still going to vote for them? I know it's a foregone conclusion that BB will not allow Zach to be in final 2 but one can hope.
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