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Dick Week 6


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Maybe this should be in the Housecalls thread but you guys reminded me of something.

The weekend after Nick was evicted I went to watch HC for the first time this season and when they went to the full view of Bunky... Woah!!! Was he trying to get Nicks attention with that thing or what? It was disturbing, to say the least and I really don't usually notice things like that. Well, unless the guys is really hot. Bunky, not hot.

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(In two verses. Sung to the tune of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.")

Dick is the foul-mouthed houseguest

Father of the sweet Daniele

How all the houseguests loved him

Even when he gave them hell.

Dick told his friend Jameka

As he sat upon her lap

Read me a Bible story

I promise I will take my nap.

Then one dark eviction eve

Dick was heard to say

If you hate my passing gas

You can kiss my royal ass.

Then all the houseguests cheered him

As they shouted out with glee

You are my good friend Evil

You're going to the end with me.

2nd verse

Dick told his best friend Dustin

We're both here on the chopping block

But you'll be safe, My Princess

Don't you worry, that's a lock.

Dustin repliedhe knew that

My friends would never vote me out

But when his ass went bye-bye

He began to cry and shout.

Then one dark and dreary night

Amber came to say

Dear Dick I just love you so

Just how much you'll never know

I know you do, Dear Amber

You're going to the end with me

Then maybe you'll stop crying

Oh how happy we will be!

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LOL...my husband and I have been calling him Tommy Lee from day one!

Me too Shelby! First day I called hubby to tell him about the HG's and I said "Honey,..Tommy Lee's twin is in the house!!"LOL


Man I hope Jess and Eric stick to this! If they do,..they are now my fav top 4! Dick, Danielle,Eric and Jess!

TOO FUN TO WATCH the rest of the season!


(if there is a God that is!) JK!


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Fizzle - I think I posted somewhere last night that I have an Amber song coming up on YouTube. My part is done; waiting for my friend who has a home studio to finish working on the music background. Maybe tomorrow.

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Old Guy I was singing right along with you until the Amber partnership....that ain't happenin'....she may TRY to pull that off after the princess leaves but i think that door is closed..

Great Lyrics!

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final two easily

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