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  1. Definitely a huge advantage to be the only two people to have someone that was a childhood friend and then almost family in the game that you can trust absolutely.
  2. We will find out on Thursday if Jackson has a penalty vote on him for cheating. Well, hopefully he will still be on the block on Thursday but if Jess gets worried that the vote might not go to get Jack out like she wants, she might put someone else up. But I think BB needs to make it known that Jackson has some kind of penalty for cheating because if they don't, why would any other HG suffer for a week eating that crap if there are no consequences for cheating. I was thinking that his cheating is the reason there are no have nots this week but now I heard the HGs say that the have not room is being remodeled for the Area 21 punishment. Is this just BB covering their ass by using the excuse of needing the room for a comp punishment so they can't have have-nots this week?
  3. The veto comp is usually the one where they do the trading of prizes. I could see Michie getting the no slop ever prize during this and keeping it.
  4. I don't trust her. She says she's not putting up a woman. But it seems to me that she has been trying so hard to be part of the now defunct 6 that she may try to use her HoH to get an alliance going with some of them, like Jack, Christie and Tommy. I really don't think she wants to associate herself with the outcasts and could possibly put up Jackson and Nick to appease both sides.
  5. Bella: Nicole says you guys are plotting against us. The 6: What? She's a big old liar. See our mad faces. That means we aren't telling lies, she is. Bella: Cool. Those mad faces really show me that you aren't the liars, Nicole is. I trust you guys!
  6. He's always saying he is so honest in this game and he loves everyone, blah, blah, blah. Then the shit hits the fan about Holly and Kat knowing each other and all the crying and moaning about betrayal and there's Tommy and his pal Christie, shaking their heads in disbelief at that terrible truth that was uncovered.
  7. I thought she had a backward or upside down spine or something. BB has always attracted some very unique people.
  8. Well, there was Raven who had about ten different diseases who conveniently gained a slop pass. I know I have seen HG's who were suspected of cheating a little bit, just a mouthful here and there, and they said that BB came down on them in the DR. This just seems like production is trying to completely hide the whole issue. There was a clip where he was telling Christie (I think it was her) that he was taking a something (Xanax?) without a prescription for a long time and then got a scrip right before BB. BB changed camera view quickly from that convo at that point. He has some problems with more than eating.
  9. The only thing I like about this guy is his mafia name
  10. I think if it wasn't for Christie he would have been on the outside of that alliance.
  11. He's probably one of those guys who send "those" kind of pics to women on those phone apps.
  12. She is so annoying. Sorry girl, the cool kids will never let you in and yes, you are stuck being one of the outcasts. If she would have agreed to vote out Jack, Kat would have done the same.
  13. Nah, not even close. She's just an annoying brat. There were players that "fans" hated so much that they did all they could to get them fired, made threats against their families, some got booed on their way out until production told the audience they couldn't do it.
  14. Christie goes to the DR and says she wants to put the diamond veto into play. At the veto ceremony, Jackson says he is using the veto, an alarm or something goes off and it is announced that the golden veto is now a diamond veto and Jackson gets to name the new nominee.
  15. Yeah, they are. They even say "I love you" to each other and not in the BB "Oh, I love all you guys!" gushy kind of way. More like the Rachel and Brendon way.
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