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  1. Why can't I get entry to the general discussion forum. I see more than 500 posts, but I haven't been able read any if them. I am frustrated at this point, can somebidy give me clue.
  2. I can't read any general discussion post.  How do I get access.

  3. What's with James. Looks like he doesn't even try. Is he trusting and leaving it up to Paul or Nicole to bring him along to the final two, then expect to win $500,000. I'm really disappointed in his methodology in this BB. Never leave it up to chance, work for it. If it's Paul and Nicole in the final, I would vote for Nic, as Paul was a real b---buster when things didn't go his way. But the girls in the Jury house might just be catty enough to hand it to him, in spite of his vocabulary, "you know what I mean", just to stick it to Nicole. Can't wait for Wednesday.
  4. I can't believe what happened in the jury house between Day and Paulie. He really is a piece of work. And Z just put all his crap behind her and doesn't even come to Day's aid. Both of their families, Z and Paulie, must be embarrassed by what they are seeing and hearing. Paulie for bring such a make chauvinist pig, and Z for taking that king of treatment from him and then acting like nothing happened between them. Shame, shame, that's what I say.
  5. Can't wait for tonight's eviction . I hope it's Natalie, because of the way she treated and spoke to James. I guess Paulie was right about one thing. That Jersey girls, Natalie, turned out to be a piece of work. In the event that James is saved he needs to do everything he can to win that HOH . Then put up Victor and Paul, hoping that neither one (and I mean Vic) win the veto power. I personally would love to see Paul get the boot. He is so obnoxious.
  6. So glad Paulie is out for good. He is such a sorry excuse for a man. The way he acted in the jury house was beyond words. Trying to look so non chalant about being evicted, but knowing he was busting inside. That when Z finally let him have it, instead of being quiet, he literally defended his actions. Cody must be so embarrassed by his behavior and game play. Didn't Cody and Derrick give him any pointers. As I said, glad he's out, now let's see what logic he employs to cast a vote for the winner. Sore loser.
  7. I'm not saying that Paulie could have the return ticket, but please let it not be so. One way please. Enough of his antics thinking he is running the house and feeling over confident that he will walk away with the prize. Once he is gone, I really don't care who makes it to the end but at least it will become a more interesting BB. That is, everyone playing the true BB game. The king is dead (Paulie, in his head) and please production, do not tamper with the results.
  8. These girls just amaze me. Doesn't anyone think for themselves. I'm not crazy about Davonne, but at least she was willing to fight for her place in the house. Now the girls are against her.
  9. I, like many others, do not like Paul. Last night was an example of how ignorant he is. Confronting Frank with the crap that flowed out of his mouth, but for no apparent reason. As Frank said, no matter how much he talked to Michele, he was not the one to name a replacement. So why was Paul so in his face. And his antics during the veto comp.. He is a camera hog. Anything he can do to attract the camera to him, he will do. I hope he goes soon, as the others are seeing how volatile he can get, and for no reason.
  10. It's so true. Hardly any general discussion. In last years, there were pages and pages of comments. I always came here first to find out what was trending with the other members.
  11. It's amazing that no one is writing anything about the remaining houseguest. Could it be that we are all bored to tears with this group. It looks like Van will take it all because she has willed it. I am praying and wishing that there is a flip and Van get evicted at the last possible moment. The look on her face will make up for the most predictable BB ever. I really think I am done with Big Brother if it keeps up this way.
  12. Austin is a pig and so is Liz. How do,they act like they do when they know everyone is watching them. They are more disgusting than McRae and Amanda. Compared to Austin and Liz, they were Angels. And if Liz is using Austin to get herself and Julia to the end, she is beyond words. I would like if she screws Austin in the end. He'll finally get what he want, figuratively, not literally.
  13. Now that Austin win HOH will he put up Vanessa or are they going to wait until next week do someone else will do it. They have no b--ps, but they might just make it to the end. oh my God if one of them win!,,,,,,
  14. I wished that Liz used the veto and put up Vanessa. But that didn't happen because they all want someone else to do the dirty work if Becky or John go, I wouldn't mind either one to come back. I still watch, but not with any anticipation. It's a habit on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday. There might still be some excitement left when it comes to the twins and Austin. What will they do to each other when the time finally comes. The flock is getting very thin at this point so pickings are slim. That what keeps me interested.
  15. I really think this BB is not a good season, I have noticed that there is very little discussion in the fan forum. That just seals the deal. Worst season ever.
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