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  1. Well another season is over. Even though this was so botched with all the pregaming, I think out of the people left in the house, Cody was the most deserving. My favorite part of the finale was seeing Cody evict Nicole and watched her shock! I’m glad Cody took Enzo to final two and that he’s at least going to get 50K. Enzo at least played for the full game, where as Nicole spent the whole first half of the game sleeping, being upset with Bayleigh for her “three guys, three tries” comment and laughing along when Memphis was making fun of Ian for being on the spectrum. So glad she’s going home empty handed. As far as Da’Vonne winning AFP, I have mixed feelings. I’m glad she won over Tyler (who really did nothing this season and even wanted to self evict), but I thought her game play was horrible and I hated the way she treated David. She was entertaining to watch, I’ll give her that. Until next time. Stay safe folks.
  2. I hope that if Cody wins he will take Enzo. It seems more logical, if he wants to win. However, Cody also knows that a lot of people on jury love Enzo. He’s promised them both (at different times when he’s alone with them), that he’s taking each of them. But, he’s never revealed in the diary room or talking to the feed cameras, what he would really do. My gut tells me he would take Enzo. There’s a part of me that also thinks Cody/Nicole might have some type of deal to split the money or something. I think Cody’s dad is also her agent, so who knows?
  3. I noticed this too last night! Cody and Nicole were both so pissed that Enzo actually played a competition for himself. Why shouldn’t he? Nicole has been a real entitled head case ever since she won 2 comps last week. She acts like people are there to serve her. And Cody has a lot of nerve! Enzo has done everything he’s wanted all game long. I don’t blame him for not going after Xmas. Enzo doesn’t even want Xmas voted out, it’s much better for his game if she stays. So why should he help Cody. I hope Enzo wins it all. If he doesn’t I’ll settle for a Cody win. Nicole doesn’t deserve to win.
  4. Glad Enzo won HOH. At least he has another thing to add to his resume. I’m kinda rooting for Xmas to win veto (he’s obviously going to put up Nicole and Xmas), so she can take herself off. Cody automatically goes up and she votes him out!!! That would be awesome.
  5. I actually hope David or Enzo wins HOH. Let’s get some new blood in there. I don’t way to see Memphis, Dani, Tyler or anyone who’s already won.
  6. Enzo definitely doesn’t shower regularly. It’s even become a running joke among the other HG’s. He also has talked about his underwear having skid marks and some other gross stuff. He also does this thing where at night he’ll say “I think I’m gonna take a shower.” But then he doesn’t. It reminds me of a young kid.
  7. I don’t think it was on purpose, but Day really screwed Dani’s game by her and Kevin picking her and Nicole for the POV competition. It solidified what the committee already thought that Dani had some sort of side alliance with Day. The ironic thing is that of course Day shouldn’t have picked her because Dani wasn’t going to use the veto on her anyway.
  8. Dani might have screwed her game with her HOH. She put up Tyler, but then didn’t really make a move to evict him. She protected Da’Vonne in the game to the detriment of her own alliance. The way Day and Kevin picked her and Nicole to play for the veto didn’t help either. Now her whole alliance is giving her the side eye. If Tyler wins HOH on Thursday she definitely going on the block. One thing Dani did that was smart the other night was tell Cody that Kevin hates him. She even told him what Kevin called him - “child douchebag.” Now instead of just casually wanting him out, Cody really wants him gone. It was a smart way to shift the focus off of herself. In the end though, unless Dani wins HOH (or Kevin/Nicole), she’s probably getting nominated in the triple eviction.
  9. Even though I wish he’d shower more frequently, other than David I’d like to see Enzo make it to the end. He’s playing an amazing social game and seems to be covered on many sides. I like that he’s working with David and that he sees how lame it is to just keep nominating Kevin week after week. He’s my pick to make it until the end.
  10. David is in a decent spot right now. He’s got the backing of several of the guys (Cody/Enzo), because they don’t think anyone would vote for a rookie to win, so he’s a decent person to take to the end. Cody even said to Enzo last night that he doesn’t want David to go home this week and that if Kevin wins veto, he’s going to put up Xmas and vote her out. If David wins HOH on Thursday, it’s a perfect time to get some of the committee out of the game. I hope that Kevin stays for a while, so David has an ally, but either way he should be able to make it through the triple eviction.
  11. Question for you guys. The triple eviction on Thursday comes from new nominations correct? In other words it won’t include Kevin being evicted, because that will count for this weeks nomination/eviction correct? On Thursday the new HOH will nominate people that make up the three?
  12. I wouldn’t be upset with a Tyler win. I’d love to see Kevin or David win HOH, just to shake things up. They would definitely put up two of the committee.
  13. It’s so odd that the feeds have been down all day. Either someone tested positive for Covid, a houseguest snapped or they’ve implemented some type of twist that they’re waiting for the live show tomorrow expose. Thoughts?
  14. Nicole is about to get what’s coming to her. She lied again to Day’s face today when asked if she voted to keep Ian. Xmas just made a deal with David, that she will tell Day the truth in her goodbye message that Nicole voted Ian out. It’s stupid that Day believed Nicole in the first place, since she has a history of betraying her, but I’m glad she will find out the truth before she goes into jury. She’ll not only know she was lied to repeatedly by Nicole, but she’ll be able to tell Ian the truth about his “bestie” who supposedly loves him so much.

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