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  1. 12:48pm Derek X, Tyland and Claire in PP playing chess. Big D, Azah and Britini chatting, mostly Britini trashing Frenchie and Tyland. (They are waiting for POV comp to start.) Whitney and Hannah in WA putting on makeup and hoping that Big D doesn't win POV. We get WBRB again.
  2. 12:08pm X talking to Britini in HOH. Tells her the only reason she was on the block last week was because of Frenchie. She leaves and calls Hannah to HOH but she is getting ready for POV comp. Quick WBRB and Sarah heads to HOH. She will be playing for POV along with Big D and Whitney. Sarah leaves after saying POV should be soon.
  3. 2:52pm BBT Britini says Sarah killed the comp and she agrees with her about not taking the Wild Card prize (safety by changing teams.) She says nothing has changed.
  4. 12:11pm Group leaves the HNR. Frenchie gets called to DR. Ty, Alyssa, Sarah and X in RBR. Ty said he talked to Frenchie last night and Frenchie told him his feelings were hurt, Ty said he can tell him, Frenchie told him there was 0. Ty was thinking he has never said anything about Frenchie and that Frenchie had a clear pic. 12:20am BBT We have FOTH.
  5. 12:00pm BBT Big D walking from rm to rm looking for ring and necklace. He found them. He says he went to a military school and he wears his ring EVERYWHERE! Ty and Sarah in SR. Ty asks her if Frenchie told her who he wants to go home. She says Derek X and he is putting up Travis and Derek. Ty says he doesnt know now that they have been in HNR for over an hr.
  6. 11:25am BBT Frenchie says he apologized to Brent for his prejudgment. To have everyone come to HOHR and say... Frenchie says he asked one question and he doesnt need a pawn but he asked if they would be a pawn and he got crickets. At that point he reevaluated things. Frenchie says that if he says to these 3 that he is ride or die he means it. Brent says Christian isnt keeping it quiet, he is talking way to early. 11:30am BBT Frenchie says he told Big D he would put up 2 girls cuz the guys will bond. All the guys are big competitors. Frenchie says the person he really wants to gun for he cant. Frenchie says he was babying the relationship (?? with Christian I think) and he didnt have to with Travis. Then Derek X lied to him. 11:40am BBT Frenchie says when he went in the DR and saw the card laying there....WBRB....Frenchie tells them he has many things he could blow up cuz ppl talk. Frenchie had 2 goals, if he told you something he meant it. Frenchie says he doesnt want to get HOHitis has let ppl to use WA, said he would switch beds with them. 11:49am BBT In PP Ky, Alyssa and Claire talk. Alyssa says if she is picked (to play veto) she will throw it. Claire says to talk to Frenchie first. In KT they are cooking and talking over each other. Meanwhile back HNR: Frenchie says he wanted his talks to not be hard play. (He keeps saying This Person) (must be who he nom, remember they arent allowed to say who it is) 11:56am BBT Frenchie tells X that when This Person came to him he was throwing X name around and he also threw Travis name around. Frenchie says Derek X mistake is he doesnt really understand the concept of the game. Frenchie says he can tell you what he will do...Alyssa comes in to grab something, after she leaves Brent says if you cut off the head of the snake, she will fall.
  7. 10:30am BBT Two groups of HG talking...Azah and Derek F (cant hear them) Tiff joins them. They say to stick with your instincts. Tiff says she doesn't know when Noms are but they need to be the last ones to talk to him. Azah says they called him to DR already and once he tells them he cant change it. Christian, Ky and one of the girls talking about cutting their hand on their BB key. 10:42am BBT Azah giving Tiff make-up tips. Tiff appreciates the advice. Derek F says he watches RuPaul and he says thats how to do it. Derek F says he doesnt want to play in the veto. Alyssa, Ky and Christian talk about noms. Ky says, On the list of worries, it wouldnt be you guys. Ky says the Aces have fractured. 10:55am BBT Derek X, Brent, Britini, Sarah and Travis in the KY. Derek X is doing dishes the others are talking about amusement park rides. Cam keeps zooming in on NOMINATIONS TODAY on the TV. Xavier finally sees it and alerts the HG. They all come into the LR to see. The boys LOL at Derek F (they call him Big D) for his saying he is in his bed but his room is always open for them to come in and chat. 11:02am BBT Big D and Christian talking. Big D says that Travis and Derek X started going at each other saying I am working with you. That Frenchie said to not say anything and now they are putting each other under the bus. Christian asks if the deal is still going. The last time he talked to Frenchie there was a back door deal now he doesnt know. Is Derek X still going? Christian says it was Derek X and Travis. 11:12am BBT X is in WA and Frenchie comes out WC. They have along comforting hug. X asks if he wants to talk about it. (Frenchie has been crying) Frenchie says its just everything. Brent comes in. Frenchie says there is so much fake in here and he has seen it for 2 days. Frenchie says when ppl are in the PP you can hear everything. The only rm you cant hear is in the HN room. Frenchie is done making ppl feel like they are at home. 11:20am BBT Frenchie, Brent, X and Travis leave the WA and go the HNR to talk with Travis. Frenchie says Brent was originally his wk 1 target, then they talked. Frenchie tells Travis that after Brent talked someone else came up and told him to reevaluate his target, they said that this person said exactly what Brent said. Frenchie said it was a prejudgment.
  8. 1:21pm BBT Feeds back. Travis and Tiff in RBR talking about other people, who they can trust. Travis said they will talk with the squad after this comp. Brent and Whitney in WA talking, Brent says he wants nothing to do with "him" (didn't hear who). Tiff says she got called out on something. Brent likes Frenchie. We keep getting FOTH off and on. 1:34pm BBT It's been FOTH again for a few minutes.
  9. 11:47am Derek F is doing dishes, Derek X and Travis come into the KT from GYM. 11:50am we get Escape to the Country video clip (????) and we are back to BB. Britini, Azah, Christian and Kyland in PP talking about puppies. Christian has a sister that lives in Progue and teaches English. He visited her 2 years ago. WBRB and now FOTH.
  10. 11:25am Tiffany corn rolled Christians hair. Derek F says his rapper name is Lil Slop. HGs say the GYM is not equipped for legs, they will have to do lunges. Brent says he sleep like dog sh*t last night and he is sluggish today. 11:37am Tiffany and Christian in SBR: Christian says Frenchie will probably nom one boy and one girl form the losing team (the Kings). Christian saying he doesn't know anyone yet, doesn't know who to be in an alliance with. Tiffany gets told to reattach her mic, she says she is changing her clothes, don't call me. She pulls the comforter over her head.
  11. 10:50am BBT Frenchie tells Kyland he wants to name an alliance called the Slaughterhouse and they would put people on the Chopping Block. They laugh and Frenchie says for Kyland to talk to people and see who else they can get to join. They will have a core but have others off of it. The core will be their ride or die. 10:59am BBT Frenchie tells Kyland he is thinking of getting Whitney to join them. (She is already in his other Slaughterhouse alliance with Xavier) No better time like the present. Frenchie says it sucks he had to be the one to crush someone's dream by sending them home.
  12. 10:40am HOHR Frenchie has been talking with Whitney and Xavier about getting one other person to join their Slaughterhouse 4 alliance. They will talk to others and see who they like to have join them. They Kyland comes in and they talk about Cards against Humanity, there should be a BB against Humanity. Whitney and Xavier leave and Frenchie tells Kyland that he thinks he is genuine and wanted to talk to him about an alliance.

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