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  1. Former Olympic Hurdlers Kellie and LaVonne Biography Name: Kellie Wells-Brinkley Age: 38 Hometown: Richmond, Virginia Current Occupation: On-air personality, public speaker, strategic partnership manager for a tech company Describe what you do: I commentate for a major network on sporting events. I also speak to major corporations for team building and corporate trainings, and I manage and connect people for a common goal for a tech company. Three words to describe you: Compassionate, rebellious, and adventurous. Favorit
  2. Sisters Michelle and Victoria Biography Name: Michelle Newland Age: 34 Hometown: Lafayette, Louisiana Current occupation: Luxury automotive sales #carsaleswoman #BMW Describe what you do: My profession became my passion. For almost a decade now, I have been a Client Advisor helping others to understand why BMW is the ultimate driving machine. I truly enjoy gaining forever relationships and making the car shopping experience into memorable milestones. Having the opportunity to be a part of so many lives is an honor I can’t measure. I love what I
  3. Dating Alana and Leo Biography Name: Alana Folsom Age: 29 Hometown: Somerville, Massachusetts Current occupation: Internal Communications Associate at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard Describe what you do: I work alongside a team to help write all the communications (our newsletter, internal and news stories, social media, HR announcements, event promos... you name it) for all the folks who work at my company. Three words to describe you: Talkative, excitable, and smart. Favorite hobbies: Poetry, cooking, and runni
  4. Siblings Aparna and Eswar Biography Name: Aparna Dhinakaran Age: 26 Hometown: Berkeley, California Current occupation: Engineer/entrepreneur Describe what you do: I founded Arize AI to help troubleshoot, monitor, and explain artificial intelligence (AI). As our society becomes increasingly digitized, advances in AI are being adopted by businesses in every industry. I'm passionate about making AI successful, fair, and transparent as we rely on them. On a day-to-day, being an entrepreneur involves wearing a lot of hats and doing whatever I can to
  5. Father and Son Jerry and Frank Biography Name: Frank Emmanuel Eaves Age: 25 Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky Current occupation: Luxury car sales Describe what you do: I work with and sell luxury vehicles to a ton of high profile clients in the worlds of the NBA and NFL, as well as music artists and everyday people. Three words to describe you: Outgoing, driven, and charismatic. Favorite hobbies: I love to play golf, hang with my family and friends, travel, eat different foods, and shoot videos. What is the acc
  6. Sisters Kaylynn and Haley Biography Name: Kaylynn Williams Age: 30 Hometown: Bluffton, South Carolina Current occupation: Real estate agent Describe what you do: I help the South Carolina Lowcountry achieve all of their real estate goals. Three words to describe you: Positive, ambitious, and outgoing. Favorite hobbies: Anything involving being out on the water, cooking, running, longboarding, enjoying live music, and staying connected with nature. What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? Being
  7. Married Parents Hung and Chee Biography Name: Chee Lee Age: 38 Hometown: Houston Current occupation: Financial planning and analysis Describe what you do: I run the budgeting and forecasting process to ensure my company achieves its profit targets. Three words to describe you: Laid-back, trusting, and athletic. Favorite hobbies: Tennis, playing with my kids, and binge-watching shows with my wife. What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? I devoured 5 pounds of pizza in 60 minutes to win a
  8. Best Friends Nathan and Cody Biography Name: Nathan Worthington Age: 39 Hometown: Dayton, Tennessee Current occupation: La-Z-Boy manufacturing Describe what you do: Manufacture furniture. Three words to describe you: Honest, trustworthy, and dependable. Favorite hobbies: Noodling (catching catfish by hand), hunting, and hiking with my family. What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? Being a father. What scares you most about traveling? Nothing. What excites you most
  9. Former NFL Stars Gary and DeAngelo Biography Name: Gary Barnidge Age: 34 Hometown: Middleburg, Florida Current occupation: Retired from the NFL and now work on my non-Profit AFWB (American Football Without Barriers). Played for the Carolina Panthers and Cleveland Browns. Describe what you do: FWB brings 15+ NFL players overseas and puts on free football camps for children, men, and women. We also visit charities and take in the cultures of the different countries we visit. Just finished our eighth international camp. Three words
  10. Dating Will and James Biography Name: Will Jardell Age: 30 Hometown: Nederland, Texas Current Occupation: Public health specialist and dance teacher Describe what you do: I work at a global health institute within a university on education programs and research projects. I also work as a dance instructor in Los Angeles and direct a competitive dance team. Three words to describe you: Go-getter, realistic, and fierce. Favorite hobbies: Dancing, playing board games (and beating James), hiking with our dog Zoey, and watchin
  11. Pro Volleyball Players Riley and Maddison Biography Name: Riley McKibbin Age: 31 Hometown: Honolulu Current occupation: Professional beach volleyball player Describe what you do: I am both a professional beach volleyball player, co-own a small production company and run a YouTube channel, all of which I do with my brother and partner on The Amazing Race, Maddison McKibbin. Together we compete as a team of two on the AVP Professional Beach Volleyball Tour (USA’s domestic circuit) and create video content based around our sport, travel, and our ma
  12. It's finally here!!!!! TAR will premiere on October 14, 2020 @ 9/8 C.
  13. 2:00pm David says he should have had HN meetings. Cody says the HN will not go over 2 ppl until its done. Nic asks what week is it? Its week 7. They talk about how HN have changed from week one. We got stars. 2:05pm A jet flies over and Cody asks what jet is that? Red stripes with little red stripes by it. Enzo rolls the pool balls around after checking his laundry. David and Cody talk sports players using private jets. 2:10pm Memphis and Tyler in the pool talking about buying hotels and building destinations. Ezno holding up underware as he folds them. 2:14pm Day and
  14. 12:30pm David is putting dishes away. Kevin, Dani, Cody and Xmas are in BY talking about sunblock and white spots on Dani's skin. Memphis says you should always get dark raised spots on your skin checked. Enzo doing laundry, Cody messes with him about how many times he takes a shower. Memphis is getting his laundry around in the HOH. Back the BY: Dani says the pandemic is a good reason to not have a watch party. Dani and Cody both agree that their parents said they dont like to other ppl around talking while they were watching. 12:38pm Cody says he doesn't watch TV with his dad any

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