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  1. ZZZING to me for not updating more often... #zingbotzingedthemselves I promise to get better next year.... #2020isrough As the season comes to a close and I realize I spent a total of 2 full work weeks (80 plus hours) dedicated to watching and following Big Brother I am extremely disappointed in the season.... #ZZZingallstarseason #ZZZING to the fact that Cody basically won this week 1 #ZZZING to Nicole for not figuring out sooner Cody wouldn't take her #ZZZING to Enzo for losing his shit the last few weeks Additionally, som
  2. ZINGGGGGG BOTTTTTTTTTT! I probably screamed when I heard..... "Wake Up Losers!!!!" My favorite episode of the season was finally here.... Tiger King Bot was in rare form! Let's take a gander at his Zings!!! “I can’t believe I’m here on ‘Big Brother All-Stars.’ And frankly, I can’t believe you’re here, either, David.” - This one was way to easy! Weak sauce for the first one out of the gate. “Enzo, what’s more pathetic than a man in his 40s still calling himself the ‘Meow Meow? Nothing.” -This is just straight trut
  3. It has been a ZZZing worthy week in the house. So many ZZZing's we could throw around. Nicole, and Bay definitely could be zinged for their attitudes. (Yes, Nicole, you really said that. It is called Deja Vu, Zing! The only thing that has more glare than California sun is Bay's face, Zing!!! While we could endlessly Zing Dani for her game play along with the fence shouters and the airplane.... Obviously Dani would be zinged for her seed planting (Is that a Mary Jane seed or endless blowing smoke up players derrieres, Dani? Zing!!!) On the other hand we could zing the outsiders for disr
  4. As we start Week 3 it is time to look at who is really ZZZing worthy. As Fuskie pointed out most HG's at this point have had a ZZZing worthy moment. There is also plenty of ZZZing worthy content of the tiff that happened between David and Da'Vonne as well as the drama between Nicole A. and Jasar (LOL). However... While these are ZZZing moments.... the one big ZZZing that stands out is Memphis' HOH reign. His entire week was hair pulling, face palming, ZZZIng worthy. The biggest question though is.... what moment would ZZZing Bot choo

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