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  3. Louis Knight. Julia Gargano. Dillon James. Francisco Martin. Just Sam. Jonny West. Arthur Gunn. When they first auditioned, it was another America, one before physical distancing and face masks, home quarantine and Zoom socializing. This is not the season of American idol they were expecting, but the cast, crew and you have come together to make it a season to remember. This is American Idol! The Top 7 are coming together for the biggest moment of their lives and we're coming together for what may be the most memorable Finale in Idol history. Tonight we'll be live voting and in the end, someone will take the illustrious title, but not before we get a front row seat to some fantastic surprises. First say hello to our home team of judges, it is Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Ritchie. Katy is missing from her video box. Where's Katy Perry? She walks in without a costume, just a daisy-print maternity dress. It's time to be normal, she says. It's also the name of her new song, Daisies. For the first time ever, Ryan Seacrest says, we will crown your Idol from afar, wherever they are. But first, Luke Bryan kicks of the celebration with One Margarita, Katy will debut her new single Daisies, plus much more, including a crew of Idol alum helping Lionel Ritchie out with We Are The World for the first time on TV since he co-wrote it with Michael Jackson 35 years ago. But who gets to take a step closer? Last week, your Top 7 performed and you picked who you wanted to see in the Finale, so let's get to it. One by one, I'll be naming the 5 contestants who will compete for the title tonight. In no particular order, here are the results. After the nationwide vote, the first person to make it into your Finale is... Dillon James! The next person to take a spot in your Top 5 and sing live for your votes tonight is... Jonny West! Back to your results in no order, the next person to get the honor tonight is... Arthur Gunn! Let's take you back to the results now with 2 more spots left. The next person to make it into the Finale is... Francisco Martin! Here we go. There's only one spot left in tonight's Finale, and the final person is... Just Sam! That means we say goodbye to Julia and Louis. You can start voting right now by texting to #21523: 12 for Francisco Martin, 15 for Dillon James, 16 for Arthur Gunn, 19 for Just Sam and 20 for Jonny West. Voting closes after the 2nd round of performances during the ET/CT broadcast. So get busy and vote for your next American Idol! On with the competition. This round, we asked the finalists to pick the song they would celebrate with when this crisis is over. We will also take a look back at each of their incredible Idol journeys, starting with a guy we first met at the LA audition, Dillon James. Roll tape! Singing Change The World (Eric Clapton) besides his beautifully lit backyard swimming pool, his vocal is reflective and thoughtful, his voice strong and full of promise of a better tomorrow. His family and the judges applaud. Katy says that was one of your best performances all season long, so effortless. Luke says it felt real natural, the right song, the right key, the right delivery. Lionel says the vocal performance was absolutely stellar. The next celebration song comes from Francisco Martin, who was visibly nervous at his audition. Singing Adore You (Harry Styles), energizes it up a bit from his bedroom/studio, his new-found performing confidence reflected in both his strong vocal and stage presence. His smile is as big and infectious as his voice as he declares his love for music. Luke says he enjoyed watching his confidence. Lionel says you earned being in the Finals of American Idol and your stage presence is better than even that. Katy says you deserve to be here, you were smiling on screen and if you can do that to an iPhone, imagine what you can do with a large crowd. An important announcement: American Idol will be back for Season 4 on ABC (and Season 19 overall). Just Sam took a chance at her audition and now it's time for her Memory Lane. Here's how far she's come from performing in the New York subway. Singing Stronger [What Doesn't Kill You] (Kelly Clarkson), Wearing a rust-gold gown in her multi-colored lit apartment room, her voice is one of empowerment and confidence, self-reliance and power vocals, her performance one of truth and achievement. Lionel says our little girl has grown up, this is Look-At-Me-Sam, you killed it. Katy says the lord will not give you more than you can handle, you're never going back unless you want to sing on the subway for fun. Luke says you are a wonderful, blessed singer and that performance showed why you are here. Aurthur Gunn has his celebration song for you next, so let's check out his journey, living his dream, from Nepal to the Finale. Singing I Don't Want To Be (Gavin DeGraw), his pent-up energy and camera interaction plus up his solid take-on-the-world vocal, the edginess of his voice putting an exclamation point to his uniqueness. Katy says you can tell it's the Finale because of that performance; you are leaving it all on your Living Room floor, you've grown so much. Luke loves how he connected with the camera, then went into your own Rockstar moves-like-Jagger world. Lionel says just drop the mic, you let us into your world, unbelievable and so magical. Jonny West closes out Round 1 after we relive his best moments from this season. Singing Can't Keep A Good Man Down (Eddie Money) from his living room, from behind the keyboards, with his background vocals on the wall hangings behind him, his voice is solid and steady, the vocal just rolling and flowing along, a rollicking if low key pop performance. Lionel says you can take any song, any style, and make it yours; I want to know what vitamin you're on. Luke says you navigate these songs like a seasoned 40yr performer, it's given from upstairs and you have it. Katy says I was getting lost in your performance, thinking of your future and meeting you back stage and saying, what's up Jonny! For Round 2 of tonight's Finale competition, each contestant will perform the song they will debut should they win, a familiar song from the show that struck a cord with the fans early on. Mentor Bobby Bones has followed the Top 5 closely as he helped guide them through the season. Bobby says the talent this season has been amazing, better than last season. It's been amazing to see them grow, especially Dillon, if he can pour all his struggles into his next performance. Singing The Times They Are a-Changin' (Bob Dylan) next to the fire pit in his backyard, his voice is a perfect rendition of this classic campfire song, his vocal as professional a performance as a seasoned veteran. Playing his acoustic, he slows down for the second verse and ignites the flame with even more emotion. The only problem was that the music stopped. Lionel says you turned that into a Dillon James version like a true artist. Katy says this time, it was a more confident performance, more talent vocally. Luke says you had more grit on your notes, a better performance, stay strong, healthy and inspirational. Bobby says Francisco Martin has to put the nerves aside and believe in himself. Singing Alaska (Maggie Rogers) in his backyard full of trees of light, wearing a white t-shirt and purple sweater, his vocal is more laid back and reflective, his pure, joyful voice soaking in the moment as much as the neighbors from their balconies. That was an elevated version of what you gave us in the beginning, Katy says, you're so smooth, like a professional studio recording. Luke says he's heartbroken this the last time they'll hear him perform on American Idol like this, the sky is the limit for your career. Lionel says my mother, an elementary school teacher and principal, said what makes a great teacher is great students and you have been a model student, taking all our notes and making me smile when you perform because you delivered the goods on graduation day. Bobby's take on Just Sam is to remember the heart from her first audition performance. Singing Rise Up (Andra Day), Sam has added a gazebo and candles to her stage room, but her voice remains pure and honest, her vocal poignant and positive during this period of pandemic, just honey on the ears. Luke says what growth through all levels of the competition. Lionel says there are inspired kids out there now trying to figure out their lives who can relate to you, where you've been, your commitment to your grandmother, you've won in life. Katy says you just rose up, the world is what you want to make of it. Bobby says Arthur Gunn traveled over 7000 miles to achieve his dream, and his individual spin could help him realize his dream. Singing Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Creedence Clearwater Revival) on a chilly rainy afternoon from his back porch, he has turned this southern rock anthem into a completely original song, with his quick tempo vocal full of the grit life experience, his voice pushing out the song like it just can't wait to be heard. Lionel says he's an absolute star, he's carved his place with the best vocals, best performance, best style and best personality. Katy says whatever pill you took, it was the winning pill, you played the last ace up your sleeve. Luke says way to nail every aspect of American Idol, you've checked every box, a star, authentic, if there are any more like you in Kathmandu, get them on the phone and get them out here. Bobby says the only thing holding Jonny back is self-doubt; if he can realize what a singer/songwriter he is, he could win the whole show. Singing Makin' Love (Jonny West), his voice is jazzy, swinging in his upper octave, fingers dancing over the keyboard, then breaking unexpectedly into a rap-bridge to throw all expectations on their head. Not the vocal I was expecting, proving even Finale night can be full of surprises. Katy says you're already thinking about the future, your original song to be released if you win, it was so big, so much soul. Luke says it was radio ready, get it to the people. Lionel says you're a singer/songwriter/producer and as a fellow songwriter, you have a talent very few posses; you might come after all of us if you gain any more confidence. That is it, America, voting will close in just a few minutes as the competition portion of tonight's Finale comes to an end. Next comes our star-studded Finale celebration. Whomever wins will release their first single overnight: Dillon James, Francisco Martin, Just Sam, Arthur Gunn or Jonny West. One of these Final 5 will be the next American Idol and release their first single overnight. Now let's take a look back at all the good times we had during this unforgettable season. Roll audition tapes! So many great memories and now Luke Bryan will bring us another, with a drinkin' song, One Margarita! Back in February at our first audition stop in Savannah, GA, we met a lovable garbage man by the name of Douglas Kiker, who quickly won the hearts of the judges and America. Since then, his audition has reached over 300m people worldwide. Douglas came to Idol to prove to his daughter that dreams do happen, and tht is the truth. We watch Luke Bryan video call Douglas to inform him he will reprise his audition performance of Bless The Broken Road with Rascal Flatts on the Finale. Ladies & gentlemen, from their homes, Douglas Kiker and Rasal Flatts! Continuing on with the good news, last season's finalist Stacy K Booth just signed a deal with 19 & Recordings Big Machine Label Group. And next, American Idol's own AMA, Billboard, GMA and Grammy-winning alum Lauren Daigle pairs with Top 5 Finalist Just Sam finally complete her original audition performance of You Say. She's created a ground breaking visual and audible treat with the debut performance of her brand new single, Daisies, please welcome the mother of all judges, Katy Perry! Next on your Idol Finale comes a special celebration of the life and music of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, performed by Cynthia Erivo and the Top 10 Idols! Now, coming to you live, we have the Final 2 results. Who will be your next American Idol? Normally I would say, "Dim the lights, here we go." but I'm at home and we can't, so... In no particular order, after the nationwide vote, the first person to make the Top 2 is... Arthur Gunn! Arthur's initial reaction is bleeped out as his family shoots confetti at him and mobs his porch, his family, friends and neighbors cheering from the backyard. The next person to make the Top 2, after the nationwide vote is... Just Sam! No way, she screams so loud her grandmother could hear her back home across the continent. That means we say goodbye to Francisco, Dillon and Jonny. Who will be our next American Idol? Will it be Arthur Gunn or Just Sam? The biggest moment of the season is here. With Arthur from his porch and Just Sam with her grandmother on her tablet, who will be your next American Idol? Are you ready? Here we go. After the nationwide vote, the next American Idol is... Just Sam! Just Sam can not believe her ears, though it is not clear who screams louder, her or her grandmother. The celebration continues at Arthur's house for his second place finish. The judges are all on their feet cheering. Just Sam shows up the tablet with her grandmother still dancing and says my dreams have come true, my grandmother is good, thank you so much America, I never expected this. For her first role as American Idol winner, Just Sam takes the virtual stage with Lionel Ritchie with the first television performance of We Are The World (w/Michael Jackson) in 35 years along with the judges, the Top 11, and past Idol winners from around the country, including Alejandro Aranda aka Scarypoolparty, Gabby Barrett, Jordin Sparks, Katharine McPhee, Kellie Pickler, Laine Hardy, Lauren Alaina, Phillip Phillips, Ruben Studdard and Scotty McCreery and Fantasia! From Our Idol Family to Yours, "We Are The World." And from Morty's TV, thank you for joining us for this special Finale of American Idol! Stay healthy, stay positive, and stay close.
  4. Happy Mother's Day and to all the Moms and all those working on the front-lines, you are truly our American Idols. So we would be delighted if you would do the honors. This is American Idol! Our national heroes, thank you once again. We have a magical night tonight as we celebrate the beloved Disney songbook. Our contestants, along with Chris Pooley and the band, have worked together from their homes to bring some unforgettable performances to you. Plus, the contestants have some emotional Mothers' Day dedications lined up. But first, please welcome our judges, Lionel Ritchie, Luke Bryan and dressed like Mrs. Jumbo from Dumbo this week, Katy Perry! Only 7 of your Top 11 will get to sing tonight, and voting will open after all the artists have performed. Tonight, you will decide who competes in the Grand Finale next week. No time to waste, let's get to it. On the screen are Jovin Webb, Louis Knight, Makayla Phillips, Francisco Martin, Sophia James, Dillon James, Arthur Gunn, Julia Gargano, Grace Leer, Just Sam and Jonny West. One by one, I'll be naming who you voted into your Top 7, America. In no particular order, after the nationwide vote, the first person into the Top 7 is... Arthur Gunn! Arthur those who voted for him and says this is beyond his wildest dreams. Singing Kiss The Girl from The Little Mermaid, his living room has been turned into an underwater paradise complete with hidden (or sitting) Mickey. His vocal is a unique arrangement of this classic ballad, full and happy, up tempo and leveraging all his talents. A fun start to Disney night. Katy says he looks relaxed and cool and engaged, it was like we were on the beach with him. Luke says you transitioned from a soft-spoken, quiet guy to a truly massive recording artist. Lionel says anything you sing will have the Arthur Gunn stamp on it and that's the most important thing, to sell your style, your identity. Let's jump back into your results. After the nationwide vote, the next person into your Top 7 is, America, is... Just Sam! Just Sam says she did her own makeup just like Auntie Katy. From Cinderella, she sings A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes. With a little video effect, Just Sam channels the multi-planar camera to place her in a fairy tale kingdom as she sings this classic Disney anthem, Bert, Mert & Luke dancing around. Her voice is strong and confident, as if she has sung this thousands of times. This was no longer Just Sam, the confident young woman who has come to believe that her dream has come true. Luke says she is deserving of Top 7, your voice holds up at every level of her range. Just Sam says as a kid, she always dreamed of a Cinderella moment growing up and it feels like it has come true. Lionel says it is absolutely priceless that you just said "as a kid," because you are our kid - we you walked in the door not quite sure of anything and we watched you grow up right in front of us, and now you have America and the world voting for you, not Just Sam, but Sam. Katy says I love hearing Disney songs that hold special places in our hearts, like when you gave it a little gas towards the end, I wanted more. Millions have already fallen in love with you - you are already a star. Jennifer Hudson came in 7th, and she got an Oscar. Let's find out who's one step close to being the next American Idol. After the nationwide vote, that person is... Jonny West! I'm in, Jonny calls to his family, hanging in the next room. "Go, Go, Jonny, Go Go Go" says Katy. I am very moved, Jonny says, before beginning his performance of Almost There from The Princess and the Frog. Originated by Tiana, Jonny claims this as his own, with his white wall serving as an animation screen, delivering a laid back take on this entrepreneurial song. His voice has a bit of Ray's New Orleans twang, but the arrangement is missing a the swagger of the Big Easy. Beautiful vocal, but I think it missed the soul of the song. Lionel says he's their casual assassin, makes it look so effortless. Katy says he is a concoction of Billy Joel, Randy Newman, and Paul Simon. Good on you staying true to yourself with the correct song. Luke says Disney Night forces people down a path they are not used to and I just kept thinking this guy is just a pro, an artist who delivers. Way to pick the right song. Let's find out who else has made it into your Top 7. After the nationwide vote, the next person to make it through is... Louis Knight! Louis wishes his mom Happy Mother's Day as his family mobs him on his back porch. Singing Can You Feel The Love Tonight from The Lion King, Simba delivers a picture perfect performance, his voice producing a magical moment full of the sincerity and honesty of a Boy Band Disney Star. I wasn't quite sold on the arrangement, however, and his vocal was missing that tender, emotional connection the song so naturally conveys. Katy says she got lost in the performance thinking about his future in the next 10 years when he's a massive star reflecting on when he performed in his backyard in front of a ring light, on an iPhone, to nobody. What a time to be alive. Lean in vocally to your next performance. Lionel says he loves the tenderness but it got a little linear about 3/4 into the song. Lionel says normally you can feed off a crowd, but it's difficult to stay on the mark with just your neighbors around you, and you kind of drifted off the mark at times. It's just a matter of focus - just lean forward. Four spots taken, three remain. After the nationwide vote, the next name to be called to make it into the Top 7 is... Julia Gargano! This is insane, Julia says as she gets kisses from her mom and brother. Singing Beauty and the Beast from, you guessed it, Beauty and the Beast, the arrangement is jazzed up a little, more R&B in a deep vocal, not really punching the big notes but powering through the performance, not Dame Angela Lansbury or Emma Thompson but Julia Gargano. Luke says the song was a little low in her range, but she still owned those moments. Chuck (Luke's dog) approved too. Lionel says if you're going to stay low, concentrate on your lower register; the performance was amazing but on this song, the lows did not compliment you as well. Once you got to your mid and highs, off to the races. I call her Julai Gargorgeous, Katy says, because her voice sounds Gargorgeous. The star quality is already at a 10, super soulful, I agree with Luke and Lionel but you're a star no matter what happens. We're up to more results. After the nationwide vote, the next person into the Top 7 is... Francisco Martin! Francisco can barely breath to thank everyone so much for their votes. Singing You'll Be In My Heart from Tarzan, Disney's magical editors have put him in the middle of the forest in his home as he channels his inner Phil Collins with a straight forward, humble rock-a-lullaby. At times, it feels like the animation around him is reacting to his solid vocal performance, which just added to the joy and familiarity of his vocal. Lionel says we are witnessing the transformation of Francisco. I saw several times during that performance you were actually smiling at yourself, giving us your confidence and enjoyment and we love to see that as an audience. I did have fun shooting that, Francisco admits, Katy says that was amazing, you looked relaxed, all that self doubt stripped away, and what you gave us at the end was kind of what I wanted from Luis Knight (Luke gives out a whistle of "wow"), this is a competition, only one idol, you were spot on and then let us have it at the end with the talent of your voice. Luke says you were king of the jungle and king of American Idol. One Idol journey continues and for four, the journey comes to an end. Let's go. After the nationwide vote, the final person to make it into the Top 7 is... Dillon James! That means we say goodbye to Jovin Webb, Makayla Phillips, Sophia James and Grace Lear. Dillon is genuinely shocked as Mom thanks America for him. Dillon sings Our Town from Cars, an unexpected choice, but perfect for him as he delivers postcard perfect lament of a town time passed by, drawing on his country rasp, offering up an honest and emotional vocal and body performance that could have run during the end credits of the movie. Katy says he took everything they said last week and applied it magnificently.I was engaged in the performance; you were making love to the camera. It was so sincere and beautiful. Luke says there were dynamics in there, it was emotional, it was great from top to bottom. Lionel says you are a storyteller. I wasn't thinking about the notes, I was watching you tell us a story like a true artist. Voting is now open for your Top 7. Who will get to sing for the title of American Idol? Text one of these numbers to 21523: 5 for Louis Knight, 12 for Francisco Martin, 15 for Dillon James, 16 for Arthur Gunn, 17 for Julia Gargano, 19 for Just Sam and 20 for Dillon West. Voting closes at 9am ET on 5/11, so west coasters should vote tonight unless they are getting up before 6am! Now we wrap up our celebration of Disney music with a very special performance by a bayou boy who won the hearts of America when he walked away with the Idol crown last year, with Life Is A Highway from Cars, here's last year's Idol winner, Lane Hardy! We check in next with mentor Bobby Bones who says for their Mother's Day dedications, the contestants need to connect with songs that mean something to them. It is time to shower their mothers with love on American Idol! Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, grandmoms, aunts and moms-to-be, Katy, because this time next year, this holiday will have a whole new meaning to you. Katy has changed from her elephant suit to a mom suit. I don't know exactly what it means to be a mother yet, she says, but I'm stepping into the next level. She shows off her baby bump and says she's kickin' too, especially when the performances are good. So be good but not too good, because it's painful! We have asked the contestants to dedicate a song to their mother or a mother figure in their lives. First up, Arthur Gunn sits next to his mom, Maiya on the couch, and says she is the sweetest, most amazing person. I am forever grateful to have you as my mom, Arthur reads from a letter, and I feel very blessed about it. You are not only a mother, you are one of the most beautiful creations on the earth. She is very happy and proud he is on American Idol. I am forever grateful for all you have done for me, he concludes. Singing Hey, Ma (Bon Iver) with his parents sitting off to the side, Arthur delivers has trademark big volume vocal, full of soul and passion, looking at his mother and smiling during the chorus. This is so far from the young Arthur Gunn we first saw audition, he could be performing in front of hundreds in a coffee house, or thousands in an auditorium or arena, his voice strong and joyous. Mom gives him a big hug. Luke says when you get to that high part of your voice, it's such a natural, signature sound. You're spoiling us. Lionel says you could sing the phone book and that's a compliment - whatever you sing sounds like Arthur Gunn. Katy says I got my triangle tissue, that was so beautiful, a beautiful indie-folk song that is your genre, you make me believe you are a professional touring musician. Next up is an emotional dedication from Just Sam. I was 6yrs old when my grandmother (Elizabeth) adopted me and my sister, she says, she is my shelter in the storm. My mother was in jail for most of my life, and my grandmother would dress us up and take us to wherever she was incarcerated. Having to leave her after each Sunday visit hurt. She cries, as the memories flood in. My grandmother loves me like any mother would love their daughter. I really miss her (Just Sam is in Los Angeles to protect her grandmother, rather than returning home to be with her). Grandma sent a surprise video message to Just Sam telling her how proud she is of how much Sam has grown and she is doing in the competition. Just keep believing in God and let people keep seeing the beautiful smile that you have. Singing I Turn To You (Christina Aguilera), her opening notes seem to be trying to find the pitch, and her vocal seems a little nervous, but her smile is big and her voice is as pure as the power note she hits midway through. Lionel says she's the angel in the group, not an easy life, but wherever she goes, he'll be Papa Lionel for the rest of her like, Luke and Katy too. That was just one more step closer to being Sam the Star. Katy says no longer Just Sam, you have an incredible story and have shown incredible growth with your talent, victory in your voice. Luke says her midrange is smooth as butter and she left a rover-mark on us and the little girls she inspires week after week. Anyone can do it, Just Sam says. This next dedication comes from Jonny West to his biggest fan, Michelle. She is a saint, he says, his biggest supporter. He added his own verses to the original Amazing Grace in his song to make the song reflective of how he sees his mom. She was adopted and taken into a stranger's home, and it's by her amazing grace that he's even there. He is packing up his stuff and moving to Marietta to spend the rest of quarantine at home with his parents - a surprise to his mom. Foregoing social distancing, they embrace warmly. I couldn't ask for a better mother's day present, Michelle says, than having my Jonny Boy home. With his mom sitting by his side and his piano turned into an organ, Jonny takes us to church with a personal performance, new lyrics making this a song heard by millions but sung to only one. His vocal lives in his upper register, bringing an emotional sincerity and truth. His mom and grandmom both come over to offer their positive judgments. Katy says he's so original, so talented, a lot like Alejandro but definitely his own star. I think you should win, but if you don't, you'll have the biggest career. That's the craziest thing I've ever heard, Jonny says humbly. Luke says the added lyrics were just great, god-given songwriting talents, you capture every bit of my attention and that's an important thing. Lionel says you are a songwriter. I don't know many who could write a Mother's Day verse to Amazing Grace, a challenge even for me. You have a future in the business. We are so glad you came to the University of American Idol to get your Confirmation. Next, Louis Knight celebrates his mom, Amanda. I was definitely a mommy's boy, and Mom bought me my first piano when I was 14. I would not be here if she had not done that. It was very apparent at an early age, Amanda says, that he head a love of singing. This Idol experience has only brought us closer. She has been there for every single performance - there's is no greater joy than seeing a child doing exactly what they love doing and being good at it. After serving her breakfast, he has written her a letter: You've instilled in me the desire to wake up every morning thinking how can I be the best version of myself today. These are the things I've learned from you and will carry the rest of my life. Love you to the moon and back. Louis dedicates You've Got A Friend (Carol King & James Taylor) to his mom. His voice cracks with emotion as he steals glances at his crying mother as he performs, his vocal dripping with feeling, delivering power notes with ease. Yeah, man, Lionel says, way to go. Luke says on the Disney song I wanted more dynamics in your voice and in this song, you gave them all to me - great placement of emotion in the lyrics, my favorite performance of yours since Quarantine. Lionel tells Louis' mom Happy Mothers Day and he mistakenly passes on Happy Birthday. Mom corrects him live. Lionel says that's exactly what you needed to do, simple and heartfelt. Katy says he made her cry, gave them the wingspan they were looking for. Next, Julia shares a special moment from the heart with her mother, Jeanne. Mom is hilarious, affectionate and a role model. From the time she was little, they did everything together and it brought them closer. She has arranges a super-secret surprise for her mom, a car parade. I am forever grateful, she reads to her mom, for every laugh, cry, argument, every moment that we share. So much of me is you. She is not only her mom, but also her stage hand, wardrobe, makeup, promoter, Julia can't imagine doing any of this without her mom by he side. Singing Sweetest Devotion (Adele) to her mom, Jeanne. With mom holding her hand as the notes begin, a heart glowing on the neighbor's roof behind her, Julia jumps into her performance, a strong, confident chip off the block, delivering a powerful, heartfelt vocal, joyful in the moment, taking Mom's hand again as the lyrics describe what her mom means to her. She takes a deep breath at the end as Mom breaks into tears. When moms cry, I cry, Katy says, it's like looking into a mirror. Your relationship is beautiful and one I look forward to with my own daughter. I love how your voice expands from ballads to pop songs to classic songs, this will be a fantastic launching pad for you, so get ready. When they let us lose, you are going to fly, girl. What a crazy thing to hear, Julia says. Happy Mother's Day, Jeanne says to Katy. Luke says this performance was just bad-ass. It was delivered like you owned it, every emotion you can go through as a mother, he tells Jeanne, hold your head high. Lionel says that's the first time I've heard you ride the pocket, giving us attitude, not thinking about the song but delivering the song, you believed it and were in the moment. Here's how much his mom, Fatima, means to Francisco Martin. It is also his mother's birthday so he makes her breakfast, and delivers his love letter. Dear Mom, she reads, or should I say superwoman, because that's who you are to me. Not only are you heroic, you are loving, caring and the most important person in my crazy life. She's always there for us, he say, putting a smile on our face, especially me when I was going through a lot when I was a teen. I remember when I was going through a rough patch, Mom continues, and you were so worried for me. I wouldn't leave my room for days and you were always there to comfort me. You did everything in your power to see a smile on my face. That's what mothers are for but you are more than that. You care for others, working diligently on the front lines (at the Laguna Honda Hospital) with that beautiful smile. With his mother Fatima in front of him, Francisco picks up his guitar and belts out River (Leon Bridges), giving his mother and the audience a soulful, intimate vocal, a smile for every happy tear his mom wipes from her face. His voice integrates seamlessly with the recording from the band, as if they together in the same room. From singing Tarzan to River, Katy says, what happened? You've grown even more. This set of Mother's Day songs is really separating the pack and you are making it difficult for the others, that was so soulful and beautiful, real and heartfelt. Luke says he beat the original record, that was better than the actual song, from the first note, I would buy that right now. Lionel says when I say BBQ Sauce, that's what I'm talking about. Your confidence is front and center, you're no longer in your head, it's all about your delivery. We've come a long way from Sun River, Francisco says. Tell me about it, replies Lionel, we were checking your pulse! You have a career and we saw it happen here on American Idol.. The last performance and dedication comes from Dillon James to his mother, Lindy. She's done so much more for me than I could ever imagine, he says. He hands her his heartfelt letter. I was with him on his journey the last 5 years, she says, I saw the lows and how far he's come. I'm writing this letter to the most wonderful woman I've ever known in my life, she reads, you are my best friend, the person I can tell anything to, my other half. You have always been a real mother to me, but I have not always been a true son to you. That's not true, Lindy whispers. You guided me back to myself, to a new life, and for that I can never repay. But I can start by being the son you always deserved. Dillon tears up as his mom reads, I wanted you to know you saved my life. You saved me. Singing Hang On, Hang On (Amos Lee) by an open fire pit next to a swimming pool, the performance brings in the band in a way we hadn't seen yet tonight, with pictures of Katy tearing up. The vocal is emotional, honest and full of feeling, the joy of singing on his face, his detour over, his life back on the track it was destined to be. Mom says thank you for singing my song. Luke tells Dillon he has been really vocal about his struggles in life, and to get through to the other side, to be able to look at your mother, I can't imagine how many sleepless nights she's had (Many, Lindy says), and her love got you through it. But the bottom line is you just did a great performance, and you are going to go far, no matter what number you wind up finishing at. It means everything hearing that from you, Dillon says. Lionel says there are kids out there struggling like you did, trying to figure out how to come out of that tunnel, and you are a fabulous inspiration to them and to us. This is the best of the best you have done. It's a dream, Dillon says, to be surrounded by family and then to have American Idol in my backyard. My life seems like make believe right now. Katy tells Dillon you could tell you were coming out of a really dark place and fighting it, but look so much lighter and freer, a beautiful story of your mother saying just come back, I will always be here. Isn't that the definition of a mother? Good for you for making this performance about her. You can be pretty much lost, Dillon says, and if you have people around you who love you, you can still ask for help. I'm so grateful, Lindy says, that you see him the way I do. Next week is the Grand Finale where we will name our next American Idol with great music and performances. See you then!
  5. April 24th, 2020, South Georgia. Phillip Phillips picks up his guitar at his home and begins performing his hit single, Home as we see video from the Top 20 at home, preparing from for their performances and living life with their families. Tonight, we're celebrating the place each of us has come to know quite well in the past few weeks, home. This is American Idol! From the comfort of their own homes, please welcome your judges, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Ritchie. This week, Katy is dressed as a roll of AI Toilet Paper. Luke wants to know what ply she is. Last week we entered a new frontier coming from 25 locations across the continent, and the Top 20 put on an amazing show. They sang, the judges weighed in, and you voted for your favorites. We are in 25 locations again, and now let's see who has made your Top 10. I have the results right here. But first, some news. Tonight, for one night only, the Judges' Save is in effect. That means after the Top 10 is revealed, the judges will have the power to save one person from leaving the competition. They don't have to use it, but we'll see if they do. This week, our theme is appropriately called "Home". Each finalist can choose a song that reminds them of home, or is inspired by a place where they felt at home. They also got treated to some one-on-one time with season mentor, Bobby Bones. You are voting tonight to see who you want in your Top 7. Voting opens at the end of the show, We kick things off with some results as Ryan names the Top 10. All 20 contestants are on the screen as Ryan wishes them luck and here we go. In no particular order, the first person to make it through to next week's competition, after the nationwide vote is... Louis Knight! From his backyard porch, Louis struggles to find his breath after learning he has made it through. Good choice, America, Katy says. Here's a look at Louis' time at home and his time with Bobby Bones. Family time, pumping iron, delivering pizzas to medical front-liners. Bobby says he's a heartthrob now. Bobby says put yourself in the place of the audience who need to hear this. Louis Knight is on his front porch, singing In My Place (Coldplay), playing a piano (because everyone keeps a piano on their front porch). His vocal is comforting, emotional, his family his audience, a very strong performance to make his case for the Top 10. Katy says he is leaning into his roots, a good song choice that made her escape to a better time. Luke said he wasn't completely blown away but he has a star quality and should stick with songs that speak to you. Lionel says to play to the camera. Before we move on, Ryan shares a video from Louis fan Kelsey in Maryland, who is singing along with her favorite idol. That's amazing, Louis says. Let's find out who will continue to have a chance to win your votes next. After the nationwide vote, the next person making it into the Top 10 is... Julia Gargano! Holy Cannoli, she says from her "studio" room. She celebrates with her family, with whom she's quarantined. Roll tape with Bobby Bones and bad puns. What is happening in New York has affected Julia's song choice, turning to Billy Joel's New York State Of Mind. With an I <heart> New York postcard behind her, her vocal is jazzy and smooth, with just a dash of big city attitude. A pretty straight forward arrangement, her performance is comfort food for the ears. The judges bow to her. Luke says his most favorite performance of the year, 12 out of 10, elegance, maturity, class. Lionel says you put us in a NY state of mind, made a Billy Joel song your song, so memorable. Katy says one of the best performances of the season, so many inflections, you showed how talented you are as a singer. Now for something special this week, each judge teamed up with an industry heavyweight to shed light on what it takes to be an Idol. Here is Katy and chart topper Charlie Puth. Katy asks how he carved out artist identity. Charlie says 5 years ago he didn't have any, he was a jazz pianist trying to translate chords into pop music. It took him 2 years to get attention with his album Attention, so it doesn't have overnight. He tells the idols to not pretend to be anybody else - you can be similar but you are also unique. Back into results, after the nationwide results, the next contestant making it into the Top 10 this season is... Jovin Webb! He fist pumps the air from home in his Louisiana garage, then lifts up his son to celebrate. The video with Bobby Bones mixes his time with his son and with Bobby Bones. The key to his success, Bobby says, is to give his performance as much flavor as he can. Singing Voodoo (Allen Stone), Jovin in front of a red curtain, his mic stand wrapped in fish netting, a Bourbon St. sign in the background, his vocal easy going and jazzy, his voice solid and feeling, energetic. He even manages to dig deep and swing with he music. Lionel says an old school sound but his delivery is real with that rasp. Katy says she was a bar in NOLA drinking a martini as she was singing and she can't do either of those things right now. I escaped with you. Luke says you haven't always been on pitch but your believability compensated; this performance, you didn't hit one wrong note. After the nationwide vote, the next person who has made it into our Top 10 tonight is... Grace Leer! From her flowerful BY, Grace gets a hug from mom, who loves Grace's fans. She knows it was hard for America to narrow it down and is so grateful. We look at her time with Bobby Bones and her childhood home in Danville, CA. Mom is a Physician Assistant and a bad-ass. Her hometown gave her a social-distancing parade. She's hoping to make her fans proud as a woman in country music. Singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow (The Wizard of Oz), the music opens with a soft guitar lick and then her voice reaches out and soars among the roses and flowers, a powerful and moving performance, worthy of any stage. The neighbors on the other side of the fence applaud. Katy said she had never heard her voice like that, big and bold, singing to thousands. Luke says you have that sweet country spot but you also have a big, big voice, loved the different side. Lionel says the audience you sing to, stay right there and kill it. Sixteen faces still remain hopeful so let's get to more results. The next person to make it into your Top 10 after the nationwide vote is... Jonny West! With a big smile on his face, he says oh shoot, thank you, America! He believes now. We look at Jonny's time with Margie in her apartment, where there's not even room for one. He is grateful and appreciative she has opened up her home to him. He is surprised how many have reached out with support for him across America but he is working to remain grounded in the process and appreciate the moment. Singing Faithfully (Journey), it is a scaled down performance, him on a couch in front of an electric keyboard. The vocal is soft, sensitive, romantic even, bringing in the band with an electric arrangement as his voice grows with emotional honesty and tenderness. A very unique and enjoyable arrangement. Luke says his ability to look like he's never sweating anything in his range, those well place falsetto movements, you have your style and you stay within your style, you could sing anything. Lionel says you are going from a shy to sexy guy (Johnny laughs), which is the business, you are on your way to something really big. You Jonnyrized that. Katy says it is beautiful to see the life you and Margie are building, you were singing to a deeper level of love and you got me on the Alejandro level now. Next, Luke Bryan sits down with Darius Rucker to talk about what it takes to become a superstar. Rucker says performing in front of an audience is easy because you can feed off the energy. What's crazy is singing at home without an audience - you have to perform without the immediate feedback. It's harder being a solo artist than fronting a band. You have to be you or you'll be replaced. Luke says perform like your hero is watching. We've hit the halfway mark and Louis, Julia, Jovin, Grace and Jonny have all made your Top 10. Five spaces remaining and 15 hoping to take them. What does the future hold? Let's find out right now. After your vote, the next person in our Top 10 is... Sophia James! She is stunned as she is hugged by family, near tears. Here she is at home with her family and Bobby Bones in her childhood home, watching movies, cooking dinner, and playing music. She is anxious yet grateful for what she has. She has to be not only a singer but the entire production crew. She can't hid behind anything and hopes that comes across. Singing In My Room (The Beach Boys) from her actual childhood bedroom (you can see graduation photos on the wall and her desk in the mirror reflection), she delivers a sensitive, raw vocal while lightly running her fingers over the keyboard. Her voice is soft and quiet, weeping with loneliness and longing, ending on a beautifully sustained note and keyboard run. Her brother, James, surprises her with a bouquet of flowers. Lionel says she's done the work sussing out her delivery sweet spot. Katy says she has a career in music and really brought it with that interpretation. Luke says she's a wonderful vocalist and he was immersed in her performance. It's the Home version of American Idol, with performances from home for a generation raised on home produced videos. After over 36 million votes, the next person to make it into your Top 10 this season is... Arthur Gunn! He is taken by surprise from his BY porch and needs a moment to compose himself before facing the camera. He can't express enough how much he wants to thank everyone who has supported him. His family rushes in to congratulate him. Here is what has been cooking up at home with Arthur where he is quarantined with his parents and sisters where he like likes to cook Nepalese food. Bobby says he's come full circle, since his Idol journey started with an audition tape made from his bedroom. The song he will sing, Take Me Home Country Road (John Denver) reminds him of where he grew up, so much happy energy and nostalgia. Why not feel good about home? The world can be sad but home can be happy. Stay safe, healthy and positive, he says, namaste. Nighttime has fallen, lanterns lighting up his back porch, behind which you can see the traffic on the freeway. With an energetic, digital vibe, Arthur's unique sound rings out with joy and journey, exploring home everywhere. There is so much joy in his voice and in his body language, you get the feeling he'd be performing for his neighbors on Sunday night even if he was not competing in the biggest talent show on television. This could have been in any small concert venue, a big stage or television. Katy felt so connected to Arthur's performance. Luke says a classic song to put his spin and Bob Marley vibe on, that reggae style. That showcased you in a perfect way. Lionel says it was all believable, a hit record for you. Loved what you did. The finale of this season of American Idol will be in just 2 weeks, but we still have to fill the last 3 spots in your Top 10. After the nationwide vote, the next person who has made it into your Top 10 this season is... Just Sam! She is speechless from the apartment in which she is living, tearing up as she wishes she could share the moment with her grandmother. Ryan and the judges stand by while she Face Times her in real time with the news. Grandma says everyone knew she was going to make it. I didn't know, Just Sam smiles. We catch up with Just Sam outside under a palm tree. She stayed at home to protect her grandmother from the virus, and all she has are 2 suitcases packed 2 months ago and her bible. That's all she needs. But she misses Harlem. She is singing Grandma's Hands (Bill Withers) for her Grandmother, this is all for her. Holding up a family photo to the camera, she delivers an intimate, heart-felt performance, her vocal solid and familial, her voice strong and large in a small space. Luke says you forget you can hit those big notes and then you go, oh yeah, she can. Your voice holds up at all levels of your range. Lionel says you are beaming and shining, and you couldn't smile like that when we first started. Katy says it was big and like being in church. Next, Lionel Ritchie and the legendary singer/songwriter/artist/poet Stevie Wonder got together to talk about songwriting. Stevie says you have to be committed if you know you have a gift, but you can never believe you are the best in the world because that is when you lose it. When writing a great song, you have to be the character you are creating, and then the words will flow from the music. God bless the songwriters, Stevie says. Shifting back to results, there are 2 spots left in the Top 10. Here we go with the next person who has made it into your Top 10. After the vote, it is... Dillon James! Dillon is overwhelmed with the announcement; he didn't think he could ever get this far and tells others who have traveled similar journeys to not give up. In Bakersfield, CA, Dillon has been playing and writing songs every day, and spending time with his family because they are stuck with him. He tells Bobby it's been a silver lining in this crisis, spending time with his sister and brother, almost the way it used to be. Singing Yesterday (The Beatles), Dillon is in knee-less jeans, a recording deck behind him and an American flag on the wall, as he strums the guitar. His vocal is earnest and casual, his characteristic twang front and center, a stripped down performance of a classic ballad, his voice cracking at times with emotion. This was someone singing to friends and family in an intimate setting. Lionel says he has an absolute sound to his voice, identifiable, keep that in focus and be yourself. Katy says he needed to give more breath to it, it was very metronomey within the parameters and he needs to paint beyond the lines. Luke agrees and says next time, slow it down a little, relax and let the lyrics take shape and for, Only one spot remains in the Top 10 and there are still 11 artists hoping it will be them. This is a big moment, so here we go. After the nationwide vote, taking the final spot in your Top 10, it is... Francisco Martin! He can't believe it as his parents rush into the room, Dad with his own phone on a selfie-stick. He's shaking he's so surprised and grateful. In San Francisco, we are introduced to his mom, sister and dog. Quarantine has been hard with his mom working front-line as a nurse, which adds to his anxiety, relapsing to where he was in 2019. Idol production from home has been keeping him busy and distracted. Bobby tells him that consistency comes from believing in yourself. Singing Falling Like The Stars (James Arthur), it reminds Francisco of when he was a kid running errands with his mom. With his upstairs landing draped with string lights like stars at night, his fingers dancing over the strings of his guitar, his voice starts out soft then breaks out into the power vocals at the chorus, the pace never pausing as he grows with each note, wearing his sincerity and honesty on his face. Katy is crying into her tissue after he sang about having 4 kids on each knee. Sure, it's hormones, but it's believability too, and she felt it. Luke says he's a diamond in the rough, can really get the emotion out of a song, and if he was more hormonal, he'd be crying too. Lionel is so proud of his mom being a first responder. Halfway out of that song, he flew out of his nervousness and gave us what he was all about, true talent. With your Top 10 chosen (Jovin, Louis, Francisco, Sophia, Dillon, Arthur, Julia, Grace, Just Sam and Jonny), the remaining artists (Kimmy Gabriella, Franklin Boone, Oliva Ximines, Makayla Phillips, Aliana Jester, Faith Becnel, Nick Merico, Lauren Spencer-Smith, Cyniah Elise and DeWayne Crocker Jr.) wait to see whether the judges will use their one and only save of the season, which can only be used tonight, to turn the Top 10 into the Top 11. Lionel, have you decided to use the Save? Yes, we have, says Lionel. Katy, tell us the results. It was very difficult to get there, Katy says, but we have picked one Safe, and that Safe is... Makayla Phillips! From her back porch, she can't believe it as her mom and brother join her under the afternoon sun. She can't breath to talk. Katy says she can give the other Top 10 a run for their money vocally if she picks songs that connect with the audience. That does mean it is time to say goodbye to Kimmy, Franklin, Olivia, Aliana, Faith, Nick, Lauren, Cyniah and DeWayne. Now we take a look at Mikayla's time at home and her conversation with Bobby Bones. Having been home schooled since second grade, being close with family is familiar to her. All her little brother does is play video games. Her dad is a Captain with the Fire Department, a first responder and essential worker, which scares her because you never know what can happen. Bobby says every one on American Idol (and I think I can speak for America) appreciates what he is doing. She wants to show everyone a more sentimental side of her this week. This is her dream since she was 2 years old, and it doesn't matter if she's on stage in front of thousands of people or right there in her living room, her dream has come true. Singing The House That Built Me (Miranda Lambert) on her back porch, her voice is elegant, graceful, soft and magnetic. The only negative is a family member who caught the edge of one of the camera shots, but that only reminds us of the DIY nature of these productions (you could be excused for forgetting sometimes they have done so well with limited resources). The vocal itself rang a little melancholy rather than uplifting, but it was beautifully delivered. Luke says he heard an amazing voice from hear early in the auditions and he's been waiting for America to hear it too, and that is why they saved her and she shared it with America. Lionel says she's a star and should keep working hard, she's headed to the stars. Katy says I was leaning into the performance and you were singing directly to me, an intimate performance, and you applied our constructive criticism from last week, you made me feel warm, cozy and loved. Voting is now open. You can use the AI app, the AI web site, or text to 21523: 2 for Jovin Webb, 5 for Louis Knight, 6 for Makayla Phillips, 12 for Francisco Martin, 13 for Sophia James, 15 for Dillon James, 16 for Arthur Gunn, 17 for Julia Gargano, 18 for Grace Leer, 19 for Just Sam and 20 for Jonny West.
  6. This is American Idol. They say the show must go on, and tonight, ours does just that. Even though the lights in our Hollywood studio have dimmed, our Top 20 came to Idol and entrusted us with their dreams, and we can not let them down. Using groundbreaking technology, tonight we make Idol history as we come to you from all across North America, from the panhandle of Florida to Vancouver Island, this is our show like you've never seen it before. But one thing stays the same - you vote, you decide. This is American Idol! Welcome to American Idol. I'm Ryan Seacrest coming to you from my home in Los Angeles and with stay-at-home orders across the nation, like many productions, we've had to shift the way we make our show. Idol has a history of making the most of the newest technology, so we were determined to make this work not only for you, but for our Top 20. Before we get started with the music, please welcome from their homes, our superstar judges, Luke, Lionel and Katy Perry, who is wearing an American Idol Music Sanitizer bottle costume. She just wants to make sure AI is staying as safe as possible. She says this will a time she'll never forget - her first pregnancy and a pandemic, cravings that can't be fulfilled, but there are a lot of things to be grateful for. Luke is really excited to give these kids a chance to pull this show off. Lionel says this is the most excited he's been in a long time because without all the lights, glitter and glamour, these artists will have to bring their light to the table, not just their voice but their personality. You can start voting for your Top 10 favorites right now by texting to 21523: 1 for Kimmy Gabriella, 2 for Jovin Webb, 3 for Franklin Boone, 4 for Olivia Ximines, 5 for Louis Knight, 6 for Makayla Phillips, 7 for Aliana Jester, 8 for Faith Becnel, 9 for Nick Merico, 10 for Lauren Spencer-Smith, 11 for Cyniah Elise, 12 for Francisco Martin, 13 for Sophia James, 14 for Dewayne Crocker Jr, 15 for Dillon James, 16 for Arthur Gunn, 17 for Julia Gargano, 18 for Grace Leer, 19 for Just Sam, and 20 for Jonny West. They have been working with the AI band to bring you their best performances and we're ready to get to the music, starting with Kimmy Gabriela in Lakeland, FL. Singing Leave Me Loney (Ariana Grande w/Macy Gray) from her lush flowerful sun porch, the Idol backup singers appearing on screen with her, her vocal is emotive and powerful, a strong start to the show. She is hugged by family as the judges applaud. Katy says she didn't recognize her on the screen, there's been some character evolution, he style, her camera presence, she's taking it seriously and evolving as a presentation artist. Luke says he's waiting for the neighbors to peek over the fence. What is impressive is how well she navigates the notes, the falsettos and the low note at the end. It's never been an issue with your season, it's been about being memorable and that was memorable. Lionel says your attitude, acting out your emotions, had me on the edge, in your body language and facial expression, you took it to the next level. Heading over the Mississippi River to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, It's Jovin Webb from his open air garage, a sign on the door to his house indicating "Dressing Room." Singing Joe Cocker's With A Little Help From My Friends, his vocal nails the flavor of the song, the only thing missing were fans in he driveway as he belted this powerful anthem. He even has a stage fan to blow his dreads. Luke says the most important thing to do as a singer is to stop people in their tracks and his voice does that. Lionel says he has an instant identity when he starts singing, it's a sound that is only yours and you deliver with absolute feeling. Katy says what is cool about this is every contestant get sent the same stuff - mic, access to the band, the same ring light (used to illuminate the "stage" for the camera phone), but not everyone sounds the same. You're in a garage, there is no ambiance, there is no reverb, you just have texture galore in your voice. Next up from North Carolina is Music Teacher Franklin Boone, from his beautiful living room, his banjo and guitar behind him and off to the side, his wife and baby girl, holding a "Go Daddy" sign. Singing Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Tears For Fears), his voice as a flavorful coarseness to it even as his vocal flows lightly through the room. He demonstrates some advanced technical prowess as the view switches to a behind-camera, showing off the rest of the room lighting and equipment. Not the most complicated vocal but certainly a pleasing one. Lionel says he loves Franklin's voice, how he delivered with a little attitude but true to himself, right on point. Katy says she was tearing up and felt ridiculous because hand sanitizers don't cry. You either have It or you don't and he has it. Luke says he had chill bumps the whole way through, having the family cheering you on, definitely emotional. We roll on to Olivia Ximines in southern California, coming to you from her living room, where she also employs wide shots and focal shots in her performance of Bad Guy (Billie Eilish). A much different vibe from the earlier artists, she's got all the attitude and presence of a seasoned music video performer. Her voice is acrobatic and bouncy, and once it grabs hold, it doesn't let go. Katy says she got to hear how the quality of her voice has grown. Luke says she always brings the show, dancing and having fun. Lionel says for 16yrs old, she has everything she needs to be a superstar. She says it's harder to get the adrenaline to perform in her living room. Next from his spartan bedroom, Louis Knight has added blue mood lighting to accent his framed soccer (futbol) jersey and photos. Playing his keyboard and singing If The World Was Ending (J.P. Saxe w/Julia Michaels), his voice is soft and sensitive, effortlessly riding up and down the scale, his accent giving his vocal a more exotic energy, his face emoting through multiple camera angles. Luke says great song choice, it gave a clear glimpse of who he is as an artist, an artistic performance. Lionel says his voice was stellar, his falsetto incredible, and that cry that makes it believable was right on point. Katy says the message of the song was on point, inflections were cool, intimate moments, but sometimes a little nosily, so watch out for singing from your noise. Now we head to Temeucla, CA where Makayla Phillips joins us from her living room, where a baby grand piano is insulted with a table lamp. Singing Greedy (Arianna Grande), the video starts out in black-and-white then jumps to a pink-trimmed color as she kicks into the song with a sultry, dancing vocal, full of energy and confidence, with band cut-ins and a bit of oomph at the end. Lionel says 17yrs old and her growth already is already about as professional as it could be. Katy says this reminds her what it was like to be home, practicing in front of the mirror with hairbrush, and she saw herself in that performance, but there are other songs she could lean into more to pull the heartstrings of the audience. Luke loves the youthfulness and fun of the performance, and the star power and vocals at the end. You can never over animate the big notes because they come to you so effortlessly. We meet with Bobby Bones who introduces next week's theme of songs that remind the Top 10 of home. The artists will be taking the judges critiques and learning better how to perform without an audience. Just when you think you know them from the show, you get to see them in their backyard or living room, so it's really fascinating this season. We are off to Fort Walton Beach, FL where we find Aliana Jester in her closed-door garage, beautifully decorated with rugs and floor lamps, a motorcycle off to the side. Singing Run To You (Whitney Houston). Her voice is soft and simple, clear and confident as she croons a quietly powerful performance, reaching out with a piercing vocal. Wow, says the judges as the kids and family run in to congratulate her. Katy says she couldn't have done that song as well, incredible dynamics but she needs to lean in a little more. Luke says he had chill bumps from the start. Lionel says not many can do Whitney and then pull it off and turn into their own; I almost forgot about Whitney and just started watching you. We catch up with Faith Becnel in her home gym, singing River (Bishop Briggs). Employing some mirror-imaging tricks, the two Faiths become one voice of strength and command as she plows through this performance, with vocal acrobatics and power notes. Dang, says Luke. Lionel says every chance you can stare down the camera, open your eyes and look right in. Luke says she can hit big time notes, that was my favorite rendition of that song. Katy says your vibrato stuck that time - six and 1/2 sanitizer squirts. We head next to the apartment of Nick Merico in Woodland Hills, CA, where a soft texture floor-to-ceiling cloth background has been hung, accented with wood crates and a large electric keyboard. Singing Hey There Delilah (Plain White T's), his voice is soft, quiet and full of longing, a solid, moving performance. Lionel says he forgot what talent is on this show. Luke says he would have liked him to dig in more, a big choice just going with himself on the piano. Katy says she heard the subtly of his voice and that was one of his better performances. Nick says the technology Idol provided is so good he can hear his heart pounding. 16yr old Lauren Spencer Smith comes to us from her the back patio of her lake house home with a powerful rendition of Mama Knows Best (Jessie J), channeling the power of nature behind her with a dynamic vocal, full of attitude, punching the band boxes off the screen, running through the performance at full throttle, her dog and family joining her at the end in celebration. Katy says not a horrible place to be quarantine, she has figured out how to grow as a star. Luke says her voice has grown incredibly, her voice is amazing. Lionel says her attitude was on point, he felt she felt that song. From Jonesboro, GA, it is Cyniah Elise in her living room. Singing Warrior (Demi Lovato), she starts off soft and inviting, bringing us into her story, working multiple camera angles as she builds up to the chorus, her voice confident and determined, leaping into a powerful vocal. Luke gives her the Stanky Luke Face, saying she's one of the best in the competition but still needs to work on connecting with people, sky's the limit. Lionel says she makes it look effortless, going anywhere she wants to go, the voice of life. Katy says she can do more of that, work that camera like she works that mirror. We head 2492 miles across the country to Daly City, CA outside of San Francisco where Francisco Martin calls home. From an upstairs den with his faith on display, he sings Teenage Dream (Katy Perry) with a youthful smile on his face, playing his acoustic guitar and singing to each and every girl watching, his voice full of confidence and energy as he adds vigor and star quality to the night. Gone is the insecure little boy that first auditioned. Katy says that dice roll song choice really worked, the one note was amazing and then it was all uphill. Maybe bringing it back down to where you started at the end, but that's just me being overly critical of my own song. Luke says he was nervous but he made it him, he has the magic. Lionel says you can take anyone's song and turn it into your song. Sophia (Wackerman) James manages to introduce some pyrotechnics from her Long Beach living room as her father lights a fire in the fireplace to accent her performance of Burning (Maggie Rogers). Playing her keyboard, her vocal is light and bubbly, swinging to a strong, joyous rock beat, delivering powerful notes and an energetic crescendo, her loving brother barely waiting for the music to end before coming in for the hug. Katy says she's so talented, the ambiance. Luke says she's sneaky good, but looking down to hit the notes on the piano makes it hard to connect with the iPhone camera. Lionel says you are learning your looks, when you look into the camera, you can melt hearts. Katy adds that one run was crazy. Next from his living room in Castle Rock, Colorado (where he STILL hasn't taken down the Xmas tree), here is Wayne Crocker Jr., singing James Brown's I Got You (I Feel Good). This is a case where the smallness of the room may have impacted the quality of the vocal. With his family dancing in the door frame, his movements feel more limited in front of the mic stand, though his voice spreads its wings and fills the room. If only his body language reflected the fun times of his vocal. Luke says an impressive run at the end, a little slick, not enough gravel. Lionel says not many could handle that run, just let yourself go a little more. Katy says it needed to be a little bit dirtier to connect emotionally. Next, Dillon James takes us to his woodland backyard (is that an outhouse?) in Bakersfield, CA, where he sings Let It Be Me (Ray Lamontagne). Sitting and playing his guitar, his soft, countrified performance is honest and sincere, his voice confident and optimistic, his vocal personal and inviting. Not the most powerful but perhaps the most raw and real. Lionel says his look and sound and presentation is world class, totally believable. Luke says you need to write the songs and make the music you want, the rest is in your hands, you have the steering wheel. Katy says Gabby Barrett (Season 16) just cut a #1 country song and she didn't even win Idol. If you get to be Top 10, that could be your future, your dreams are in your hands. From his back porch in Wichita, Kansas comes Nepalese-born Arthur Gunn who rocks out to the Lovin' Machine (Wynonie Harris), delivering a foot-stomping vocal that makes you want to take your partner for a swing. His vocal was fun, the joy of song in his expression, a rolickin' good time. Ryan says the body language said it all. Katy says he gave it his all but he has to connect to the camera with his eyes. Lionel says his shyness is his secret weapon, you draw us in then all of a sudden you explode and give it to us. Luke says your vocal quality and sound is undeniable, your natural ability, and once you learn how ginormous a star you can be, it'll be like a wildfire. We head next to Staten Island, NY where Julia Gargano welcomes us into her home with Human (Christina Perri). Opening with a quiet multi-image performance playing her piano, her voice carries a quiet confidence building into the chorus, offering a strong, emotive vocal, building in power, then dialing back for the end where she is smothered by her mom. Luke loves hearing the nuances in her voice. Lionel says being a stylist singer makes a career and that was in her style, delivering the goods. Katy says you check all the boxes, you played in your socks, a beautiful performance. We head to the backyard garden of Grace Leer's San Ramone, CA home where she performs Cry (Faith Hill). Opening with a somber, serious vocal, she raises her voice into a stronger octave for the chorus and then breaks out into song, releasing her power and confidence, the flowers dancing to her vocal stylings in the gentle breeze. Lionel says we're not finding singers, we're discovering true artists and he felt every bit of that performance. Katy says you rode that bull real well, playing with the dynamics, getting big in the end, a lot of boxes checked to be a country star. Luke says the song lacked a little at the start, but halfway through to the end, you spoiled us with big, amazing notes. Just Sam decided to stay in California when the rest of the Idols went home at the start of March. Performing in front of artwork in her small apartment, she sings I Believe (Fantasia) with a soft, sensitive open, raw and as revealed as her tattoos, then blossoming into a confident performer, happy to be singing, her voice ringing out, earnest and hopeful. Katy says it is so excited to see her flourish beyond AI. Luke says she owns every aspect of her range from top to bottom, her confidence has grown so much. Lionel says if there has ever been an inspirational figure in the group, its not where you come from, it's where you go and there's nothing in your way. The last performance tonight comes from Jonny West in his Studio City, CA living room, singing Beautiful World (Louis Armstrong), sitting on his couch and playing his piano. His voice is soft, sincere, breathing life into this classic ballad, his vocal energized for the chorus, deep and meaningful for the verses, it's a stripped down but impactful performance. Luke says he heard 10 deviations of music career there, he can go wherever he wants to go, he heard so many things. Lionel says he has a vocal arsenal, musical chops, you have it all. Katy says so moving and emotional, he can really play his subtleties when performing from home like that, Top 2 favorite performances tonight. Did you like what you heard and saw tonight? Remember, the vote closes at 9am tomorrow morning. Your votes will decide who performs next Sunday in the Top 10. Stay safe and well, America, and good night.
  7. So now we know the cast of Big Brother Canada - Season 8. What do you think? Which HG do you most want to see with their shirt off? Which do you most hope will keep their shirt on? Who is going to be the most devious and who is going to be totally overwhelmed by the experience? Who will rise to the occasion and who will succumb to stress? Who will sleep all day and who will try to entertain us live feeders? And will anyone give Morty's TV a shout out? It's time to start talking about the Houseguests! Fuskie Social Media Director, Morty's TV
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  12. ALL-NEW SUPERSIZED SEASON OF BIG BROTHER CANADA PREMIERES MARCH 4 ON GLOBAL Canada’s most iconic social TV experiment is upping the ante as Global announces a supersized eighth season of Big Brother Canada kicking off with an epic two-night premiere Wednesday, March 4 at 7 p.m. ET/PT and Thursday, March 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, followed by the dramatic fallout on Sunday, March 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. With series host Arisa Cox and a new cast of unsuspecting houseguests, the series returns three nights a week with all-new episodes Wednesdays (7 p.m. ET/PT), Thursdays (8 p.m. ET/PT), and Sundays (8 p.m. ET/PT), in addition to free live feeds from inside the house at BigBrotherCanada.ca. Last season, Big Brother Canada averaged 1.2 million viewers (Ind. 2+) per episode, making it the highest-rated season to date. So just how supersized is this season? Fans will find out during the season premiere on March 4! https://www.corusent.com/news/all-new-supersized-season-of-big-brother-canada-premieres-march-4-on-global/
  13. Survivor: Island of the Idols welcomes its final Jury member in 28-year-old nanny Lauren Beck. After working her social magic throughout the season, Lauren didn't expect a fiery face-off would send her packing. See what she has to say about her Survivor journey as she lands at Ponderosa.
  14. Survivor: Island of the Idols has welcomed its next Jury member in 59-year-old chief lifeguard Janet Carbin. After waiting to use her idol until the last possible Tribal Council, she never thought an Idol Nullifier would be played and ultimately send her home so close to the end. See what she has to say about her Survivor journey as she lands at Ponderosa.
  15. Survivor: Island of the Idols has welcomed its next Jury member in 41-year-old factory worker Elaine Stott. Despite her strong relationships and positive attitude, she wasn't able to fight her way out from the bottom of the Tribe. See what she has to say about her Survivor journey as she lands at Ponderosa.
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