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  1. Big Brother airs on Canda's Global TV in Canada, premiering Wednesday, March 6th at 7pm ET/PT. Weekly episodes will air Thursday at 8pm ET/PT, Sunday at 8pm ET/PT and Wednesday at 7pm ET/PT. For Season 7, viewers can stream #BBCAN live on GlobalTV.com and Global GO by signing in with their TV service provider credentials or catch up the next day on GlobalTV.com and Global GO (now available on Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, etc.), and BigBrotherCanada.ca. The live feeds are free, but are blocked to viewers outside of Canada. If you live in Canada, just go to https://globaltv.com/watchlive for a live stream of the Global TV broadcast. You can also watch previously aired episodes as well as the live feeds at https://www.bigbrothercanada.ca. For those outside of Canada, an alternative viewing experience for both streaming live broadcast episodes and live feeds is the BB Viewer app from Liquid8d (https://mortystv.com/to/bbviewer). The BB Viewer app supports both BB Canada and BB USA in one package, as well as archives of past seasons and other bonus video. The BB Viewer app still requires the use of a Private VPN Proxy service for viewers outside of Canada, but can be used without a Private VPN Proxy service by viewers within Canadian borders. Officially, Morty's TV does not endorse violating legal geoblocking, but non-Canadians who want to watch Big Brother Canada episodes can go to: https://videobrother.net. If you this or similar sites, do so with caution. There may be prompts to update your video player, Flash, Java, or Silverlight. DO NOT DO IT!!!! You can watch everything without installing anything new; these prompts may try to install unwanted software or malware. Another method of circumventing geoblocking is to use a Private VPN Proxy service, which makes it look like your browser is in Canada. There are Private VPN Proxy applications that can be installed to the computer, some web browsers include a built-in Private VPN Proxy service, and many have free and paid Private VPN Proxy service extensions that can be installed. Beware that some Private VPN Proxy services Learn more about Big Brother Canada viewing alternatives here: https://write.as/x39937ts8kefd1y4.md Morty's TV accepts no liability for the use of any video streaming web site, application or Private VPN Proxy service.
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  4. Welcome to the Big Brother Picture Thread! This thread is for posting screen captures and pics (with captions that explain them) from the Big Brother Canada House live feeds.After you post here, we may reprint your post on the main Big Brother page, and not credit you right beside it for submitting the information. It's not that we don't want people to know you helped, but it's just that when we tried it last year, all the credits annoyed people. We do give credit to the other sites that send us cool stuff. I will list contributors at the end of each day's report. Your input is vital to our success, and we really do appreciate your help. Don't limit yourself to Live Feed Pics, feel free to share other neat finds with us! Most of all Have Fun and consider this thread like a Pictorial Daily Library. -- Morty
  5. ALL-NEW SUPERSIZED SEASON OF BIG BROTHER CANADA PREMIERES MARCH 4 ON GLOBAL Canada’s most iconic social TV experiment is upping the ante as Global announces a supersized eighth season of Big Brother Canada kicking off with an epic two-night premiere Wednesday, March 4 at 7 p.m. ET/PT and Thursday, March 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, followed by the dramatic fallout on Sunday, March 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. With series host Arisa Cox and a new cast of unsuspecting houseguests, the series returns three nights a week with all-new episodes Wednesdays (7 p.m. ET/PT), Thursdays (8 p.m. ET/PT), and Sundays (8 p.m. ET/PT), in addition to free live feeds from inside the house at BigBrotherCanada.ca. Last season, Big Brother Canada averaged 1.2 million viewers (Ind. 2+) per episode, making it the highest-rated season to date. So just how supersized is this season? Fans will find out during the season premiere on March 4! https://www.corusent.com/news/all-new-supersized-season-of-big-brother-canada-premieres-march-4-on-global/
  6. Survivor: Island of the Idols welcomes its final Jury member in 28-year-old nanny Lauren Beck. After working her social magic throughout the season, Lauren didn't expect a fiery face-off would send her packing. See what she has to say about her Survivor journey as she lands at Ponderosa.
  7. Survivor: Island of the Idols has welcomed its next Jury member in 59-year-old chief lifeguard Janet Carbin. After waiting to use her idol until the last possible Tribal Council, she never thought an Idol Nullifier would be played and ultimately send her home so close to the end. See what she has to say about her Survivor journey as she lands at Ponderosa.
  8. Survivor: Island of the Idols has welcomed its next Jury member in 41-year-old factory worker Elaine Stott. Despite her strong relationships and positive attitude, she wasn't able to fight her way out from the bottom of the Tribe. See what she has to say about her Survivor journey as she lands at Ponderosa.
  9. Survivor: Island of the Idols has welcomed its seventh Jury member in 37-year-old personal injury attorney Karishma Patel. After many weeks of being a high-profile target, Karishma was sent home after a tense Tribal Council vote. See what she has to say about her Survivor journey as she lands at Ponderosa.
  10. Survivor: Island of the Idols has welcomed its next Jury member in 26-year-old Olympic medalist Elizabeth Beisel. After an intense Tribal Council where Immunity Idols threw the vote into chaos, a re-vote forced Elizabeth out of the game. See what she has to say about her Survivor journey as she lands at Ponderosa.
  11. Survivor: Island of the Idols has welcomed its next Jury members in 36-year-old gym owner Aaron Meredith and 24-year-old Air Force veteran Missy Byrd. After a shocking Immunity Challenge twist that resulted in two Tribals, two unsuspecting castaways were sent home. See what they have to say about their Survivor journeys as they land at Ponderosa.
  12. Jamal wasn't affected by hunger, despite dropping 18lbs over his 24 days. He is settled by the time he reaches Ponderosa and is presented with pretzel chocolate chip cookies from Jack. He is enjoying connecting with people outside of the game, successfully valuing honesty while in the game. Then for the fun of it, he and Jack wrote a song, titled "Ponderosa".
  13. Kellee knew something was off but was still voted out with two HII in her pocket. Jack welcomes her to Ponderosa with chocolate chip cookie garnished with an orchid. In life, she plays it safe but in life, failing isn't that bad so you might as well take risks.
  14. Pirate Jack arrives at Ponderosa with one thing on his mind - ice cream and beer. Flavors are the thing he missed the most. It has taken 6 years for him to come to terms with his father's death and that is his Survivor takeaway.
  15. Vokai, Night 16. Elaine says she blocked Jason's vote and Jason went home. She explains to her tribe that she had the opportunity and had to take it. Now they're shaking in their shoes, she tells us. Luaren says she, Tommy and Dan were on the outside which is a shame because she had built a good relationship with Missy. She feels she was lied to. Lairo, Night 16. It's pouring down rain and the castaways are miserable. The next day, they have to restart the fire. Jamal takes lead but usunsuccessful. Kellee offers to try it but Jamal starts telling her what to do so she walks off. She comes back and starts the fire. They have one scoop of rice left and an argument over how much rice they are eating breaks out, with Jamal the object of Noura's ire. Noura decides to play the "woman" card and proposes playing their own game and voting out Jamal. Janet talks her down until after the merge and they agree on Dean instead. A boat arrives and Janet has been selected to go to the Island of the Gods, and Janet pretends to be distressed. Going to the Island of the Idols puts a target on your back, Janet tells us. Then her scowl turns into smiles when she meets Rob and Sandra. She tells Rob & Sandra she's in a good spot, her tribe trusts her. Rob says you have to think ahead. Today's lesson is about calculated risks - knowing why you are making moves in the game. The minute you stop analyzing situations is the minute you're gone. They play a Risk/Reward game. If she wins, she earns a safety without power advantage - protecting her from being voted out at one TC. She leaves TC before the vote and returns to camp alone. This can be used up to 7 players left in the game. But if she loses the Risk/Reward game, she loses her vote at the next TC. Do you want to play the game or play it safe? If I win and walk away before the vote, Janet muses, does that put a bigger target on me at the next TC? I could be screwing my alliance. But I could also be voted out. She decides to not play because it would put a bigger target on her. Rob is smiling because she understood the lesson, calculated the risk and made a decision. Sandra notes Janet is the first to just say no. Janet returns to her tribe. Sandra says the winner this season will be a female. Rob says let's go make some rice. As Janet's boat approaches Lairo camp, she decides to flash her tribe to confirm she has no idol with her. Kellee is worried Janet's story won't be consistent with hers. Janet explains her game choice and that she chose not to play, keeping to Kellee's decision to keep Rob and Sandra a secret. Vokai, Day 18. The talk in the morning is of how grabby Dan was in his sleep last night. Lauren tells us bonding is one thing but Dan does some uncomfortable things, if it comes to one of her, him and Tommy, her #1 is Tommy. There are still 3 chickens left. Tommy asks which one is Dan - he's the one that is going to get killed next. Lauren says the black feathered one like her can stay. It's Operation Save Lauren & Tommy, Lauren tells us. Gathering water, Lauren tells Tommy that the others know the two of them are close so they have to put a plan into action to paint Dan as a flip flopper. Tommy is worried but Lauren tells him she won't let him go home before emerge. Time to lie, cheat and steal to make Dan look sneaky, Tommy tells us. He whispers to Aaron and Elaine separately that Dan is plotting against Aaron. To Missy he and Lauren says Dan goes back and forth and cannot be trusted. Missy tells us she sees what is going on - Lauren and Tommy want to get out Dan but the two are super tight. She tells Elizabeth that Dan is irrelevant - Tommy and Lauren are too close. She thinks Lauren can pull in the people she and Tommy are close to. Without Tommy, Lauren will be said she doesn't have a comfort blanket. We're doing this, Elizabeth says. Perhaps, Missy says. Without Tommy, Missy tells us, Lauren will have nowhere else to go. Day 19 and it is time for a rain-drenched Immunity Challenge. Tribes will race to shoot coconuts into a basket, which will drop the puzzle pieces when heavy enough. Tribes must then solve a large and heavy block puzzle. First to finish wins Immunity. The rain has stopped. For immunity, Survivors ready? Go! There are three shooters from each tribe rotating to land coconuts. Lairo has 2 to Vokai's 1. It's the size of the coconut that matters. Vokai gets on a run as Lairo struggles. Vokai's bucket begins moving and gains momentum, releasing the puzzle pieces. Lairo releases their puzzle pieces, which have to be carried to the puzzle platform. Vokai starts working on their puzzle with a lead. But which tribe can figure out where the heavy blocks go? It's the tribe mates who did not do the shooting that are working the puzzle. Lauren is barking out orders for Vokai but Lairo is making up time. Vokai is close to victory. Elaine says a piece is wrong but Lauren insists on having Jeff check. They do not have it. Lairo gets a dose of adrenaline as Vokai tries to figure out there mistake. Lairo is sliding in their last piece but Vokai manages to swap their errant pieces just before. Vokai wins Immunity by one piece and just seconds. Kellee says she has an Idol that's good for only one more TC and she feels pretty safe but it would be a shame for an idol to go to waste. Jamal tells us the plan is to unanimously vote out Dean. He's hard to read, smarmy and has people on edge. Karishma asks Jamal who it is and trusts him when he says Dean. Jamal tells us he brings his HII to every TC but this one should be the safest. That's what you can do when you're in the majority. He congratulates Noura for making it to the merge. Jamal says this is not going to be an emotional vote - it makes no sense to deviate from Dean. Dean asks Jack if he's going home or voting out Noura and Jack says Noura is 100% who he's thinking. Jamal agrees that she's a loose cannon. Jack says the guys have to try to stick together. Jack tells us that they have been very fervent making Dean feel like one of the guys and pointing the finger on Noura. Dean tells us that unless these guys have really good poker faces, he feels OK. Dean tells Kellee that she can backstab him after they get to the merge and she agrees, deal. She tell us she has her idol that has to be used tonight. She likes Dean, his GF is a mutual friend and she doesn't want her idol to go to waste. She has an inspiration - silence while she works it through in her head. If she gave Dean her idol, would he write down the name she wanted to go home - either Jack or Jamal? Jack is fun and empathetic and it's not smart to keep someone so connected in the game. And she doesn't trust Jamal at all. Kellee's plan is to give Dean the idol right before DC, but convince Noura that she goes home if Dean has an idol, and then get her to write down Jack or Jamal's name. That would be brilliant, she tells us. It's a mitigated risk. She puts her plan in action, telling Dean he's Janet, Jack and Jamal's target. Kellee thinks giving Dean her idol will bond him to her for a little bit. She tells him about her idol and he asks if she wants to pull something crazy. I kind of do, Kellee grins. Kellee thinks she could be setting off a string of dominoes with this move. Time for Tribal Council. Rob and Sandra sneak into their spy hut. Let the show begin, he tells her. Kellee agrees it's unlikely a Vokai member will suddenly shift sides to Lairo, bonds were made during the first 12 days. Dean adds that Vokai had so much success early on, that makes the bonds tighter. Noura says they are a group based on individual partnerships. But Dean can barely make eye contact with her, so why would he trust him? Jeff says that's pretty clear. Dean says why would I go back to a tribe that blindsided me instead of someone who already brought up a fellow Vokai member, Jamal and Noura. It's apparent we're big personalities, Noura acknowledges of her and Jamal, and it's great for Dean to capitalize on that. But the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference. I can hate Jamal but that's weaker than being indifferent to Dean. Wow, says Karishma. Jamal asks Noura, you have actually been trying to get me out? Is Dean right? Dean is trying to get in between us, Noura responds. That's not an answer, Jamal retorts. It's gone through my mind, Noura admits, but I put way more effort into being a cohesive unit and we shouldn't let someone we don't trust as well get in the way of that. I'm open and honest where I'm at. Jack says knowing Noura feels is great, but in a merge situation, if you're trying to keep a secret, it is marginally scary. As Kellee pointed out, we've developed more of a trust with Noura, so I think Noura benefits my game to have my back. Thanks, Jack, Noura says. Jamal says he's not convident he'll be here tomorrow let alone have a team in place when there's a merge. I'm very fearful of an all-girls alliance right now. I know the power of women when they get together and in this tribe, 4-3, guys are outnumbered. Kellee thinks the idea of a women's alliance is sexist. There is so much fear about a women's alliance outpacing how many times there's actually a women's alliance. And nobody ever talks about a men's alliance, nobody ever fears a men's alliance. It's a thing for 3 women to sit at the very end but nobody mentions it when it's 3 men. Why is this thing being split arbitrarily by gender? Jamal says while I back Kellee 100%, the key word is arbitrary. I don't think it is arbitrary. At Jamal's request, Jeff asks Noura if she's ever considered an all-women's alliance. Noura says it sounds cool, of course she has. We all think about many things. I'd be dumb to not think about it at some point. I believe in confident women who make things happen in the world. And that's why I'm afraid, Jamal says. You're allowed to be, Noura allows. Karishma says the seismic cultural in America towards women makes a women's alliance a bigger deal, with the #MeToo movement, women feeling empowered to speak up, it plays a part in how you play Survivor. Exactly, whispers Sandra. But it is arbitrary as Kellee said. This is the world that young girls know now, Jeff says. Janet says it is negative to assume women will bond based on gender, that puts women down, to say women can't think that maybe Jamal has something to offer. It's who you are, not your gender. You can't be a powerful woman without the backing of both men and women. You have to earn respect and dignity. Jamal says he's passionate about this topic and appreciative of this Tribal conversation. But, Jeff reminds Jack, someone has to be voted out. Jack says just because I vote someone out does not mean I don't value our relationship. Kellee hopes it's true that you can have a bond with someone and still vote them out. It is time to vote. Karishma says Dean took three shots at her and missed, so she's voting for him now. Jamal and Kellee vote. Jack, Janet, Dean and Noura vote. It's time to tally the votes. Dean tells Jeff he has a little something something, and Karishma has a look of shockon her face. Kellee pretends to not know what is going on as Noura gives Jack a look. Even Rob is taken by surprise in his spy shack. Just trying to make it to the merge, Dean says, handing Jeff an Immunity Idol. Why didn't he play it last time, Noura wonders. I don't know Kellee replies. This is a HII, Jeff confirms, and all votes for Dean will not be counted. Noura smiles and Jack and Jamal look uncomfortable. Jamal says Jeff, hold on. Holy blank, Sandra whispers to Rob, they got all kinds of idols! Jamal gives Jeff his HII and Karishma exclaims OMG! Jamal hands it to Jeff and says he's playing it for Noura. You are, she purrs. What just happened, Kellee wonders! Jeff confirms it is a HII and any votes for Noura will not count. Rob tells Sandra that was a mistake. Jeff reads the votes. First vote: Dean. Does not count. Dean. Dean. Dean. Dean. Jamal looks resigned while Karishma can't believe it. Jeff reads the next vote: Jack. Janet has her eyes intently on Jeff. Karishma cannot believe Jack's name was just read. Jack looks like death has come to dinner. Woah, Sandra whispers from the spy shack. Kellee looks at the others with uncertainty. The seventh person voted out and first member of the jury, Jack! Jamal tells Jack he tried. Janet says she's so sorry. Dang, Sandra says, they got his a$$. Jamal can't even look up as Jack takes his torch to Jeff, then stumbles as he hands it over. Jack, the tribe has spoken, as he quitly leaves the area. I'm sorry you wasted your idol on me, Noura tells Jamal. It's nights like tonight, Jeff concludes, that have kept Survivor relevant going on 20 years because you take a group of people, force them to make their own society, and that society is a reflection on the greater society. Then you've got to vote them out. RIP Rudy Boesch, January 20, 1928 - November 1, 2019. A survivor icon. An American hero. Next time on Survivor, a milestone is hit (merge) and all hell breaks loose. Jack says I'm really sad I'm out of the game. Maybe Dean sees me as a threat, which is kind of cool, but everyone who was there tonight wanted me to be there except for one or two people (Kellee & Dean). Overall, this was way freakin' harder than I ever thought it would be. But I'm happy with how I did, I think I was able to show my true colors, and I'm freakin' pumped to be on the jury!
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