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  1. Usher gets out of a Delorean in the Universal back lot to open the Season Finale with song, dance and the AGT Judges. He uses the time circuits to transport to the AGT Stage where he finsihes his performance in front of the judges and the Zoom audience wall. Welcome to the AGT Season 15 Finale Results! Tonight host Terry Crews will announce which of the Finale acts will win the $1m prize and a headline show in Las Vegas! Please welcome your judges, Howie Mandel! Heidi Klum! and Sofia Vergara! Plus, once upon a time, Simon Cowell! In last night's Finale, Roberta Battaglia sang,
  2. This is it. One chance. One last chance. To make a dream come true. One million dollars. America's winner is up to you. Welcome to the America's Got Talent Finale! Please welcome your host, Terry Crews! These 10 acts come from around America and around the World and they one last performance away from winning $1,000,000 and a headline show in Las Vegas. Please welcome Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara, your AGT Judges! First up is Sofia's Golden Buzzer, 11 yr old Roberta Battaglia. Singing Scars To Your Beatiful (Alessia Cara), she is physically swallowed by the stage
  3. Ian had never been nominated before, let alone evicted, or even been interviewed by Julie Chen Moonves from outside the BB House, so it goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that the Jury House will be a new experience for him. At least he gets first choice at bedrooms. It was a 5-3 vote, with Nicole being too weak to go against The Committee, despite it being to her and Dani's advantage to break up The Committee. The six person alliance had done its job, to get to the Jury evictions, and not it's time to go. But these HG don't know how to pivot. They only understand one way
  4. Last night, 11 acts gave the biggest performances of their lives for a place in the AGT Finals. Tonight, only 5 will make it. It's America's Got Talent - The Semi-Finals Results! With your host, Terry Crews! And your judges, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Howie Mandel! Recapping the performances, W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew daned, Kanadi Dodds sang, Max Major mystified, Bellow Sisters acrobatted, Celina Graves sang, Jonathan Goodwin escaped a zip line, Cristina Rae sang, BAD Salsa danced, Voices of our City Choir sang... ...Brett Loudermilk regurgitated and Daneliya Tuleshova. Tonight, 3
  5. Broken Roots, Brandon Leake, Roberta Battaglia, Alan Silva and Archie Williams have all made it through to next week's Finale. Who will join them? 11 acts battle for the final 5 spots in the Season Finale. Who will survive your votes? Please welcome your host, Terry Crews! And your judges: Heidi Klum! Howie Mandel! And Sofia Vergara! We kick off with Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer, dance group W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew. Six personalities, one team. Set in an autoshop, the W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew delivers a tight, expressive dance routine with flips, hand stands and fancy footwork, using horiz
  6. Take a good look, America, over half of these 11 acts will be gone in the next hour. Here's what happened last night on America' Got Talent - the Semi-Finals (Round 1): Double Dragon sang and danced, Dance Town Family swing danced with delight. Guitarists Broken Roots visited the Bates Motel, Spyro Brothers had a devil of a time with the Diablo, Singer Thomas Day survived CoV-2 to perform again, Aerialist Alan Silva went the Biker route, Singer Shaquira McGrath gave it her all, Brandon Leake spoke letters to his father. Malik Dope brought the hosue down with the beat and rhythm
  7. The Semi-Finalists are chosen. Tonight, they fight for your votes. Game On! It's the America's Got Talent Semi-Finals! Please welcome your host, Terry Crews! And your judges, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara! Plus, the AGT Zoom Audience Wall! 11 acts will perform, but only 5 will go through. If you do the math, that means there are 2 Wild Card acts that have been brought back. Voting will begin after the first act performs. Tomorrow, 3 acts will move into the Finale by your vote, 1 by Dunkin Save and 1 by the Judges. First up is singing duet Double Dragon, who want to
  8. Last night, 11 acts brought their A game but tonight, only 5 survive. It's America's Got Talent, the Quarter Finals Results! Just 3 weeks until the winner of AGT 2020 is named. Tonight 5 acts join the first 15 in the Semi-Finals. There's going to be heartbreak! Last night, Howie was down, then up, then down, then up again. Heidi made up a poll, and Sofia hit her buzzer! Oh, and the C.A. Wildcats cheered, Kanadi Dodds sang, Lightwave Theater Co. performed, Resound harmonized, Divas & Drummers pounded, Celina Graves sang... ... And Noah Epps danced, Alex Hooper insulted, Brok
  9. So far, the quarter finals have been exhilarating, heart pounding, turbocharged, a Kia commercial. Tonight, fasten your seatbelt. The race to the Semi-Finals is on! Welcome to America's Got Talent with your host, Terry Crews! Please say hello to your judges, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara, and your Zoom Audience Wall! Tonight, the final 11 acts compete for just 5 spots in the Semi-Finals. The Finale is in just 3 weeks! We continue to wish Simon Cowell a quick recovery. Tonight's first act comes from Plano, TX, the C.A. Wildcats Cheer Team! Breaking stereotypes, prac
  10. 9:25pm BBT Feeds have returned and Enzo is wearing the HoH key around his neck. Tyler, Dani are have nots. Not sure if they are the only ones.
  11. Live from Universal Studios, Hollywood, it's America's Got Talent: The Results! Here's your host, Terry Crews! Last night, 11 acts performed for your vote and tonight they await your verdict. Please welcome your judges, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara! Last hight, Dance Town Family performed from Miami. Then Nolan Neal performed an original song. Usama Siddiquee's humor fell flat, but the W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew lit up New York Street. Annie Jones sang, Malik Dope drummed, and Max Major revealed his mental manipulation secrets. Bone Breakers were fluid, Sheldon Riley sang,
  12. 22 acts have performed for your vote so far in the Quarter Finals, and only 10 have moved forward into the Semi-Finals. Tonight, 11 more acts will seeek your support. It's America's Got Talent Quarter-Finals #3! Here's your host, Terry Crews! The AGT Studio Walls are alive with the live Zoom Box Audience. They welcome back the AGT Judges, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara! Simon continues to recover from a broken back and there will no longer be a guest judge. Howie is now seated between Heidi and Sofia. Our first act is in Fort. Lauderdale, FL, where Dance Town Family
  13. 10:57pm BBT It's Triplets! Alliance, Battle Back, Blindside join Backdoor, Twist, Safety, Twinkle, Veto, All-Star as part of Christmas's Baby Star family. Pay attention because there will be a quiz later! Christmas now has enough stars to field an All-Star baseball team.
  14. I'm going to call this before the HoH comp so I can't be accused of foreknowledge. I am trading my Memphis HG Token for Dani. I love both her and Ian's social games and they are both smart enough to win, but I have a feeling Dani is going to be able to play a supporting role long enough to go far. Fuskie Who guesses time will tell... (done-Dade)
  15. Jason would have been interesting. Some of it is we would just like to see how our favorite HG from seasons past are doing. Fuskie Who thinks the chances of Jun coming back to BB are about as good as BB5's Maggie or Ivette...

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