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  1. 9:59pm BBT Sarah Beth begins a game of Telephone but is criticized for using too easy a phrase.. Azah kicks off a second round. 10:13pm BBT The HG are now playing Mafia, with Azah leading. 10:39pm BBT Kyland is leads a second round of Mafia in which Sarah Beth dies. 11:17pm BBT The BY is open and the HG move out. Azah does a cartwheel. She is followed by Hannah who does a leap. 11:36pm BBT X & Whit lay in the hammock. X says he's OK with Brent being mad at him. Whit is scared to be HoH - she might not have an easy target. X says other HG are targeting Brent for personal reasons, how he carries himself. Whit doesn't want to be in the JH with him. 12:02am BBT Azah tells Tiff Brent saw through the plan to target him. Tiff says he isn't sure he's going home, so he's not exploding. You know your dude is cheating but have no proof, Azah says. Tiff says this is Big Brother, not Big Love. Azah says she plays it different. 12:19am BBT Brent tells Alyssa he does not think DereX wants the The Radicals to work. He thinks DereX is being influenced by Big D & Azah. He doesn't understand why Alyssa flirts with DereX but not him. Brent thinks Whit picked him for Aces because she's attracted to him. 12:53am BBT Claire tells Derex she wants Brent out this week, then Azah. After that, Alyssa or Christian. 12:54am BBT Claire says the end of the game the past few seasons has been physical. Hannah thought it was mental (It's both). Claire hopes it will be less physical. Claire thinks Azah has mood swings & doesn't talk game. She's not good in comps and would be a bitter juror. 12:58am BBT Ky says he's been to Vegas 22 times. Alyssa asks how he remembers. Ky says he keeps track. He thinks gambling is entertaining. With Clair and DereX listening, Hannah tells Whit she wants Alyssa, X or Christian and Alyssa out next. 1:00am BBT SB says she's here for the money. Ky reminds her Whit offered her a job. SB isn't sure that's what she wants to do, though. SB told Azah that Big D is good for cuddling. Big D hopes it rains but heard it never rains in southern CA. (It pours, baby it pours). 1:02am BBT Big D and Alyssa are playing Pool. He asks if she would target "the other side" if she wins HoH. She says yes, of course. 1:25am BBT Brit tells Tiff she loves her but was confused with the WC Comp. She was defending her board, grabbing cards, and wonders if she missed a memo. She's happy Tiff won. Tiff was happy DereX didn't win and Christian won Veto. She's not up for any plan to evict Brit. 1:32am BBT SB and Claire are talking in the BY. SB says after Brent and Whit, she wants Hannah out. Claire says Brent suspects he's the target. SB says they will have to be nice to Brent in the GB Messages in case there's a battle back.
  2. 6:50pm BBT Brit says she keeps getting the short end of the stick. Azah says she knows the game is about lying but she doesn't like it. She heard Frenchie started an alliance on Day 1, before the teams were chosen. She doesn't understand that. 8:50pm BBT It's been subdued in the BB House as the HG were exhausted by the heat (and the spinning) during the Veto comp. Baby D says Christian is a really good actor and will hopefully get more acting jobs after this.
  3. 4:08pm BBT X tells DereF that his main allegiance is to The Cookout. DereF was confused about Tiff winning the WC by going after Brit. He thinks Tiff and DereX are working together. DereF says the Slaughterhouse is slaughtering each other while The Cookout remains strong. 4:10pm BBT X says that the two possible pawns are on DereF's team but Whit is a potential BD option. DereF says he wants to make sure the camera hears that he and X have a F2. X doesn't respond and goes over the plan again. 4:14pm BBT DereF tels X he told Azah & Brit that a girl would have to go next week and they balked. But 4 guys in a row is too much. Downstairs, Tiff asks Hannah who should go up against Brent, but we don't hear her answer. 4:16pm BBT X tells DereF that Azah offered herself up. Big D says Azah thinks Brit is her girl. He says Hannah doesn't know much about The Cookout but they are protecting her anyway. Big D thinks f Whit or another girl wins HoH next week, he, Ky and X will be targeted. 4:18pm BBT X notes that Brent never brought up Claire as a target. Why not, wonders Big D. X tells him to play up the emotions after noms. Big D says he doesn't want Brit to go through another week of noms. BB calls X to the DR. 4:25pm BBT Azah wants to talk to X, but Brent comes into HoH. How do you feel about being nom, X asks him? Brent thinks too many want him out. Frenchie warned him. (Frenchie warned everyone). Brent says he is not a pawn. X says Brit is the real threat. 4:27pm BBT Brent tells X he cannot risk being on the block. X asks if Brent thinks he is being betrayed by being nom? Yes. Brent says he won't tell his team what X has said. Use an actual pawn, not me. He would never put X up as a pawn. Don't destroy something beautiful. 4:30pm BBT Brent continues to plead with X. Big D has betrayed us twice. X says to trust him. Not if I go up, Brent says, the Aces wanted to work with the Kings. His team will be pissed if he's nom. Don't be a Frenchie - keep the plan simple. FotH. Time for nominations. 5:56pm BBT Feeds return and Brit is crying to X, who assures her it will be all right, she got through it last week and can do it again. Brit asks who his HG choice would be for Veto and X says someone on the Kings. X leaves Brit to blow her nose. 5:59pm BBT Brent and X talk. Brent says X's plan (to get Brit) makes no sense. X says nobody knew you would be going up. I'm not a pawn, Brent says, I'm not dumb. X tells him that Azah would be the replacement nom if he or Brit came off.
  4. 3:34pm BBT Brit tels X that Azah is her girl and she'd do anything for her, but she'll get more vote to evict than Azah would. X says he's not sure which way he's leaning; he just wants Brent to go home. Brit is scared if Brent comes down. 3:35pm BBT Brit asks X why she is such a threat? He tells her she's a big fish but he doesn't want to see either her or Azah go home. Brit says she's won nothing. No matter how hard she tries. She doesn't want to be on the block all season. 3:43pm BBT Christian and Alyssa are lying together and she says her first dream in life was to become an Olympic gymnast. Christian wanted to be a spy. He says Drama Club in high school was lame; he played baseball. But he dreamed of being an actor. 3:44pm BBT Alyssa says she ways weird things during sex. Christian says he is also very vocal. She says girls watch porn too. 3:52pm BBT Ky is next. X walks him through his strategy of targeting Brent & using the HG Brent wanted nom to mask his intent. Ky assumes it is DereX but X says no, Jokers. The girls, Ky asks? X says Azah offered but he just cannot nom her, it's bigger than game. 3:55pm BBT Ky says SB was pushing Brent and Whit. Brit is Brent's target, X explains. He tells Ky that he is looking out for the Cookout 6 first. It's good that the Jokers are mad because it makes it more believable to Brent. Brit goes next, Ky asks? Eventually, X says. 3:57pm BBT X tells Ky that Azah wants to go after Whit, but that's not his game. Make her feel comfortable this week then all of them will have to go because the 6 are playing for something bigger than the game. X says let them be mad - he doesn't fear anyone. 4:02pm BBT Ky also prefers Brit be nom over Azah. X says Brit wants assurances. Azah wants to go up instead. But he's protecting her whether she wants it or not. Downstairs, Brit tells Azah she's gunning for Veto. If she plays scared, she goes home and it's Azah's loss. 4:05pm BBT Brit wants Azah to talk to X last before noms. Azah doesn't think noms will be today (uh, right). Brit assures her noms will be today, the Veto players picked in the morning. How do you know, Azah asks? Because that's how it happens, Brit explains. 4:06pm BBT Azah tells Brit that she offered to be the pawn. Brit tells her to go up to HoH one more time to talk with X. She heads upstairs.
  5. 3:05pm BBT Azah continues to plead X not to nom Brit. Put me up against Brent, sh says. You say you want my opinion but your minds sounds made up. If Brent mentioned my name, put me up against him. If I leave the game, at least I won't be afraid of that Mother F*ker. 3:08pm BBT X tells Azah he promised he won't nom anyone from The Cookout and he won't. He doesn't want her going home - they are playing for something bigger than money. Azah says she's playing for the same reasons. I'll still have my job, Azah says, please don't nom Brit. 3:10pm BBT Azah leaves HoH and heads straight for her bible. She tells DereF that Tiff needs to stop being fake. She tells DereF to have a smile on his face when he talks with X. Claire is next to talk with X. He says the Jokers are making this so hard and emotional. 3:14pm BBT Claire tells X that nominating Brit and Brent makes sense. She hopes next week they can put up Whit and one of the Jokers. She worries they will try to work together with Whit after Brent is gone. 3:17pm BBT In the Coral BR, Tiff talks to the feeds, saying she won but some are not happy about it. She's not emotional and has a hard time bonding over emotions. She came to play and is playing the game. She says she has a gift to make people mad at her like her. 3:18pm BBT Tiff continues talking to America. She's cool with X's nominations and is comfortable having turned down safety (whatever the risk/reward proposition was, she apparently decided to not accept). 3:22pm BBT X is now meeting with Brit in HoH. He tells her he needs to keep Brent calm if nominated and that he named her and Azah as masterminds. He is laying the case for nominating either Brit or Azah against Brent to convince Brent they are his target and Brent is the pawn. 3:25pm BBT Brit is calmly listening to X explain his nomination strategy. Brit says she was just up for 7 days. If Brent wins Veto, it will be her going home. X says her concern is valid. He asks Brit who should go up in that case? Brit says Whit or Derex. The Aces, X confirms. 3:29pm BBT Brit says Whit is a bigger threat. X says he has to look out for his game first. Brit says Johnny Mac was used as a pawn back to back to back. She says once was hard - she was shaking as the was read. X says Azah preferred Brit be nom. Incredible, Brit says.
  6. 2:29pm BBT Tiff talks to Brit briefly and attempts to smooth over the WC comp hurt feelings. X tells Christian Brit will be his last 1-on-1 and he'll let her do the talking. X says the week will go fine if everyone keeps their mouth shut. 2:31pm BBT Christian tells X that he washed the dishes and then Hannah called him lazy. He asks if other HG think he's lazy. X advises him to make sure others see him doing the dishes. SB is next and says the Jokers are all upset that Tiff & DereX are targeting Brit. 2:33pm BBT SB tels X that putting up Brit will just make the Jokers mad. Nominating Whit and Brent will make fewer HG mad at him. Downstairs, DereF tells Ky they need to make sure they and X are solid for F3. DereF thinks he is doing crowd control for X. 2:37pm BBT X tells SB that he is looking out for Brit. If she takes the risk this week, she'll be protected for future weeks. She'll gain the trust of the house and have extra safety. X assures SB that no other Joker would go up if Bent comes down, but won't say who. 2:39pm BBT X plans to tell Brit that if she does this, the Kings won't tough her. SB again pitches Whit sitting next to Brent, no Jokers, and tell him you're going after girls this week. He'll believe that. She tells him to talk to Tiff because she just talked to Brit. 2:40pm BBT Clair tells DereF people are conspiring against him. Tiff tells him to stop sleeping and mingle more. Claire says HNR is dangerous because you can sit up there and plot all day (nobody who is not a HN comes in). 2:44pm BBT Tiff tells X she is uncomfortable (nominating Brit, I presume). She does not like playing on emotions. She tells X that Azah is really upset and is playing too personal. X says he'll deal with the Jokers, he'll keep the Cookout 6 safe. 2:47pm BBT Tiff is upset with comments DereF has been making. X says Brent bought up a member of the Cookout but he steered him back towards Brit. Tiff warns X to not promise Brit Safety since he cannot guarantee it. 2:49pm BBT Alyzza tells SB they need to put up Whit against Big D or Azah. She says the Jokers are comp jokes. Except maybe Brit. Alyssa would rather see the Jokers upset than Whit and Hannah. Tiff tells X she told Brit that she went after the WC because Brit was safe. 2:55pm BBT Azah meets with X next and says Brit is emotional. They are both confused why her? They don't understand why Tiff went after Brit instead of DereX in the comp. She says she needs to work on her poker face; she wears her emotions on her sleeve. 2:28pm BBT X tells Azah he wants Brent gone and has a plan, that Brent suggested noms. Azah guesses Clair and Ky but X says no, two Jokers and not Big D. Azah asks him to not put put Brit. Don't put her up. Don't put Brit up.
  7. 2:21pm BBT Alyssa is next with X. He tells her Brent was his first 1-on-1 and he brought up the girls' alliance. X tells Alyssa that they have to stroke Brent's ego by telling him after noms that Brit is the target. He will use Azah to message Brit she is safe. 2:23pm BBT Alyssa tells X that Tiff almost blew it during the WC Comp when she said something that could have revealed noms. She asks what he'll do if Brent wins Veto? X won't say but says he trusts Whit more than Brit. 2:26pm BBT Christian joins X and delivers the same speech, including Brent's claim of a girl's alliance. Christian wonders if X will tell Brent before noms. He says maybe. Christian says Brit is really upset and should be warned as well, told she's the pawn.
  8. 2:12pm BBT X asks Hannah if she has anything to add? She says no. Then get the hell out, he jokes. Whit pushes in front of Christian and Alyssa to go next. She asks if Azah is the nom because Brent might have lied. X says it is not Azah but a Joker. 2:16pm BBT Brit asks Whit if Brit can keep it secret if he tells her that Brent is the target and not her. Whit thinks so. He hates doing this to her. Whit thinks he should offer her a couple week's safety. Whit wants Brent out before Jury.
  9. 2:10pm BBT The question in the HNR is who will go up next to Brent. In HoH. X leads Hannah to guess Brit will be the pawn but says she needs to feel like the target. Brent cannot get pumped up if he feels targeted.
  10. 1:44pm BBT Ky, Claire and Tiff are in the HNR discussing how Tiff won the WC Comp. It was an elimination comp of some kind. Britini and Derek X also are wearing Comp t-shirts. X has moved quickly to his 1-on-1 interviews. 1:48pm BBT Tiff wants to say X told her to play to win. Ky doesn't think that's necessary.In the YBR, Brit is upset she was targeted to be challenged. She thinks it was her comp and she was robbed of her chance. Derek F, Azah, SB and Christian listen to her rant. 1:50pm BBT Brit is calming down. She's happy Tiff won but she really wanted to win to make sure she isn't nom again. In HoH, X grills Brent on the all-girls alliance - maybe Brittany, Claire or Tiff are in charge. They think SB is good though. 1:55pm BBT Big D tells Brit he feels for the house the day he finally gets upset. Brit thinks it made her look bad. The comp appears to have been a blackjack game. Azah said the WC comp was a wash this week. 2:00pm BBT Azah says they will learn their lesson after the WC Comp. Big D thought DereX was cool but not anymore. Be careful what you share with her (Tiff) too. In HoH, X tells DereX noms are looking like Brent and Brit. 2:02pm BBT X wants to make it seem like Brit is the target to throw Brent off the scent, but she really is just a pawn and he's really the target. DereF tells Azah Tiff will be the first targeted from Cookout. 2:05pm BBT X tells DereX he has a good relationship with Brit and is trying to figure out how to nominate her gently. (given her response the first time, just rip the band-aid - she'll fall apart either way -- Fuskie) Hannah is next with X. 2:07pm BBT In the HNR, Tiff tells Ky that Brit will freak out if nom. Tiff is worried it looks like she targeted Brit on purpose. In HoH, Hannah says her team (Aces) are OK with Brent (their teammate) going up. 2:08pm BBT SB tells Tiff she's glad she won the WC Comp but it is unfortunate how it looks. No matter what happens, she says, someone is going to be pissed. Do you want Brit, Big D and Azah to be pissed or Whit to be pissed?
  11. The Jokers are going to need a new Team Captain. By an 11-1 vote (Derek F), Frenchie was sent back to the farm. For reasons that escape me, Big Brother went to Canada to have Tom Green interview people on the streets of Ottawa about BB USA. Not to be confused with BB Canada. To say the Canadians interviewed were less than interested in BB USA or Tom Green (except for one who apparently served him food once) would be an understatement. Nevertheless, it was Xavier who could tell the difference between Nude Tuesdays and Naked Tuesdays, though he later admitted he misunderstood the question and thought it was about the day of week. In any case, this sets up some interesting possibilities. First, as members of the Kings, Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth can all relax. Second, as part of the newly formed Royal Family alliance, the Queens (Claire, Kyland and Tiffany) should be safe as well, as should Derek X (their Ace in the hole). And as a member of The Cookouts, Azah, Derek F and Hannah should also be safe. By my math, that leaves only Britini, Brent, Whitney as the pool of nominees. That is the problem with joining large alliances - it ties your HoH hands behind your back. X could expand his pool, but it would mean going back on one of his alliances. What X is lacking is 1-on-1 alliances to fall back on when you have to break one of your large alliances. We're also going to see some dynamics with the WIldcard Competition as the number of candidates from each team is narrowing. Brent and Hannah are out for the Aces, Derek F wants to save himself for next week with the Jokers, and Tiffany has has told Claire she wants to compete for the Queens. Stick with Morty's TV as we watch to see how X marks his spot!
  12. 9:05pm BBT In the Parlor, Tiff tells Ky, Claire and Azah that X may have a tough week if Brent wins Veto. Kings meet in the SR, dancing to their safety. X tells them that he'll meet with all the teams in the morning. 9:14pm BBT Alyssa says the noms need to be Brent and Whit no matter what, and if one of them comes down, the replacement needs to come from the Aces as well, or Azah as a pawn. (She doesn't realize X won't nominate anyone from The Cookout -- Morty) 9:16pm BBT Claire thinks X will nom Brent or Whit with a pawn rather than both right away. Kings leave the SR and X heads to the KT/DT to tell Brent, DereF, Brit and Hannah he plans to meet with the teams alphabetically in the morning before the WC Comp. 9:57pm BBT HG have been relaxing. DereF tells Azah he thinks Ky is playing the game for the same reasons as him and is glad he was HoH last week. 10:04pm BBT X tells DereF and Ky he has an idea of who to nom, but he won't decide until after meeting with each team tomorrow. DereF wants Brit to play in the WC Comp for Jokers so he can play another week. DereF proposes a new alliance with Ky and X called Three Kings. 10:12pm BBT In the KT, Tiff is making a protein drink (Queens are Have Nots). DereX is doing the dishes. 10:26pm BBT In the parlor, Hannah is sleeping. DereF tells SB he lost his job due to COVID. Winning BB would help him get out of debt. He does not want to be someone who cannot win comps. Claire calls from the SR that they got groceries, including gluten free Oreos for SB. 10:30pm BBT SB tells DereF in the Parlor that there was a huge power discrepancy between the two WC Comps. Christian could save his whole team, and all SB could do was switch teams for herself. She hopes this next one will have a good power. DereF wants to let Brit play. 10:37pm BBT DereX and Brent are in the gym. DereX presses some weights on the bench, then says he has gotten weaker in the House (he's coming off a week of slop). Whit has woken from her nap and is talking to Brent in the LR.
  13. Well, that didn't last long. In my last post, I mentioned that the Slaughterhouse had been blown up and the Cookout was the dominant alliance, and I questioned whether team bonds would extend beyond the Wildcard Competition. Well, it appears I was wrong. Last night, the Queens leveraged Ky's HoH into an alliance with the Aces (which they are less serious about) and a separate alliance with the Kings (plus Derek X) as the Royal Family (Kings & Queens, get it?) and the Royal Spy. Will this new alliance have any staying power? The plan, post-Frenchie, seems to be to try and get Sarah Beth to win HoH, and then use her to nominate and target Brent (which is one reason why the unnamed alliance between Queens & Aces is likely to be short-lived). This is despite the fact that everyone seems to be more afraid of what the remaining Jokers might do. In any case, the live show is going to begin in just a few minutes. Please join Morty and myself in Morty's TV Chat tonight for the live show (and anything that comes after)!
  14. 8:45am BBT Tiffany has beaten BB to wake-up, getting up and brushing her teach. All other HG still asleep.

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