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  1. It's a time warm here at Morty's TV as we go back in time to Mother's Day and American Idol performing from the Coldplay Songbook and Mothers' Day dedications. Due to familial commitments (been waiting 14 months to say that), this Top 7 performance night is being brought to you on DVR Delay. It's too late to vote, but it's not too late to enjoy the night, and belatedly, Happy Mothers' Day! It's been the adventure of a lifetime for the Top 7, but by the end of the night, your votes decide who makes the Top 5. Are you ready? This is American Idol! Tonight we celebrate all the Mom
  2. Season 9 of Big Brother Canada is in the can, and Tychon took top honors, having won Final HoH Parts II and III. Tychon chose to bring Breydon, who won Part I, to the Final 2. Tera was evicted as the last juror. By a vote of 6-1, Tychon was voted the winner of Big Brother (Tera promised to vote for Breydon). Kiefer was surprised to learn there was a vote for Canada's Favorite HG, and even more surprised to learn he won it and that the award came with a $10k prize.
  3. In the end, Tara trusted Breydon to have her back, though Breydon wants to stay as close to Tychon as he can. Kiefer is evicted. But Canada can still reward him or another HG with the first ever Canada's Favorite HG award! Tychon, Breydon and Tara will compete in the Final HoH for the right to choose who sits next to them in the Final 2. With Breydon and Tychon promising each other Final 2, If Tara does not win Final HoH, she may have just handed Tychon $100k!
  4. Tychon won HoH and nominated Tera and Kiefer. It does not really matter, since the Veto winner controls not only who faces nomination but who gets evicted. But hurt feelings at the F4 could mean getting shafted if you don't win Final HoH. Feeds returned briefly and Tera won the Power of Veto. Assuming she is smarter than Jedson, she will take herself off the block, securing a spot in the F3 along with Tychon, and Kiefer & Breydon will face eviction. Will loyalty or strategy win? Only Tera knows. If she is worried about Kiefer's chance of beating her in a jury vote, she sends out
  5. The Idols are finally here. Is everybody ready to have fun? Fantastic! Come on, follow me. We're going to Disney World! There's no telling how far they'll go. This is Disney Night and this is American Idol! We open with Sofia Carson, singing A Whole New World. She is joined by your Top 9 idols: Grace Kinstler, Caleb Kennedy, Hunter Metts, Chayce Beckham, Alyssa Wray, Deshawn Goncalves, Casey Bishop, Cassandra Coleman and Willie Spence. The 10th idol making to the live shows from your 2020 Comeback Performances will be revealed tonight! Please welcome your host, Ryan Seacrest. A
  6. After Beth was evicted, the HG retired to the Game Room for the Final 4 HoH comp, which was played after the eviction episode. When feeds returned after the BB Awards dinner was taped, Breydon could be hears saying, "I'm surprised you won HoH. I thought you were going to throw it." It appears Tychon is HoH. Who will he nominate? It does not really matter, since the Veto winner controls not only who faces nomination but who gets evicted. But hurt feelings at the F4 could mean getting shafted if you don't win Final HoH. Which is Tychon's best option? Tera and Breydon Tera and Kiefer
  7. Before the Battle Back, Tera spilled the tea that Trap Door plan was Kiefer's idea, as if she was just going along for the ride. But in an upset (even the HG thought Jedson would win), Tera battled her way back into the BB Canada House, hurt, upset and wanting to understand why she was evicted, in fear of going right back out the door again. But when the chips were down, it was Breydon who let it ride to win his first HoH and cement his position the Final 4. He hitched his wagon to Tychon and Kiefer, nominating Tera and Beth for eviction. Breydon also put Beth and Kiefer on Slop but
  8. It was the DE that wasn't and I bet you didn't predict how it went down. There were tears, cheers and when all was said and done, there were fears. Plus, first looks at the jury. Check out the very real recap on the Morty's TV Fan Forums & Chat! By a unanimous vote, Jedson was evicted but instead of joining Arisa outside, he was redirected backstage into the HoH room. The HG were then informed it was a double eviction. Tychon won HoH and quickly nominated Beth and Tera for eviction. In the Power of Veto competition, Breydon spanked the other HG with his blazing roping speed, just as
  9. Jedson has realized he's in trouble and while Beth has underplayed the commitment Kiefer & Tychon have to evict him (they are letting her vote to keep him, and she is putting the blame squarely on them), Jedson is scrambling to say Breydon doesn't deserve to be in F3 and he's only ever worked for the team.
  10. Last night, you picked your Top 9, but there's room for one more. The contestants from last year didn't really get a chance to do the "Stage" thing. These kids didn't get their big moment in front of the audience. And we feel that was kind of unfair. Plot twist! Tonight, your favorites from last season hit the stage. One will join the Top 10. 10 signers, one spit. We're giving them the stage, but it's up to America to decide who stays, and who goes. You vote, you decide. Someone will get the second chance of a lifetime. This is the comeback show, and this is American Idol! The live stu
  11. It is Spring & love is in the air. How else to explain Jedson using the PoV to save Beth instead of himself? Tera nominated Breydon, not Tychon. If Breydon is evicted, the Sauce will still have all its ingredients. But will Tychon change the recipe? Kiefer is another question mark. Breydon has been trying to deflect attention from him onto Kiefer, and Keifer has to know. And presumably remains an ally with Jedson and Tychon. So if he and Beth vote out Breydon, it won't matter what Tychon does. In that scenario, I expect Tychon will fall in line to avoid creating problems with Jedson.
  12. Say You, Say Me (White Nights) is an Oscar winning song from Lionel Ritchie, and his live performance tonight sets the tone for Top 12 and Oscar Night. This is American Idol! Grab your popcorn and turn down the lights, we're live and going to the movies with Oscar-Nominated Songs. And these three are ready for their close-ups - it's your Idol Judges: Lionel Ritchie, Katy Perry and welcome back to Luke Bryan! Voting is in real time for the first time this season (I apologize that I was forced to do this on DVR Delay and thus you were not able to vote), and at the end of the sho
  13. Fresh from being targeted by the whole house (except Kiefer), Tera assumed the HoH throne and to nobody's surprise has nominated Beth and Jedson for eviction. If one of them comes off, I imagine Tychon would go up. Complicating the picture, it has to be assumed Breydon told Tera all the tea Kiefer spilled about the Sunsetters when he thought he was being evicted. Jedson won Veto & a trip; great if he & Beth pursue a relationship after the show. Tychon is the obvious replacement choice, but is Tera an obvious HoH? Here's a scenario - evict Beth now & Jedson in the fake DE & l
  14. I think it is pretty clear that Beth thinks she is the brains of the Sauce and doesn't respect Jedson or Tychon enough to be able to make decisions without her. It's not that they told Kiefer he was safe without her - she didn't want to verify Kiefer's loyalty - she was upset that they made the decision without her and and made the decision she didn't want them to make. Kiefer hit the nail on the head that Beth has Breydon for some side action and wanted to eliminate Kiefer as aide option for Jedson and Tychon. When it came time to vote, though, Beth had no choice but to stick with her
  15. Kiefer's reaction to being nominated is one who is used to losing. He's used to placing others' interests before his and coming up short as a result. And "you're the best player in the game" is a total cop-out. The Best Player In The Game will never beat the Three Playing As One. Anyone who has ever competed in team sports understands that.

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