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  1. Friday, March 26 around !:10 BBT Feed 2 - washroom area After a discussion with Tychon about who may have won the Invisible HoH comp, Victoria looks directly at the camera with a smile, and whispers "What do I do???", which strongly suggests she was the winner. A few minutes later, when Kiefer comes in, she tells him she tells him not to stress. Vic: "I still think I know who it is, and that means we're safe. We're good. OK?" Later, as Victoria continues to work on her hair, Keifer says "My worry is that Austin, Breydon and Ro(han) have it." Victoria: "That would not be pretty." "But they don't", she adds. Victoria turns around to face him, from across the washroom area, and says, "They don't have it." Then she turns back around to the mirror, After a short pause, they both laugh.
  2. 9:15 BBT The houseguests have gotten up for the day. Several are doing their morning activities in the Washroom area. In the kitchen, Tina is having her coffee. Kiefer comes and joins her for a little chat. Then he goes to check if his laudry is dry yet. Some houseguests, like Josh and Jedson, are still lying in bed, but awake. Big Brother plays the rooster sound/ <cock-a-doodle-doo> Kiefer comes into the bedroom and suggests to the remaining bed=liers that they get up. Big Brother: "Rohan... please put on your microphone!"
  3. 13:35 BBT Foth 13:40 BBT Feeds back Feeds 1&2: Josh is now in the outdoor area with Latoya and Victoria. They discuss how after the game is over, they will have more of a soapbox, and social media presence, to be able to speak up about matters they care about. Victoria says she will even take advantage of any time inside the house that she has to make a speech to reach out about stuff like that. 13:45 BBT They talk about Josh's emotional reaction to getting nominated the other day, and how it's normally normal, but that especially after the whole year of CoVid, it's very understandable. 13:50 BBT Tina and Tera come out, saying they've just completed their one hour of walking. Talk turns to how chess is played, in terms of how the different pieces move. And then about how inside others are making pieces out of cookies. Discussion turns to it being Rohan's birthday today, and making a cake for him. Perhaps hiding it in the microwave and then asking him to get somebody's tea out of the microwave in order to surprise him with the cake. Tina and Tera say they're going to go back inside and finish Rohan's cake. So now everyone goes inside. 13:55 BBT Feeds 1&2 In the kitchen area, many houseguests are gathered, working on the chessboard. Rohan comes in, and they all say Happy Birthday and applaud. They show him his cake. He says he's now 27. He tries the cake and says it's delicious. Everyone is now in the kitchen. Big Brother asks Victoria to go to the pantry. 14:10 BBT After a bit of birthday celebration and cake eating, the party breaks up and some head out to play some more pool.
  4. 13:10 BBT Feeds 3&4: Beth, Breydon and Austin talk around a small table near the kitchen area as they... play with cookie dough? (Ah! They are going to bake the dough into chess pieces!) Breydon goes to the kitchen to hand out and talk with Latoya, Victoria, and Josh, as Josh makes some food. Jedson comes and sits with the girls, giving advice about how to fashion the chess pieces. 13:15 BBT The chesspiece crew come to the conclusion that they will slightly burn one set of pieces to differentiate between the white and black pieces. Cookie ingeniuty. Apparently, a topic of conversation earlier was about the pronunciation of the word "route" in different Canadian accents. (Who says it "root", and who says it "rowt".) 13:15 BBT Feeds 1&2: Victoria and Latoya are now in the outdoor area. They say that this is their first real conversation. Victoria says that if she wins HoH next week, her target would be Tera. With probably Breydon beside her, because she feels that he's her competition socially. (The fill similar roles) Latoya says he flies under everyone's radar because he doesn't discuss game, but exudes an air that he's just there for a good time. They have their coats on, and Latoya has a blanket over her legs, but they both sound a little chilled. 13:20 BBT Latoya tells Victoria that she would never put her up if she won HoH. Latoya says everyone is telling everyone else what they want to here. She thinks them two are in a good position. She says team Defender made it easy for team Destiny, by losing again. And that this meant all the drama was on their team. She says that depending who wins the next HoH, it will direct the drama. Tina and Tera pass by on their walk, and have a quick word. Latoya asks them to bring her another jacket from inside upstairs, if they can. Victoria says she'd take one as well. Victoria now also covers her legs with a blanket. Tina and Tera leave. Victoria and Latoya swear to each other that they won't relay to anyone what they've said in this conversation. 13:25 BBT Feed2: Latoya asks Victoria if anyone else makes her uneasy. Victoria says that Kiefer made her uneasy when, before winning the veto, he had told her that he would NOT use the veto if he won, causing her to wonder why he would feel so comfortable and not worried about getting evicted (he was nominated, at the time). They discuss that they'd both like all the women in the house to do well. And that in previous seasons the men have mostly dominated, and that there have been lots of male winners.
  5. 12:30 BBT Feeds return after the PoV meeting. Feed3: Rohan and Kyle discuss their impressions of the other team's members and who it would be best to nominate if their team wins. 12:40 BBT Feed3: Beth and Breydon hang out in the sun outside, just joking around. Feed2: Austin, Tera, and Victoria hang out in the kitchen, just idle chitchat as they make sandwiches. 12:45 BBT Feed1: Josh and Kyle get a load of laundry going in the washroom, then go downstairs. Meanwhile, Latoya and Jedson start a game of billiards in the backyard. They reminisce about how Jackson in BBUS a couple of years back was saying (while he was on the block and PoV stronger), "I've decided not to use the power of veto... on Dallas!" They say that Kiefer's speech was good. (He pulled himself off, then made a little speech.) That his community will like that, and that Canada will LOVE that. "Putting Haida on the map!", Jedson says. 12:55 BBT The backyard crew mention that Ro (Rohan) is on the block. And that it's his birthday. A chorus of "Birthday on the block" gets shouted out. Kiefer is wearing a shirt that says "Kief it real". Earlier, when Latoya was talking about Kiefer, she used his nickname "Kief". 13:05 BBT Feeds 1&2: Tina and Tera walk laps around the backyard, while now Kevin, Kiefer, Rohan and Jedson play pool.

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