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  1. I was at home with my girls, a 10 month old baby and my 4 year old toddler. We always had breakfast together while watching the news. I saw the Breaking News logo come on screen and they reported that a plane had hit the world trade center. It was on fire and the news helicopters were circling around it showing the huge gaping hole from every side. I called my mom and told her to turn on the news. We watched together, contemplating what could cause an accident such as this. We discussed that maybe the pilot had a medical issue. Maybe a mechanical issue. We remembered the previous bombing at the WTC prior to this, but neither of us felt like this was another attack. Just then, we saw the 2nd plane coming in, flying low, and slam into the other tower. I stopped mid-sentance. "Mom, did you see that?" Followed by the realization "That can't be an accident. This is deliberate." We realized that we had just watched a bunch of people die.....and sadly knew there would be more very very soon. We watched in horror as people fled the capital buildings....as the reports came in that a 3rd plane flew into the Pentagon......as people started jumping from both towers that were still on fire.....as one tower fell.....as the second tower fell......as the last plane went down in a field in PA. It is all anyone could talk about all day. It is all anyone could think about all day. I hugged my girls tighter that night. And swore that even though they would be too young to remember......they will always know what happened this day.
  2. 2:26 PM BBT Alyssa and Claire are up in the loft playing chess. The rest of the house are downstairs just talking general chit chat, passing time until they start playing for the veto. 2:33 PM BBT Little D and Claire are up in the loft trying to determine what kind of veto it is going to be. Downstairs SB is explaining to X how she won the veto. Those tiny feet of hers, she was able to take all the easy paths and she never had to stop. 2:35 PM BBT SB is called to the DR. Tiffany and Little D are talking about their upbringing. Tiffany says she was in a really good place before coming into the house. 2:38 PM BBT Alyssa is singing Everyone is Hanging Out in the Rooms Because Everyone is Conspiring Against Us 2:45 PM BBT Hannah and X are in the WA. Hannah says that no one is going to rooting for Ky to win the HoH. No one. X agrees and starts singing the Grease Lightning song from the movie Grease. BB does not ask him to stop singing. 2:52 PM BBT X and Alyssa are whispering in the LR. She says that she is going to have to show her cards. She doesn't care what kind of veto it is. She is just glad she gets to play. 2:54 PM BBT Ky and Claire are talking in the loft. He asks how she is doing. She said it has been a rough week, but she is okay. Her head is in a good place for this comp. She would feel good if the veto was a puzzle comp of some type.
  3. 1:48 PM BBT Everyone is hanging out in the KT waiting for the veto to start. There are multiple conversations going on at once. Azah is discussing African wedding traditions. Big D is helping Tiffany pick out how she is going to do her nails. 1:54 PM BBT Ky is in the shower and calls Little D to him. It is very hard to hear what they are saying. Little D says that he doesn't want to rock the vote. It doesn't sound like Little D suspects he is likely a back door option for SB. 2:00 PM Hannah and Little D are in the HoH. Hannah reads SB's letter. She apologizes to America for doing it, but says that SB sketches her out. She doesn't trust her. So, she read it. 2:03 PM BBT Alyssa, Azah and Tiffany are in the KT. Azah is singing a song she made up that appears to be all chorus. She sings Do What You Gotta Do over and over. Tiffany is singing it as a back beat at the same time and drums along on the table. 2:05 Ky is in the shower and Big D is talking to him over the door. Big D says that they are coming for him. They say that everyone needs to stop playing with their feelings. If they want to make this mission possible, they are all going to have to let go of their people. 2:15 PM BBT Big D and Ky have been discussing that their ultimate mission is cookout and everyone is going to have to quit playing in their feelings. Everyone is going to have to let people they care about go.
  4. 1:10 PM BBT X comes down from the HoH. SB says it is now Azah's turn to listen to music. Big D says that X is going to be doing all fitness stuff after the show. He can see him doing Nike adds now. Maybe shaving cream adds. Bald heads are in. 1:15 PM BBT X and Tiffany are talking in the Sea Glass BR. She asks who he thinks will go up if the veto is used. He thinks that whoever comes down, Derrick X is probably going up. Tiffany is not a target for SB. Tiffany told X that out of the cookout, SB would target X first. 1:18 PM BBT Tiffany tells X that if the noms stays the same, she has a clear justification to go after SB now. SB told her the Claire was completely safe. If Claire stays on the block through this, then that gives Tiffany her reason to target SB. 1:20 PM BBT Tiffany and X are discussing the need for Cookout to get HoH and keep it. SB can't be the 7th. SB wants to go after Big D and Tiffany. So, she has to go long before then. 1:30 PM BBT Tiffany is dressing in her blue toga blanket again. She is alone and addresses the camera. She says that she just confirmed with X that she, him and Hannah are still good. She feels that she can trust him. He seems trust worthy. 1:35 PM BBT Tiffany continues to say that Ky seems like he wants to keep her but she is not sure. Ky is only 1 person. Hannah and X are 2. Everyone seems to want DX gone this week. It isn't the best for her game, but it is probably best for the 6. If the noms stay the same, it is going to be Claire. 1:40 PM BBT Most of the HGs are sitting around in the KT while they discuss movies. They are doing it in a more of Would You Rather type of fashion. Such as would rather be in Black Panther 2 or.......etc
  5. 12:38 PM BBT Little D, the veto host, has exited the HoH. They realize that means it was a Veto false alarm. Azah, Alyssa, Claire, Hannah, and Big D are discussing music in the LR. They contemplate telling X but decide not to because he is in his own zone right now. WBRB. 12:42 PM BBT We keep getting WBRB because half the house is downstairs discussing music lyrics. 12:44 PM BBT Big D is discussing that they got some food delivered. He forgot to ask for veggie bouillon. Azah and Big D are discussing what they want to cook and how they are splitting up the ingredients and KT time. He jokes that Azah is always getting in his the KT. 12:48 PM BBT Ky, SB, Hannah, Big & Little D are in the KT area discussing the live feeds. They wonder how much their friends are watching. Ky admits if he had a friend in the house, he probably wouldn't want a lot of live feeds. 12:52 PM BBT SB, Ky, Big and Little D are at the KT discussing social media. It is going to be hard to keep their social media accounts private the longer they stay on the show. They may create new social media accounts accessible to the public and keep their personal one private. 1:00 PM BBT Big D is talking about his platform on tiktok. He hopes that his guys are keeping it active on his behalf while he is gone. SB has 3000 followers on Instagram and 3000 on Twitter. She tried YouTube but her followers will not transition.
  6. 12:09 PM BBT The house is pretty quiet as they wait to play the veto. Azah is sitting at the KT table studying the memory wall. Little D and Alyssa are sitting on the LR sofas relaxing. Claire and SB are in the gym. Claire says she is in a good place and ready to compete. 12:13 PM BBT Claire and Tiffany are whispering in the Sea Glass BR.Claire is worried. Tiffany tells her that the key to staying in the house is socializing and to remain calm. 12:17 PM BBT Tiffany tells Claire that she would not be surprised if X doesn't come down from the block. They have no idea what SB is going to do if he does. They suspect she is working with Alyssa because Alyssa has been upstairs a lot. 12:20 PM BBT In the Sea Glass BR, Tiffany and Claire are trying to determine what Azah would do if she won the veto. Unfortunately, Claire's whispering skills are on point. 12:22 PM BBT Tiffany and Claire continue to talk in the Sea Glass BR. Claire says that at the end of the day, she is going to have to make a deal with SB. BB calls Derrick X to the DR so the HGs clap and say Let's Get After It. 12:27 PM BBT All 4 feeds show Azah, Claire, Alyssa, Tiffany, X and Hannah hanging out in the LR. Tiffany is wrapped up in blanket, preparing for a toga party. She puts her fist to her mouth like she is holding a mic and she is singing. BB is letting her sing. 12:30 PM BBT Big D is in the HoH listening to music. SB tells X that it is his turn and he goes to the HoH to listen to music. Big D doesn't want to give it up to X. X says that he is on block and had to listen to country this morning so he deserves it. 12:35 PM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 show X dancing to music in the HoH that only he can hear. Feeds 1 and 2 show SB and Ky at the KT table at Big D is at the KT counter. He has enjoyed everyone's music. He had never heard some before. He likes the fact they have had such a variety.
  7. 11:33 AM BBT Alyssa and X are in the Reef BR. Alyssa is going over the days. She has every day, comp, player, results, nom and eviction down and she recites them very quickly. X is pretty much just staring at her in awe. After she finishes, it is his turn. 11:44 AM BBT Now Claire and Tiffany are studying dates in the Sea Glass BR. 11:50 AM BBT In the WA, Alyssa tells Azah that she is glad she got picked to play. She wants to take X down since she put him up there. Azah tells her that Alyssa did not put him up there. Chance did. 11:54 AM BBT SB, Azah and Alyssa are in the WA. They wonder if the comp might be faces and they should go and look at the memory wall. 11:58 AM BBT IN the gym, Azah and SB are discussing they should have worked out more before coming into the house. Azah thought she would be better at endurance comps then she was. SB reminds her that they have only done 1 so far and it was the hardest. 12:00 PM BBT Azah and SB continue to discuss the wall comp. Their issue wasn't the endurance but the cold. SB said she started shivering and tried to fight it but it was hopeless. Azah let herself shake. She knew it was her body trying to generate warmth. 12:06 PM BBT Azah and SB are now discussing last season. Azah said she is no longer hating on Nicole anymore. That girl made it to finals twice. Good on her. SB said it was a boring season overall, but that last Nicole and Cody HoH was great television.
  8. 11:00 AM BBT Alyssa and Xavier are stretching before the veto comp. Tiffany is in the kitchen cooking. Meanwhile, SB and Big D are discussing the veto. She tells him that she would like it if the veto was used and X comes off. But not share that info with the house. 11:09 AM BBT SB and Big D are talking in the BR. They are trying to figure out who got the 100. Big D says he got 75. He thinks Brit got the 100 but she said she got 75. SB says she is fine with the 50. She knows she isn't America's favorite and is fine with that. 11:12 AM BBT SB and Big D are discussing the mistakes that Frenchie made in the first HoH week. She thinks that he failed because he tried to make a big alliance and then run through to jury like most of the modern seasons have been doing. He just went to big with it. 11:17 AM X, Claire and Tiffany are working out in the gym. Big D and SB are talking in the BR. He is not looking forward to any slip n slide comp. He is going to fall all over the place. If they do Crisco, there is no way. He may just go for BB Bucks. 11:20 AM BBT SB tells Big D that she is going for the veto. It doesn't matter about any size prize Even if it was 250 BB bucks. She then discusses that she wasn't doing the dance right earlier and ended up just doing freestyle. Big D says she was smiling and it was fun. 11:23 AM BBT SB tells Big D that she doesn't care if she looks silly. She loves to dance in the clubs and loves to have fun. She may look ridiculous, but that's fine if she is having fun. Big D claps and says Yeah, he is so down for that. 11:28 AM BBT Azah and Hannah are talking in the LR about the different countries in Africa and whether they are part of Western or Central Africa. The feeds switch to Tiff and Ky whispering in the gym. Tiffany says that Big D refused to make any deals with her and that is B.S.
  9. We are not against discussing what can be considered controversial topics in this forum. But we do insist that you not personally attack each other. Comments have been deleted due to attacks against each other and for the language. Keep it civil folks.
  10. 12:00 PM BBT Frenchie & Azah are talking in the YBR. He tells her that he needs her to keep being real with him. She admits she is going to have a hard time dealing with people being dishonest with her. He tells her that she will figure out who is being real in time. 12:05 PM BBT Azah says that she and Frenchie have different game styles and she trusts him. He scared her, he is going 120 miles an hour. She has never gone over 65. She will just trust him. They don't have to talk all the time. Just trust. 12:08 PM BBT Alyssa joins Azah and Frenchie in the YBR. Alyssa tells them that Little D didn't realize if he wins and uses the veto, he is also safe. She had to explain it to him. 12:10 PM Alyssa, Azah and Frenchie are in the YBR. He says that he has to nominate people, p*ss them off, and then go to bed alone. Frenchie is not going to rush to talk to Kyland, but he will have to talk to him. Alyssa says that he is getting paranoid. 12:13 PM BBT Frenchie tells Alyssa and Azah that what he does not want from their season is people to shun each other or do that to people on the block. No one should feel that way. This needs a good experience for everyone. 12:27 PM BBT Azah, Alyssa and Frenchie talk in the YBR. Azah is talking about being in the hospital. She is on the phone with her mom on the phone and her mom makes her laugh. It results in her having an "accident" and it kept on happening. She had to wear diapers for 4 days. 12:31 PM BBT Brent, Christian, Sarah Beth and Kyland are on the balcony discussing tattoos. They admit that getting tattoos can be addictive. They discuss getting tattoos on the ankle after "giving everyone the boot". 12:35 PM BBT It is quite loud in the house. Everyone is waiting for the veto comp and there are little conversations going on in every corner of the house. Most of the conversations that we are hear are Christian & Brent talking sports. 12:39 PM BBT Christian, Kyland and Brent are on the balcony looking over the railing at all the people downstairs. They are talking about how BB hit it out of the park with the cast this year. They went all out. 12:42 PM BBT Britini, Sarah Beth and Claire are talking in the KT. They are discussing Britini's food allergies while she makes herself a sandwich. She offers Sarah Beth one but she is reminded that Sarah Beth is a HN. 12:51 PM BBT Britini is in the WA talking to Tiffany (I think) through the door of the WC. Tiffany tells her that she can't hear her because the bidet is going. Britini "Is that thing nice?" Tiffany "Girl, that is the first thing I am buying when I get out." WBRB.
  11. 11:21 AM BBT Feeds return. Travis is now sitting alone in the LR. Several of the HGs are in the KT talking about music. Frenchie is called to the DR. Travis says it isn't POV time because they will call Derek for that. 11:26 AM BBT Christian, Derek X, Whitney, Sarah Beth. Kyland and Claire are in the poker parlor talking about movies. Sarah Beth was about to go to Disney in Tokyo for the new Beauty & the Beast ride when Covid hit. She had been learning to speak Japanese and everything in preparation. 11:34 AM BBT Alyssa, Xavier and Travis are talking in the LR. She isn't sure when is a good time to talk to Frenchie about the veto and if he would even use it. Xavier says that she can't wait too long. Today may be veto all day and she end up running out of time. 11:38 AM BBT Alyssa, Tiffany and Hannah are talking in the WA. Tiffany says she is ready to out Frenchie the Frenchie. She is going to start saying Frenchie now. What The Frenchie. BB asks that someone clean the mirror over the sink. 11:42 AM BBT Derek X takes Alyssa and Tiffany to the gym so that they can do some stretches before the comp. Tiffany leaves to get water. Alyssa tells Derek X. that if he were to have the opportunity to use the veto on her, she would have his back in turn. 11:46 AM BBT In the gym, Alyssa tells Derek X that Frenchie won't tell her much. She thinks she is nominated because she is close to people that he isn't close to. Frenchie won't make eye contact with her. 11:47 AM Alyssa says she was surprised that Frenchie called her the "Big Fish". She is afraid to leave week 1 because of something that someone else did. She has a weird vibe and doesn't think she is the pawn. She doesn't understand what is going on. 11:53 AM BBT Alyssa and Derek X are still in the gym. He says that he doesn't know anything. Big D knows everything. She says that people are already questioning about her being in a showmance already. She says no way she spreads her legs Day 3.
  12. 11:00 AM BBT Christian and Frenchie are talking in the HoH. F "We have a lot of people to get rid of to get to top 5." They say that they have won a lot of comps in a few days so that is probably why others tried to pit them against each other. 11:06 AM BBT In the HOH, Frenchie tells Christian that he can't wait to get out of the HoH. He can't enjoy the game because he is so stressed. "You are going to laugh so hard at the DR session. WBRB. 11:09 AM BBT In the HOH, Frenchie and Christie discuss that Hannah is going to be tough on memory comps. She knows her stuff. How does she remember the stuff from years ago? 11:15 AM BBT Puppy/Kitty cam 11:18 AM BBT Brent and Travis are in the LR talking about relationships. Brent says that marriage is just legal. You can trust, love and be committed without it. WBRB.
  13. 9:23AM BBT: They have picked POV players. Kyland and Travis are chatting in the RBR. Unclear who was chosen to play except we know Travis is one of them. Travis "I will bleed for it. I would use it."
  14. The winner from Week 12 is Jodi, a member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. Her meme "Repeat After Me" has now been entered for the grand prize at the end of the season. Alright folks. This wraps up our live feed meme contest. Now, to help Morty decide. Feel free to weigh in. Who knows. Maybe your insight might help Morty decide.
  15. 219. "Repeat After Me" was created by Jodi, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. 220. "Final 3" created by Jodi, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. 221. "Moo-Lah" created by Jodi, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. 222. "Had the Chance" was created by Jodi, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group.

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