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  1. 10:17 AM BBT. The feeds return. Cameras 1/2 are on the KBR. The lights are on but nobody is up. Cameras 3/4 are on the HOHR. Enzo gets up, gets dressed and goes to the SR to change his battery. 10:23 AM BBT. Enzo is back in bad in the HOHR. Nobody else is up yet. 10:27 AM BBT. BB calls Christmas to the DR. 10:28 AM BBT. Nicole and Christmas are in the WA. Christmas asks Nicole if she slept ok. Nicole replies “yeah I did”. 10:29 AM BBT. Nicole is back in bed in the CBR.
  2. 9:50 AM BBT. We still have sleepy HGs. 10:03 AM BBT. The feeds change to stars for the wake-up call.
  3. 10:06 AM BBT. The feeds go to stars. BB is likely giving the HGs their wake-up call. 10:20 AM BBT. Nicole and Christmas are up and in the WA. 10:23 AM BBT. Christmas is getting the coffee started in the KT. 10:24 AM BBT. BB tells Nicole to put on her microphone. She says to Christmas “Do we even need our microphones anymore? They go to sit out in the BY. Christmas says it was so weird that she dreamed that Nicole won the veto. 10:26 AM BBT. Nicole and Christmas talking in the BY. They both think they could beat Enzo in the F3 comps. They say no matte
  4. 10:25 AM BBT. All cameras are on sleeping HGs. 10:55 AM BBT. All cameras on sleeping HGs. BB is letting them sleep in today.
  5. 9:20 AM BBT. All cameras are on sleeping HGs. 9:50 AM BBT. All cameras are on sleeping HGs.
  6. 10:55 PM BBT. All cameras are on Nicole curling her hair in the WA. 10:59 PM BBT. We get stars. 11:20 PM BBT. The feeds are still on stars.
  7. 10:25 PM BBT. Feeds are still on stars. 10:41 PM BBT. The feeds return to all cameras on Nicole doing nightly ADLs in the WA.
  8. 5:44 PM BBT. Christmas has finished eating but is still sitting at the table. Nicole is still making food. There still has not been any talking. 5:48 PM BBT. In the KT, Cody asks Nicole if Christmas is livid. She says she asked if she was ok and she said yes but that was it, she wouldn’t talk. She says she ate her sandwich and said nothing. Nicole says Christmas is going to pretend to be doing things but she’ll really be studying. Nicole asks if Christmas was blindsided. Cody said she kept asking Enzo if she was going up. 5:55 PM BBT. Enzo is still in the HOH
  9. 5:29 PM BBT. Nicole and Christmas are in the KT preparing food. Enzo is in the HOHR listening to music and flipping through the stack of pictures from the PBR. 5:36 PM BBT. Christmas and Nicole are still making food in the KT. There has been no talking at all. 5:38 PM BBT. Christmas takes her grilled cheese sandwich out of the pan and puts it on a plate. She then puts it in the microwave. Then, she takes it to the table to eat.

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