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  1. #BB23 6:50 PM They end dinner start the clean up of dinner and talk about gender switching parties and feeds cut off.
  2. #BB23 6:12 BBT All the Houseguest are gathered around the Dinning room table eating dinner. They are eating tacos since its taco tuesday. General chat going on right now. #BB23 6:22 PM BBT The houseguest is going around the table talking about their favorite gifts they have gotten from Family. #BB23 6:25 PM BBT Feeds get cut to WBRB for a second and they come back on and the chat about best gifts from family continues on. #BB23 6:31 PM BBT Its Frenchies turn to talk about his favorite gift. He says his favorite his daugter listed 100 reasons why he is the best dad ever. He says that is his favorite gift ever. #BB23 6:35 PM BBT Dereck X talking about something in a boot and feeds cut off.
  3. #BB23 7:58 PM BBT Feeds cut to WBRB once again. #BB23 7:04 PM BBT General chit chat going on and feeds cut back to WBRB. #BB23 7:14 PM BBT Travis, Xavier, Sarah Whitney Brent and Christian all gathered in the reef room talking about age and how old everyone is feeds cut off again. #BB23 7:27 PM BBT Feeds come back, Frenchie Sarah Whitney and Travis are in the reef room talking about how they just want to get to know each other and no game talk.
  4. #BB23 7:51 PM BBT Kyland Travis and Britrani are talking by the kitchen. Brittani tell her mom she loves her even though she figured out how to watch the feeds even though she said she wasnt going to watch, Brittani also shares about a graduation gift she got from her mom.
  5. #BB23 7:37 PM BBT Feeds come back on. Sarah Brent and Whitney are talking. Frenchie talking to Hannah, Claire about watching Big brother and we get WBRB again.
  6. 7:01 PM BBT Feeds come back and we hear cheering from all the houseguests. They finally get the backyard. Frenchie and Azah are in the Hammock talking. General chatter going on right now. Cam 1 and 2 focused on FOTH. 7:14 PM BBT Tiffany Brittany Dereck F and Frenchie are in the longue chairs outback talking. Frenchie tells them they are going to be cruising this week. Dereck then leaves and says he is going to put on his swimsuit. Brittany asks them if the hot tub is warm or cold. 7:25 PM BBT Tiffany and Brittany sitting on the edge of the pool while the others in the pool talking. Kyland Travis and Derick X all talking and playing some pool. 7:32 BBT Frenchie Xavier and Whitney are talking by the Hammock. Azah and Derick F are in the kitchen talking about dinner. All cams change to the kitchen talk. 7:38 PM BBT Xavier and Kyland are out on the Hammock talking about last season and how nobody heard each other side. BB comes over the PA and says "you are not allowed to production". Xavier and Kyland and Sarah talk about society and they all talk about how they hate talking about politics. 7:45 PM BBT Azah and Derrick F are talking about Travis they both agree he is smart but needs to go, He is good this week. Derrick says he is the one we got to keep him thinking we are working with him. Azah says she doesn't want to keep him too long 7:54 PM BBT most of the houseguests are outside doing handstands and pushups. while they are showing off their skills they talk about the astroturf in the backyard. General chatter going on
  7. 9:59 AM BBT Cody screams "Sharron" and says I'm sorry feeds for screaming like that. Enzo says he feels skinnier. Cody talks about a TV being in the Showmance Lounge and angled so feeders who can't see it and they are able to watch the feeders. The feeds end with watch the season finale tonight at 9pm ET/8 CT.
  8. 9:33 AM BBT Cody hollers for Enzo but Enzo hasn't moved out of bed yet. Enzo is awake but just being lazy in bed. Stars come on the screen. 9:36 AM BBT Cody says it finally day. Cody is cleaning up his dishes. He says he will be doing his double shots tonight. Cody does a shout out to all those that have put up with his shenanigan's voices. Cody says he cant wait to get out of this house. He is dying on the inside. 9:44 AM BBT Cody goes to where Enzo is at and sys You want some ooey gooey cookies Enzo in the accent he made up? Enzo says cookies and stretches. Cody asks Nicole if she want to play one lst game of backgammon. He says he is dying on the inside. He says his noes is stuffy then runny at the same time. 9:48 AM BBT Enzo is finally up out of the bed now. He gets his hoodie on pops on the hat. Nicole and Cody are playing backgammon. Enzo is doing some last minute packing and he leaves the PBR. Cody says hello Enzo in his accent. 9:53 AM BBT Enzo goes to the Sr and looks in the fridge for something and the feeds cuts to stars. Enzo also says who want some ooey gooey apple fritters. Cody and Nicole are playing Backgammon. 9:55 AM BBT Cody says you want to say something to the feeds. Enzo says he is sorry his BB12 Enzo came out late. Enzo says he had a lot of fun in his final days in the house.
  9. 9:29 AM BBT Cody is talking in his crazy accent he made up. He says Nicole is picky she is the pickiest. Cody is making some breakfast. Cody says on a scale of 1-10 how much will miss Nicole? Then do the same for me and enzo. Cody says we have 20 minutes. He apoligizes for something.
  10. 9:16 AM BBT Nicole is up and changing her last battery for the season. Cody gets on says the live feeders have 35 minutes left. Nicole comes in the KT where cody is and says and here comes coconuts. Nicole says she been wearing the same clothes for 4 days now. 9:21 AM BBT Nicole and Cody are talking about when they woke up today. Cody says he woke when the music went off and Nicole says no it was earlier then that. Nicole says she hadn't slept good in a couple days. 9:26 AM BBT Cody is eating something and says to Nicole is there anything you would like to say to the live feeders. You got 25 minutes. Nicole says you guys are just awesome Meanwhile Enzo is still sleepinng in the PBR.
  11. 9:09 PM BBT Cody is awake and in the bathroom brushing his teeth this morning. Enzo and Nicole are still sleeping.
  12. 8:25 PM BBT Cam 1 and 3 Enzo is in the loft. 2 and 4 have stars still. 8:37 PM BBT Cody is up walking around the house and has gone to the bathroom. Stars still on the other cameras. 8:41 Cody is plying with some ball. He goes upstairs and gets the wood puzzle and playing with it at the table. 8:50 Nicole and Cody at the table chatting while Cody does the wood puzzle.
  13. 7:50 PM BBT Cody is now up from his nap and is talking Nicole. Cody leaves and Nicole is at the sink doing the dishes. 7:55 PM BBT Enzo is in the loft sleeping all cams are on him sleeping. 8:04 PM BBT Stars are on the screen
  14. 7:32 PM BBT Stars come on for a second but the feed come back and Nicole is just standing in the CBR. Stars come back on. 7:42 PM BBT Nicole is at that Dinning table playing a game of solitaire.



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