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  1. 9:59 AM BBT Cody screams "Sharron" and says I'm sorry feeds for screaming like that. Enzo says he feels skinnier. Cody talks about a TV being in the Showmance Lounge and angled so feeders who can't see it and they are able to watch the feeders. The feeds end with watch the season finale tonight at 9pm ET/8 CT.
  2. 9:33 AM BBT Cody hollers for Enzo but Enzo hasn't moved out of bed yet. Enzo is awake but just being lazy in bed. Stars come on the screen. 9:36 AM BBT Cody says it finally day. Cody is cleaning up his dishes. He says he will be doing his double shots tonight. Cody does a shout out to all those that have put up with his shenanigan's voices. Cody says he cant wait to get out of this house. He is dying on the inside. 9:44 AM BBT Cody goes to where Enzo is at and sys You want some ooey gooey cookies Enzo in the accent he made up? Enzo says cookies and stretches. Cody asks Nicole if she wa
  3. 9:29 AM BBT Cody is talking in his crazy accent he made up. He says Nicole is picky she is the pickiest. Cody is making some breakfast. Cody says on a scale of 1-10 how much will miss Nicole? Then do the same for me and enzo. Cody says we have 20 minutes. He apoligizes for something.
  4. 9:16 AM BBT Nicole is up and changing her last battery for the season. Cody gets on says the live feeders have 35 minutes left. Nicole comes in the KT where cody is and says and here comes coconuts. Nicole says she been wearing the same clothes for 4 days now. 9:21 AM BBT Nicole and Cody are talking about when they woke up today. Cody says he woke when the music went off and Nicole says no it was earlier then that. Nicole says she hadn't slept good in a couple days. 9:26 AM BBT Cody is eating something and says to Nicole is there anything you would like to say to the live feeders. You
  5. 9:09 PM BBT Cody is awake and in the bathroom brushing his teeth this morning. Enzo and Nicole are still sleeping.
  6. 8:25 PM BBT Cam 1 and 3 Enzo is in the loft. 2 and 4 have stars still. 8:37 PM BBT Cody is up walking around the house and has gone to the bathroom. Stars still on the other cameras. 8:41 Cody is plying with some ball. He goes upstairs and gets the wood puzzle and playing with it at the table. 8:50 Nicole and Cody at the table chatting while Cody does the wood puzzle.
  7. 7:50 PM BBT Cody is now up from his nap and is talking Nicole. Cody leaves and Nicole is at the sink doing the dishes. 7:55 PM BBT Enzo is in the loft sleeping all cams are on him sleeping. 8:04 PM BBT Stars are on the screen
  8. 7:32 PM BBT Stars come on for a second but the feed come back and Nicole is just standing in the CBR. Stars come back on. 7:42 PM BBT Nicole is at that Dinning table playing a game of solitaire.
  9. 7:02 PM BBT Nicole is sitting on the bathroom doind something Cody and Enzo are not in camera view. 7:08 PM BBT Nicole gathers all her bathroom stuff up and leaves the bathroom. She goes back to the CBR to finish her packing. 7:23 PM BBT Cody is in the KBR in the bed with his hat on and the lights on in the room.
  10. 8:43 PM BBT The final 3 are talking about halloween and trick or treating. Enzo talking about his parents checking his candy. Nicole talking about what candy her parent passed out to kids. 8:54 PM BBT Nicole is sharing who all is on her podcast she has had, She is telling them about her podcast she has.
  11. 8:01 PM BBT The final 3 are talking about what they want to eat for dinner. 8:11 PM BBT Cody Enzo playing chess and nicole is watching them play a hole lot of general chat going on. 8:27 PM They finished their chess game and are now laying in the lounge chatting. Enzo says he is 42 and he wants out of the house bye. the talk then changes to the cameras and microphone.
  12. 10:32 PM BBT Cody is up but to use the bathroom he has some bedhead going on today as well. Nicole said this was the worse sleepover. Cody says he did not sleep good the fan was hitting his face and the air was bothering him. He is now brushing his teeth. 10:35 AM BBT Cody asks about the SR and if they got restocked. Nicole says they did but wasn't sure what Cody was talking about. Nicole says they got take out. Cody asks what about breakfast as he is brushing his teeth. Nicole says Cody was talking in his sleep and it scared her she sat up. Cody asked what he said and she said something
  13. 10:00 AM BBT Nicole is up from her bed. She talks about her ring barely fitting from all the salty food she had last night. Nicole says that was not a fun sleepover all her roommates left her in the middle of the night. Enzo is also up. Nicole tells him all her friends left before she woke up and he says oh yeah. 10:05 PM BBT Nicole in the bathroom cleaning her face up said there was still some dirt on her face. Cody is still sleeping in the KBR. Enzo is also up but not in camera view. 10:14 AM BBT Nicole is brushing her teeth. She says it feels like a slow morning. 10:20 AM BBT Ni
  14. 10:51 PM BBT Nicole says she just hopes it not a 9-2 votes. Enzo says no it not going to be because look at Memphis you put him up on the block but me and Cody voted for him out. They say that Day will vote for who she think did the best. Enzo mentions Tyler and Nicole says 2 votes im not getting is Tyler and Memphis that for sure. They bring up david and she says nobody knows where his head is at.
  15. 10:17 PM BBT Nicole is in the bathroom on with a face mask on her face. Christmas is still in the loft talking to herself. Cody and Enzo are not in camera veiw. 10:23 AM BBT Christmas says she is not quitting because it hard to beat someone who will not quit. She says that she going to go take a shower upstairs and get her stuff together before the lockdown. 10:27 AM BBT Nicole has moved back to her bed in the CBR with the mask still on her face. Christmas gets up from the loft she says thank you for listening and blows a kiss out the camera. Christmas is in the bathroom brushing he

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