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  1. 11:04 Angie, Chris, Jamar, Brooke John Luke, Maddie and Rianne are up in the HOH room discussing the HOH comp they had tonight. While in the color room Vanessa Hira and Susanne are not talking anything game related. 11:20 PM BBT Chris talks to Sheldon and tells him they both need to win the comps since they are now both big targets in the game.
  2. 10:37 PM BBT Minh asked about Sheldon and what they think about him and Kyle says he hasn't talked to him on a game level but he cool on a personal level. Minh then bring up he is close with Brooke and they all agree that he is. Minh then asks who he is going to put and they discuss possible targets. Hira an Susanne talking in the color room. 10:46 PM BBT Hira tells her that everyone that was hanging out with kyle was getting thrown under the bus. He says they are a middle ground and Susanne said that is good that they are the Middle ground. Hira says that John Luke is weak now because of his buddy micheal being home. he also that the 3 of them could go after Kyle and chris and whoever else is in that four.
  3. Feeds come back. Sheldon is the only one missing from the dinner party. House guests mention him eating ip there and he is the HOH this week, Houseguest are trying to figure out why there was no houseguest for the live eviction. They blame it on being a double eviction. Brooke goes up to him in the HOH room and tells him thanks and said she is the new HOH 10:12 PM BBT Madeline and John Luke are talking in the airplane room. Sheldon Angie and Brooke are up in the HOH room talking. 10:24 PM BBT Chris Kyle Vanessa and Susanne are in the Have-not room talking. Kyle is going off about his conversation he had with maddie in the pantry. Minh said dont look like hypoocritical and sorry you dont have game. you got called out your hole alliance.They then talk about about John Luke and how they talked and then blew that out of portion.
  4. 11:38 AM BBT Hira wishes it was the other way Brooke instead of him. He says that they at least have people going after Kyle and that includes Jamar. Micheal shares that he was in the military for 6 years. He share his speech he is going to say tonight. Micheal quotes "he has taken a leave of absence and try out civilian life after this. He might try to consider another contract with the military. He tells Hira the only other that know about this is Madeline , John Luke and Jamar as well. Hira share that he struggles with mental illness issues and he begins to cry. Telling Micheal he is a good guy and wants to be friends and he is there for him. They hug. Hira says to drop by his place anytime. 11:56 AM BBT Sheldon, Kyle and Brooke in the black and white room . Sheldon makes the comment they have to be careful with who see us in the HOH room . Kyle agrees with him. Feeds cut 1:06 PM BBT Feeds come back and John Luke is pitching to Chris and Kyle that his game is pretty much starting over after this. He expresses that trying to communicate he isn't necessarily coming after them. Kyle says he understand but that he needs to be aware that talk goes around. Kyle tells John Luke that if he wins he will take a seat on the block and will do it with a smile. Kyle tells John Luke he likes him as a person, but as far as game wise goes he is sorry they didnt connect. 1:39 PM BBT Kyle tells John Luke that people want to talk to himand Rianne, but it get difficult when they are up there talking about people being on their high horse and the mortality of the actions of everyone else. Feeds stop for today for tonight's show.
  5. 11:20 PM BBT Carol goes to Brooke and tells her that is voting for her to stay no matter what she hears from the others. Hira and Minh are in storage room talking , Hira tells her that if he wins he is not putting her up on the block. Minh then says if she wins she is putting Jamar on slop. They both are worried about Kyle winning HOH. 11:31 AM BBT Minh says it is not to her advantage if she win the HOH, but chris expects her to win to keep him safe since he kept her safe. She tells hira she hope that he is the one to win HOH They both dont trust Kyle. She then mentions Brooke and Hira tells her they are all of Kyle's minions. She then gets his thought on who he thinks is smart. He jokes and says her. Hira then says i might have to put her on the block and on slop. He tells her to not get so comfortable with others. He says they will turn on her in a hot minute. She says Jamar will and that she dosent trust him one bit. 11:35 AM BBT Hira goes to Micheal and tells him he tried to pull votes for him to stay but it was hard. He says he talked to John Luke Madeline and Rianne and that he wants to get rid of Kyle. Hira also says the wishy washy people gives false hope to you. Micheal says he knows. Hira conforts him and tells he hates that it is hard for him and hates that it has to him. he also says they played it rough on us.
  6. 10:50 AM BBT Chris goes to the colored room where the group is out talking and gives them some sort of pep talk to win the HOH tonight. Brooke tells Susanne along with sheldon that carol wants to flip the votes. Brooke says that carol went to rianne yesterday an said that she wants to be a rogue votw. Today she telling Jamar that she wants to pulls something as well. Susanne tells her they do to do doamage control. John luke comes in and all game talk stops. 11: 00 Brooke and Susanne leave but they continue to talk, she tell Susanne she worked on carol and that she under estimated her. She says she is going to break up that conversation. Carol is talking to angie with Hira and brooke standing behind them. she says that she likes brooke. She adds maybe now people will now apperiate how important the middle vote is. Brooke sits down and carol chimes in and says there you are. Carol goes back to saying that Brooke has included her from the beginning and they are just now including me. she reinstates how the middle vote are important. Angie says we got you brooke and that is why she was checking in with the middlers.
  7. 10:08 Sheldon and John Luke talk upstairs on the balcony. John LUke wants to know if there is any issues with Sheldon and he replies and says there is none none with brooke ethier. John Luke hopes Sheldon wins the HOH if he cant win it. John Luke says that him Brooke and Jamar are welcome to the room if he (John Luke) wins. They stop talking. Meanwhile in the Color room Brooke says to Jamar an Susanne that she worried about who Minh and Carol will vote for. They tell her she has numbers to stay. Micael is in the Havenot room packing his stuff up. 10:31 AM BBT Carol goes uip to the HOH room where Chris is> She reminds him she know we already talked about this that she 1000% sure. Chris tells her is 100% sure he can trust her as well. Carol also tells him he can trust Vanessa as well. Carol tells him that she has gotten closet to both him and Vanessa so it is the perfect situation. She compliement them and says they are both stand up people an want to band with them as they are top of her list. This works pefectly and hug. 10:35 AM BBT John Luke and Michael talk and John LUke tells him it him this week it you next will be me. 10:48 AM BBT Jamar talks to Vanessa in the color room. He tells her he has her back. She says the same with him. He also tells her that the 3 of them are going after her they (the 3) think she is with Kyle. Jamar says he thinks they will put Kyle and Chris on the block if the 3 of them win HOH. They both agree to vote out Micheal tonight. He says today going to be a swift with everyone voting micheal out. He tells her to wait it out and see who wins HOH and talk from there. Vanessa that is perfect. They both got each others back. Vanessa leaves and Jamar talks to the camera. He says he got this ride or die chick to flip on him an work with me. He asked to hand the crown to him already. He says he is the one controlling the game and asks why Kyle is getting all the credit. He is offened by that but at the same time he doesn't mind it because he will be the one going further then Kyle will be and ask for the check and to start play with him.
  8. 9:36 AM BBT Vanessa Sheldon and John Luke are in the expedia room studying the board, The rest are getting ready to start the day. Minh was talking to John Luke earlier and told him that Vanessa has nothing to do with the backdoor plan, she is also not happy that they are trying to put it on her.John Luke tells her that he has been told by several people that he is safe. Minh asks him who he heard that from and he says Jamar and Hira. They whisper something along the lines of Minh saying she would throw the comp to him. John Luke says he would apperiate it if she did do that as she could get the help he can get.
  9. 4:46 PM BBT Jamar tells her also that it basically him susanne sheldon hira and brooke, but also need to drag along chris and Minh as well. Rianne comes to Jamar in tears. 5:09 PM BBT Sheldon Susanne, Brooke and jamar are all going over what they had seen in the expedia room. Madeline and Michael talking and Michael tell her he want to cuddle her so dang hard right now. 6;05 PM BBT Michael share with Madeline that he is freaking prick and says he did crack and snorted when he was 23. He then talks about Dane from last season and said he won BB last year and does the hand signal for cocanie use while they are in the kitchen. Some flirting takes place. 6:15 PM BBT Michael then says to Madeline "watch this, He goes to chris and joking ask if they can do a final 3. 6:28 Minh Jamar and Kyle all in the color room Minh makes fun of the evictors speach to her and says "MInh you are at the bottom of the pecking order, if you come with us then you can go to jury house. She also tells Jamar there is no more faking this they know we are a duo. Minh then come up with a brilliant plan of if they feel like a target they will plan a fight. 6:34 PM BBT Minh then calls out to alliance to Susanne. He says they never solidied anything but that they are close on a personal level. Minh then ask if she want him to take out his penis out and the feeds cut. Kyle talking to John Luke and says he dosent understand can sign up for thos game where stuff can happen and then it happens and everyone is a piece of crap with no interigty. He then add he cant even have a decent converstaion with michael without him going off on me 6:52 PM BBT Brooke and Susanne are in the swamp talking about how Chris make them both uncomfortable with his hands on the right in their face when he is talking to them. They are also annoyed about being called His girls and claims them as his own. They both Agree that Minh is being manipulative intutitive and untrustworthy. They say that she likes to create chaos as well. Feeds stop and the show comes on. Here is the Beach room Picture!
  10. 1:15 PM BBT Minh talks to susanne and tells her that Michael is most likely the one that is leaving. She also goes on to say if the HOH was up to the two of them she would most likely to throw it to Susanne She also shares that everyone think she is a "Female Kyle" or his minion. 1:26 PM BBT Kyle asks to get Jamar and Minh to kiss in front of him. Minh then changes the subject and asks if he was to become HOH next week woud they 2 be safe. Kyle tells them of corse they would be safe. 1:44 PM BBT Minh finds John Luke and says You know what would benefit you for your game? She then says being loyal to her. 2:00 PM BBTMinh goes to Jamar and tell him that if he keeps her safe she will throw the HOH to him. John Luke ask MInh if shw think susanne will put him on the block next week. Minh has to think about it and goes on to to say he should be careful. Meanwhile Rianne tells Madeline that Jamar is scared of Sheldon. Feeds cut off. 3:52 PM BBT Feeds come back and the HG are all in the new room the "expedia room". Its theme is like of a beach, sand on the floor, Palm trees and beach chairs in there. Most of the houseguest are in there watching aivials and departures on the wall. 4:11 PM BBT the new room opens up to the Houseguest. Jamar farts to keep up with the tradition. Michael says maybe he will be the person to be the wendys person. Madeline joins him and ask him what will he say if arisa abour her? 4:39 PM BBT Minh is in the bathroomtalking to Jamar and trying to get him to go study more in the Expedia room. Minh and Jamar do they're handshake. She then proceeds to ask Jamar if she was to be on the block next to sheldon who would he save. Jamar then asks you want me to save you? Minh then responds back with a question of is that even a question. Jamar then says lock it in then.After they talk Jamar finds Susanne and share the convo he had with Minh in the bathroom and says he told minh that how would save her but not necessarily will do it
  11. 9:40 PM BBT Feeds come back on finally. 9:51 PM BBT Maddie and Michael are talking upstairs in the chairs. Jamar Angie and Carol Susanne and Vanessa are in the anime room talking. Angie said the other side of the house is over confident that they got the vote they need to keep Michael safe. 9:53 PM BBT Angie tell carol that the four think they for sure has carols vote as well. Angie and Carol both agree with each other to let them fight it out together and decide they want to vote out Michael. 9:58 PM BBT angie shares with group what they had for their Summer fresh Hotdogs Cola chicken skewers corn on the cob etc.
  12. 8:00 PM BBT Minh and Jamar are up in the HOH room on top of each other. Jamar then ask if he can use the Bathroom Chris tell him as long as he dont pleaure himself. 8:11 PM BBT Minh then goes to michael and she is being honest and tells him even if he did have her vote there isnt enough numbers to keep him. She said he only chance is to call out a house meet and call out Kyle and you will get respect Feeds cut out.
  13. 6:59 PM BBT MIchael goes to find Carol and Vanessa and trys to sway them to get Vanessa to flip the votes. 7:11 PM BBT Carol and Vanessa leave the room, and Michael couldn't be happier he got carols vote. 7:29 PM BBT Susanne says they votes are 9-3 vote to get rid of Michael. 7:31 Minh asks Jamar if he could put up anybody who would it be? Jamar tells her it would be madeline and carol and Kyle would be backdoored, 7:54 PM BBT Minh tells Madeline that she will have the votes to keep Michael, but from here on out let work as a team to get Kyle out. Minh then goes to Jamar and ask him plainly if he going to evict Michael and Jamar says one hundrend percent. Jamar then goes on to say that the only ones not voting for Michael are Madeline, John luke and Rianne.
  14. 6:26 PM BBT Feeds come back and it shows Brooke John Luke and Angie upstairs on the whispering. Not much going on at the momment. 6:36 PM BBT Jamar is upstair with susanne. She is upset about something and jamar hugs her.
  15. 5:30 PM BBT Hira Vanessa and Jamar and Angie are talking game. Jamar is saying he dosent want to be in the middle because he saw what happen last season they leave early and he dosent want that to happen to him. Angie says we need to pick a side. Angie asks who then our are you going for and he says at first it was Michael. Angie says you gotta watch out for the down fall. Jamar says yeah i know and explains that getting rid of Brooke would be a bad idea because of Sheldon and brooke are together. 6:06 PM BBT carol takes off her shirt and lays down on the bed. Minh says she gonna change into her tank top because she feels like this could get hot. ( she is going to give carol a massage). general chit chat occur for awhile then feeds cut off. 6:16 PM BBT Feeds come back and they show Maddie and Michael in the kitchen talking while cams 1/2 off at the momment. Jamar joins them and they talk then feeds cut again.
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