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  2. Now the cream of the crop from all three groups come together! From Group A: Turtle, Kangaroo, and White Tiger. From Group B: Kitty, Banana, and Frog. From Group C: Night Angel, Astronaut, and Rhino. It’s finally time for the Super 9! All three groups will perform and the singer with the fewest votes in each group will be in danger of being unmasked! Tonight’s guest judge is…Snoop Dogg. But then we get an April Fool’s! It’s a friend of Nick’s. He says they are going to do this all episode. We have a Group A bonus clue: 15.4 Million Combined Instagram Followers. Group B is next and their bonus clue is all have been interviewed by Oprah. Group C is last and they have 7 grammy nominations combined. Turtle is kicking things off: There will be one super clue at the end. Turtle’s super clue is: A comic book that says The Amazing Adventures of Shellboy. Who’s the Hero Under the Mask? And it’s priced at $10.15. He says this is not another teeny clue. He takes the stage and performs Higher Love by Steve Winwood. Jenny says what a way to open the show! Nicole says he moves so naturally on the stage and he has a nice falsetto and a lot of range. Nick says each singer is going to tell them something they are not. Turtle says he’s not known for just one thing. Robin says they’ve been going through boy banders and he thinks Drew Lachey. Ken thinks it’s a Backstreet Boys, Bryan Littrell. Ken says there’s a comic book in the package and the Backstreet Boys were part of comic created by Stan Lee. Nicole says listening to the voice she was thinking boy band, but she’s thinking Nick Lachey. Jenny says she thought that, but now she feels the super hero clue. She thinks Chris Evans maybe because he was in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Kangaroo is up next and her super clue is: she has an inflatable kangaroo and says alright dolls, do you know who I am now? Kangaroo takes the stage and sings Not Ready to Make Nice by Dixie Chicks. Ken says she’s obviously been through so much and this show seems like therapy for her. Kangaroo says she may be a kangaroo, but she’s never lived in Australia. Jenny says the clue drama queen made her think reality star and she heard the clue Wiz so she thought Wiz Khalifa, so she thinks Amber Rose. Nicole says she thinks they had a grammy and vilified in the press and she thinks Leann Rimes. Robin says he’s going to completely flip the script. He thinks he toured with this person and he thinks India Arie. White Tiger is up next! His super clue is: He does the floss and then imitates shooting a basketball and says swish. He takes the stage and performs I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred. Nicole says she loves White Tiger. He’s brave and bold. Jenny says he’s so fun. He’s too sexy and too fun! White Tiger says he’s not just brawns, he’s brains. He’s even wrote a best selling book. Ken says in the clue package there was a light bulb like a watt and he is thinking JJ Watt. Jenny says Swish is a Katy Perry video and they saw a clam, she thinks it’s Rob Gronkowski. Nicole doesn’t know about Rob, but she’s thinking it could be Joe Macaroni from Magic Mike, Joe Manganiello. Nick brings out a cutout of Ken. The audience will now vote for their favorite Group A performer. The singer with the least amount of votes will be placed in the bottom three. The singer with the fewest votes is…White Tiger! He’s in the bottom three, but there will be another vote at the end of the show! Time to move on to group B. Kitty is up first and her super clue is: She brings out the Christmas tree from last season and says Christmas is truly the best time of the year. She takes the stage and performs It’s All Coming Back to Me Now by Celine Dion. Jenny says she has a voice. Robin says she’s put on upbeat performances but that was just great singing. Kitty says was NOT dreaming when Robert Redford helped her to get her very first role. Nicole says some of the clues went to clothing design and she thought it would be Nicole Richie. Jenny says based off the clues, maybe Vanessa Hudgens because she has a Christmas movie on Netflix. Robin says there was a clue that said Freak Flag Fly, so maybe American Horror Story Freak Show, so maybe Emma Roberts. Ken says maybe Avril Lavigne. Banana is next and his super clue is: you might be a kindred spirit if you ever rocked one of these and it’s a mullet. He takes the stage and performs Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Nicole loves his energy and that was a great performance. Banana says blue collar has many, many meanings. When he says blue collar, he’s a funny guy, but not stand-up funny. Jenny wonders if he’s in a hair band and maybe Bret Michaels. Ken says it could be Brad Paisley. Nicole is also going to stick with Brad Paisley. Robin is going to change it up and he thinks it could be Billy Ray Cyrus. Frog is the final singer from Group B. His super clue is: It’s a statue of a knight in armor and he says Ken can stop being wrong, wrong, wrong. Frog takes the stage and sings Jump Jump by Kris Kross. Jenny says she got her cardio in during that song. It was amazing. Frog is actually not a trained dancer at all. Do you feel me baby? Ken says he took umbrage when he said Ken was wrong and he thinks Sisqo. Robin says he thinks this guy is an amazing dancer and performer and he was in B2K, plus a knife. He thinks it’s Omarion. Jenny says this person played basketball for the Trojans, so maybe Lil Romeo. The singer with the fewest votes is…Banana! Banana is in the bottom three and in danger of being unmasked. It’s time for Group C. Up first is Night Angel and her super clue is: a tricycle. She says she’d rather cruise on by with a tricky clue. Night Angel takes the clue and performs Rise Up by Andra Day. Ken says that was the strongest vocals they heard today. No jokes, nothing but love. Robin says what’s special about her, they like to stay with the up tempo or stay with ballads, but she kills both. Night Angel says she’s not just a voice, she’s a mogul. Robin says another singer came to mind, plus a clue of grandma gangsters and four of them and he thinks Tamar Braxton. Nicole says Tamar can sang. Jenny says she first thought of Brandy, because she has a song called Angel in Disguise. Ken says it reminded him of someone he works with on his own show. He thinks it could be Tisha Campbell. Rhino is up next and his super clue is: It’s a slot machine and he says they all know he’s a risk taker, but it’s not all he means. He performs What a Man Gotta Do by Jonas Brothers. Jenny says there is something soothing about his voice. Rhino says he’s not literally as tall as they think he is. Jenny thinks he’s pretty tool and she’s not sure if she believes that. Nicole says she thought it was Ryan Lochte, but maybe it’s a country singer and she thinks it’s Vince Gill. Robin thinks it someone who was a lead guitarist, maybe it’s Duff McKagan. Jenny thinks Derek Jeter because he’s married to a Victoria’s secret angel. Our last singer is Astronaut and his super clue is: a cracked record. He sings Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. Ken says that cover was amazing. Nicole says she loves him so much. She thinks he’s breaking records tonight. Astronaut says not as much what I’m not but maybe what I’m never. He’s never had traditional voice training. Jenny says they saw the circle of life and he knows sign language, and the French horn, and two dice with fives, she thinks David Archuleta. Ken says that’s wrong and he’s going to steal Will’s guess from last week and he thinks it’s JC Chasez. Nicole says it’s not JC. She’s going to go out on a limb and try someone new. Ryan Tedder. It’s time to vote! The singer that will be in the bottom three is…Rhino! The panel decides of the three bottom singers who will go home. Banana WILL sing another day! And the final singer who gets to keep their mask on is…Rhino! White Tiger will be unmasked. Time for final guesses! Robin says he watches sports religiously and he’s seen him dance and he thinks it’s Rob Gronkowski. Nicole doesn’t think it’s him. She’s thinking the clams and a wrestler so she’s thinking John Cena. Ken thought that at first, but after the light bulbs and the brother and watching JJ Watt on SNL, he thinks it’s JJ Watt. Jenny says she saw clams, and then wicked good time and quarter and then Donnie would love this. She says he’s right, Donnie does love him, it’s Rob Gronkowski! It’s time to unmask the White Tiger and he is…Rob Gronkowski! The White Tiger’s clue answers: White Tiger shooting baskets in his package is a clue to his appearance in Katy Perry’s Swish Swish video. He says he always loved dancing. The horse pinata is a nod to his racehorse, who is also named Gronkowski. The “Wild World of Cats” book in his package hints to his alma mater team, The University of Arizona Wildcats. Ken wants to know about the butter clue and Rob says it was a Pat of butter, for the pats. A cow going skiing like Gronkowski. Next we the first half of the eight will perform in the return of their Smackdowns.
  3. April 1, 2020 EOE day 19. Battle to get back in the game is coming, time to cash in their FT. Amber gives Rob her FT so he can buy a HII. The tribes come together at the challenge....Drop your buffs, we are merged. There are 11 and are about to be 12. Returning from EOE are the cast they voted out except Sandra. Nat says EOE was rough the first night by herself. Tyson tries to find humor in everything but it might be a mask or a wall. Giving up the pursuit for your family is paramount. Rob says there is nothing romantic about the Edge. Rob says they are not quitters they are giving it their all. They will race thru obstacles, monouver a ball thru a tiny snake shaped track, first done wins their way back into the game. The ones that earned an advantage will not have to dig up their rope it will be waiting for them. They all get their first bags. Tyson has 3 and so does Rob and Ethan. Tyson and Rob dont have to dig, neither does Ethan. Parvati has to dig. Nat doesnt have to dig, Amber and Yul dig. Yul has his string, Amber does too, Parvati gets hers. Rob gets his key and is thru, Nat has her key, Tyson is thru. Rob drops his ball on the track. All but Amber are at the track. This is why they suffered every night on EOE. Tyson is getting up there, almost dropped it but didnt. Tyson and Rob are fighting for a shot to get back in. Neck and neck......Tyson wins by a milisecond. Tyson joins the merged tribe. The rest head back to EOE where they will wait for another chance to get back in and will come to TC as first 7 members of jury. Merge tribe is at Sele camp.There is new menu for FT, Tony says he cant buy anything. Feast time!! Denise tells them what happened with Sandra. They call her Queen Slayer. Tyson says he the only OG on the beach, are the kids coming up changing the game so much he cant adapt? He doesnt think so. Tyson says if you let me dig my roots in he will dig is way there. Wendell wants to build his relationship with Jeremy. Jeremy wants Wendell to come work with them. If Jeremy can get rid of Wendells right hand man (Nick) he will fill his place. Ben says big names have been taken out left and right, he talks to Tyson, they have to draw lines. Ben tells Tony to get rid of the sleepers. Koru day 21: its raining, they are miserable. Adam says this is nothing he went thru a cyclone, they are having fun now. Kim says you either laugh or cry. Tyson wonders how long it will go on before someone buys a tarp. Time for Immunity Challenge, its still raining. Sophie is so cold she is shaking and trying not to cry. They have to hold on to a pole for as long as they can. Last one holding on wins immunity and a FT. Last man and woman holding on wins immunity. Michele is first out, she says she is fine. Sarah and Tyson are stuggling. Tony is about half way down. Adam is down, he helps Michele up. Sarah and Tyson are down. Tony slipping, Wendell is down, Tony is out. Denise, Kim and Sophie for the women. Sophie is down. Kim is out. Denise wins Immunity for the women. Nick, Ben and Jermy for the men. Wendell is down. Both guys looking at each other for a sign of weakness. Nick slides again, Jeremy is hanging by a toe. Nick is down. Jeremy wins immunity for the men. They both also get a FT. After 21 tough days someone will be voted out tonight. Jeremy wants to go after Nick, he wants to drive this thing but he doesnt want anyone to know he is driving it. Koru day 21, they try to dry out, the guys go on a wood run and Jeremy, Ben and Tony say take out Nick. Ben says Nick buts in to everyone convos, you never know when it will happen. Nick talks to Jeremy, Ben and Tony, says vote out Adam. The girls say maybe Wendell. Sophie says a lot of power is coming from Jeremy, she starts putting Wendell's name around. Jeremy says lets get Adam out, dont let him skate. The girls might be on board for Adam. Denise says she could go either way. Denise says her and Adam made a day 1 alliance but that might be a day 31 alliance. Adam is nervous. Adam doesn't know what the plan is. He is scared, he doesn't want to go home or to the edge. TC night 21: Tyson gets his new torch, jury comes in. Tyson says the game feels different, he was loosy goosy with his filter and now he has tightened up. Sophie says she didnt hear Tysons name today. Tony says the dynamics of the game have changed since Tyson was voted out before. Wendell says this vote will tell some things, you hope you have the right ears and the right convos. Adam says some of the convos are quick and you dont know if it happened. Nick says he wants to double check but you dont want to be the guy questioning your allies. Sophie says you have to prove to ppl in your group that you dont have to have all those convos. Adam is not sure how things came together tonight, ppl did not want to talk. Tony says everybody is ready to go with the current. Jeff says but which way is the current going? Time to vote: We see Nick vote for Adam and Adam vote for Wendell. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Adam, Wendell, Adam, Adam, Wendell, Wendell....tied...Wendell, Wendell, Wendell, 10th person voted out is Wendell. Wendell says good play guys. Wendell gives his FT to Michele and NIck. He says the marathon continues. Next time on Survivor: Nick says it is now his duty to take out everyone that betrayed him.
  4. On February 29, 2020, 16 people entered the house and this game became their whole world. But then suddenly the real world became surreal and just as they were getting started it was over. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing to do. Now these 12 will walk out of the house and into the unknown together…just like all of us. March 23, 2020 at 4:47 PM, we see clips of the HG playing the game and them being called to the LR. Erin says they have difficult news to share and informed them the government of Ontario ordered a total shut down of all non-essential businesses and they have to end the production of the show this year. The HG are very quiet and emotional. Erin thanks each of them for being a part of this season and they realize this must be crushing, but they have been a distraction for Canadians and they should be proud of that. They will spend one last night together. They need to bring them back to the real world and they’ll always be part of the Big Brother Canada family. Hira says this sucks it’s a dream and Brooke is crying and being consoled by Sheldon. Rianne says she’s sick about it that this is the way this ending. She’s nervous to go out in the real world and she’s nervous to hear about her hospital. Her heart goes out to nurses. Brooke is so upset and she walks away and Sheldon goes to the HOH room. Chris and Susanne are talking and they are glad they met each other. Angie hugs Minh-ly and Angie says the time for games is over and that’s ok. Vanessa says a million things are running through her mind right now. She comes from nothing, and to be the first person from her province brings her so much pride. Vanessa says something she didn’t tell anyone in this house, four days before she left her captain who fishes side-by-side with every day took his own life and she almost didn’t come. She’s proud of herself for even just being here. She hopes she made him proud. Hira is emotional and crying. He says he never thought he would have gotten this opportunity and he’s proud of himself for fighting hard and he hopes people don’t let anything change them. It was hard leaving his daughter, but he wants to keep things in perspective. Sheldon and Brooke are in the have-not room. Brooke says there are bigger things happening, but this is the biggest dream she ever had in her life. She’s wanted this since she was a little kid and she gave everything to be here. She’s grateful that she was here, but it’s just too soon. Sheldon say she can’t find the silver lining. He really did commit to this. He’s a tough, stoic guy, but he doesn’t know the words. This was something he really, really cared about and it’s going to take awhile to recover from this. Sheldon says there’s definitely worse things going on and it’s tough to imagine it. March 23 8:22 PM Maddy says this was a dream to be part of this show and it’s crumbling before her eyes. She’s going to miss the game and the people in it. Rianne comes in to comfort her in the have-not room. They are all gathering to eat Chinese food. John Luke says he was holding back that he was very smart and was valedictorian. Vanessa tells everyone about KVBS. Sheldon reveals he’s a pro-wrestler. Hira wants to know what Chris does and he says he’s a neuroscientist and works in hypnosis. Minh wants to tell some stuff to Vanessa after they leave and she can’t wait. She says they’re too incriminating to say on TV. Sheldon is sitting by the wall where it says One Hero Will Rise and Brooke says that’s disappointing. Sheldon says he will really miss all these people. The HG are getting ready for bed and Maddy is giving hugs. 7:27 AM The Final Day Chris says waking up today is really surreal. The house was starting to feel like home and now they will all be leaving. Vanessa looks out into the backyard. Vanessa says Carol and her were talking and they only had one eviction. Brooke asked Carol what her biggest take away is and she says that they are all human. Carol says she’s truly blessed to have met and learned from all of these individuals. Hira says having no sense of time made him value time. He says you learn not to take advantage of the little things. John Luke is in a pink and black short outfit and Rianne says beautiful dude. Sheldon tells Carol that regardless of how the week was going to turn out, it was just a game. They open the doors to the nomination room and they all go look at their busts. Minh says it looks like a wax museum. Sheldon is explaining what their process was to nominate people. Vanessa wants to know if they can keep them. March 24, 2020 12:24 PM. Arisa comes on the screen and she greets them and tells them she’s at home. She knows it’s been a trying few days and very emotional. She knows this isn’t how they wanted the season to end, but it was one percent the right thing to do. Arisa wants to leave them with a look at some of their good times and she shows them clips of themselves moving in. Of Maddy meeting Michael, of Jamar kissing Minh, Chris not recognizing his mom. Arisa says they must be wondering about the grand prize. Obviously, there is no winner of Season 8, so they’ve decided to donate the prize money to pandemic relief. Arisa says their families are all safe and healthy and she wants them to hear it from their families and they all get clips from home. John Luke says it’s a bittersweet day in this house, and it sucks to have this taken away. Rianne says it feels so so weird right now. March 24, 2020 1:36 PM Carol is told it’s time for her to leave the Big Brother house and she has time to say her goodbyes. She hugs everyone and says this was a huge dream that so many people don’t get to experience. And regardless of any trials and tribulations she experienced, she would never trade the friends she made in this game. She heads out the door. ‘ 2:13 PM Rianne, Maddy, and John Luke are all told they can leave the house. Maddy says Evictors Assemble. Hugs begin. Rianne says it’s been a crazy season. What a weird season of Big Brother. She just can’t even. Maddy says this has definitely been a journey for her. A once in a lifetime opportunity. They are just a group of people who have their differences but at the end of the day they love each other. She thinks that’s what Big Brother is all about. She’s not ready to leave though. John Luke says it is kind of scary to step out into the real world when you’ve been in quarantine for 24 days. But he has faith in Canada and the world to fight COVID-19. Chris says he’s going to miss his girls Susanne the most. She’s a sweetheart. Susanne is going to miss Chris the most. He says he was a cool guy. Susanne says Chris would have won this game and says she never won an HOH and Chris says they didn’t get many chances. Chris says they’ll be close outside for sure. Susanne says she has his back in life and in here. Angie comes in and Susanne says this was your dream too right? Angie says she quit her job for this. Angie is told it’s time for her to leave. She says this game is not what people think it is. She says you need strength and confidence in yourself and people just don’t understand how difficult it is. This was a true dream and she’s proud of herself for just doing it. Angie walks out the door. March 24, 2020 4:47 PM The remaining HG are just waiting to be the next. Hira asks Minh if she thought she was a hero or a villain and she says the villain. Hira says he was the hero. He feels like he represented himself the best he could. He’s super Hira and he’s proud of it. Hira is told he can leave. Hira gives hugs to everyone and he heads out the door. Chris says he was one of the people in the game who got a chance to leave his mark. He was in danger week one but he just started moving up. Chris and Susanne, it’s time to go. They give out hugs. Susanne says it’s super sad to see a dream of her to come to an end. She’s sad she couldn’t see this through, and she’ll never know if she had a good game or not. They head out the door. March 24, 2020 6:18 PM Vanessa is the next to leave. She goes down to give hugs and get her bag. She heads upstairs and says Big Brother, goodbye, I love you. Minh can’t believe it’s over. She thought about backing out of this. Brooke says she’s a tough chick and doesn’t take crap and she’s kind too. Minh is told she can leave next. She says she is so impressed by them. She doesn’t want to leave. Sheldon and Brooke sit on the nomination couch. Sheldon says he wanted to be here for so long. This was literally the dream. Sheldon says this feels like this is where they were supposed to be. Brooke keeps looking at Sheldon and they hug and comfort each other and it’s now their turn to leave the Big Brother house. They sit there a bit longer. Brooke says she would say she is so proud because she tried so hard. This is the biggest heart break of her life. But as much as she’s upset about the missed potential, she’s grateful to have this opportunity. Sheldon says this is really going to be rough to get over. He fell in love with this game a few years back and he truly believes he could have stayed another 1000 days. Brooke doesn’t know what her relationship with Sheldon outside of the game looks like but she absolutely cares about him. They give a very long hug at the door and look at the house. Sheldon kisses his hand and then pats the floor and they exit through the door and we get shots of the empty house.
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  18. Our first battle is between Jacob Daniel Murphy vs Toneisha Harris from Team Blake and they are performing Good as Hell by Lizzo. John wants to recognize Jacob and Toneisha for doing so well. They can sang. John says Jacob has a great voice and Toneisha has the skill for the finale. Nick says he’s surprised Blake knows this song. Nick says Toneisha is incredible and Jacob has a great voice. Kelly says Jacob is a firecracker. Kelly says the way the played off each was so awesome. Blake says this is horrible because it was so great. He says Toneisha is phenomenal and she truly is a phenomenon. And Jacob controlled the stage and the audience and he’s the reason it was a great battle. Carson says Blake you have a tough choice here. Who’s the winner? Blake says he has to do what he has to do here and the winner is Toneisha! Jacob is available to steal. He thanks Blake for taking a chance on him. We’re checking in with Dua Lipa and Kelly Clarkson. Kelly has paired Micah Iverson vs Gigi Hess. They are going to sing Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi. Dua advises them to put some bravado on the big note. She thinks this battle will come to down to confidence. Kelly is working with them at the stage rehearsal and she advises them to take advantage of the intimate moments. Micah and Gigi take the stage for their performance. Blake says they clearly had an affect on the audience. He says Gigi hit some notes that soared and then Micah came back with his notes. He says he might go with Gigi because he didn’t expect it. John loves their chemistry together. He loves Micah’s chest voice and Gigi has a clear voice and he would lean toward Micah. Nick says this was a tough song to sing and he felt Micah had a little more confidence and was more sure. Kelly says Gigi has a brokenness that is kind of beautiful and she loves Micah’s falsetto. The time has come for the winner of the battle. Kelly says this is the hardest but she’s going to go with Micah! Gigi thanks Kelly for seeing something special in her and the experience. Kelly tells her she’s not only a great singer, but an awesome human. We’re going to check in with Team John and his advisor Ella Mai. John has paired Mandi Castillo vs Cammwess. They are going to perform Senorita by Camillo Cabello and Shawn Mendes. Ella says Cammwess’s tone is very clear and Mandi’s voice is beautiful and she has nice tone. John says he loves Cammwess’s flavor. His only concern is he wants their harmonies and interactions at the end to be more together. Ella tells them to have fun with it. Ella says if Cam brings the softness, he could win, but if Mandi brings the attitude she could take it. Nick says he was really impressed and he’s a big fan and believer in Mandi but Cammwess blew him away. Kelly has a musical crush on Mandi and Cam did a really stellar job. She would go with Mandi. Blake says they all expected Mandi to come out and kill it and she did. And Cam’s presence is on stage is super cool and he’d probably go with Cam on this one. John says they are both fantastic singers. Mandi has a clear voice and will fit in pop. Cam has a similar style to John and does runs that seem effortless. John says they are both really fantastic. The winner of this battle is…Mandi! Cammwess says it was very cool to get runs and stuff from him and he thanks him for the experience. Kelly hits her button to steal! Kelly says she loves John Legend, so she loves him too. We’re going to check in with Team Blake again and Bebe Rexha. Blake has paired Kailey Abel vs Cam Sparks and he gave them the song What Ifs by Kane Brown featuring Lauren Alaina. Bebe tells Cam he needs to relax. She says if they both let loose they will deliver an incredible performance. Blake says Cam has to be open minded enough to tackle this song. Bebe says Kailey sounded so good and she could really live in this world. Blake says the winner of this battle will be whoever proves they are comfortable in a song they wouldn’t normally fit in. Kailey and Cam take the stage for their performance. John says Kailey was on fire up there and Cam is a great vocalist. He’d lean towards Cam. Nick says that was a good song choice. He thought Kailey was the pace car, but Cam kept coming and delivered in a big way. Kelly loves Kailey’s passion and Cam had her with the boots and the hat. Kelly thought Cam nailed that song. She would go with Cam. Blake says the song was completely not what they do and they both stepped up to the plate and put the work in. The winner of this battle is…Cam! Kailey says she is out of her mind grateful to each and every one of them. Time to check in with Nick Jonas and his brothers Kevin and Joe. Nick has paired Anders Drerup vs Tate Brusa and they are going to sing Circles by Post Malone. Nick says it feels disjointed and Kevin says they seem like they are in their own little worlds. Nick says Anders bravado is really nice. Joe tells them to have fun with it because it’s a fun song. Joe says Anders was the standout. Anders and Tate take the stage. Kelly says Anders has a big voice that so powerful and Tate has a cool rasp. Their voices are so different. She’s more inclined to lean towards Tate. Blake agrees with Kelly. Blake says Anders voice is so clear and strong and Tate has a rawness. He’d go with Tate. John agrees with everyone. He thought they were really excellent. He thinks Anders is a more gifted vocalist, and Tate has a limited range but an interesting tone. He would lean towards Anders. Nick thought they were both great. Nick says he pushed Anders and he did his thing. Nick says Tate is a phenomenal singer and he’s drawn towards him. He has to make a tough decision here. The winner of this battle is…Tate! Our final battle of the night is from Team John. John has paired Darious Lyles vs Nelson Cade III and they are going to perform the song Come Together by The Beatles. John says Darious leaned into the song right away. John says Nelson’s voice is raspy in a beautiful way. Ella says she’s so excited for them and she would love to be there to see it. Nick says that was a phenomenal performance. They lit the stage on fire. He doesn’t know who he would pick because they are both so great. Kelly says they made it interesting and fun. She says Nelson has a really cool rasp but Darious was so solid. She would go with Nelson. Blake says this is a tough one for John because they are similar in their sound. He would go with Darious. John says he was so proud. That was one of the most entertaining performances. He says that was fantastic. John says this is really difficult for him. He thinks he’s made a decision. The winner of this battle is…Darious! Nelson is available to steal or save. He says it’s been an honor to work with John. He’ll always cherish this. He steps down and John saves Nelson!
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