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  2. 7:48PM BBT: We still have reels of beautiful animals up for adoption. It's anybody's guess when the feeds will be back, but if go by what we've had historically this season, they'll be back after the show finishes airing on the west coast.
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  4. Triple eviction coming next Thursday, that should be interesting. I guess production is trying to put this season out of its misery! I now know why they call this the All Star season, because the feeds are all stars. At least Dr. Will is back for a little so we finally do get a All Star.
  5. 6:26PM BBT: The feeds are not back yet - we have barking puppies to keep our hearts warm while we await the HG's return. Will let you know when they've returned.
  6. Mistrust. Misreads. Missed opportunities. Tonight, one of the two nominees will miss out on a chance at a half million dollars. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, with Ian on the block David wanted to try and force a tie to make Dani a target. But after Dani found out she hatched a devious new plan with Nicole, so Nicole voted against Ian and she furthered the plot to frame David leaving Da’Vonne to confront David. With Memphis winning HOH, he wanted to backdoor David. So he put up two pawns. While picking players, Tyler took notice of who Kevin and Da’Vonne picked to play. Afte
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  8. 'The Masked Singer': Fans Think the Sun's Clue Package Hints She's a Disney Star Showbiz Cheat SheetView the full article
  9. The winner for Week 7 is Tamara, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. Her meme "Oh Dani Girl" has been entered for the grand prize at the end of the season.
  10. I believe Dani used her replay power on Memphis. Wouldn't it be hilarious if he won HOH again and used his HOH to take her out? (Not that I want him to win it again, but I would enjoy that)
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  13. 1:40 PM BBT Da'Vonne and Kevin are talking about butts in the bathroom. Kevin: well, you have a badonkadonk and I just have a donk Day: thank you...because I used to have a flat ass too Tyler jokes that God said "Be Blessed" and zapped some butt on there
  14. 2:02PM BBT We have Day and Xmas in the WCA getting ready. David in the LR resting and Tyler heading towards the KT. We have stars.
  15. 1:10pm BBT: Christmas and David talking in the KBR alone about playing as an emotional player, Christmas says she is glad they talked because it helped her see clear about her original decision about her vote tonight, Nicole walks in and David ask if she needs anything, Nicole says just looking for Christmas, Christmas says we are almost done, Christmas says she is glad she talked to Day and him she will confirm her decision before the show and says i have done my work and they leave the KBR. 1:22pm BBT: Cody in the WA brushing his teeth, David comes in and goes to the WC. IN the CBR Kev
  16. Da'Vonne and Cody are talking in the WA while he is shaving Cody: I always shave, clean up then I missed something.. Like, Of course! I like to call myself names....you hear me Day Day: I like to say "Real Smart Genius" when I do something dumb Cody: like sar-casm (he emphasizes the last syllable). Day laughs ...Sar Casm Cody: I don't know why I overemphasized that sar-CASM...I am so dumb....I do have an IQ of 10 Day: Eh Eh EH...Don't you do that....don't do that Cody: My IQ Day: Zingot is a robot and a hater Cody: he is a hater Day: he's a
  17. 1:10 PM BBT David and Christmas are talking in the KBR Christmas: some people are an emotional player. Like Nicole runs around crying all the time, but she's not an emotional player. David: uh huh Christmas: A lot of people get confused and the David: that's why people were like 'David this David that' and hoping that if she wins and in the height of her emotions (he makes a slashing sound)...it's just crazy Christmas: yeah David: just crazy Christmas: Well, good. I'm glad we touched base because that makes me feel more confident in my original decision
  18. 'Big Brother: All-Stars' recap: Tyler Crispen wins PoV and keeps Da'Vonne Rogers and Kevin Campbell up for evi Reality TV WorldView the full article
  19. 'Big Brother: All-Stars' recap: Tyler Crispen wins PoV and keeps Da'Vonne Rogers and Kevin Campbell up for evi Reality TV WorldView the full article
  20. 12:51 PM BBT Tyler is brushing his teeth right now. That all i can see other 2 cams are on stars, 12:55 PM BBT All feeds go to stars last thing was Kevin in the WA clipping his nails.
  21. 12:30 PM BBT Feeds come back on and Day and Christmas talking in the key room. Day says she has this voice on her shoulder to fight to stay to in the house. She said she has a reason to be here she fighting for a different reason and it not for the money she also believe David is doing the same as her. She said she feels like she up against the wall and the odds are not in her favor. She tells Christmas she feels like she could be a asset to her game but that is up to you decide. Day says you got a couple hours to marinate on that. Christmas says wow i defiantly wasn't expecting that turn in t
  22. 12:06 PM BBT Feeds come back on. Day is packing her suitcase up. Kevin is packing in case it his last day in the house as well, 12:10 PM BBT Memphis is in the key room pacing. Nicole asked about her face cream. Nothing really happening. 12:15 PM BBT Tyler and Dani in the kitchen. Tyler is making a sandwich. Cody is now in the KBR fixing up his hair. Nicole said she gave Christmas a hard time in the SR. Cody says she stormed out of the DR and that she said she playing this game for everybody else. Cody said that she was defiantly mad but he not sure at who. Feeds cut to stars. 12:
  23. Houston organizations find success with virtual fundraisers Houston Chronicle View the full article
  24. Houston organizations find success with virtual fundraisers Houston ChronicleView the full article
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