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  2. Tonight, we will meet Group B for The Masked Singer! We’ll meet Banana, Frog, Elephant, Kitty, Mouse, and Taco. Kicking off Group B is the frog whose strength is leg for days and weakness is warts. Frog’s clue package: Newsflash: my metamorpohisis has been anything but typical. He started as fast as a lightning bolt and he never had a chance to evolve his image and do it his way. He was slithering with the big frogs from jump jump, and he had to fit in to survive. But now he can write his own masterpiece, showing this new side gives him butterflies in his stomach. He’s about to drop the hammer and sing his face off. The clues we seen was a 1996 Olympic poster, hush puppies, $106, and we see a lightning bolt. Frog sings U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer. The judges have noticed he is a little guy. Jenny says who is this?!? Robin says that was teribbit. Frogetaboutit. He killed the dance moves, he killed the rap. At first he was thinking it might see someone older, but he sees young knees. Frog says he feels free baby and he came to win it all. Jenny says there was a poster of the 1996 olympics in the clue package and he thinks maybe Michael Johnson. Ken says Carl Lewis can sing. Nicole doesn’t think it’s an athlete and she feels like it’s someone she knows. But she doesn’t know who it is. Nicole suggests Ray J. She saw some hush puppies in the clue package and Ray J is from Mississippi. And now it’s the Elephant and his strengths are thick skin and weakness is tight spaces. Elephant’s clue package: Here’s the story of how I became the biggest animal in the kingdom. I was a calf when I found my calling, and with hard work turned my passion into a one man show. Stop! He went from canvasing park benches and took charge of leading a massive movement, even parading through white houses. And now I’m ramping up to a new calling, so to sum it all, go risk it all for what you love and what everyone says is irrelevant. The clues we seen were a bicycle poster, a pink rose, drums, and two bluejays. Elephant takes the stage and performs Friday, I’m in Love by The Cure. Elephant says he doesn’t do dance choreographer at all, but the costume and mask gives him the confidence to go for it. Jenny feels like he’s courageous and brave and his permance gave her confidence. Jenny seen the bicycle poster, maybe tour de France, maybe Lance Armstrong? Nicole seen some drums and bicycle and maybe Travis Barker or Tommy Lee. Ken says maybe a candidate who ran for president and dropped out, maybe Beto Rourke. Next up is Kitty and her strengths are 9 lives and her weaknesses are hair balls. Kitty’s clue package: In all my wildest dreams, I never imagined I’d be here, where I feel at home among the weird and the wonderful. It’s almost like the show was made for me. A little bit of heaven where I can wipe the slate clean as the purest snow. Sometimes it feels lonely because people don’t think of me as the person ive become, but the person I once was. But now under these lights among the cream of the crop, I get to start from scratch. And just like a kitty will always find a way to nuzzle into your heart. Tonight, I’m going for high drama while I show you why I’m the pick of the litter. We see references to black and white old style movies, a telescope, and pirates movie in black and white, and rose. Kitty takes the stage and sings Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande. Jenny says she is a singer. Robin says she’s already a fan favorite, she did a great job with the vocals and she moved great. Ken says this is a fun batch of contestants. Kitty says she is being somebody no one has ever seen before who has always been inside of her. It’s great! Nicole was getting Burlesque vibes and she’s thinking Julianne Hough or maybe Paris Hilton. Robin says she’s been mostly known for one thing. Ken suggests Nicole Ritchie. Jenny says where do you get the stage fighting and pirates and wizard? She has no idea who she is. Taco is out next and his strengths are beefy and his weaknesses are can cause indigestion. Jenny says he dances a bit like an older guy. Taco’s clue package: Being the comfort food I am, I’ve been a comfort for part of your lives for decades. He’s got plenty of seasoning and he’s in a good place, but his routine can get a bit mild, so he’s here to bust out of the buffet and spice things up to enchiladas and beyond. Here he goes as fast as he can. He wants to be the last mask standing, he just hopes he doesn’t fall apart up there. Time for taco Wednesday. We seen VHS tapes, an anchor, a Rubik’s cube, and a trolley. Taco takes the stage and performs Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra. Jenny says Taco can sing! Nicole says she feels like she should know that voice, but she doesn’t know who they are. That was beautiful and effortless. Taco says this is how he dresses normally. The weirdest thing about this experience is being ignored because they don’t know who he is. For the first time he feels…invisible. Nicole says they’ve been around for a minute and decades, maybe Regis Philbin. Jenny says he’s been comforting people for decades. Ken thinks it’s an idol of his, he thinks is Martin Short. Robin thinks the video tapes are an important clue, maybe funniest home videos and maybe it’s Bob Saget. The mouse is next and her strengths are mighty and her weaknesses are cheese. Mouse’s clue package: Just like a mouse, she’s small and cute. Don’t let her size fool you because her presence is larger than life. She’s always been a leader in her field. Really. I wrote the playbook. But as much as she loves calling the shots and showing everyone who’s boss, she loves having a walk on role to play. They say don’t sweat the small stuff, but now that she’s putting herself in, you should because she never accepts anything less than gold. So to all my competitors, you better watch out. We seen jerseys with the numbers 1979, it was on a football field and had lots of football references. There was a bang bang formation, and references to gold. Mouse sings Get Here by Oletta Adams. Nicole says the tone, the texture, so graceful. She thinks they’re in the presence of greatness. Mouse says not being able to talk is different and she’s a chatter box and she can’t talk to anybody! Nicole seen a clue about a leader in her field and she’s thinking Darlene Love. Robin noticed the gold and the reference to Olympics, so maybe Gabby Douglas or Dionne Warwick. Ken thinks we’re getting fooled. He thinks they are someone who is good at doing impressions and she thinks its Maya Rudolph. The last singer is Banana and his strengths are splits and his weaknesses are brown spots. The judges notice he’s tall. Banana’s clue package: Oh no! He’s late for the stage! He can’t believe he overdid it last night. You’d think this was his first rodeo. He’s a banana because he’s tough on the outside, but a total smoothie on the inside and a hoot to have at parties. He can’t wait to peel back his layers and show he can use his voice in any environment. He just wants to see you smile. There was a cowboy hat in the clue package and lots of hangover references. Banana sings A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley. Ken says this is what the show is all about, having energy and fun. He reminds him of the White Tiger. Banana says he didn’t always want to be a banana. His kid, he’s getting ready to work out, his kid hands him a banana and here he is. Jenny says she saw the blue collar and she saw the cowboy hat. There’s a comedian on the tour Bill Engvall. Nicole was picking up on The Hangover references and she’s thinking about Ed Helms. Ken says Ed is from Georgia. Robin says the blowfish stood out to him and he says he was a hoot at parties and he thinks it was Darius Rucker. It’s time to vote! One artist will be unmasked. The artist with the least amount of votes is…The Elephant! Time for final guesses! Jenny says based off the clue packages, there was a big bicycle ad, maybe an activist for cancer, been to the White House. Lance Armstrong. Ken thinks it’s someone who led a massive movement and someone who ran for president. Ken thinks Beto O’ Rourke. Nicole originally because of the drummer she was thinking Tommy Lee, but now she’s thinking Steve Aoki. Robin noticed the drummer held up his sticks in the shape of an X so he’s thinking Travis Pastrana. It’s time to unmask The Elephant! The Elephant is…Tony Hawk! Elephant’s Clue Answers: Canvassing Park Benches in elephant’s package nods to Tony’s childhood skating in San Diego Parks. The birds in elephants package are a clue to Tony’s last name and his skateboard company “Birdhouse”. He skated through the White House in 2010.
  3. February 19, 2020 EOE day 4 Natalie and Amber are around the campfire. Amber says she didnt come all this way and leave 4 kids at home to out of the game, the game is still going for her. Rob finds his fire token and knows its from Amber, it kills him for her to be at EOE. He tells Parvati that he got a token, they wonder if its from Sandra but if they voted out Amber this is war. Ben says this time around he wants to work on his social game, he tells Denise how to find HII, she looks down and finds one. It's in two halves and she has to give one half to someone else by sundown. Ben says this could bring someone else in with them. Denise tells Adam and asks how he feels about giving it to Parvati, he says no. Adam tells us he was able to convince Denise to give it to him, but he is nervous about playing with Ben. Yul is trying to gather bread fruit, he makes a tool with a bamboo pole. Kim finds a HII that also has half that needs to be given away. Tony and Nick walk up on her, she grabs some sticks and says she was just gathering wood. Kim says she feels good about Sophie. Sophie says she is in shock that Kim would give it to her instead of Tyson. Sophie says if she were Kim she would be worried about telling her (Sophie) about an HII, she (Kim) could be next on the chopping block. EOE day 5. the girls go to the flag where there is a message. There is some thing out there they haven't noticed yet. Nat says there is something that can be bartered for. Survivor shows us the first letter of each line of the message to spell out WATER WELL. They search all over the island. Nat gathers some water and finds something in the well. It's an advantage where one person can leave TC and return to camp before votes are cast. She sends it to Jeremy who says he is buying it. Jeremy says the tokens are more important then ppl think. Dakal Day 5. Tony makes a ladder to gather papayas. It's heavy and starts to fall apart when they try to raise it up. Tony tries to climb it and they are concerned for his safety. Tyson now questions his lead on Tony. Sarah says she has known Tony for 6 years but they are trying to stay low key. Sarah says Cops R Us can work now that she knows Tony, last time she didnt know him. Day 6 Immunity Challenge time, Rob sees Amber is gone, he says its tough, its a game he gets it. They will race out with a cart to get 3 keys that will release heavy chests, disassemble their cart, move it thru an obstacle then reassemble it to move the chests, inside the chests are puzzle pieces. Reward is Survivor Spice Kit. Ready...Go......They are neck and neck, with keys and moving chests, they are both on their second key/chest. Sele takes a small lead, its tied up. Dakal starts to disassemble their cart first. Dakal has pulled ahead and have all 3 chests on their stands and start on the puzzle. Sele is slowing down. Dakal get first section of puzzle done but Sele is making up time. Sele talking about the pieces and where they go they are slowing down. Dakal are on the final section. Dakal wins immunity. Rob says My bad, boys. Parvati says one of the newbies gots to go. Sele day 6. Rob says he was second guessing himself. Let the crazyness begin. Rob takes full responablity but he feels secure in his relationships he is building. Rob suggests Jeremy or Ben. Danni says is been 14 years since she played and she feels on the outs. Danni tells Ben about the Old school thing. Ben says he is concerned about Old School/New School. Ben suggests Danni to Ethan, Jeremy and Adam. Danni tells Rob she feels that Parvati flipped on her, she suggests Parvati and Rob says he is in. Rob tells Adam and Ethan he is good with voting Danni. Ethan tells Parvati that Danni said her name. Jeremy says Rob is controlling the game and he wants to control it. Adam says he knows where the HII and they could vote out Parvati, it s risky but he wont win the game if he doesnt take those risks. Time for TC Night 6. Adam hs trouble getting his torch in the slot, it was the wrong spot. Ben helps him. Rob says this game all about relationships, its more complex this season then it has ever been. Ethan says its confusing reading ppl, is this real or a new side of the game he doesnt understand. Parvati says ppl that havent played in awhile doent have the experience of HII. Danni says she played a loyal game before but know its different. They talk about Old School/New School paranoia. Ben says everybody is paranoid. Rob starts whispering with Parvati and Ethan and Jeremy. Rob asks who as the HII? they all open their bags to see who has it. Denise pulls stuff out of her bag but keeps a hold something (the HII) then puts it back in the bag. Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Parvati, Danni, Danni, Danni, Danni, 3rd person voted out is Danni. Danni gives her fire token to Denise. Next time on Survivor: The hunt is on but when you fight like an animal, there will always be a bigger fish.
  4. Tonight we’ll find out which three from Group A will move on to the Super 9. We have another guest judge and they are revealed to be…Leah Remini! Miss Monster comes out and Nick says since it’s a Valentine’s Day episode, all the artists will perform together. Miss Monster performs Rock and Roll All Nite by KISS. Kangaroo joins Miss Monster next, followed by White Tiger and Turtle. Nicole says that was a great way to get them in the spirit of things. Jenny says that was amazing and she can’t believe they are going to have to say goodbye to someone. Ken says they have filled their hearts with love, no matter what happens. They’re going to get new clues and insider info from loved ones! Turtle’s clue package: Man, I’m having a shell of a good time on the show being whoever I want. I would never have gotten here without the people who supported my dream, like my favorite teacher from high school, Miss S. We see a teacher with a shelf in front of their face and they say Turtle was in their 9th grade bio class. I’m not surprised he’s on the show because he always came into my class singing. He’s the most driven student they ever had. Last time she ran into him, he recognized her and she was so proud to see everything he achieved. He was still that same sweet, humble kid. Good luck on the show! I hope you have the time of your life. We see on the chalkboard the Greek letters Alpha and Omega, we a map with Seoul, South Korea. Turtle takes the stage and performs There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back by Shawn Mendes. Nicole says that’s her favorite performance so far. She loves his voice and he can dance! Jenny says the top three performers moves on and there’s no doubt Turtle is going to make it. Our singers have all written valentine messages to the panel. The first valentine from Turtle is to Nicole. Turtle will never forget the morning they spent together. It was Turtle-y awesome. Jenny says maybe Turtle was on a morning show with Nicole. Jenny is sticking with her guess of Nick Lachey. Leah doesn’t think it’s Nick. She’s thinking high school, maybe someone like Jaden Smith. Nicole says his voice reminds me of the country singer Hunter Hayes and there was reference to Korea and Hunter has toured Korea. Miss Monster clue package. She loves performing under this mask because she gets to prove that true art comes from within. Her hairstylist always says that to her. Miss Monster is my spiritual mom. He was intimidated to meet her at first, but like many misunderstood monsters, she wasn’t scary at all. He was 18 years old, her hair stylist was late, and she needed to get ready for a big event and I volunteered. All she had was a curling iron in her purse and they made it work. Trust me, you can’t hurry good hair. Miss Monster has been through a lot and she hasn’t always been seen in the press for who she is. She’s all about spreading love and that’s what she’s doing on the stage. Not to mention, honey, she can sang. The clues we seen were camouflage bandana, white socks, and checkered bear. Miss Monster takes the stage and sings You Don’t Own Me by Lesley Gore. Jenny says she has no idea who that is and Leah thinks she knows. Nicole says she has such an iconic voice, it’s a legendary voice. The effortlessness to her performance, it’s an honor to watch her. Miss Monster’s Valentine is for Robin! It says, I only have eye for you. We even had a rendezvous in sin city. Robin says there are a lot of awards shows there, so maybe another artist. Leah thinks there was such an ease, so old school and confident and that comes with a different time. Leah thinks it someone who is used to performing like Mary Wilson. Jenny says she seen socks and a teddy bear, so she’s thinking Chicago, so she’s thinking Queen Latifah. Nicole feels like she recognizes that voice. She thinks maybe Gloria Gaynor. Robin is going to follow Nicole’s guess and he met her in Vegas. After Miss Monster leaves the stage, Robin and Nicole think the tone could be close to Chaka Khan and Robin thinks she’s not going into her higher register on purpose. Kangaroo’s clue package: I’m so humble to be here in the Group A championships. I never thought I’d make it this far, but after hearing the judges love and comments, I feel empowered to fight my way into the Super 9. Especially with all the support from her family. We have Kangaroo’s little brother, who has a plant for a head. He says he’s younger than his sister by one year, but he’s always looked up to her. Even though she was a drama queen in her teenage years, she’s the most resilient person I know. When tragedy hit our family, she was the glue that held us all together and since then, we’ve only gotten closer. Her grace under pressure and her ability to rise above the haters is always something he’s admired. Hearing her on this stage receiving all this praise, he couldn’t be more proud. I love you sis! Knock them dead tonight. We see a model airplane and an angel figurine. Kangaroo takes the stage and sings Diamonds by Rihanna. Robin says she doesn’t over sing or over perform and it’s from the heart. Great job. Kangaroo’s Valentine is to Leah. It says we’ve sat at the same table and your courage has inspired me. Jenny thinks The Talk. Ken says this is someone who he worked with, a Victoria’s Secret angel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Nicole says maybe. Nicole says in the package it said drama queen, and this person was in a movie called Confessions of a Drama Queen, and it could be Lindsey Lohan. Jenny says the voice is a sensual sound and a good singer. Her first guess was Jordan Sparks and that’s who she is sticking with. Robin says that’s a good guess. Leah says it’s much harder to guess when you’re here. White Tiger’s clue package: Look who’s still here! Shocked? Me too! Going into this competition, I knew I was never going to be the best singer. I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I’ve always known how to work a crowd and that’s been my strategy here all along. Don’t take my word for it, here’s a good friend who can back that up. We meet his college buddy who has a dart board for a face. This one time they went out and met some smokin’ hot ladies at the club. There was so many dudes there and White Tiger knew exactly what to do to beat out the competition. He told the girls we were professional dancers, of the Magic Mike variety and on the spot we made up this ridiculous routine. Before we knew it, all the ladies were cheering us on. Those dudes didn’t stand a chance. Smell what I’m cooking. Seems like El Tigre is still winning over the crowd. The competition better watch out cause when he commits to something he doesn’t stop until he wins. We seen a sign that said Route 66, a quarter, and on the dartboard, darts were on 3 and 18. White Tiger takes the stage and performs We Will Rock You by Queen. Nicole says he delivers every time without fail. Nicole loves that he just goes for it. Jenny says there are only three people moving on and she hopes he’s one of them. White Tiger’s Valentine’s day card is for Jenny. It says I’m wild about you, but I know your husband will appreciate this card even more. Jenny says she loves it and she is picking up on the fact he’s an athlete and she seen the quarter in the clue package and she says Rob Gronkowski. Nicole says they would never make the clues that obvious. Ken says there was a pad of butter in the package and he thinks it’s Fabio. Nicole caught on that he loves dancing and he’s playful and he’s talk. Nicole thinks he’s Joe Manginello. It’s time to unmask a singer! The singer being unmasked and going home is…Miss Monster! Time for final guesses! Nicole feels like her voice is so legendary. She thought Gloria Gaynor, but there were references to iconic hair, she had an album called Camouflage, she thinks it’s Chaka Khan. Ken thinks back to the Titanic reference, but he’s going back to country with Reba McEntire. Jenny says there was a white sock and a bear, so there’s a Chicago connection, she’s going to stick with Queen Latifah. Leah says the clue package said something about not hurrying good hair, and she’s sticking with Mary Wilson. Robin says he’s been ok recognizing legendary voice and he also thinks it’s Chaka Khan. Time to unmask Miss Monster! Miss Monster is…Chaka Khan! Miss Monster’s Clue Answers: The locker with the #10 in Miss Monster’s package is a clue for Chaka’s 10 Grammy awards. The queen chess piece in Miss Monster’s package hints to Chaka’s nickname “Queen of Funk”. The white socks and teddy bear in Miss Monster’s package are clues to Chaka’s hometown, Chicago. Nick wants to know what went down in sin city with Robin Thicke, and she says they were on the same show.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Welcome to night two of The Masked Singer! Tonight we continue with Group A. We have a guest judge and we reveal him to be…Jason Biggs! We kick-off the show with Llama. Llama’s Clue package: Llamaste to all his wooly friends in the land. He’s having such a good time here with his four legs. Now, I keep the laughs rolling in. His strategy is to approach this competition, the same way he approaches his career. For awhile, I was spinning my wheels, but then he started to envision his success and to think on his feet. Luckily, he has four and tonight he’s visualizing that he’ll crush it. He’s the greatest of all time…the goat!!! During the clue package we seen an accordion. Llama takes the stage and performs It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones. Jenny says he upped his game. He proved tonight that he wanted to play to win. She says this guy can sing. Great job. Jason says he thought the singing was fantastic and he was cool and collected. He loved it. They wanted to know what each artist was most likely to do and Llama was voted most likely to be near firing cannons. Jason says maybe Johnny Knoxville. Ken says from last week’s clue package it said someone from Seattle and Joel loves yoga and he plays accordion, he still thinks it’s Joel McHale. Jenny says last time there was a clue of joker, so maybe comedian. But maybe joker in The Lego Movie Zach Galifianakis. Ken says Zach can sing. Nicole says she’s going off the whole yogi vibe, and she tosses out Matthew McConaughey or Woody Harrelson. Miss Monster is next. Clue package: I’m happy that people loved my first performance, even without knowing who I was. It felt so good. And now I can just focus on being an artist. People say, Miss Monster, you can’t do it all, but why not try? You’ve got to stand up for yourself in this dance. Tonight, I want you to see I’m like Mister Monster, capable of anything and full of love. During the clue package we see a Titanic reference, there’s a queen chess piece, and we see a journal, and she drew a butterfly. Miss Monster takes the stage and sings Fancy by Reba McEntire. Ken says that was epic and he thinks they’re in the presence of an icon. He’s trying to figure out who she is. Robin says she’s got a deep voice and an amazing singer and probably someone who’s been doing it her whole life. She was voted most likely to be in the presence of royalty. Jenny is thinking she’s bigger. Maybe Mary Wilson. Jason says the presence of royalty…maybe the King, Elvis. Maybe Priscilla Presley. Ken says from the clue package Titanic, and she sang the theme to Titanic, and French was in the clue and Celine Dion is French Canadian. White Tiger is next. Clue package: I had no idea how much work would go into taking a stage like this. I’m putting in the time to hone this new craft, put the mass in mask. His motto is to work hard and play harder. He’s no stranger to celebrating, he loves a good Block Party. This may sound crazy, but dancing heals his body after taking a beating. So he’s ready to cut a rug on that stage tonight and tear it up! In the clue package we see a skiing cow. White Tiger takes the stage and performs Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Robin says that was an entertaining performance. Nicole says she’s here for him and the big C…Conviction. He was voted most likely to go to the mat for a friend…for a did and he did literally. Jason says that implies wrestling, tag team. Maybe Hulk Hogan. Robin says on the first episode, they were told the characters had 9 superbowl appearances, and one of the clues was four score and seven years, which could be to a superbowl in seven years so maybe Rob Gronkowski. Kangaroo is next. Kangaroo’s clue package: Keeping it 100, lately it seems she’s been watching her life from the sidelines and to be honest, it’s scary putting herself in the spotlight again. Sometimes it feels like everyone is against her and she knows she needs courage and get back in the game. She’s determined to make the most of this fresh start. You may underestimate me, but that’s ok. I’m owning this underdog story and not pulling any punches. Plus, she has to be a role model for her little roo. This her time to fight back. There’s no way she’s going home now. During the clue package we seen make-up, a basketball, and basketball jersey’s with the number 23 and the name Deejay on the back. Kangaroo takes the stage and performs I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse. Robin thinks she is the front runner right now. Jason says it’s difficult to get past the fact they’re in a costume and he forgot she was a giant kangaroo. Kangaroo was voted most likely to appear on a list with Seal and Mike Tyson, and she might have been. Robin says she moves very nimble and there were basketball references so maybe Candace Parker. Jason says there was emphasis on fresh start, so maybe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, so maybe Tatyana Ali. Ken says this is someone who is maybe on the sidelines watching her husband, Gabrielle Union. Jenny says she’s obviously incredibly talented. The final performance is Turtle! Clue package: Being here feels like such an opportunity to break out of my shell. People have always expected me to act a certain way. That really tests me. Well, I want to rebel from all that. You can punish me all you like for being myself, but if I want to sing a love song, then I’m going to sing a love song! During the clue package we see a menu that says Seafood DuJour-Dover Sole, Slow-Cooked Beets, and Ginger Snaps. We see a fire alarm being pulled and then him writing on a chalkboard don’t rave ever at my school. He takes the stage and sings Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur. Robin says that was beautiful and dynamic vocally. Good job. Jason says he gave the rest of the contestants tonight a shell-lacking. He was voted most likely to hunt for booty, and he has often. Ken says hunting for booty? Boy bands are the biggest booty hunters. He says this guy reminds him of AJ McLean. Jenny disagrees, but she’s not sure which boy band. Robin says maybe more of a rocker, maybe Billy Joe Armstrong. Jason thinks he’s a rocker. He says there was a burger reference in the last one, maybe the band he’s in has a food reference. Maybe like Hootie and the Blowfish. Nicole says she said Zac Efron because of the surf board and she’s doubling down on him. It’s time to find out who will be unmasked! The artist with the least amount of votes and going home is…Llama. Time for final guesses. Nicole says he said he was a joker so she thinks it’s Woody Harrelson. Robin says they saw Seattle and radio host, but he’s going to go with Adam Corolla. Ken says that’s a great guess, but very wrong. He really thinks it’s Joel McHale. Jenny says she switched her choice today. She picked up on Seattle and she’s going with Kelsey Grammar. Jason says he likes to be near firing cannons and that brought him to Johnny Knoxville. Let’s find out who the llama is! The llama is…Drew Carey! The Llama’s Clue answers: The Radio DJ clues in llama’s package refer to Drew’s weekly radio show on Sirius XM’s “Underground Garage”. The playing cards in llama’s package refer to Drew’s victory in the “Celebrity Poker Tour”. Drew was in the Marine Corps reserves. Llama’s mention of “spinning my wheels” is a nod to “The Price is Right” which Drew hosts.
  7. The Masked Singer is back and it’s more monstrous than ever. 18 celebrities from all walks of life are going undercover in the biggest singing competition the world has ever seen. Each week, they’ll sing their mighty hearts out and compete to stay anonymous. The weakest performer will be eliminated, and their identity revealed. America, it’s your job to guess which massive stars are behind the masks. Buckle up! We’re kicking off our season 3 now! Nick welcomes everyone and it’s season 3 and this season is the biggest by far. Nick introduces our judges Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger, along with a special guest judge who unmasks himself and reveals himself to be…Jamie Foxx! Tonight, we are meeting group A, and this roster of 6 has appeared in 9 Superbowls. Kicking off the show, this cat’s out of the bag and roaring to go. We see the White Tiger come out and his strength is extremely rare and weakness catnip. The judges immediately notice he is a huge guy. White Tiger’s clue package: Ready to meet your next champion? His entire life he’s sought out perfection. So choosing a mask with unlimited power like the White Tiger was a no brainer. I’ve had a giant career full of accomplishments, but when I imagine being on stage singing I’m a big old scaredy cat. But it’s been awhile since I’ve done something that scared me, so I’m here to conquer yet another a challenge. What’s my motivation? My fans. I don’t want to let them down. So now I’m ready to get in that ring and smash the competition. Let’s party!!! During the clue package we seen a sign that said Ultimate Clam Shucking 51 clams. We also see another sign that says Masked Singer Tryouts 5/3. We see a final poster that says “Four score and seven years ago…”. White Tiger takes the stage and performs Ice, Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. We can tell he’s not a singer, but he’s moving around and having fun with choreography. Jenny says this is a way to kick-off a Superbowl show! Nicole says she was so impressed, he came out swinging and dancing. Tiger got moves. Ken says in the clue package it said clams. This is someone from Boston. He thinks it’s John Cena. Jamie disagrees and he thought it might be Tyler Perry because of the height. But to come out with Ice, Ice Baby, that’s what all his white homies sing and dance to. He says when Ken says New England, he says Gronkie!!! Robin thinks that’s a good guess. Nicole is going off the champion clam shucker. Clams? Aquaman? She thinks it’s Jason Mamoa. Ken says what a great way to kick off season 3. Time to hand the ball off to the Turtle. Strength is tough exterior. Weaknesses are treadmills. Turtles clue package: At the starting line of my career, I was surrounded by other hungry newcomers. It felt like everyone around me was fighting tooth and nail for the dream and I watched as too many of those stars burn too brightly too quickly and then fizzled out. I’m a turtle because I’ve always taken it step by step. Slow and steady wins the race, but now I feel like I’m ready to break out of my shell. After years of preparation, I would love to make a big splash. So I don’t want anyone to cross that finish line before me. We see in his clue package him waxing a surfboard and grilling burgers. Turtle takes the stage and sings Kiss From a Rose by Seal. We can tell that he is some sort of singer. During one of his notes Jamie says boy band! Ken says this was really good and he thinks he’s a front runner for the show. Amazing! Jamie says the falsetto, that’s the real chops. Jenny says she saw the bunny ears and the burgers and she thinks it’s someone her and Donny know. Ken suggests it is her husband and Jenny says it’s not! She does think maybe a boy bander, someone 98 degrees or Backstreet Boys or New Kids On the Block. Robin noticed in the clue package he said Step by Step, so maybe Joey McIntyre. Nicole says maybe. Nicole says it could be an actor who can sing, like Zac Efron who was in Baywatch. Next, is the Llama. Strength is his spitting game and weakness is tongue twisters. Llama’s clue package: Mi mi mi mix it up! Good morning nerd herd! You’re listening to the wool, where we’re all cool, no bull! I’m here for one reason only. To have a laugh and what’s funnier than a llama. You may call me a joker, but I’d like to get serious for a minute. The song they’re singing tonight is their favorite track for celebrating love with that special someone. There’s nothing quite like being swept up in its deep profound lyrics. It’s a tune that really gets the llama in the mood for romance. The llama can’t wait to sing it for you tonight. Llama out! During the clue package we see 23.3 The Wool as the radio station. We also see a Blackjack, and Buddha statue. We see an album cover that says The Sounds of Seattle. Llama takes the stage and performs She Bangs by Ricky Martin. We can tell the Llama is not a singer. Ken says he thought that was a platinum performance. He says he was the Jay-Z of llamas. Jamie says he knows this isn’t necessarily his thing, but he appreciates the confidence. The llama says he wears digs like this in real life. Jamie thinks he’s a DJ, someone who’s been around music for a long time. Nick suggests Howard Stern. Jenny doesn’t think it’s him. Nicole says she saw the Ace of Spades and maybe it’s David Spade. Robin says his hair reminds him of Joel McHale. Ken says Joel is from Seattle and this is exactly what Joel looks like before hair and make-up. Miss Monster is next and her strength is eye contact and her weakness is peripheral vision. Miss Monster’s clue package: When you become famous, people want you to look or act a certain way. They forget you started off as just a shy little monster. It didn’t take long for her to be misunderstood, so she’s here to set the record straight. Just like her favorite creature in season 1 did, the monster. He made her feel! He rewrote his story, it was fire! And now this performer in pink wants to follow in his furry footsteps. But darlings, I’m nervous! Will you still love me without knowing my name? During the clue package we see some “furspray” and a locker with the number 10. We see a label in the locker that says monster hits. Miss Monster takes the stage and performs Something to Talk About by Bonnie Raitt. We can tells she’s a soulful type of singer. The monster makes an appearance during the performance. Nicole says this is the vibe she got from Patti LaBelle. Ken says the performance was energetic and she connected with everyone in the audience. Ken says she said darling in clues, very southern with a twang. There’s something legendary about her. Ken thinks it’s Dolly Parton. Jenny says Ken might not be crazy. They’ve had huge amazing singers on the show, but she thinks the singer sounds younger, a little soulful. Maybe Mary J Blige. Nicole says as soon as she heard the voice she thought older and diva, so maybe Dionne Warwick. Jamie says he knew she was a queen when she walked out. The Robot is up next and his strength is security and weakness is emotions. The Robot’s clue package: What makes a perfect masked singer? One part creativity and one part grind. I relate to robot because I always felt the need to put on a tough outer shell. I think that makes me come across as inhuman and it stunted my potential. I’ve had my fair share of fame, but I’m here to tip the scales and show I’m relatable to anyone. I really do have a heart and a lot of love to give. Initialize it, your perfect masked robot. Let’s Rock! During the clue package we see the letters Pt from a “periodic table” that was number 78. We seen a skateboard and a fire truck crash into each other. Robot takes the stage and performs Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz. Robin thinks he’s throwing his voice. Robot says he’s having the most fun he’s ever had in his career. Nicole doesn’t know if this is what he’s known for, but she loves the tone of his voice. Jenny saw the skateboard hitting the fire engine and she thought maybe a skate boarder or someone who does stunts. Maybe Johnny Knoxville. Jamie agrees with Jenny, but he thinks someone a little tougher. He thinks it’s Steve O. Nicole is going off the whole tip the scales and weighing in, maybe Floyd Mayweather. The final performer of the night is the Kangaroo and their strengths are bounces back and weaknesses are comes with baggage. Kangaroo’s clue package: Like most of you watching, she’s a survivor. She recently lost a person who held her family’s heart together, and by my own admission I found myself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. But I’m here to do what kangaroos do best…bounce back. She has to fight for her family and show them that bullies never win. I’m beyond terrified, I’ve never done anything like this before. But she’s not about to lose the chance to realize a dream she’s always had. To all you survivor’s out there, this one’s for you! During the clue package we see a sign that says Outback. We see a gramophone in a tree. Kangaroo takes the stage and sings Dancing On My Own by Robyn. Jamie says she sings beautifully. Robin says she pulled everyone into her world and that was a beautiful performance. Jamie says her story has already touched everybody. Kangaroo says one of her greatest fears is being vulnerable, but she’s had no choice but to be. Jenny doesn’t think she’s from Australia and she’s gone through heartache. She thinks maybe Jordan Sparks. Nicole says that’s a great guess. Nicole says there was a gramophone, so maybe they have a grammy, maybe Kelly Rowland. Jamie says that’s not Kelly’s voice. Robin tosses out that Iggy Azalea is from Australia. It’s time for the first elimination of the season! The artist with the least amount of votes will be unmasked and go home. That artist is…The Robot. It’s time for final guesses! Nicole says what an amazing premiere! She’s going off the tip the scales so she’s thinking a boxer. She goes with Floyd Mayweather. Jenny goes off the clue about stunted his potential, she’s going to go with Johnny Knoxville. Jamie agrees but he thinks it’s someone who’s been in the press talking about getting their life back together, Steve O. Robin is going with snowboarder, gamer type, and maybe the fire truck represented his hair color, he’s going with Shaun White. Ken says everyone is wrong. He had a distinctive voice, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He said in the clue package he has a lot of love to give so maybe Flavor Flav. Time to unmask the robot! The robot is…Lil Wayne! Robin says this is the most shocked he’s ever been. He chose the robot because of his kids. The Robot clue answers: The video game controller in Robot’s package is a clue to Lil Wayne’s Xbox commercial. The fire truck in Robot’s package is a clue to Lil Wayne’s hit single “Fireman”.
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  26. We kick the night of with KISS and they perform Rock & Roll All Nite. During the performance they introduce Terry and he comes out and introduces the judges. Terry says KISS are on their final tour, The End of the Road tour. We recap last week’s finals performances. Hans introduces Marcelito Pomoy who performs We Are the Champions by Queen and the Storm Troopers come out and dance. Duo Transcend are also performing tricks. Sandou Trio Russian Bar also are down in front of the judges performing. We see clips of JJ Pantano talking and joking with each of the judges. V. Unbeatable takes the stage with Travis Barker, the drummer from Blink 182. They do clips of the judges discussing Heidi being back. Kseniya Simonova is back and she takes the stage with Angelina Jordan and Tyler Butler-Figueroa. Angelina sings Someone You Loved by Lewis Cipaldi and Tyler plays while Kseniya does her sand art. Lindsey Stirling takes the stage with Silhouettes. The judges play a game where they are given emojis and they have to come up with the name of the contestant. Shin Lim takes the stage with Colin Cloud. Last years AGT winner Kodi Lee is set to take the stage and we look back at his journey on AGT. He sits at his piano and he performs Sign of the Times by Harry Styles. It’s time for some results! The superfans have voted! First, we’re going to find out who has made it into the top five. Boogie Storm and Duo Transcend are asked to step forward. The first act going into the top five is…Duo Transcend! Next, Hans and V. Unbeatable are called forward. The superfans have voted and the next act moving into the top five is…V. Unbeatable. Alexa Lauenburger and Tyler Butler-Figueroa are pulled forward. The act taking the next spot in the top five is…Tyler Butler-Figueroa. Two more spots left in the top five. Next we call Marcelito Pomoy and Angelina Jordan forward. The next act going into the top 5 is…Marcelito Pomoy. The last two acts, Sandou Trio Russian Bar and Silhouettes are up to find out their fate. The final act moving into the top five is…Sandou Trio Russian Bar. The next results are coming up and we’ll get closer to learning who won AGT Champions. The act finishing in fifth place is…Sandou Trio Russian Bar! They say being there has meant everything to them. The struggles in life do not define them but refines them. Howie says he saw them when they first appeared on AGT and they really upped their game. The four place act is…Marcelito Pomoy! Macelito’s wife joins them and she says he wants to thank everyone! Heidi says she loves him and he has the most beautiful voices and he IS a champion and she thanks him for sharing his talent with them. Tyler Butler-Figueroa, V. Unbeatable, and Duo Transcend remain. The third place act is…Tyler Butler-Figueroa! Tyler says he feels very proud of himself that he gets to inspire millions of people and he made it this far. Alesha says they love him so much and they couldn’t be prouder of him and it’s just the beginning for him. V. Unbeatable say they’ve given everything to chase their dream and they thank everyone so much. Duo Transcend say AGT has changed their lives and they made their dreams come true. We take one last look back at the journey of Duo Transcend and V. Unbeatable. It’s time to find out who the winner of AGT Champions is. The superfans have voted. The winner is…V. Unbeatable!
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