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  3. This is The Voice! Last night on The Voice, the Battles began and the coaches were scrambling to protect and strengthen their teams, with the first ever 4-chair Save/Steal Battle. After losing her Battle with Jeremy Rosado, Team Kelly's Jershika Maple was stolen by both John Legend and Ariana Grande. It's time to find out who she picks as her new coach. I pick... John! Both Jeremy and Jershika are going to The Knockouts! Next to battle from Team Blake is Hailey Green and Lana Scott, singing Girl (Maren Morris). Blake says Lana's voice has a country edge. Hailey's voice is wild yet in tune, she's so young and so talented. He tells Hailey there are parts of her voice to lay back on. It's time to battle. Lana's voice is dirty and gruff, while Hailey is more modern and full of grit and attitude. While Lana remains softer and in the groove, Hailey is pushing the envelope of how big her performance can be. John says Hailey's power and tone grabs you, she puts everything into every note. Lana has a lot of subtlety, a songbird quality. Kelly says Lana held her own and Hailey is like a cheetah. Ariana says Lana's voice is pure and sweet with a different energy from Hailey's colorful, rock'n'roll energy. Blake says Hailey is literally a high school football linebacker, and that was actually dialed back. Lana is sweet country. The winner of this battle is Hailey! Get your a$$ back on that stage, Blake yells at Lana, hitting his button for the Save. The only question he had, Blake explains, was who he thought could handle 30 seconds of broken heart better. I was never going to let you go. I'm so excited to have a female country artist on my team this year! Sticking with Team Blake, Tommy Edwards does battle with Libianca, singing Save Your Tears (Weeknd). Blake chooses Libianca for her unique voice and tone. For Team Kelly, Carolina Alonso and Xavier Cornell do battle over telepatia (Kali Uchis), their voices fitting together like fingers in clasped hands. Kelly picks Xavier as the winner. Moving on to Team Ariana, Katherine Ann Mohler is pitted against Vaughn Mogul, singing Dilemma (Nelly, featuring Kelly Rowland). Katherine is working on her Masters in Psychology but her dream has always been in music. During rehearsal, Ariana cannot believe Vaughn is the same sweet singer from the Blinds. Coming from a line of nurses, he's ready for a career in music. Kristin Chenoweth says Katherine is like her, so technically beautiful, it is silk. Ariana tells Katherine to get out of her head and have a moment at the end. They work with Vaughn to put an explanation point on a big note. He listens, Kristen says, and wants to be great. Don't tell him, but he is. At stage rehearsals, Ariana says there's more work to be done. They are so polite to each other, letting each take turns. Try singing to each other more. When you get close, the audience will go crazy. It's time for the Battle and Blake is already jealous of Vaughn's pants. Katherine opens with a twirly vocal, with Vaughn providing the anchor to this conversational song, just a boy and a girl dancing around each other in melodic rhythm. Katherine gets to shine with more acrobatic runs while Vaughn's stability holds the performance together. The only "dilemma" is who Ariana will pick as the winner. John says I wasn't expecting how fun this would be. It's cool for a coach to take artists out of their comfort zone to see if they can handle it, and both had the enthusiasm and connection to each other. Katherine stood out with a compelling voice. Kelly says Katherine's voice cuts through and that's awesome for a live performance setting. Vaughn chose to showcase himself with that higher falsetto harmony, that really stuck out to me. Blake says I could not wait to hear that song for the first time. Did you live under a rock, Kelly asks incredulously? There are a lot of rocks where I live, Blake allows. Vaughn had a warmer tone but I thought Katherine gave it that extra little bit. Ariana has the final decision. Katherine is so precise and technically perfect, this was a stretch and she surprised him. Vaughn stepped into a new persona and what he delivered was incredible. The winner of this battle is... Katherine Ann! The final battle of the night comes from Team John, with Samara Brown and BrittanyBree, singing Something He Can Feel (Aretha Franklin). It's BrittanyBree's first time performing secular music. They have the chops and soul they need, John says, to pull this off. Samara relates the lyrics to her own life. John tells Samara to not deviate too much from the familiar - it's a matter of balance. Camila Cabello advises her to fight the urge to change everything about the song to make it hers - if you do too much, it's hard to hear. Samara has wanted to be where her sister Amanda Brown was (Season 3, Team Cee Lo, Stolen by Adam Levine in The Battles, eliminated in the Top 6). John tells BrittanyBree to think about the lyric, who she's singing to and how she wants them to feel. That's how Aretha did it, she took who she was and applied it to pop music. Camila says the past and present are not two separate things, bring the church and soul into the song. Camila says BrittanyBree's voice makes her feel things she hasn't felt in a long time. Samara Brown's tone, how she moves her body, this could be the best Battle of the night. Camila suggests creating some tension by having a riff battle between the two. It will be a soulful, sultry battle and we'll see who does the song justice. Let the Battle begin! As the opening notes ring out, both artists turn around and let their voices shine, confident and full of character. BrittanyBree sounds most like the Queen of Soul but Samara Brown holds her own note for note, providing a delicious counter-balance and a powerhouse performance in her own right. The question is whether you like your performances big or large, they both delivered something the audience could feel. Kelly says your voices are insane. BrittanyBree, you have rock'n'roll soul. I don't care about John, because one of you is going to be available to steal. Blake says I was blown away - you both stepped up and owned the moment and stage. Ariana says your tones are different but complimentary. Your stage presence, your gorgeous looks, I can't help John. John says I wanted you to be your absolute best so either I could save you or one of these other coaches would steal you. Samara, I coached you to stay true somewhat to what the songwriter wrote and you did it exactly the way it needed to be. BrittanyBree, that stank on your voice hits me right in the heart, and you to delivered with that passion, personality and charisma. John, the time has come. Who is the winner of this Battle? The winner of this Battle, John drags out, is... BrittanyBree! Every note that came out of her mouth was perfect, John allows, but he could have gone either way. Immediately, Kelly, John and Ariana all press their buttons for a Steal, Save and Steal, respectively. Come back home, John says. Did you sense his hesitation, Kelly points out. He did hesitate, Blake piles on. You knew exactly what I was planning to do, John claims. Ariana says I adore you, I have one steal and I said backstage if I was going to use it on anyone, I'd use it on you. That's the truth. He did hesitate, Blake reminds Samara of John. Kelly says you are such a gifted vocalist, you are a blessing to the show. If you stay with your coach or come to the right team, you would look so cute in my turquoise jacket. John says I truly loved working with you, and every once in a while we put 2 people together that we never should have put together. You two are some of the best talent in the entire competition and I would feel so fortunate to continue coaching you. The decision is yours, Carson tells Samara (I pressed my button first, Kelly slips in). Who do you choose as your coach? Kelly calls her over to her team. Come on home, John leads. Ariana sits their quietly, not fighting at all. This is impossible, Samara Brown says, thank you to all of you. I'm gonna choose John! Over the first two nights of Battles, Team Kelly loses Jershika Maple to Team John, saves Kinsey Rose and Carolina Alonso is eliminated. Girl Named Tom, Jeremy Rosado and Xavier Cornell win their Battles and advance to the Knocknouts. Kelly has used her Save but still has a Steal. Team John loses KJ Jennings, steals Jershika Maple and saves Samara Brown. BrittanyBree and Samuel Harness both win their Battles and advance to the Knockouts. John has used both his Save and his Steal. Team Ariana loses Vaughn Mogule and Chavon Rodgers, and saves Bella DeNapoli. Katie Rae, David Vogel and Katherine Ann Mohler all win their Battles and advance to the Knockouts. Ariana has used her Save but still has her Steal. Team Blake loses Tommy Edwards and The Joy Reunion and saves Lana Scott. Hailey Green, Libianca and Peedy Chavis all win their Battles and advance to the Knockouts. Blake has used his Save but still has his Steal.
  4. Tonight, we kick up the battles with incredible performances thanks to amazing coaching. Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean, Kristin Chenowith, and Camila Cabello are joining the coaches as advisors. Ariana’s advisor is Kristin Chenowith and her first pairing is Katie Rae vs Bella DeNapoli and they are going to sing No More Tears (Enough is Enough) by Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer. Ariana says they are both endlessly talented and powerhouse divas. Kristin says she cannot look at Katie or Bella and she says this is an iconic song and they both owned who they were. Ariana says it was respectful of the original and Kristin says they stepped into Barbra and Donna’s shoes so effortlessly. Kristin says she is inspired. Katie and Bella do their stage performances and Ariana gives a few last minute tips. Katie and Bella take the stage for their battle. John says he loved the build from a mellow space to powerhouse. John says this is hard and they made it so difficult. He would side with Katie because he prefers her tone a little more. Kelly says it was so rad and Bella was so nice and Katie was so sultry. Kelly says Bella is insane but there is something captivating about Katie. Blake says when Bella started the song it was like a scene from a classic movie and he was drawn to Katie’s edgy voice. Blake is leaning towards Bella. Ariana says she adores them both so much and they are consistently phenomenal. She is privileged to have worked with them and spent this time with them. She says she is proud of them both. Ariana says the winner of this battle is…Katie Rae! Bella is available to steal or save. Bella says she never thought she’d even be here. Ariana slaps her button and saves Bella. Ariana says she is such a stunning and gifted vocalist. Team John’s advisor is Camila Cabello and the bring in the first pairing of Samuel Harness vs KJ Jennings and they were given the song I Know What You Did Last Summer by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes. John says Samuel was a little ahead of the beat and Camilla advises both to keep the chorus staccato. John says KJ’s voice is cool and liquid and she has a lot of power. Camilla tells Samuel to feed of KJ’s energy and John advises him to find moments to shine more. Samuel and KJ take the stage for their performance. Kelly says KJ had some really cool runs and she has a pure sound with a rock edge and Samuel was really cool and she is curious to know where he goes. She is leaning towards Samuel. Blake says KJ’s strengths were in the runs and Samuel has a cool, smokey sound. He would go with Samuel. Ariana says she loves Samuel’s tone and voice and KJ’s runs were so precise. She would go with KJ. John says KJ and Samuel had chemistry and KJ has great vocal technique and huge runs and she is magnetic. John says Samuel is emotionally invested and he sings with connection and compassion and they both nailed it. The winner of this battle is…Samuel Harness! KJ is available to steal or save. KJ says it has been an honor and she thanks them all. Team Kelly’s advisor is Jason Aldean and her first pairing is Girl Named Tom vs Kinsey Rose and they are going to sing Seven Bridges Road by Eagles. Kelly advises Kinsey to dial it back at the beginning and Girl Named Tom work on arranging the song with the band. Jason says he was really impressed and this could be a more memorable performance and Kelly is stoked to see this performance. Girl Named Tom and Kinsey take the stage for their performance. Blake says Girl Named Tom and Kinsey should sing together all the time. Blake says Kinsey has so much character in her voice and Girl Named Tom together was incredible and they are great. Ariana says Kelly arranged the heck out of that song and Kelly says they did it. Ariana says she would lean slightly to Girl Named Tom. John says it was inspiring and beautiful and he feels a little more connected with Girl Named Tom but Kinsey is a great soloist. Kelly says she is proud to have Girl Named Tom and Kinsey on her team. Kelly says each person in Girl Named Tom is a great singer and Kinsey has so much soul. The winner of this battle is…Girl Named Tom! Kinsey is available to steal or save. Kinsey does not get a chance to speak and Kelly hits her button to save and John hits his button to steal with Blake right behind. John says he is not the obvious choice, but he wanted to honor how amazing she was. John says he thought Kinsey had the best voice and she does not deserve to go home. Blake says he did not have a chance to get her and this is her chance to escape. Kelly says she is so excited to keep working with Kinsey. Kinsey does not know who she wants to work with and she says oh my gosh. Kelly wants to say one thing and Ariana adored her voice and she presses her button to steal as well. Kinsey says Kelly saved her twice and she is staying with Team Kelly! Team Blake’s advisor is Dierks Bentley and his first pairing is The Joy Reunion vs Peedy Chavis and they were given the song Joy to the World by Three Dog Night. Dierks says Joy Reunion blend is impressive and Peedy is so unique and refreshing. Blake advises Peedy needs to matches The Joy Reunion’s energy for the performance. Dierks says they all have great voices and energy. Blake says whoever you cannot take your eyes off of is who is going to win this battle. The Joy Reunion and Peedy take the stage for their performance. Ariana says everyone sounded incredible. She is obsessed with The Joy Reunion’s harmonies and Peedy was really cool. John says they truly felt the joy and the energy was infectious and it was really fun. Kelly says that was fun and she loved the harmonies and she does not know what to say about Peedy. Blake says The Joy Reunion is smooth and flawless and pitch perfect and then what the heck Peedy? It is just a gift. The winner of this battle is…Peedy Chavis! The Joy Reunion is available to steal. The Joy Reunion says they viewed Peedy as a son and they are proud of him. Ariana and Kristin are waiting for their next pairing of Chavon Rodgers vs David Vogel and they are going to sing Sugar, We’re Going Down by Fall Out Boy. Kristin says they need to concentrate more on the enunciation. Ariana gives some tips on specific lyrics and arrangement. Chavon and David take the stage for their performance. John says that was really good and Chavon has a strong voice but he needs to be more clear on pronunciation. He loved David’s clarity and it connected for him. Kelly says that was one of her favorite battles. She says David does have a lot of clarity and Chavon has more of a low end and she does not know who to pick. She would go with Chavon. Blake says it was such a good performance and blend and if he had to pick he would go with Chavon. Ariana says this is so hard and she was looking forward to this performance. She loves the low end in Chavon’s voice and she loves David’s tone. She says they are both talented. The winner of this battle is…David Vogel! Chavon is available to steal. Chavon says thanks Ariana for seeing something in him and he loves her and he is so appreciative of her. Team Kelly has the final battle of the night with the pairing of Jeremy Rosado vs Jershika Maple and they were given the song Hold On by Justin Bieber. Jason gives some advice on technical aspects. Kelly wants them to work on using dynamics. Jeremy and Jershika take the stage for their performance. Blake says Jershika blew the roof off the place and Jeremy did a great job and stepped up to the plate. He would probably pick Jeremy. Ariana says that was an incredible performance and they are both so good. She would go with Jershika. John was moved by the heart he felt. He says Jeremy’s voice has a silkiness to it and ridiculous range. He says Jershika’s runs were precise and tight and she is soulful and a damned good singer. He would go with Jershika. Kelly says they are two amazing powerhouse vocalists and they elevated each other. Kelly says the winner of this battle is…Jeremy Rosado! Jershika is available to steal. Jershika does not get a chance to speak and John and Ariana hit their buttons to steal. John says he loved her energy and he would love to have her. Ariana says she made runs look flawless and she would be honored if she picked her. Jershika now has to pick a coach. She says she picks…and we get To Be Continued. We will find out tomorrow night who Jershika selects as her new coach.
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    I have asked you awhile ago if you were doing survivor 41 recaps, you said you were going to try after being busy with BB. If have started I can not find them.any infomation on them would be appreciated.


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      I have them all on my DVR and will update them as soon as I can. I've just been crazy busy and I do apologize. The updater who has done past seasons is not able to do it this season. 

      If you want to post your observations for each episode, I can post my recaps into the threads you start. Please don't let my slowness keep you from doing your thing!



      Who is trying to juggle a lot of things and trying not to drop the balls...

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      Thank you for your quick response ,I understand you've busy

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      I  like to put photos of those who are voted out, but I will wait to 

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  7. This is The Voice! Let's get to the last of the Blind Auditions, starting with wedding singer Aaron Hines, a John Legend fan performing Heartbreak Anniversary (Giveon). He has a soft and creamy voice, with a slight sandpapery texture. He gets all 4 chairs to turn. John says he sounded like he knew what he was doing. Aaron sings a bit of All Of Me for John. Kelly loves his voice, very moving, sincere and intimate, but with big notes as well. I've navigated a comp before and am your Magellan for the show. Ariana says your tone stopped me in my tracks, runs were super clean. Blake says if you caught Season 20, I wasn't the obvious choice for Cam either but it worked out. I'm worried about you with these other three. Kelly blew off Texas, John talks too loud... And Ariana lacks confidence, Blake concludes. Ariana pulls out her vocal lunch box. Who you going to pick, John asks? I pick, Aaron says... Kelly! OMG, she screams! Each coach now has only one spot left. Will it be filled by the trio KCK3? Singing No Tears Left To Cry (Ariana Grande), the 3-part harmony surprises her. They're really good she says, before pushing her button, turns around and starts dancing. The other coaches concede the artist. This is the kindest thing y'all have ever done for me! KCK3 are a sister trio (Kyla, Chelsea, Kaitlynn) from Brandon, MS. They've been singing together since forever, and are 3rd generation singers. Ariana says she didn't even realize it was her song at first, she was taken by the harmony. You are the last slot on my team! Kelly says obviously Ariana, but also she already has a group. John says he wanted to leave their lane open. Blake already has a trio. Ariana grabs a mic, steps in onto the stage and sings in long, melodic notes, My Team Is Full! She then takes stands in front of Blake and drops the mic. The next artist is is Tommy Edwards from Big Fork, MT. A professional performer with his father, he's a family man himself, singing Drops of Jupiter (Train). His voice emotes honesty and energy. Blake says he likes that and follows it up with a button push. Kelly looks at Blake as if to press her button and he waives her off. John says I'll do it and pushes his button. No! exclaims Blake. Kelly says she was looking for more range. Blake said he heard Black Crows, a straight up rock guy lost in the music. Ariana says she loved his interpretation of the song. But I'm not going to pick as a side. John says you know how to make your presence felt, power, range, electricity. Kelly asks, who do you pick as your coach? Come on, Tommy Boy, Blake says. I pick Blake, Tommy says. Tommy Rocks, Blake brags before the Blake Cam. His team is full of every genre and he can't wait to get to work with his artists. My team is Full! Shadale is from Douglassville, GA who has been involved in music all her life, and traveled around the world with a gospel group. A single mom, she's singing That's What I Like (Bruno Mars). Kelly turns around after her first note and John soon follows. I turned first, Kelly makes sure John knows, even as Shadale continues blowing the roof off with her no-longer-blind audition. Blake says she would behis extra person if his team was not full. Ariana too - it should have been a 4-chair turn Ariana says you are an amazing vocal technician, sustaining gorgeous pure, vibrato notes. John says you put on a show too and it was so fun. Kelly says I was screaming, because Jesus told me, I was watching Bruno & Beyonce, sass and whit. Who do you pick as your coach? Without hesitation, Shadale says I pick John Legend! John takes to the stage to announce his team is full! Be brings back a golden oldy and sings the Welcome To Team Legend. You made your choice, now let's go win The Voice, welcome to Team Legend! Team Legend is full! Joe McGuinness is a 43yr old stop motion animator who creates short films frame by frame, as well as playing a lot of instruments (except bagpipes). He started his first band at 15 and dropped out of HS to hit the road. Singing Midnight Rider (The Allman Brothers Band), his voice is infused with a southern rock vibe, but he doesn't capture Kelly's interest. She says she loves a soulful rock voice but he was on 11 all the time. John says we couldn't hear the finer points of his voice. Parker McKay's whole life has centered on music. She moved to Nashville to pursue a career in country but realized her heart lay in pop. Her supportive mom's fire went out with dementia except when she sang. She passed but not before learning Parker would be on The Voice. Singing Slow Hands (Nial Horan), Parker's voice is full of enthusiasm and attitude. OK, says John. Kelly is in no hurry, soaking in the performance. When Parker throws in a little growl heading into the chorus, Kelly presses her button to claim her prize. She's thrilled that Kelly was her only option. John says how she soared on the high notes was really compelling. Kelly says I'm the obvious team for you. Kelly stands on the stage and yells out, My Team Is Full! She is joined by the other three coaches in celebration. The Blind Auditions are over! Let's take a look at the teams heading into The Battles! For Team Kelly, Girl Named Tom, Holly Forbes, Kinsey Rose, The Cunningham Sisters, Carolina Alonso, Jershika Maple, Gymani, Xavier Cornell, Jeremy Rosado & Wyatt Michael are joined by Aaron Hines and Parker McKay. For Team John, Jonathan Mouton, Keilah Grace, BrittanyBree, Jack Rogan, Samara Brown, Samuel Harness, Janora Brown, Joshua Vacanti, KJ Jennings, Paris Winningham & Sabrina Dias are joined by Shadale. For Team Ariana, Katie Rae, Raquel Trinidad, Sophia Bromberg, Katherine Ann Mohler, Halley Mia, Vaughn Mugol, David Vogel, Chavon Rodgers, Bella DeNapoli, Jim & Sasha Allen & Ryleigh Plank are joined by KCK3. For Team Blake, Peedy Chavis, Carson Peters, Libianca, Wendy Moten, Kaitlyn Velez, Lana Scott, Berritt Haynes, Hailey Green, Clint Sherman, The Joy Reunion & Manny Keith are joined by Tommy Edwards.
  8. This is The Voice! The Blind Auditions continue with 20yr old Ryleigh Plank, singing Anyone (Demi Lovato). Kelly is the first to turn around, followed by Ariana at the chorus. She has a lot of emotional honesty in her 2-chair performance. Being a singer/songwriter has been her dream since she was 6, though life's experiences led her to experiencing depression and anxiety. Since leaving HS, she has discovered who she is. Ariana says she was brought to tears, her vibrato was wide and beautiful, very moving. John says it was a challenging song and she had a few execution issues, but that's what coaching is for. Blake asks if Kelly has a chance? Kelly will always have a chance, Ryleigh says, I love her. Blake says these are the two coaches you should have. Who do you want? Wait a second, Kelly stammers, first, you look rad as heck. Your voice is incredible. And I have navigated (cheers) the competition. The obvious choice is Florida, but this jacket would look good on you. Ariana pulls out her vocal lunch box. Who do you pick as your coach, John asks? I think I am going to have to go with... Ariana! I'm sorry, Kelly! Blake tells Kelly her problem is she's offering an artist from Florida a coat. Next to navigate The Voice stage is Jershika Maple from Killen, TX, a security guard by day for a tech company. She is power with a wand, but singing is her passion. Inspired by Rose Short, the Season 17 finalist has become a mentor. Jershika is singing Can You Stand The Rain (New Edition), with a beautiful intro run, a deep, creamy lower vocal, and hints of strong power that she finally lets loose, triggering Kelly and John to look at each other and press their buttons. Kelly starts to talk and Ariana interrupts to say her low tones were so beautiful, she loves every part of her voice. John says she was ready for the moment, a powerful, electric performance, the challenging high notes. Kelly says you're so light and that smile. At this point it's about picking songs, I can help you maneuver through this competition. (she didn't say it, Blake whispers to Ariana). She shows Jershika the turquoise team jacket and John pulls out his boxing robe & sings. Jershika picks Team Kelly! We have a steal, Blake jokes! The next artist is Manny Keith, a huge Grande fan. His dad is a musician and his mom a dancer, but he was shy as a kid. He started dancing in middle school instead of sports, & discovered his passion for singing. His mom died of cancer but is still supporting him. Singing Break My Heart (Dua Lipa), his vocal is light and energetic, soft and confident. Ariana tells Blake he's good so Blake turns his chair. He has a fun stage presence that entertains the audience but does not turn any more coaches so he's stuck with Blake. John says Manny's voice is warm and inviting. Ariana starts to speek and Manny admits to being the biggest Ariana Grande fan. His tone reminded her of JC from Nsync (I love JC, Blake claims). You don't who that is, Kelly accuses. I hope to steal you, Ariana says. Blake says you say you're the biggest Ariana fan. Blake turns around to an audience member who earlier had claimed to be the biggest Ariana fan and asks, are you going to just take this? Blake says he thought Ariana would challenge him. You have a great singer. Welcome! Blake tells Manny to go over and say hi to Ariana. He can't believe his first hug after Covid is Ariana Grande! Austin Perario was in a boy band as a teen signed to a label, but despite a couple singles and videos, it never went anywhere and it hurt his self-confidence. He is looking for a coach that will help him learn how to struggle with confidence. Singing This Town (Niall Horan), Austin has a soft, boyish voice. He wins over the audience but the coaches aren't biting. He gives a disappointment sigh. Ariana says she could hear the nerves but maybe a different song would have showcased his voice better. John suggests raising the key - you can hear the nerves down where he was signing. Kelly says he has great tone, he could picture the beautiful scene behind him. Boogie Boarding KJ Jennings loves wake-surfing, dirt biking and bee-keeping, all of which has prepared her for the stage. Her mom is a music theater performer and she studied music in college. She is singing Put Your records On (Corinne Bailey Rae). Boogie Boarding KJ Jennings loves wake-surfing, dirt biking and bee-keeping, all of which has prepared her for the stage. Her mom is a music theater performer and she studied music in college. She is singing Put Your records On (Corinne Bailey Rae). Blake says you have a cool voice, very floaty, the run in the first half made us go woah. Once you get past the nerves, you'll be killer. Ariana loves her tone and choices. John says you were so charming and inviting, an adventurous singer, bringing Jazz to pop. You bring light and energy to the stage, John continues. Kelly asks, who do you pick as your coach? I would love to pick Team John! Some more artists that earned single-chair turns: John chose Sabrina Dias from Brazil, who sang Garota De Panema (Girl from Nowhere, Antonio Carlos Jobin), and Kelly turned for 17yr old Xavier Cornell, who sang Teenage Dream (Katy Perry). Libianca moved from St. Paul, MN to Cameroon when she was 4 yrs old. They had nothing she was familiar with from her short life in America but she became exposed to African music. She returned to America at age 13 but her social skills didn't fit in. So she started singing and people took notice. Singing Good Days (SZA), Libianca has an easy flowing voice, that flows like velvet and Ariana turns around and lets out a squeal. Blake presses his button for this smooth vocalist. Kelly says her runs down low was so warm. John says the song made it tough to hear every aspect of her voice. Ariana says that song is so unique and she did a beautiful job making it her own, your sat in your low range but you sprang into your higher range at the end. Blake says I am obviously the coach for you. Why, Libianca asks? Let me think about that, he says. Blake says there's nothing Ariana can't sing - she picks her performance. You are just like her, so much control and volume, and my job is to help you be the best you can. Libianca says that somebody said something that gave her a sign, and I asked god to give me a sign. OK. So Blake, I'm going to go with you! Ariana is crushed, and Blake is gloating. Kelly is stunned. God was speaking through our Cowboy, John says. Libianca tells Carson that what Blake said is that his job is to help her become the best at what she does, and he's going to help her do her thing. John jokes that god came down with tablets and said, pick Blake! Baseball was always Jared Brasher's true love and he planned for a career in the majors. He was drafted by the Washington Nationals but released 2 years later and had to find a new way to make a living. But through it all, singing was a passion he never pursued. He has never performed live before, but he's singing Drunk On Your Love (Brett Eldredge). He has a deep country voice, singing in a mid octave. Blake encourages Ariana to push. He waivers on some of the stretched out notes and is disappointed when no one turns. Blake says you have a great country voice but you never felt comfortable, you couldn't control it. Kelly says you can't teach confidence like you have. Ariana says you have a special tone but there was a little control missing, but you knocked it out of the park. John tells him to commit to his music the way he committed to Baseball. Next up is 18yr old Sophia Bromberg. She's learned a lot in her high school music program but she has struggled with believing in herself. She turned to music during her recovery and has grown a lot, now hoping to inspire others who are struggling to open up to a friend. Singing Heather (Conan Gray), Sophia offers a light, nuanced vocal w/a lot of movement on her voice and she hits one run triggering immediate turns from Ariana, John and Kelly. Wow, Kelly says. Sophia hits a high run and Ariana drops an air mike. Then she goes falsetto. Ariana says there are so many people in your throat box, beautiful, interesting and well oiled. Color and entertaining plus whistle notes. John says you have all these things you can and my job is to help you figure out how to use it to connect and tell a story. You paint with your vocal chords, Kelly tells Sophia. Ariana says my team is a canvas, so you can paint your way over here. Blake says I didn't press my button to protect someone already on my team, but who are you going to pick as your coach? Sophia says I would be lucky to work with any of you but the coach that I pick is... Ariana! Blake tells Ariana that watching her win a 3-Chair turn is like watching one of his kids graduate. You are so charming and infantalizing at the same time, she replies. What does that mean, Blake asks? It means you talk to me like a child. Oh, I do that, Blake agrees. He and his brother started a rock band when they were kids but that's not the musical direction this artist ended up going in. Singing Mack The Knife (Bobby Darin), he's rat pack from head to toe. Ariana & Kelly love it and they both press their buttons for Wyatt Michel. The more Wyatt listened to Jazz and big band, the more he realized playing in grungy dive bars was not for him. Sinatra was the original holder of the nickname, The Voice. Blake says he was looking for a little more personality and one of these girls will bring it out. John says it was a little too spoken and it wasn't clear what your singing voice was like. Ariana says you have a time capsule in your throat, transporting me to another time, joyous and warm. We can navigate where you want to go together. Kelly says your voice is a timeless classic and nobody on the show will sound like you, plus we would sound amazing singing a Frank & Nancy duet in the Finale. John asks, who do you pick as your coach? My GF is a huge fan of Ariana but I have to go with my gut and pick Kelly! Performing makes 20yr old Alexandra Stojack happy. In HS, she learned hear brain was too big for her skull and that threatened her life. She had brain surgery to enlarge her skull and she was able to find a new voice singing. Performing The Way I Am (Ingrid Michaelson), Alexandra delivers a suave, coffee shop vibe that excites the audience but she's a bit pitchy and the judges don't appear to be interested, leaving their chairs unturned. Kelly says she has a cool sound and vibe but it was a bit pitchy. Ariana says the yodeling thing was technically impressive but nerves got in your way. John says come back, you can do it. The final Blind Audition tonight is BrittanyBree who started singing in church at age 5. Her life changed after having 2 daughters and now picks boxes on an assembly line and a second job as assistant adjuster. But she's still dedicated to the church and singing. Performing outside of church for the first time, BrittanyBree sings Call Out My Name (The Weeknd) with soul, passion and a juicy vocal. She hits the chorus and immediately Ariana and John turn around. Another power note turns Kelly. Blake throws in for a 4-chair turn! Ariana starts out babbling. You are unbelievable, your tone, fullness, soul, texture, every choice you made added emotional value. John says your voice just grabbed us, your energy flows from the stage. I know what it's like to step out of the church for the first time. You are such a great storyteller, Kelly starts. I was going to say that, Ariana interjects. Yeah, Kelly says without missing a beat, but I did. Blake nearly chokes on his "juice". Kelly says I was already in and just listening when you hit that chorus. OMG! Kelly continues rapidly, I've on the show before and know how to navigate (Ariana and Blake toast each other), and if your voice isn't in the finale, something's wrong. I'm worried about you, Blake says, you could really screw up - you need more stability than Kelly. No one is more the poster child of stability than Blake Shelton, Ariana teases. Kelly abandoned her home state, Blake says, John probably hasn't been in a church in 30+ years, walked away from it. Ariana could be the greatest coach ever seen on The Voice. Or, Blake continues for BrittanyBree, she could be the worst we've ever seen. In fact, I'm leaning... I on the other hand have been here forever and would be honored to be your coach. BrittanyBree says this is so hard, John! Team Kelly has 2 spots left, and includes Girl Named Tom, Holly Forbes, Kinsey Rose, The Cunningham Sisters, Carolina Alonso, Jershika Maple, Gymani, Xavier Cornell, Jeremy Rosado & Wyatt Michael. Team John has only 1 spot left, and includes Jonathan Mouton, Keilah Grace, BrittanyBree, Jack Rogan, Samara Brown, Samuel Harness, Janora Brown, Joshua Vacanti, KJ Jennings, Paris Winningham & Sabrina Dias. Team Ariana has only 1 spot left, and includes Katie Rae, Raquel Trinidad, Sophia Bromberg, Katherine Ann Mohler, Halley Mia, Vaughn Mugol, David Vogel, Chavon Rodgers, Bella DeNapoli, Jim & Sasha Allen & Ryleigh Plank. Team Blake has only 1 spot left, and includes Peedy Chavis, Carson Peters, Libianca, Wendy Moten, Kaitlyn Velez, Lana Scott, Berritt Haynes, Hailey Green, Clint Sherman, The Joy Reunion & Manny Keith. The final 5 spots will be filled during Tuesday's final Blind Auditions, so be sure to join Morty's TV as the coaches select the last of the Top 48 artists!
  9. You may have noticed, it didn't pan out this season. Despite weekly requests, BB fans were not in a Meme-generating mood this season and we received only one entry over 12 weeks. For that reason, I pulled the plug on the contest. I do want to thank Melynda Hartnett Baker from the Morty's TV group on Facebook for her one entry. I'll have to think hard whether I want to bring the contest back for next summer. If you have any thoughts as to why it did not work out this season, please feel free to share them with me at contact.mortystv@gmail.com. Fuskie Who always thought memes were a fun, creative and accessible way for any BB fan to share their thoughts and offer commentary on what turned out to be an extraordinary season...
  10. yay, won my vote!! Will likely be back for Celebrity edition but hope it's not as bad as the last one.
  11. Welcome to the Results for the fourteenth AND FINAL cycle of the Morty's TV Big Brother Season 23 Monopoly Game! It is too late to play along but we'll be back for Big Brother Season 24! Note: A cycle is an eviction cycle (HoH, Noms, Eviction). For this first period, the cycle refers to the two night premier. It's the Finale and emotions were raw this week, in the BB House and in the Jury House. Who will claim the top prize on the Monopoly board? Board Events for this Cycle: These are the routine events in the Big Brother House (and their values). Some events increase (+) your balance, some events decrease (-) your balance, and some events can go either way (+/-). An event that does not occur does not impact the account balance. HG Token wins Final HoH Part I (+$500): Xavier HG Token wins Final HoH Part II (+$500): Azah HG Token loses both Final HoH Parts I and II (-$500): Derek F HG Token wins Final HoH Part III (+$500): Xavier HG Token HG Token is evicted (Bankrupt): Azah HG Token HG Token is chosen for F2 by Final HoH (+$500): Derek F HG Token wins Big Brother Season 23 (+$1000): Xavier Chance Cards for this Cycle: Chance cards are drawn when BB throws in a twist we didn't anticipate. This week's Chance cards (and their values) are... HG Token is the first to drop in the Final HoH Part I comp (-$500) : Derek F HG Token wins Big Brother by 6 or more votes (+$1000): Xavier Each cycle there will be different Chance cards as we identify fun and unexpected ways to earn bonus money with your HG Token. HG Token Results for this Cycle: This table reflects the net amount earned or lost during this cycle for each HG Token. HG Token - Cycle 14 Alyssa L $0 Azah A $0 Brent C $0 Britini D $0 Christian B $0 Claire R $0 Derek F ($500) Derek X $0 Frenchie $0 Hannah C $0 Kyland Y $0 Sarah S $0 Tiffany M $0 Travis L $0 Whitney W $0 Xavier P $2,500 As in the BB House, the Azah HG Token finished the game strong but ultimately came up short in the end. Derek F's inability to win a comp. And with Xavier not only winning Big Brother Season 23 but doing so unanimously, his HG Token won the cycle in grand fashion. Player Results for this Cycle : Each player's HG Token was seeded with $500 to start the game. The Cycle total reflects the total money earned or lost during the current cycle. The HG Token Balance reflects the current account balance for the player at the end of the cycle. Player HG Token Cycle 14 Total Player Balance Dade Xavier $2,500 $11,000 Fuskie Derek F ($500) $3,050 MamaLong Azah $0 $0 Sheldon Britini $0 $0 gishy333tx Kyland $0 $0 zzzing904 Frenchie $0 $0 BeastModeEMT Xavier $2,500 $9,581 CrazyBBFan Tiffany $0 $0 Usnavi Christian $0 $0 scifichick Claire $0 $0 titanjo Derek F ($500) $5,700 LisaEagan Tiffany $0 $0 jayman228 Brent $0 $0 Kelso Xavier $2,500 $7,700 Katfer Azah $0 $0 Brittleeg2387 $0 $500 Jpef Xavier $2,500 $7,650 It's been a terrific season for the Morty's TV Big Brother Season 23 Monopoly Game. If Azah could have pulled out Final HoH Part III and had chosen Derek F, she could have scored enough Morty's TV Bucks to win, since she didn't, I can say... Congratulations to BeastModeEMT with the Xavier HG Token and a final balance of $9,581! You win the Grand Prize of a T-Shirt from Morty's TV! Congratulations also to Dade, who also selected her hometown hero Xavier as her HG Token. She never wavered in her Day 1 selected HG Token and actually earned the most Morty's TV Bucks ($11,000), but as a volunteer for Morty's TV, she was ineligible to win the Grand Prize. Runner up is Kelso, who just eeked out 2nd place from Jpef by just $50 in Morty's TV Bucks. Congratulations also to titanjo and Brittleeg2387 for ending the game without going Bankrupt! And thank you to everyone who played in the Morty's TV Big Brother Season 23 Monopoly Game! Tell your friends and join us for the next round of Morty's TV Big Brother Monopoly!
  12. Tonight, either Azah, Xavier, or Big D will win Big Brother. Previously, on Big Brother, at the beginning of the game Azah, Big D, Hannah, Kyland, Tiffany, and Xavier formed an alliance and they finally arrived at the final six. After Tiff and Hannah went in a double, Xavier claimed all the power at final four. Wanting to take Kyland out, X convinced Derek that was their best path to the end, setting the stage for Big D’s big move. With only X, Azah, and Big D remaining, the guys planned to make it to the end together. At a bouncy boat battle, Xavier got a big win for the boys. Now with part two looming, X needs Big D to win big, or will Azah derail their plans and earn the right to cut one of the guys. Tonight, after three months of blood, sweat, and tears the final HOH will be crowned. Then, the jury will return to choose who will win and find out who you voted as America’s favorite HG. All this live, right now on Big Brother! Julie welcomes us and she says for 85 days these three had each other’s backs, but tonight all bets are off. Who will be the final most important HOH and who will they take to the final two and who will come out victorious? It is time for part 2! This competition is called Four of a Kind. They will get a question and they have to choose the four HG to answer the question. The HG who answers the three questions the fastest will win. Who were the four individuals to win a wildcard competition? Azah says she has been studying her ubtt off. She knows the answer is Christian, SB, Tiffany, and Claire. She sets the answers but they are not lined up correctly and she has to try again. Who were the first four individuals to survive eviction night on the block? She answers Britini, Big D, Alyssa, and Hannah, but she has one wrong. It was SB and not Big D. Who were the first four individuals to use any POV? The answer is Derek X, Britini, Kyland, and Xavier. She rings in and she is correct. She does not feel confident in her performance. Big D is up next and he has a final two with X and he just needs to win this so he and Xavier control everything. Big D knows who it is and he says it is hard to spin the wheel and stay balanced. He rings in and is correct. Big D is on question two and he knows the answers but his knees are getting sore. He gets it correct. He is on the last question and he is not giving up. He is right on the last question and he says this was the hardest competition of the summer and he never gave up. It is time to reveal the times! Azah finished with a time of 13:19. Derek finished with a time of 20:22. Azah has won part 2 and will competing against Xavier in part three! Azah says she gets to compete in part three. Now there is only one competition standing between her and final two. X bring it on! Xavier says if Big D had won part 2, they would both be guaranteed final two, but now the pressure is on him to guarantee is in a chair. Big D is frustrated because he gave it his all and he failed. Hopefully he can work his magic with both Azah and Xavier and they will take him to the final two. Julie says Big D’s fate remains in the hands of housemates and someone should probably remind him of that! Xavier and Azah are talking about the jury and that Kyland might be adding fuel to the fire of a bitter jury. Big D does not know how he feels about Azah and Xavier cuddling because he carried Azah and she owes him a seat at the end. Azah is talking to Big D and Xavier and she asks who Big D would want to sit next to and he says he would have stuck to his deal and went with Xavier. Azah says they have been best friends but he has let her know he does not respect her game and that hurts. Big D says they have to remember this game and Azah says she played the game differently. Big D says he will stick to what he first initially started and Azah says she does not win next to anyone. Big D says he made the deal with X at the beginning. Big D says he is annoyed he would lose to Azah and he is not kissing anyone’s ass. He says he will leave it at that and leaves and mumbles about her asking stupid questions. The next morning Azah and Big D says Azah was feeling a certain way last week and Azah says they should not talk game the rest of the time. The begin arguing. Azah says she always thought her and Big D as a F2 was a done deal but she is now considering options. Big D is talking to Xavier and he tells him he is over Azah’s shenanigans. Xavier says they should distance themselves from each other. Big D says suddenly because she has X alone she does not know where her mind is and he walks out. X says I was just shaving. Xavier is talking to Azah and she says she has been thinking and she says if she wins she is taking X. X says he will take it. He says he has Big D to thank because he has done a lot of damage and he is kind of in a great position. Azah says she has been reflecting on things and she wants someone in the F2 chairs with her that thinks she deserves to be there, and clearly that is not Big D. She thinks X is that person. Azah talks to Big D and she says last week it was not even a question, but at this time she would take Xavier. Big D says he kept her there because she would keep him and she would have made the right choice. He says he regrets evicting Kyland. Big D says he cannot believe he is hearing this from Azah. He says he has carried her to F2 and now she is saying this? Has she lost her damned mind? Big D says he still cares but he tells her you’re welcome for getting you here. The jury is sitting around waiting for the next juror to join them. Tiff would like to see Big D and Britini does not want to see Azah. Claire thinks they would be smart to take X out. Ky comes in and everyone is surprised. Tiff asks what happened and Ky explains what happened and they are shocked Big D was the one who cast the vote. Britini asks what everyone thinks is important to voting. SB says X has played a great game and Hannah says X cultivated great relationships. Derek X says X was a bartender who did not know how to make a martini. Claire thinks everything X did was intentional and he is playing the game he meant to play. Ky says strategically he was not great but X threw three competitions. Tiff says X never had any heavy competitions. They asked what X’s big move was if he had not taken Ky out and SB says he never had to. SB says it will be interesting for X to defend his game. Derek X says Azah would have his respect if he took out Xavier. Britini says taking out Hannah may have been good for Azah’s game after all. SB says Azah made good relationships but she does not think that was strategic. Claire says she played a passive game. Derek X says Azah and Big D are similar. Ky says Big D was able to keep secrets. Alyssa says Big D’s social game was very strong. Derek X says the best thing about Big D was his name. He thinks he was carried. SB says Big D acted like he was not in an alliance. SB says Big D was not throwing competitions, he just was not able. Tiffany says Big D always tried his best and Ky says he was committed to being a good team member. He says it is hard to ignore that they are in a historic season and he wants a strong winner. Ky says Hannah and Big D were interchangeable players and Tiffany says that is insulting. Ky says Big D was doing things on purpose and he thinks the biggest thing at this stage will be their answers to questions. Alyssa wants to hear the speeches as well. It is time for part 3 of the HOH! The competition is called Houseguest Headliners. They will watch a series of short promotional videos featuring a jury member. Each short will make three statements and they have to pick out the false statement. Video #1-It’s Briti Cent: first woman to win a veto competition, nominated for eviction exactly three times, and evicted with the same number of votes as Christian. X answers B and Azah answers C. X is correct. Video #2-It’s DX Abs after Dark: won twice as many veto comps as HOH comps, became Lord of the Latrine before winning his third competition, and he shot last during pool sharks. X and Azan both answer B. X has 2 points and Azah has 1 point. Video #3-It’s Sarah Beth with Beth Sarah: 2nd best time in BB high school hijinks, evicted by a 5 to 1 vote, and fell after Kyland in a Whale of a Time. X answers C and Azah answers C. The answer is C. X has 3 points and Azah has 2 points. Video #4 with Crystal Claire: she eliminated in the first round of Name that Croon, given her Duke of the Deck punishment by Ky, and she only won one veto comp this summer. X answers C and Azah answers C. The correct answer is C. X has 4 points and Azah has 3. Video #5-Alyssa the Amazing: did not play in a wildcard comp, received only one vote to evict her first time on the block, only HG evicted to walk out without a bag. Xavier answers B and Azah answers B. The correct answer is B. X has 5 points and Azah has 4. Video #6-Turbo Tiffy Toes: 4th houseguest evicted unanimously, played in both comps with the word cocktails in the title, and became a have-not after Frenchie was evicted. X answers A and Azah answers A. The correct answer is A. X has 6 points and Azah has 5. Video #7 -Green-Han group: won crash boom pow with a score of 7, received zero votes to evict her first time on the block and she was evicted her third time on the block. X and Azah both answer A. The correct answer is A. Video #8-Spoken word with Kyland: when everyone entered the high roller’s room the first time he was wearing a costume, winner of the sixth hoh competition, and competed in the first three veto comps. X and Azah answer C and they are both correct. X has won the final HOH with a perfect score! Xavier will now get to decide who will sit next to him in the final two and who will be the final member of the jury! It is time for Xavier to make his decision! Big D says they have been here since day one, they have a bond, and they have black ops together. He says he hopes he keeps him to ride this out together. Azah says she appreciates and respects the game X the entire time and she is grateful he started the Cookout and she is comfortable with whatever decision he makes and she wishes him the best. Xavier says he loves them both as people and they have been loyal and he is grateful to that. He says Big D we came through the doors together and it is only right they leave together. Azah has been evicted! Azah gives hugs and she immediately heads to the door and joins Julie on the stage. Azah tells Julie is sad because she got tripped up on the first question and she thinks that is what cost her. She knew what she was in and she knew she had to win to get F2. Julie asks when she knew she tripped up on the question and Azah says she knew the answers after she thought about it. Julie asks who she would have taken to F2 and she says she would have taken Xavier because she admired his game and he did not deserve third. Julie asks if she would have gotten any votes to win and Azah says she might have but it would have been a close bet if she had gotten any votes. She says she is comfortable knowing she was not the person to win this season. Azah could not believe the Cookout made final six. Her final thoughts is she sorry she is not more exuberant but she is thankful for this opportunity and she messed up in a lot of ways but there is reason she was there. The jury is on stage and they are ready to meet their final member. Tiffany thinks it might be Derek F and Sarah Beth hopes it is Derek F. Juror #9 joins them and they see Azah. Julie tells them X was the last HOH and he chose to evict Azah and take Big D. Time for jury questions! Ky’s question is for Xavier: what is the most important factors they should consider? X says not only who played a great game, but who did not make things personal. He played a strong game but did not belittle anyone. Brit’s question is for Big some of the jury feel the decisions made were for others, but what did he do on his own. He says he started the Cookout and he came to every HOH with facts. He made his own decision and he put the Cookout before himself. Alyssa’s question is for X: what was his biggest mistake in the game? X says his biggest mistake was probably getting too close to his teammates. He said seeing every one of his teammates walk out the door was crushing. Hannah’s question is for Big Some of the jury feel he was here for fame over game? He says he made it clear he wanted to be on tv, but he wanted to be here to help his mother and he made it clear every single time he was after the money. Derek X’s question is for X: name one or two game moves he made. X says blindsiding Ky and helping to get rid of DX because he knew he would go after the Kings team and they were moves that benefitted himself. SB’s question is for Big other than starting fights, what did he specifically contribute to getting the Cookout to the final six. Big D says he made sure to always be in the HOH’s ear and drop facts or anything that would benefit himself and his alliance. Azah can ask one question to either X or Big D. Azah asks Big D why does he feel he deserves the money more than X? Big D says he deserves the money because he put in the work. He always gave his all no matter how many times he fell. He thought about his alliance. Time for their final speeches! Big D says he has said a lot so he will say this…he came into the game knowing what he was going to do. He knew he had to start an alliance and he worked really hard in the game and never gave up. He hopes they will vote for him. Xavier says this season they were challenge to balance their team interest with their alliance and from a team standpoint, they got two team members to jury, and from an alliance standpoint he threw when he needed to and won when he needed to. X won three HOH comps and three vetoes and seven competitions total which is the most this season. He was the ultimate pawn being nominated five times with one vote cast against him. He feels he played an all around good game. Time to vote! Britini congratulates both of them and she loves them and she is impressed someone was on the block more than her and she is voting for who she felt played the best all around game. DX is voting for himself and Travis and says if you are not going to play the game then why are you here. SB says they both had her completely fooled and she congratulates them. She is honored to cast this vote. Claire says congratulations. She loves three things her family, Big Brother, and being proven wrong. She is not sure she’ll get the third one tonight. Alyssa says Big D way to represent the Big Blue Couch. Tiffany says they look amazing and she is proud and she is voting for who she thinks played the overall best game. Hannah says hi big brothers and congratulations to both of them and she is beyond honored to be part of the Cookout and her vote may not come as a surprise. Ky says he is keeping 92+8 for them all and his note is there are more important things than money in life. Azah says she loves them both and she knew what she signed up for in the F3 and she gives them all the love and grace. Julie greets Travis, Frenchie, Whitney, Brent, and Christian. Julie says they got to see everything The Cookout did. Julie says Christian found out as soon as he got home, what did he think? Christian says it was the greatest alliance in BB history. Christian says the Cookout was not playing for themselves, but for all of them and it was the first time in 23 seasons. X says Christian said everything perfectly and he misses Christian. Julie asks Brent was surprised him the most when he went home. He says a lot of things, but Tiffany Tiffy-toes! He did not know she had such a big impact and influence on the game and kudos to her because he did not see it coming at all. Julie says when Tiff got evicted she said she came up with the master plan, did she ever think it would not work. Tiff says no as long as they followed it. Tiff says it was the fan in her, but she is glad she had strong people around her to help her stick to the plan. Julie turns to the Lord of the Latrine and she wants to know if it ever crossed his mind he was a pawn. He says he was love struck from week one and he was not thinking straight. He never suspected he was ever getting played. He thought he had the game locked. Julie wants to reveal other secrets. We see Hannah admitting she is a master’s student to become a doctor. SB reveals she is a forensic chemist. Britini is a fourth degree blackbelt. Claire talks about being able to do complex math problems. Julie asks Claire what secret is most surprising and she says finding out about Hannah. Big D reveals that his father is Joe Frazier. X says what?!? Julie says speaking of secrets Xavier…lots of speculation about his occupation. X says he a fully licensed attorney. Julie goes to Britini and she asked for time on tonight’s show to reveal something else. Britini says when she was 22 months she was diagnosed with autism and she did not disclose that because she wanted to see her for her and not as a label. Julie goes to Ky about his exit and how tense it was and does he regret making it personal? Ky says he was asked about this a lot and it was not an insult to him or his family, but it was more for the statement and he is sorry he felt that way. X says he just did not wonder why his nephew’s name brought up. He cannot remember fully what was he said and he did not see a point to bringing up his nephew’s name. Julie goes to Hannah and she asks how Hannah is feeling and she says the moment of them shutting the door on day 65 and realizing that one of the Cookout was going to become the first black winner of BB and she is proud to be part of this season. Time to reveal the jury votes! Britini has voted for Xavier. Derek X has voted for Xavier. Sarah Beth has voted for Xavier. Claire has voted for Xavier. Alyssa has voted for Xavier! Xavier has won Season 23 of Big Brother! For the record, Julie reveals Xavier was a unanimous winner. The top two vote getters for America’s Favorite Houseguest were Derek X and Tiffany and it was a very, very close race. Julie reveals that Tiffany is America’s Favorite Houseguest! Tiffany thanks America and Xavier says this is surreal and he would not have been here without every one and they all made history this season! Big D is very happy because he wanted to come in here and fight for his mother and he got to do that!
  13. 9:20am BBT X tells DF it's the last day in the BB House. We may never set foot in this house again. DF says he should take the train back to Philly (he hates flying). X says he'd never make it - the trip is 4 days! DF says he could watch the whole season then. 9:26am BBT On the LR couch, DF can't wait to find out everyone's real ages and jobs. X is in the KT. Azah is alone on the Big Blue Couch in the YBR. 9:38am BBT Azah comes into the KT and asks X to time her speech as she delivers it silently to herself. She asks him to count more quietly (she can't hear herself think). 9:41am BBT DF and X are playing cards at the DT while Azah has returned to the BBC in the YBR to read her HoH letter. 9:45am BBT After FotH, DF and X say goodbye to Live Feeders. Azah is still in the YBR in quiet thought. DF says he has to get used to wearing a mask again and covering his mouth/nose when he coughs/sneezes (that should be standard behavior anyway). 9:53am BBT Azah joins X/DF at the DT. I'm going to miss you guys, she says to Live Feeders, knowing every single detail of my life and accidentally seeing her boobs. She immediately regrets saying that. X wonders if BB will tell them when feeds shut off. 10am BBT, DF says. 9:59am BBT X challenges the KT corner camera. DF says it's being aggressive. DF and X continue playing cards while Azah watches. It is symbolic of much of the Live Feed experience, watching HG doing absolutely nothing (with apologies to Seinfeld). 10:00am Big Brother Season 23 Live Feeds are over. On behalf of the entire LFU/TFU team at Morty's TV, thank you for trusting Morty's TV to be your source of Live Feed updates. Join us tonight live in the Morty's TV Fan Forums & Chat for Survivor & the live BB23 Finale!
  14. 9:41AM BBT Derek and X are playing cards in the kitchen. Derek sings “It’s the final countdown” Sarge: please stop singing Derek: Colonel gonna wear me out one last time (X and DF both have called Sarge “colonel” this season while most others called the voice “Sarge” Azah is still alone in the YBR WBRB Bubbles and when the feeds return, the guys are thanking the live feeders. 9:45AM BBT In the YBR, Azah is finally practicing a final two speech. She seems prepared to make her case! 9:50AM BBT Azah joins the guys in the kitchen. They all say goodbye to the live feeders. Azah: I’m gonna miss you guys knowing all about my life! Oh my gosh. This is crazy, guys. This is a crazy once in a life experience that I never thought I would have. I am happy we were able to have an alliance that centered around a mission and that we accomplished it! I love you guys! Love you all! It’s weird not having you around because I would feel like I could talk to you guys. Derek: same
  15. 8:57AM BBT Xavier is making breakfast in the kitchen. Azah and Derek are parked on the couches in the living room. Big D is sitting with his full arm inside his shorts. [I understand guys need to “reposition” from time to time, but I don’t understand why hands have to stay inside pants like that for long periods of time like they are glued or something. -ML] 9:02AM BBT Big D says he is excited to see Alyssa and hopes she is excited to see him. They begin laughing about all the lies and alliances they have discovered from the season. They laugh that none of the jury can be bitter because everyone lied and deceived. 9:05AM BBT Big D has finally removed his hand from his pants. 9:10AM BBT Big D is vacuuming the living room and Xavier is cleaning the kitchen. Big D screams that the vac is never charged. Xavier: well, it’s the thought that counts Xavier sits at the counter to eat his breakfast Derek: Thank you Big Brother. The vacuum is dead, but thank you. Oh my knees, my knees, my knees. They hurt! The annoying part is that they crack because they are knees. It’s annoying. Xavier: I wonder what time the lockdown will be. Derek: probably 10:30 Xavier: that’s what I was thinking Derek: you are making me want to go with the peroxide on it Xavier: I would go with what the medic said! Derek: I’m just tired of the hurting pain. 9:29AM BBT Azah is sitting alone in the yacht club bedroom swimming in her thoughts.
  16. A Final Summary from MamaLong: Wow! It’s been a remarkable season in so many ways. For the first time since the very early seasons of Big Brother, the houseguests were not recruited but were actual real fans applying (some for many years) wanting desperately to play this game. They hit the ground running, gleaming their play based on watching years of this game played by some of the very best. BB23 players mentioned some of the greats along the way, and we could tell right away that this season of HGs were truly here to play and hoping to win. This was the first season in history where the minorities outnumbered the caucasian players. The Cookout formed early with an unspoken bond then voiced their long term plans after Tiffany (the best player of the season, in my opinion) developed the master plan on a chess board and shared the details oh her plan with the Cookout one at a time. Each Cookout member had a side partner they would work with through the game so that once Cookout members were nominated, there were HGs they could “sacrifice” for the sake of “the mission.” What was the mission? Their mission was for an African American player to win Big Brother US for the first time in 23 seasons. Their plan went mostly to plan with just a few hiccups along the way. Ego fought with conscience and reputation fought with intent. In the end, the six African American players, two of which are biracial, made it to the final 6 players of the Big Brother Season 23. Each of the Cookout members expressed desire to play their own game but stuck with the mission of getting the Cookout to the end despite those individual personal preferences. Black Americans were being represented at a greater number in the game than ever before. They took notice and made it their intent to see their mission through. They HAD to accomplish this mission. Had they not formed an alliance from the beginning, it’s still very likely any one of them could have made it to the final three and won this game. After all, the season was full of solid players. Yet, they knew this season was a genuine opportunity to make sure they make a valid statement….to make a long overdue point. The point was beautifully made. America had the opportunity to watch six very different black Americans work together and play this game for the whole, rather than solely individually. Despite their differences, and even their dislike for each other, at times, they held strong to a “higher purpose.” They each referred to their group representation and entente (the treaty that their main plan is for an African American to finally win) as more important than the individual goal they each represent. The final three consists of Xavier, Derek F., and Azah. The recent drama unfolding between the final three centers around Big D (Derek Frazier). Xavier put it well when he said last night that Big D expects Xavier with an unmatched level of entitlement to take him to the final two no matter what. Azah was originally tied to taking Big D to final two but revealed to Derek recently that she was having a hard time with the thought of sending Xavier out third when she feels he is most deserving of the three to win the game. Tonight will be the grand finale in which Azah and Xavier will compete in part 3 of the final HoH. The winner will get to decide which HG they are taking to the Final Two where a jury of their peers will award $750K. At this point, it is either Xavier’s or Azah’s game. Azah has a chance to win, but I am not sure she truly sees that ending...or even wants it. If she pulls out this final HoH competition and wants to win, she will take Big D to the final two. I think it is indisputable that Xavier has the odds at pulling out a win in this final competition. He would win BB23 next to either Azah or Big D. Now we wait for this final competition and all the exciting conversation from the jury house while deliberating the outcome. America is currently voting for America’s Favorite Houseguest (one vote per day per device) with Derek X and Tiffany leading in the polls. Some polls have Derek X in a huge lead over Tiffany, and some polls have Tiffany leading the race. Tonight we will find out the winners. Personally, my only huge disappointment this season would be a Big D win for anything. Stay tuned! -MamaLong
  17. 11:22PM BBT Azah and Xavier are talking in the YBR about game show hosts that have passed away. They discuss Steve Harvey (still living). Azah says she really likes Steve Harvey "even though he wears those cat daddy suits." Xavier: Steve Harvey suits. I'm like, bruh, these are all for old pimps. Now one young person can wear these suits. Only old men. Only Kings of Comedy can wear those suits. Azah: I forgive you. Xavier: What did I do to you? I'm sorry! Azah: You took the movie life (she is joking) Xavier: Pretending to be Big D "It took me 84 days with you finally and I've come around to see that that I am not taking it from you, I just need it for me." Azah starts laughing, "I don't know why. Really, I just can't forget that, and I am not supposed to be the one to hold grudges" Xavier: You do. You are on his level now (mocking Big D again) 'Do you know what I did on Day 12 for you?' What? It's Day 81 and you want me to remember what you did for me on Day 12? Fuck that shit! Azah: I can't. Xavier: I can't with him! Azah: Hoaw are you doing? You are alsways asking how I'm doing. How are you doing? Xavier: I'm good. It's been long days. Tomorrow is a big day. It is what it is. I'm gonna go out there and do the best I can. If works out, cool. If it doesn't, well, that's part of life. Derek F is getting ready for bed in the bathroom. Xavier: I don't knoiw. The funny part is, he is counting on me to take him in any situation, but I still feel I could lose to him. I feel nervous. Not necessarily nervouse in the sense of like Damn! If I lose, it's not just my family, it's his family, too. Azah: WHat do you mean? Xavier: They have been watching, too. (implying DF's family knows they had a deal since day one) I could let them down. Azah: How do you let them down if you lose? Xavier: It's just pressure. We have to see how tomorrow's competition goes. He's like, 'All of Phylliy is on your back. My mom is on your back.' I get it, man. It's like fuck my family. 9Xavier is tired of Big D always putting himself and his own family before Xavier's) Azah: Oh man! Do you think his family hates me? Xavier: No. None of our families hate you. You are a wonderful woman. Truthfully, I think America is probably rooting for you. Azah: Oh, I don't know if America is roothing for me. I don't know what America is thinking. I think they think... Xavier: Who cares whatever America is thinking. We played the game to get here. First, second or third? I'm like, you do not know what that shit in there is like. 11:30PM BBT Xavier: Let's say something happened to went out at 6. I think he feels I wouldn't even be looking out for him. (Xavier says he would have helped Big D out with his mom because that is the type of man he is.) What is important is that Big Brother will crown the first African American winner tomorrow. That's pretty special. One of us will be the first in history, and that's pretty cool. I'm glad it's one of us three. 11:32PM BBT In the coral reef room, Big D is applying Neosporin to his knees. Back in the YBR... Azah: Oh Lord! Xavier: Lord, give me strength Azah: And that didn't help.....Big D is like, 'My mom is counting on you!' That makes me feel like shit Xavier: That's just Big D. Don't feel like shit. Azah: I just feel like I'm a...I just can't help it Xavier: Don't feel like shit. Everything happens for a reason. It's probably making for some good tv, and that's what is most important. Azah laughs and then sighs (this is all still weighing pretty heavy on Azah) Xavier: It's pressure, but I don't know. I would rather you put that pressure be on me instead of anyone else. I don't mind it. That's why Big Brother was like get your ass on that block. Chopping block roulette, let's see how you like pressure; get your ass up there. 'Okay! Damn!' Then double eviction, 'Get your ass up there. 'Okay! (pretending to cry) I get it. You want my ass out. I'm like, damn, I just came to play a game with my firends..I didn't even know some of them would be my friends. Some of them pissed me off....Like that mother fucker Britini. I love her, but Damn It! Those mornings be rough some times.' I'm like what the fuck. Damn girl. I love you, but where do you get it? (he mens her energy and how it was always so extra.) Oh, I can't imagine her as a kid. 'Mommy, I'm up. I can't sleep! I'm hungry, but my tummy hurts' (pretending to be her mom turning to her dad) 'Honey, it's your turn.' Azah: Oh, I get to see her tomorrow. They joke about the things Britini would eat, "If someone did not cook for her that was her meal." Azah: Okay, you're right. I just wouldn't look at it. Xavier: I tried not to look at it, but it would singe my nostrils. Azah is laughing, "Leave her alone" Xavier: You sound like Chris Crocker right now, "Leave Britney alone." 11:45PM BBT In the coral reef room, Big D settles in the for the night and says some nightly prayers, thanking God for his experience. "In this moment Lord, I am not reaching out for your help. You have a path for me, and I will follow it. Please make sure I get back home safe. I just want a safe flight home. That's all I ask for. I will not ask for green. I'm not that type of person. Thank you. Just make sure I get back safely home.' Back in the YBR, Xavier and Azah are talking about Claire and how funny she was when she would give her "church hands" They both laugh over how good Claire was with those church hands. They laugh over Claire's vacation Bible school stories. They laugh over the Spongebob Forest story. [I never heard that story] Xavier, "Kids, today we killed Spongebob for Jesus." Azah: It was excuted terribly (they describe Claire saying holy water was in the water guns and the ministers chased the Spongebob to cleanse him) Azah: CLaire was like, what the fuck!?! 11:48PM BBT Xavier and Azah laugh repeating all of the drama Big D has injected the past few days. Azah: Am I crazy? He would say stuff and then when I say to him, 'you said..." and he would be like, I never said that Xavier: This damn entitlement! Where do you get that shit. Ain't anyone entitled to shit in this game. 'But you know, you can't break a deal.' Dude, you had a deal with Ky and you broke it. We have all made deals and broken them. Azah: I'm just like, I am a loyal mother trucker....Cool, but take your shit and don't get mad if someone takes it differently. If Tiffany told me, I'm thinking of taking Big D, I would be sad, but I would be like, okay. Xavier: Yeah! Thank You! Azah: Would I be sad? Pissed, probably. But, rationalizing it, if he said, 'I don't think Tiffany should be third.' I'd be like, okay, fine. I got to sleep on it again tonight. 11:51PM BBT Xavier: You got a long day tomorrow. We have to sit in a room tomorrow. Don't let him confuse you. Get some sleep. Azah: Okay. Good night! The Final three are all tucked in their beds. This is the first night that Big D has not slept in the YBR. I guess he wants to pour one last teaspoon of salt in what's left of his attempt to slash open Azah's heart with a jagged edged guilt knife by denying her his obnoxious snoring on this final night in the BB23 house. [Damn. Given Derek Frazier's behavior this season, and especially today, I hope Azah does win and that she does take Derek F so he can lose next to her. He is a piece of work, that man. After the finale, I hope to never see him on my BB screen again. -MamaLong]
  18. 11:03pm BBT The card game has broken up. Azah is in the YBR. DF is sitting in the left F2 chair as if imagining what it might feel like). The HG look to be winding things down for the night.
  19. 9:30pm BBT DF/X are playing cards at the DT while Azah watches. DF thinks he looks like a mess like he's in an insane asylum (he's certainly driving live feeders crazy). 10:38pm BBT X takes a break to visit the WC. DF waits for him to return, shuffling the cards. Azah has been painting her nails while the boys play cards. 11:00pm BBT It's the last night in the BB House and DF/X are playing cards while Azah watches. It hasn't been announced, but the feeds will likely come to an end late morning BBT with a thank you watching and sign-off by the Final 3.
  20. That's all I can say, you know? I'm here. I have not did anything to jeopardize your game. I have always supported you. I have followed through. I'm sorry I did not make deals you offered me. I just didn't want us to be in a situation where we coming down to the six where you would have to pick between like me and Tiffany because you guys had a deal. I’m just telling you what she said...she said you guys had a final two. Where you would have to deal with that pain. That's why even when I was on the block I was like hey it is what it is. I’m not going to be upset. It is what it is. So I never thought the person I made a deal with and my friend will be at the very end. Never expected that. So I meant that. If I had no deals, you and me skipping down the yellow brick road. Absolutely. Like I said, I just hope you find it take time to think on it. If you've already made your decision, that's fine. Like I said. I've already stopped with my speech because I can't even…. I can't even think about it cuz this has torn me apart a lot. (He begins crying again) Come on Derek! Stay strong. Okay, so I just wanted to tell you that. I been staying to myself because I am trying to process everything….because I wasn't expecting it. I could see myself getting blindsided by X. I just didn’t see myself getting blindsided by you. So that’s why it just; it killed me. But you came in by yourself. You don't owe me anything. Everything I did, I do not regret. I do not regret putting myself as a pawn. I do not regret telling people I will be up as a pawn in order for you not to be a pawn. I do not regret those things; never have. Do I talk in the heat of the moment. Yeah. Sometimes I am NeNe Leakes. We don’t have to talk about it anymore. We can just enjoy our night. Azah: I am still struggling with everything. I want to make sure that you feel...or try to get a perception of where I came from. I knew I signed up for being third. I knew there was no shot at final two unless I won it for myself. But, I only have one option….one place to place my bet. Your bests are placed on two people. It would be so much simpler for me if I could hear from you where you want to be. Derek: Azah, listen. If I had the power...if I could. If I had no deals… Azah: But I know you are saying that same thing to X, too. Derek: Hold on. I am not getting with X. I already made that bet day one. I wanted you to get here. If I did not want you to get here,....Your game was in my hands... and I did not close that door for you. Azah: Big D, at final five, it’s the same thing. It’s the same on both ends, but right now we are here. When you are telling me ‘I can’t believe you are doing this to me’ but you also saying ‘make sure you keep your final two deal’ That’s hard for me. Derek: I am only having this conversation to make sure we are clear. Azah tells Big D that she has made a concerted effort to not get in the way of his deal with Xavier. 8:04PM BBT Xavier walks into the YBR saying he is trying to get his things together. Azah: Are you okay. Is your eye okay? Azah tells X that his eye is red. He tells her it's fine. Xavier leaves Azah and Big D to continue this conversation. 8:11PM BBT Big D continues repeating all his points and Azah listens. [She is exhausted by all of this. Me too!] 8:16PM BBT Derek F is crying on Azah's shoulder in the most dramatic way you could imagine. [Okay, I am out for the night. I'll try to post tomorrow, if possible. -MamaLong]
  21. 7:36PM BBT Xavier invested a lot of time cuddling with Azah and explaining his game to Azah. She listened intently. Derek F is playing cards alone at the table with his shades on. 7:45PM BBT Derek F heads into the YBR to talk with Azah. Azah: Hey, Boo! Derek: How is your honeymoon going? Azah: Honeymoon? I ain’t on no honeymoon. Derek: I’m here to give my pitch Azah: Okay Derek: I already gave Xavier my pitch. Alright, Azah…. I have been with you since the beginning of this time In-N-Out and a tears and tears; cries and cries; laughing and laughing. I am at your mercy at this point, and I hope that with all I have done for you, it has been enough for you to find the graces in your heart to consider me if you do win. I hope my resume shows that I have been loyal to you I have kept to all my words that I said I would do, and I have been a dear friend of yours this whole entire game. I understand this is a game. I understand everyone has their personal beliefs and what they think is best. If you find yourself... if you find yourself looking at the whole entire summer and everything we have been through, and all the ups and downs and the times I have always been there and had your back and all the Tiffany ….the Tiffany fiasco's and Britini fiasco's and everything, plus more. I would hope that you would make a consideration and taking me if you do win. If you don't, I understand. I can't say I'm going to recover easily, but at some point in my life I will. And I do care about you, and I'm glad that I got an opportunity to find a friend in this game because coming in here I was expecting to make no friends at all. So keep that in mind, and that's it. I want to just keep it short and sweet; nothing crazy and thank you Derek hugs her and begins crying. He then thanks her again and leave her to wallow in her own tears. Azah sits in silence for a bit, rubbing her face and thinking about the possibility of having to make a tough decision should she win part three of this final HoH tomorrow. Her moments of peace do not last long.... 7:55PM BBT Big D enters the YBR, again. Derek: You know, I have been in here with you since day 1.
  22. 6:12PM BBT Xavier: In both situtations, he was expecting me to win and take him to final two. 'She earned that shit, Dude. You can't say she didn't earn that.' I'm not trying to downplay. I am just stating objective facts. X tells Azah that he confronted Big D on guilt tripping Azah [I did not witness this, y'all. Maybe I missed it, but I do not believe Xavier at all. -MamaLong] More jury love 6:33PM BBT The Final Three are getting their weekly COVID tests. It is currently Xavier's turn.
  23. This is The Voice! Last night, Holly Forbes received a 4-chair turn, but Ariana used her Block on John. Who will she choose as her coach? Holly grew up listening to Kelly Clarkson. She chooses Team Kelly! And Ariana wasted her Block. Rookie move. Next to audition is Bella DeNapoli from a large, loud Italian family in Long Island, NY. The family performs together on weekends, but this is her chance to prove she can stand out on her own. She is singing a slowed down acoustic version of Damage (Danity Kane). Blake points to Ariana and says that's you, but nobody is pulsing her button. Then all of a sudden, John, Kelly and Ariana all turn their chairs at the same time. Bella can't believe it. John says it was such a fun song choice. Ariana loved the arrangement. Kelly tells Bella she thought she was at her show, her voice was fluid and emotional, a lot of emotion. Ariana says you can do a lot of different things with your voice - you started out one way and ended up something else. And your outfit matches my gift. Blake says he didn't turn around because she's in Ariana's lane. Who do you pick as your coach? Holy Cannoli, she says, I have to go with Ariana! 23yr old David Vogel has never done anything like this. Singing Breathin' (Ariana Grande), he's going to flip it into a rock song. She is his dream coach. It takes a second for her to recognize the song but his light, pop masculine vocal has all the coaches moving. Ariana has her hands hovering over the buzzer, then right at the end, she turns her chair around. She thought it was a really unique take. His life has been around music since he first started playing drums at age 9, as a musician, singer and producer. Kelly said it took her a minute to recognize the song, it was so cool. Ariana loves his tone and style. She waited to the last minute to keep the others from turning around to challenge her. Just saying she's on The Voice is crazy to Janora Brown, who sings with her mom at home, at church, to get attention from her older sister, who struggles with Lupus. Her mom donated a Kidney when she ws a teenager, but it didn't take and she's been on dialysis for 6yrs. Singing Angel Of Mine (Eternal), Kelly and John don't wait to turn around as Janora's voice rings out, soft but powerful, growing in intensity and beauty. John says her version was so cool, they both turned when she hit that tight run, then she kit those high notes. Kelly says it takes a lot of control to do those runs, and she immediately starts coaching. John wants to set up a blueprint that impresses at every moment. Blake says I'd recognize your voice on the radio any time. Janora picks John! 21yr old Kaitlyn Velez grew up watching the show, it's an out of body experience being here. She's been writing songs for 7 years as an expression for her insecurities growing up Latina in a white community. She has six songs on Spotify for Artists that been successful. Singing Please Don't Go (Mike Posner), she's giving it authentically her with a moody, acoustic feel. The song feels a little tentative and unsure but that is by design. John likes it and Blake is intrigued and they both turn their chairs. John thought her vibrato was distinct but she needs to open up a little more. That's what coaching is for. Kelly liked her tone and was waiting for her to open up. Ariana says her voice has lots of personality. Blake says I could tell you're a songwriter comfortable with how you express yourself. John says she has an interesting perspective and could carve her own niche. Who do you want to carve a niche with? Kaitlyn says she's shocked this person turned but grateful. Kaitlyn chooses to join Team Blake! Though she is going to need a step stool to be able to talk to him. Blake also turned his chair for 19yr old Berritt Hanes, who sang Mercy (Brett Young). It was a literally a dream come true - he was granted a Make-A-Wish and he wished to be in the audience for The Voice, but it wasn't granted due to COVID. Then his mom sent in a tape. Clint Sherman sang Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison) and drew Blake's chair turn. He sang it for the brown-eyed girl to whom he just became engaged. Blake says he has a cool vibe and cool voice. Next to audition is 22yr old Kayla Lilly who gestated to Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston. She went to a low income boarding school and took advantage of all the musical opportunities. Now she will be the first from her family to graduate college at Temple University. Singing Never Enough (The Greatest Showman), her voice is immediately impactful, declaring I have arrived, though she's a little pitchy, and none of the judges turn. Almost there, Kelly says. Ariana says her voice needs to be more consistent. John says it felt you weren't on sure footing until she started soaring on the high notes. Kelly says you sounded confident but maybe if she took a chance on the song it might be more believable. She begs Kayla to come back. John says she was in her head too much. Marie (14) and Macie (15) are the Cunningham Sisters from Hamilton, OH. They are pop gospel artists who sing together in the church. Their mom is a white redhead and their dad is an albino Black man. They look neither white nor Black and that led to bullying in school. Dad encouraged them to own who they are. They are singing Never Alone (Tori Kelly) because no matter what, they have each other. Marie starts with a low vocal, but it's Marie's mid-octave tone that gets the coaches attention while Dad dances in the wings. They start delivering some youthful power vocals, energetic and fun, and John and Kelly both turn their chairs. Ariana says your tones are both very distinct. Kelly says we get it, you're from Ohio, John's from Ohio. Kelly says she started singing in church. John too. John says all the other teams have duos or trios. You would be my first. Kelly says you may have a lot in common with John, but you'll learn new stuff with me. She says you could have careers as individuals but you need to learn how to blend as a duo. Ariana asks Macie & Marie, who do you pick as your coach? Dad doesn't know what they'll do. They say in unison, we pick Kelly! Kelly can't believe it. OMG, what? Kelly takes over Blake's Win Camera to introduce the Cunningham Sisters. After 40 Blind Auditions, here's how the teams shape up. Team Kelly has Girl Named Tom, Holly Forbes, Kinsey Rose, Carolina Alonso, Gymani, Jeremy Rosado and the Cunningham Sisters. She has six spots sill open. Team John has Jonathan Mouton, Keliah Grace, Jack Rogan, Samara Brown, Samuel Harness, Janora Brown, Josh Vacanti and Paris Winningham. He has 4 spots still open. Team Ariana has Katie Rae, Raquel Trinidad, Katherine Ann Mohler, Hailey Mia, Vaughn Mugol, David Vogel, Chavon Rodgers, Bella DeNapoli and Jim & Sasha Allen. She has 3 spots still open. Team Blake consists of Peedy Chavis, Carson Peters, Wendy Moten, Kaitlyn Velez, Lana Scott, Berritt Haynes, Hailey Green, Clint Sherman and The Joy Reunion. He has 3 spots open.
  24. 5:43PM BBT Azah and Xavier are sleeping cuddled up on the couch. Big D just finsihed brushing his teeth in the bathroom. 5:47PM BBT Derek F is now playing with the deck of cards in the coral reef room. 5:46PM BBT Xavier wakes up to see Azah staring at him with eyes of affection, "Are you okay?" Azah: yeah Xavier: What's on your mind? Azah: I think you should tell me what's on your mind first. Xavier: Truthfully, I really have to pee. X gets up and heads to the loo. 5:50PM BBT Xavier is back and resumes his Azah-cuddle position. Azah: I want to know what's on your mind. Xavier: I just went pee. Other than that, I did not have a thought at the moment or even an emotion. If you want to talk about something, maybe it can trigger me (his thoughts) and I can come back to it. Azah: This is hard. Like I feel like I am certain at something, but I am back and forth. I want to know your thoughts on something. Xavier: okay Azah: I feel like when I signed up for this I knew what I was getting into, a shot at third, so yeah. THings that happened this past week, it's kinda hard to not reconsider. I was able to squash some things with Big D this morning. Xavier: Mm Hm Azah: If we were down to two, I want to propose to him that third is something I can be at peace with. But, part 2 puts you in a different mindset somewhat. If that makes sense. X: Mm Hm Azah: I do want to propose to Big D that your fate is in two people's hands. But it is very undecided to us, too. With final three, we had an opportunity to get first or to get third. But, if we asked him, taking deals, taking relationships, even best friends, off the table, who he would like to sit next to. No pressure; nothing. If that person wins, you are taking them. That person is at peace with that.....That would give me peace. X: I see what you are getting at. Azah: I would be okay. But, I want to know how you feel about that. X: I feel that would not change things. If you say deals and friendships aside, I don't think his answer would change. Azah: I feel he is so disappointed in me. Xavier: He is still playing the game. He is still fighting. 5:57PM BBT Xavier: Knowing him the way I do, he is still gonna say me. He doesn't want to lie to you, so he may flip it around. You know? He is upset, but that's not, you know, either of our faults. We both won a competition. He didn't. It's not being rude to him. I mean I see what you're saying (Big D) but she won part 2. If she wins third, she has the right to do whatever the shit she want. Azah: I knew that if I wanted to get to the final two chairs, I would have to win part three. I was guaranteed third, but if I want to go to final two, I have to win third (part 3). That's what it was for me. Xavier: I know. From his perspective, he feels like I win, I take you. You win, you take me and he gets third. If Big D had won, what would be the situation? Azah: I would be sad, but I would be... Xavier: You wouldn't be guilt trippin! He is saying you need to make a decision. But he wants you to take him. For me, I don't see how he can feel it is unfair. Xavier tells Azah that sometimes the way Big D talks it's like neither of them (X or Azah) would be there if not for Big D. "That's not fair. But if Azah doesn't take you, you are gonna feel some kind of way even though you didn't have a deal with you. What do you expect?" [Okay y'all, I need to interject. When X talks with Big D about this, he does not offer those words at all. He listens to Big D bitch about Azah, but he does not interject those ideas. He simply talks about the final two he has with Big D. That's it. Xavier is making Azah believe that he sides with her when talking with Big D about this situation. Nope! Xavier is trying to protect his positiion with Azah just as much, if not more, than Big D is. -MamaLong] 6:07PM BBT Xavier goes on to say to Azah that he has shared all the same sentiments with Derek F that he has told her about Azah earning her place and deserving the right to make up her own mind if she wins. I have not witnessed this at all. As Xavier told Azah this morning, he hasn't spoken much with Big D today. When they did talk, Big D was relaying the conversations he had with Azah and X was all ears.
  25. 4:44PM BBT Feeds return quickly. Azah: How are you feeling for tomorrow? Are you nervous? Xavier: Not super nervous. It's just another comp. What about you? Azah: Similar Azah tells X she is not worrying about herself. 4:46PM BBT Big D heads to the loo. 4:50PM BBT Big D is getting a plate of food in the kitchen.
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