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  1. Happy to help. :-) 8:58 PM BBT Nicole, Holly, and Michie sit down for their final gratitude circle and Taco Tuesday. [I'm out for the night -MamaLong]
  2. 8:30 PM BBT Nicole heads in to the SR for some lettuce. She finds rotten produce, instead. "Big Brother. I'm sorry. You probably spend a lot of money on this stuff and we let it go to waste. Especially me, because I don't eat....well, I eat it, but I don't prepare it." She finds a really rotten banana hidden under some other things and holds up for us to see. Nicole starts laughing Nicole- Children, let this be a lesson on using protection. (she holds up a good banana) This is the before and (now she shows the rotten one) this is what happens when STDs strike. No bueno.......NO BUENO
  3. Just before 8:00 PM, Michie starts drumming in the kitchen and yells to Nicole to come join them. Nicole runs out and begins dancing all around Holly is dancing while sitting on the kitchen couch....very fun to watch. Michie is frustrated that Big Brother hasn't come through with the ingredients requested for Taco Tuesday. He is heading in to DR to ask....they may just have to use the chicken they already have.
  4. The HGs have been speaking in British accents all afternoon. Nicole is dividing up the Big Brother mugs, steins, and cups so they can each take some home. They determine that many kleptos have hit the supplies, as the amounts and colors have dwindled. Nicole announces to Big Brother that they are taking them and she is sorry of that makes her a klepto. Holly went to the DR to request specific colors. Nicole- I have to remember to pack up Amber...Okay, I have my shaker bottle, my steins, my Big Brother mug....okay.
  5. 6:25 PM BBT Michie and Holly are getting very smoochy and saying how much they are looking forward to tomorrow and no more cameras, no more microphones. Michie- collectively, you and I will have $565,00....who do you think is going to win Holly- between me and you?....being realistic or optimistic...I'm trying to remain optimistic Michie- I'm terrified Holly- I'm rethinking things I should have done and things I should have thought through a little more. I'm trying to just remain optimistic and keep the attitude that whatever is supposed to happen is what is going to happen. But I honestly think I know who the jury would vote for. But I don't know who Kat would vote for. Kat is in there with all of our alliance so everybody know I prioritized her over everybody. Sick! You know? I wonder if I should tell Nicole about that. Michie- I don't know. Because if Kat hasn't said anything. I don't think you should tell Nicole Holly- I just don't want her to feel blindsided....if everybody knows 6:50 PM BBT Nicole is stressing over packing and getting all of her things back to Long Island. Michie walks through and tells her not to stress. Nicole- I don't know how airplanes work. Do I check this bag. Can I check it like a suitcase. I came here with one checked bag and one carry on bag. So, what do I do with this (duffle bag) This is a disaster. I need a shoe suitcase. I need a third bag. Big Brother? Can you help me? Michie and Holly are going to start preparations for the final Taco Tuesday Nicole- Michie?! I'm confused. Michie- what are you confused about? Nicole- How am I going to walk through the airport with all these and this and that Holly- you use a cart thing Nicole- and where do I get that Michie- at the airport Holly- we will take you to LAX....we will help you
  6. I'm sorry if I let you guys down. I'm so, so sorry. Fam, I am so excited to see you tomorrow. Ugh! I'm so excited. I just hope you aren't disappointed in any way. That's my biggest fear. I've done my best. But you guys know me. I just wish my best was better. So, I'm sorry. 6:15 PM BBT Michie and Holly are cuddling in the treehouse after a chess game.
  7. 5:10 PM BBT The feeds are back They feed the fish then Michie and Nicole begin a game of chess while the fish watch. 5:58 PM BBT Nicole is packing up in the RV and crying while talking to her family. Nicole-Damn it! I really wanted to help them out. Mom, Dad, Meg Kay...I'm so sorry! I'm sorry that I failed. I'm sorry I wasn't faster. I am sorry that I'm not as smart as I think I am.
  8. 2:29 PM BBT Nicole, Holly, and Michie are getting ready in the bathroom for DR sessions. The begin speculating if the jury members get to see the HOH competition, parts 1 and 2. Michie- I think they do. I really think they do. Nicole- Okay, I'm ready for the lockdown...I mean, DR session.....You don't think we are meeting anybody do you? Michie- no Nicole- good because if I met someone in this outfit I would not be happy 2:35 PM BBT Nicole gets called to the DR Nicole- Okay Big Brother, but I'm sorting..... there in two shakes of a leg. I don't know why I just said that. I don't say that. Holly giggles- two shakes of a leg Michie- have fun in the DR and the SR Nicole- I will When Nicole leaves the bathroom Michie says to Holly- "We are almost there....almost there." Holly does not respond 2:44 PM BBT Nicole goes in to the storage room Nicole- Big Brother, I forgot to ask... Can I get my luggage? I would like to start packalacking. That would be tremendous The feeds cut to fish and WBRB The feeds are back showing Nicole packing up the tie dye items. Nicole- maybe I should just wrap them up there. Good way to be productive. Michie- Good idea Nicole- Good idea Michie- Good idea lad The feeds cut again (seems the HGs are preparing for an HOH lockdown When the feeds come back it is obvious they got a warning to head to the HOH Michie- alright we are trying to hurry Nicole- we are doing the best we can, and not try to be horrible people....it's a good project for me to do in the HOH Room 2:57 PM BBT The feeds cut to animals at the Rancho Coastal Humane Society
  9. Michie says that even if Holly gets a new boyfriend out of the house, they will still travel together. Nicole starts singing "Third Wheelin'". They plan to visit Tommy in New York in December so they can enjoy all of the decor. Nicole- it really is magical Michie- I've never been there during the holidays Michie then starts talking about how when Tommy won HOH, Christie, Tommy, and Nick started talking about Tommy's aunts, but the feeds cut to keep us from the details When the feeds come back, they are still discussing Tommy's "Aunt Ro" Michie- I feel bad for them...that's got to be rough (Tommy's family) Nicole- that's fucked up Holly- yeah, Nick was like Aunt Rose for Christie 5:55 PM BBT Holly- we get to see everybody the day have tomorrow. They are going to have so many inside jokes (the jury members) Michie- or they will hate each other Michie's eyes start watering while he cuts an onion Holly- it's okay, babe...It's all going to be Nicole- it's okay Michie Michie- I shouldn't have talked. I should have kept my mouth shut while cutting this onion, but I started blabbing away. Holly- so who do we think hates each other...let's play.... Michie- Jack and Jess Holly- for sure Michie- Nick and Jess Holly-yeah...Do you think Jack and Christie are friends or hate each other? Nicole- that's what I was thinking...I was gonna say Jack and Christie Michie- Christie and Sis...I could see Christie being very flirty with Jack and Sis not having it Holly- I wonder about Christie and Sis' relationship outside of here. Like was it just game.... Michie- I think it was game Holly- Kay will probably get really fed up with somebody Michie- Nick....she hated Nick...thought he was very disrespectful Holly- she hated Nick...she could not stand him...the way he talked about women's bodies and such [If they only knew LOL -MamaLong] Michie starts talking about Sis and how she expected every guy to be flocking over her...how she got so mad when other girls got attention from the guys Michie thinks the relationship between Jack and Sis was only because they were stuck in the house...that it won't exist outside of the game [I'm out for the night -MamaLong]
  10. 5:18 PM BBT Holly- you know I am going to have your back in here and outside of the house Michie- just wait....it"s totally different.... Holly- but I am very understanding...I hope you know that. Michie- well, we will see how understanding 5:23 PM BBT Nicole steps into the bathroom and whispers to herself, "Please God, let me convince both of them to take me." She heads back to the the kitchen and continues cleaning. Holly says she thinks she will help Nicole on the kitchen. She feels guilty having her clean by herself. 5:40 PM BBT Nicole and Holly reheat some biscuits and gravy. Nicole says it is so good. Michie listens to Nicole and Holly from the living room. He observes their playful interactions with some concern on his face. Nicole offers him a Seagram's (looks like maybe the Jamaican Me Happy Escapes bottles) , and he says "sure" decides to get up off the couch. Michie heads to the SR for a snack. Michie has a watermelon and prepares to make an omelet. Holly suggests he put gravy on top Michie- I think I'm going to do that
  11. 4:45 PM BBT Holly and Nicole are chatting about the HGs and their first impressions. Holly said she did not get good first impressions from Christie (that she was bossy) and Nick. Nicole said David was the worst first impression for her because he hid behind a door and scared the bejeezus out of her. Nicole said she didn't realize how much people were irked by Kemi. She mentions how Jack walked around like he was in charge of everybody [Yeah. We saw that, too, Nicole -MamaLong] Michie was getting ready in the bathroom and gets called to the DR, but he goes to the Target Room first and begins praying. 4:58 PM BBT Nicole and Michie head upstairs to feed the fish. Holly- they all got some Nicole- that's so funny...and we named him that before we knew he would be so obnoxious (talking about Michie the fish and how greedy he is with the food). Look how big he has gotten. It's insanity. Holly- look at his gut compared to the other fish Michie- he is at least two pounds Holly- his girth 5:08 PM BBT Nicole is cleaning the kitchen. Michie is being somewhat distant so Holly questions him Michie- I'm just thinking about a lot Holly- okay, well I was just checking Michie- I'm just trying to...you know, y'all are getting really close and I've been trying to join in to conversations. I'm just thinking about a lot, so let me be Holly- Okay, well you could talk to me Michie- I just feel like I can't get a word in edgewise Holly- that's how I have been feeling at times A bit of silence then change of topic They begin talking about the house decor that they want to take with them. Holly says she wants a deer head (from living room). Michie says it is doubtful because they are expensive...the chandeliers, too. Michie says that he got a hard no on the sticker on the Airstream. He says, "They are gonna try to give us suits." Holly- yeah
  12. 7:56 PM BBT Nicole is playing pool with the new pool sticks the Big Brother got the houseguests and doing her laundry. Holly and Michie are lounging in bed in the campsite area. Michie says he is going to heat up some steaks and work out. Holly says she is going to do a face mask and have some champagne, "I worked out yesterday for 10 minutes and 38 seconds." Michie tells Holly he is so proud of her. She doesn't respond so he responds for her "I'm proud of you, too." Holly says she thinks her mom and sister will be proud of her because they climb and she doesn't. 8:10 PM BBT Holly and Michie have joined Nicole in the BY Michie begins talking to Big Brother like Siri, "Do you have any fun facts that we should know?" [I'm out for the night -MamaLong]
  13. 4:52 PM BBT Production opened the backyard for them for 12 hours so they can do their laundry and enjoy some time outside. Nicole- Wow! I love it out here. This is Big Brother Nicole comments that if they ask her what makes her verklempt she would say the backyard. Holly- who is they? I've heard that no times. Nicole- like overcome with emotion Michie- is that a yankee thing? Because for sure I've never heard that [sheesh, I'm a Texan and have heard that word most of my life -MamaLong] Nicole then begins talking to Michie about how he corrected her use of the word deluded saying the word is delusional, Michie- I know it's a word. I never said it was a word....but delusional fits better Nicole- that's a lie.....no delusional is like you are imagining things aren't there and deluded is like your brain is watered down and you aren't seeing things clearly Nicole and Holly- "you're wrong" Michie- Hi I'm dumb They then begin discussing the word that Holly used about the tie dye items. She called them memoirs when it should have been momentos.
  14. 4:00 PM BBT Holly has been cooking breakfast for Michie. Nicole doesn't want to get out of bed. Who can blame her? 4:10 PM BBT Michie tells Nicole it's 4:10 and she is shocked. Holly made Nicole and Michie breakfast in bed. Holly made biscuits and gravy. Michie and Nicole both say it's amazing. Holly begins talking about having an elevated heart rate and mentions CO2. Nicole comments that it was weird...*then feeds cut to keep us from the details Nicole- I am gonna admit guys, I woke up very disgusted replaying the events of the last two weeks and the comp yesterday. My family is gonna think that I'm not okay Michie- that's how my parents are....my parents know me Nicole- if America...whoever, is like you idiot. You should have kept Tommy. Originally I had this vision of hugging my family like YAY, and now I have this vision of hugging them and saying I'm sorry. 4:22 PM BBT Holly- I have that same fear, just on the flip side. To walk out and have people be like, you shouldn't be here Michie- I'm scared...I'm very worried about how I'm depicted. I was doing well and then I was involved in a lot of drama. Nicole- we all were though. She says they could all be seen as villains Michie- judgment day is coming Nicole- I see what you're saying....my biggest fear
  15. 2:32 PM BBT Still no change. The only eyes open in the BB House are on the memory wall, a buck, and some inanimate owls. Oh, and the fish, of course.
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