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  1. 9:59 AM BBT Enzo: I have to go to the dermatologist. I feel like I have lost weight. I am pail, ail and frail. That's it. Nicole: Your skin looks good today. Cody: Two minutes until the feeds are done. Wait, when the feeds are done do we get laundry time? Nicole: That would be cool Enzo: Well, We have enjoyed watching you in your houses, too. They didn't know that. Cody: We have a screen in the lover's lounge, it's right above the door. You don't have any angles to see it. Nicole: Surprise Enzo: We got to see you. *feeds for the BB22 seaso
  2. 9:25 AM BBT Cody: We are saying goodbye to the live feeds very shortly. Is there anything else you want to say to the feeds, Nicole, we have 25 minutes? Nicole: Feeders, you guys are awesome Cody: Oh, here we go. Butt kiss...pucker up Nicole: you guys are awesome and I appreciate you guys....and I am terrified for later today Cody: (in full accent) You heard it here, Nicole hates public speaking.....I love to public speak. I am very good at this. I have practiced my whole life for public speaking. I took public speaking in college.
  3. 9:16 AM BBT Cody: This is the last of the Live Feeds. You guys have 35 minutes and then it will be gone until next year. And here comes Coconuts Nicole: I've been in the same clothes for 4 days.
  4. 9:03 AM BBT We have stars again on the feeds. 9:08 AM BBT Cody is brushing his teeth in the WA. Enzo is still in bed. Nicole is not on camera.
  5. 8:44 AM BBT We have stars on the feeds. 8:45 AM BBT The house lights are on, but the Final Three are in bed. 8:48 AM BBT Cody is getting out of bed. 8:52 AM BBT After getting a new battery, Cody has crawled back in bed.
  6. 12:24 AM BBT Enzo talks aloud in the WA 'If I kept Dave... If I kept Dave they would have made him the pawn for the season. All the big talkers would have been taken out with Dave next to him. I love Dave. It hurt me that I had to do that. So if I was sitting up against Dave, I was gone. That's why I kept Nicole. He had to go. I had to keep Nicole because she's a fucking target. People were going after her. I just need Cody to win tomorrow. That's it. That's it. And if he snakes me, he snakes me. That's it. I've been snaked before. That's how you gotta get me out. Trust me, I love Dave.
  7. 10:20 PM BBT Cody tells Enzo there is no way his suitcase is going to close. Enzo says he can't even fit everything, so he plans to just leave a bunch of stuff there. Nicole tells him that production said they can bag any belongings they are unable to pack into a trash bag, and they will get the items to them later. 10:48 PM BBT Cody is now in bed with the lights off and his eyes covered in the KBR, but he is clearly awake thinking about the finale. Enzo is just hanging out in the WA and possibly preparing for a shower. Nicole is not on camera. 11:05 PM
  8. 9:30 PM BBT Cody and Nicole are playing backgammon at the dining room table. The other two cameras are on stars. 10:09 PM BBT Moo-Lawn is requiring some surgical intervention. Apparently Enzo had a nail in his shoe and she sustained a critical injury. He wants to get the air out without damaging her, but the valve that releases air has been very damaged. Cody: You have to pull that black thing out. Enzo: I don't want to kill her. The guys begin releasing air from her leg first. Cody: She's tooting Enzo doesn't care, he is devastated over Moo-Lawn'
  9. 7:55 PM BBT Enzo is in the Love Lounge just hanging out. 8:24 PM BBT Half the feeds are on stars and the other two cameras are on Enzo in the Love Lounge.
  10. 5:43 PM BBT Cody is painting Nicole's right fingernails for her. He does the first two really well. He messes up the third one, and Nicole directs him to not put so much polish on the brush. He does the 4th finger and proclaims, "Nailed it" (shockingly, he missed the pun)..."this is my best work yet" Nicole: Good job Cody! Very Good! Nicole shows the cameras the finished product, "Cody didn't do that bad." Cody: Not bad by me. Not bad. Not bad at all. 5:48 PM BBT Nicole tries to fix her thumb nail, but can't fix it, "This one is

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