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  1. Poor Azah was moonwalking across the living room floor when she slipped and fell into the decor. She bruised her arm but is otherwise fine. 8:47PM BBT Azah, Big D and Xavier are cleaning the living room. Xavier finds a condom in the couch and starts asking who it belongs to.he throws it at Azah who said she won't need it "I'm not fornicating." Fortunately, it is still packaged and unused. While they are cleaning, they begin singing and dancing to Step in the Name of Love Sarge- Please stop singing [Okay, y'all. I'm about to lose internet, but I'll be back Monday night. -MamaLong]
  2. 8:00PM BBT Alyssa is painting Britini's fingernails. They are both talking about how nice it is to get your nails done in a salon but it takes too long [I agree, 3 hours to get a mani/pedi is just too much time. -MamaLong] 8:15PM BBT Hannah is talking with Baby D in the coral reef bedroom. She says Whitney still thinks she won't be targeted, so she will fight for HoH to make sure Whitney is not targeted. Hannah says she would throw it to the Jokers thinking they would not target them at all. Hannah told Whitney if anyone on their team needed to win HoH, it's her (Whitney). Hannah- if I am on the block with her, I could very well.. Xavier enters the room and breaks up the conversation. Baby D says, "Hey, we were making out in here." Xavier- watch your hands Xavier leaves Baby D (to Hannah) -So, I need you to convince Whitney to not throw this comp Hannah- are you gunning for it? Baby D- Am I? Hannah- I think you should Baby D- okay Hannah- Thank goodness Whitney can play in WIld Card; no matter what she is playing Wild Card
  3. 2:10PM BBT Xavier is talking with Derek X in the HoHR. They agree that Brent's plan actually made his eviction easier. Derek X- Travis set the bar too high for easy evictions 2:23 PM BBT Britini meets with Sarah Beth in the YBR. They are speaking in accents. Brit- here is my question to you: Do you want HoH SB- no Brit- I'll be honest, I haven't heard your name once SB- I don't think I need it Brit- Honestly, I don't think you need it either SB offers to throw the HoH to her if she wants it Brit- Sick! Britini says she is not sure if she wants HoH "I would love a week where I don't have to sit up there and worry about speeches." 2:30PM BBT WBRB Bubbles
  4. 2:05PM BBT Whitney comes into the bathroom with Christian. She is going to straighten his hair. Brent- I am now done with my one-on-ones Hannah- Oh, yeah. I was the last one. *WBRB Bubbles
  5. 2:03PM BBT Brent meets with Hannah in the bathroom saying it should be 7-4 and X is the only one who doesn't think that. Brent- I'm not counting on getting votes from Sarah Beth and Christian. I told everyone that I would get that bloodshed on my hands. I would put X and Christian up.
  6. 1:19PM BBT Brent and Britini are doing their one-on-one meetings today. Nothing has changed. Brent will be evicted on Thursday
  7. 10:13AM BBT Tiffany is reviewing a detailed plan with Kyland in the HNR to get them to final 2 using the chessboard saying she could not sleep at all last night until she was able to think up this plan. Kyland agrees it is the way to go [It should be noted that just before this meeting, Tiffany met with Azah and Big D in the YBR ironing out the plan for getting the entire Cookout to the finals. Azah was disconnected and Big D scolded her for her demeanor during the meeting, saying it seemed like she "gave zero Fs" Azah maintained that she can't ever do or say the right thing when it comes to Tiffany. -MamaLong
  8. 9:18AM BBT WBRB Bubbles for Wakey Wakey 9:33AM BBT The feeds return to all lights on in the BB House and HGs getting ready for the day. 9:40AM BBT Claire is whispering with Kyland in the bathroom. Britini and Azah are counting days and reviewing comps using Froot Loops on Azah's bed. Tiffany walks in the YBR and tells Big D that she feels good today because she had a dream last night that helped her see things clearly. Big D is thrilled that she finally sees things clearly. Tiff- I have a plan Big D- I love that Tiff- (whispers) I found a way to get Cookout to the end Big D- what do you think the comp will be tomorrow? The wall? Tiff- can we all get together? Big D- yeah, we can Tiff- do you have a plan Big D doesn't answer, "to get us one day to all go to church; I think I can make that happen; 'cause I would love that" Tiff- okay Tiffany leaves

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