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  1. 6:34 PM BBT The feeds cut to stars then quickly to animals at the Rancho Coastal Humane Society
  2. 5:55 PM BBT Still nothing going on. Nicole is still napping. Enzo is hanging out in the PBR. Cody is sitting at the dining room table playing with the backgammon board. 6:03 PM BBT Enzo is out of bed and joined Cody in the kitchen. He begins playing basketball. Cody begins complaining about the lack of information regarding the comp. Cody: If it's gonna be late......Like, What are we doing? Twiddling our dicks? If it's gonna be late at night, like how are we not allowed to know...? *feeds cut to stars Cody: They are doing this shit on purp
  3. 4:50 PM BBT Nothing is going on in the BB house. Enzo is napping in the PBR, and Nicole is napping in the CBR.
  4. 3:58 PM BBT Nicole is guessing that the part 2 HOH competition will be tonight around 8 PM or tomorrow. Nicole heads to the loo and complains aloud about her period. Cody: she is talking to herself in the bathroom.....oh my God. 4:02 PM BBT Nicole is napping in the Comic Bedroom now. Cody is frustrated that production will not tell them about the competition, "Why you give me no information?" *feeds cut to stars Enzo is finishing up in the shower. 4:29 PM BBT Enzo is laying across both his bed and Tyler's bed which is currently occupied by Moo-Lawn.
  5. 2:13 PM BBT Enzo finishes walking and begins doing sit ups. Cody is prepping the board to play backgammon with Nicole.
  6. 1:33 PM BBT There is not much going on in the BB house. Cody has stopped playing backgammon with himself. Enzo says he is going to walk the landing area upstairs. Nicole is not on camera. Cody is just staring at the memory wall and likely reviewing season details to prepare for the next competition, but he is doing it silently. 1:42 PM BBT Cody is now playing basketball on all four cameras. 1:50 PM BBT Cody joins Nicole in the WA. Nicole: Do you have to go poop? Cody: yeah, I have to have meeting in here. Nicole leaves
  7. 12:23 PM BBT Cody is playing himself in backgammon at the kitchen table. Enzo is finally out of bed after gassing up the entire room. [I think I heard Moo-Lawn bellow about it. Poor Moo-Lawn. -MamaLong]
  8. 11:44 AM BBT Cody is getting dressed in the WA and almost loses his towel. He applies deodorant to his feet and armpits. "I'm gonna brighten these eyes up for the DR." He applies some type of lotion under eyes with Nicole's directions. Cody: What does this do? Nicole: That just brightens up your eyes. It's made by the maker of Proactive. They know what they are doing.
  9. "I'm awake, I just want to cuddle in bed for a bit." The guys are fast asleep. 10:59 AM BBT BB: Nicole Franzel, please go to the Diary Room downstairs, 11:09 AM BBT Nicole: Can you please go on Revolve and purchase me a finale outfit? And then I'm gonna try to talk to production and work something out because my dress does not fit me anymore. I gained weight....BRRR! It's so cold. I like it!
  10. 10:40 AM BBT The feeds are on stars for Wakey Wakey 10:50 AM BBT The feeds return to The Final Three still in their beds. BB: Houseguests, remember to enjoy yourself today. These are the good old days Nicole moans. 10:52 AM BBT BB: Attention Houseguests, there are fresh batteries in the storage room. Have you changed your batteries? Nicole: No, I have not. I'll go. 10:53 AM BBT BB: Nicole Franzel, thank you. Nicole crawls back in bed.
  11. 9:42 PM BBT Enzo eats dinner then comments that he can't wait to hit the donuts, "I feel like a new man. I can't believe they let me sleep all day." The begin discussing jury roundtable BB: You are not allowed to talk abou production. *I'm out for the night -MamaLong
  12. 9:05 PM BBT Enzo finally gets out of bed. He folds some clothes and puts them away in the dresser. 9:18 PM BBT Enzo heads to the Storage Room and rummages through the fridge, "I'm telling you, I'm gonna win this next comp...I'll wile out. I'll tell you that. Watch me. If not, they got me" He heads into the kitchen. Nicole: Enzo, is that you? [They are shocked that Enzo has been sleeping all day, but he really wasn't sleeping most of that time. He was just hiding out.] Cody: Oh shit. Dude, how are you gonna sleep tonight? Enzo: I'll take a nice hot shower.
  13. 8:00 PM BBT Nicole wins the backgammon tournament, "And I am the champion.....I'm now the best backgammon player in the house." Cody (in an accent): She is the best backgammon player in the world, people. Nicole: I have 15 things I'm gonna request...I'm gonna request a Bible, too. Don't you think? Cody: I def think.....def 8:32 PM BBT Cody is studying at the memory wall. 8:41 PM BBT BB: Nicole Franzel, please go to the Storage Room Nicole: Okay...you guys are the best. Oh my God! Cody, we got donuts Cody: really?
  14. 7:39 PM BBT Enzo has been tossing and turning in his bed for hours just mumbling every now and then about wanting to get out of the house and counting the days. He sighs a lot, and is clearly letting the monotony of the house get to him. Nicole and Cody are in good spirits playing a backgammon tournament, best out of 5 games.
  15. 6:43 PM BBT Cody: do you think nobody is coming out for finale night? Nicole: I really don't By that video it just looked like I'll just be on my home right after. Cody: I think Cristie is coming out, so you can hang out with us. Nicole: I just think that my mom won't let me be by myself after...she won't let me, but at the same time, I feel like just want to go home. Cody: I gotta be honest, now that it's just us, I have no desire to that thing on Thursday Nicole: I don't want to. I never did. Cody: I don't think I will Nicole: You're just gonna want h

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