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  1. yay, won my vote!! Will likely be back for Celebrity edition but hope it's not as bad as the last one.
  2. He's been my favorite to win very early on in the game. So good luck to you, hope you get the votes.
  3. So he's in F3 but has done nothing to earn it. My pick to win has been Xavier for quite a while and I don't think Azah or Derek have done enough to earn the win. But good luck to whoever gets F2. I'm not even sure he or Azah deserve Favorite Player.
  4. Can she be any more of an exhibitionist? I've been thinking for a while now that she's only there to show her "wares". Her wardrobe says it all. Having said that, I'm glad she's in F3 rather than Kyland.
  5. I agree. LFUs are the bomb and especially appreciated by those who can't get live feed. Thank you.
  6. Xavier is my favorite to win so far. I do not care for Tiffany's gameplay at all and won't be sorry to see her go.
  7. I'm quite surprised that this topic was even started in this venue. Granted I don't get live feeds so maybe you hear and see more than I do and that's fine. But except for the fact that BB woke up and for once have the HGs equally divided between white and POC I have yet to notice any grand show of racism that has not appeared in one fashion or another in any other season for the last 22 years. I look at them all equally and how they play the game. I don't like Tiffany and would not be sorry to see Claire or SB go. I was happy to see Brittiny go too. My favorite to win so far is Xavier. So having said that don't we get enough of this crap on TV, Internet, in the news, almost everywhere that we can't enjoy a mindless bit of entertainment in a reality tv show without the race card being pulled up. Isn't there enough to worry about with the virus and lockdowns and masks and restrictions that we can't have 3 hours a week without any of that stuff coming up. Just to be clear, I'm not dismissing the racial issues currently ongoing. They are absolutely important and should be discussed, however, I didn't think it was a subject in this particular BB season. JMHO
  8. Finally! Thank you Jesus, Britini has left the building. No more screams, loud talk, or tears.
  9. I don't know what her story is. I read her bio and except for the speech impediment I don't see anything serious. I don't get live feeds. In any case I haven't grown to like her very much either. She's about on par with Britini in my mind.
  10. Why is he asking everybody what they would do if it were their HOH? It's his HOH. Now with all the deals he's placed himself in a position where he has to put up people he really doesn't want to. It's so evident with those two girls (both pawns really) on the block there's a backdoor plan. The rest of them aren't stupid but it might backfire if the person who wins the veto doesn't use it. Not sure either of those girls can win anything.
  11. I have to agree because I was thinking along the same lines. Not smart to think you're very safe and can throw comps.
  12. I found her tolerable the first days but she has steadily eroded my interest. She's loud, annoying, I really don't like rap and she isn't all that good (like nails on a chalkboard) and the over the top crying is too much. I won't be sorry if through some glitch she's gone on eviction night.
  13. lol gotcha, I don't like rap period. I found her loud and annoying from the getgo.
  14. Wow, he sure didn't play like one. Well I liked his demeanor coming in and going out. Why couldn't he keep it up in the house - he got so annoying. So let's see how the new HOH fares.
  15. All new people and no returning players (like Paul) who immediately get a target on their backs. So it's difficult to decide who to send home. That's why avid fans don't want the HOH this early in the game and Frenchie didn't get that memo. Only one player gone so it's going to be another couple of weeks maybe before tensions rise. A person on the block who ends up HOH normally targets the person who put them there. I also think that the teams "theme" is making it more difficult. Wonder if that will last all season.

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