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  1. I kind of hope Cody gets a shot at winning this time around. He could have if he'd only brought Victoria to final two last time but ultimately handed the win to Derrick.
  2. I was never a fan but I developed an intense dislike for her way back when she hurt her foot and remained in the game. She got the other players to do her beck and call like she was a queen and deserved it. She should have been sent home immediately. This time around she's despicable and a hypocrite. Hope she goes next.
  3. This guy has to leave TONIGHT! And don't let the door hit you on the way out. It can't come soon enough. Don't think I can take another week of the "poor me" tears.
  4. Have to agree with both of you. This has been one of the most boring seasons. So much crying and blubbering. The one exception being the loss of Cody's Papaw. They have no idea what's happening on the outside with the wildfires; black men being killed by cops for no reason; the riots; protests; destruction of property and don't even get me started on the crazy politics going on. Their little tiffs inside that house don't compare. I was hoping for some entertaining diversion with BB coming back but sad to say it hasn't been a great season so far. Sure hope Canada's next BB season is more
  5. Absolutely agree. When there's that much money at stake promises are made to be broken or not made at all. Although I didn't think Victoria deserved to be final 2 or final anything for that matter, it was the only way Cody could win the prize.
  6. I didn't remember this guy from his looks or his name until he opened his mouth and said "Meow-meow is back". Now I recall how I couldn't wait for him to get the boot and hope it's soon this season too. I don't think he's at all funny.
  7. There's always someone in every season that can't help him/herself and has to go divulge some other group's secrets to someone else. The conversation always starts: "Don't tell anyone or this is just between you and me and blah blah blah..." They think it helps them but it always comes back to bite them.
  8. Lol, I agree, they're happy to be evicting and they get to stay one more week and they're not sad at all.
  9. I think he lost his chance at winning the big prize when he chose to keep Derick instead of Victoria because of his promise to him at the end of his season. Hope he makes better choices this time around.
  10. I know he's not all star but I'm glad they at least gave him a chance to try again after the bad break he got. Too bad he's on the block now when Memphis had so many other choices for nominations. Hope he wins veto and if not he's given a chance to continue the experience a bit longer.
  11. As soon as I heard him refer to himself as "Meow Meow" I cringed remembering how annoying he was. Otherwise he didn't impress me one bit. Comedian? nah, shouldn't leave his day job.
  12. Don't even remember this guy from a previous season so couldn't have made that much of an impression. Whatever, he's not making one now and hope he gets his comeuppance soon. What a lame move with his nominations. He had other big players who had no safety like Janelle and couple of others.
  13. OMG what a big baby. All the tears and "oh poor me" attitude. Yep needs to go soon.

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