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  1. Well I guess now Jackson aka Snackson can buy his very own watermelon patch. I said before and still think this was one of the worst and most boring seasons I've ever watched. Here's hoping they do a better job choosing players next year. Wishing everyone has a great end of year, Happy Holidays and hope to see you again next summer with a better crop of players. Even though I was disappointed with this season it was fun to participate here and read all of your comments. Now I'm looking forward to the Canada BB which will start next March. Comps are much different, there are no luxuries or games or gym equipment. Players have to entertain themselves. Have nots are very real and there is no cheating. Hope you find a route to tune in.
  2. Exactly how I feel. I just DVR and fast forward through the week's episodes on last day or Fridays. As much as I detested Paul at least it was entertaining enough to come back and see what happened next when he was in there. This year has been "oh hum" to say the least. Not very savvy people playing in this one. I go to Morty's too and since I know the outcome I can just fast forward parts that are boring when I watch lol. I do hope next year improves or I'm ditching it.
  3. This guy was delusional if he thought he'd sway watermelon man into picking him over the girl who's been servicing melon guy's needs for all these weeks. And Holly is just as stupid to agree to throw the next to last HOH comp. OMG they are there to win 1/2 a million bucks and you throw a comp? Whatever, at this point I don't care who wins as long as it's not Michie aka Snackson. I really did not like that he was betraying Nicole with the deals he made.
  4. I agree with everything you said. Hey WOC I noticed and knew exactly why you were absent from this board. This is the first year I don't even want to comment on the happenings, no incentive to participate really. I really hope they fix this or I'm through watching. I'm certain they'll lose a lot more viewers and ratings will plummet. Wakeup call!!
  5. I think there's a chance she might get eliminated in the final 3 comps. She's not brightest bulb in the pack and not sure if Jackson can stay focused enough to win the days comp. We'll just have to see.
  6. I've come to detest this guy about as much as I detested Paul. His robotic monotone in the DR drives me nuts. I fast forward so I don't have to listen lol. And of course the watermelon binges are over the top. In fact the whole season this year has been a real disappointment. I used to look forward to watching the episodes. Now I record them from Sunday to Thursday and watch all 3 episodes on Friday. Can't wait to see the end of this one and hope production come to their senses next season with the acceptance of the new HGs. Otherwise I think they will lose a lot of viewers.
  7. https://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/forum/248-big-brother-usa-season-21-conversation/ Hope it works!
  8. This can't be compared to what abused women suffer. They keep coming back because they fear harm to themselves and their children if they try to leave (which is usually the case and the most dangerous time and they end up dead). She is on camera and free to disassociate herself from him any time she wants. I also blame production for not taking action on this. I stated how disgusting I felt watching them eat but OMG I so sympathize with you all having to watch it all go down lol. I only have to see it on regular programming. But you all do an excellent job. I can get a feel for the live feeds without having to watch. Thanks to all of you.
  9. I don't have live feeds so can't judge for myself but from what you say, I don't have an ounce of sympathy for this woman. I don't recall seeing that she is chained to that bed, yet she sticks around when he comes back for another round of abuse? She does have another bed elsewhere in the house doesn't she? Is she so needy that she lets this guy abuse her so often. Doesn't she realize he's using her for only one purpose and that's his self gratification. Until a few weeks ago she didn't even know he existed; he was a total stranger; yet she lets him treat her like sh!t according to what you witnessed. She must know this show is filmed 24/7 and millions can watch everything that goes on. I generally dislike watching people eat but in this case I'm totally disgusted at having to watch this jerk shovel food in his mouth non-stop (Snackson is an excellent name for him) along with having to watch Christie chew her food and talk at the same time. Mealtimes are parts I could do without watching with most houseguests who strolled through BB house. My dogs have better manners.
  10. This is another dud like Nicole. So far this season I haven't picked a favorite but at this point I think I'm going out on a limb and hope Cliff wins. I guess we'll just have to see.
  11. Do not like him at all. Such a sloppy eater too. Disgusting to watch these people eat like pigs eating slop.
  12. OMG this girl is Looney Tunes! where do they get these people. She kind of reminds me of Luna in Harry Potter series except Luna was flakey like Sis but much more intelligent - Sis is flakey but very stupid!
  13. I agree, and for some reason these people can't keep their mouths shut. She gets a deal for another six group with Cliff and she goes off to tell Jessica because "poor" Jessica had been left out. Jessica promptly goes off to tell Kat and then Kat confronts Cliff about it. Is she for real? She's flakier then Nicole has become. What is Cliff supposed to say when he's on the block: "Oh no!! you should offer this deal to Kat and I'll go to the jury house". Really? SMH
  14. Lol! Absolutely, but what's worse I think is the hugging, kissing and "Love yous" after nominations and/or evictions and then the huddles in small groups backstabbing and trashing other groups. So hypocritical...
  15. As much as I detest and grit my teeth when I hear them spewing "LIKE" every second word, I now cringe when they gush that they love each other. These people are all strangers and don't know each other from Adam! I always considered the word Love was special and should be reserved for seriously dating couples; husbands/wives; children and grandchildren, in other words FAMILY; oh and my dogs but NOT complete strangers. Is it just me? We don't gush love here in Canada, we do say we like you, but I don't "love" my neighbors even though they are great people but I do like them very much. Just saying...
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