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Episode 2 - Scorpio Energy

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Bhanu told Kenzie that he didn't really feel secure in the game. Q and Tiffany were concerned about Kenzie because she connected so easily with everyone in the tribe. Venus was on the outs with the rest of Nami. Over at Siga, his tribe celebrated as Ben was able to make fire, but Tim worried to Charlie that the women outnumbered the men. However, Charlie had an alliance with both sides and then solidified his place in the middle by aligning with Maria.

Both Venus and Randen felt unsafe in Nami, so they went searching for a Hidden Immunity Idol. Randen found the Beware Advantage, dug up the box, and learned Nami would have to lose an Immunity Challenge before he could get the key, and until then, he would not have a vote. 

Over at Yanu, Jess was singled out as a socially awkward yet nice member who could be an easy target. However, when Kenzie and Bhanu sought to use her to take out Q or Tiffany, Jess used the information to build a connection with Q. However, Q was unsure how reliable Jess would be as an ally.

At the Reward/Immunity Challenge, fishing gear and safety were up for grabs. The winning two tribes would receive a large (and for second place, smaller) fishing gear package. The third tribe would lose their flint and head to Tribal Council.

In this challenge, one tribe member cut a rope, releasing two wheels and attached them to a wagon with a pin. Tribes then pushed the wagon to a sandpit where they dug up two heavy chests and loaded them on the wagon. They then had to pull the wagon through a zig-zag path and then unload and open the chests to access large lettered puzzle blocks. The blocks, when assembled in a freestanding arch, spelled the word "PERSISTENCE".

Nami took the early lead, moving their wagon through the course and starting to solve their puzzle, but Siga and Yanu were able to catch up, with all three tribes struggling to hold their puzzle letter blocks over their heads until they would stay up on their own. Eventually, Nami succeeded, followed by Siga, leaving Yanu once again headed to the Tribal Council.

During the challenge, Venus's foot was run over by Nami's wagon wheel, and she was upset that her tribemates didn't seem to care. Over at Yanu, Tiffany and Q decided to create a fake Immunity Idol to trick Jess into feeling safe and not playing her Shot-In-The-Dark, but Tiffany couldn't get Jess to "find" it where it was hidden, so Q pretended to find it and give it to her to "earn" her trust. 

Jess suspected it it was not a real Hidden Immunity Idol, because it was made out of the same tassel used throughout Survivor. At Tribal Council, Kenzie and Jess both acknowledged they were at risk, but Bhanu's paranoia nearly led to a breakdown, leading him to whisper to Kenzie and Tiffany, asking how he should vote. Stick to the plan, they told him.

Worried, Jess chose to play the Hidden Immunity Idol that Q had given her instead of playing her Shot-In-The-Dark, but Jeff confirmed that it was not real and votes against her would count. When the votes were counted, Jess became the second castaway voted off the island.

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