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  1. Big Brother Canada Season 12 - Morty's TV Digital Daily Coverage Page   (54,411 visits to this link)

    bbcanada..jpg  Want to see Spoilers at a Glance?


    Download the Morty's TV Big Brother Canada Season 12 HG Reference Guide! Read a summary of the day's Digital Dailies updates? Only on the Morty's TV Digital Daily Coverage Page for Big Brother Canada Season 12!

  2. Big Brother Canada Season 12 Community

    bbcanada.jpg..jpg Big Brother Canada 12 is the twelfth season of the Canadian reality television series Big Brother Canada. Hosted by Arisa Cox, the show revolves around a group of contestants, who volunteered to reside in a fake house built in a television studio under constant surveillance and without any communication with the outside world as they compete to win a grand prize of C$100,000 cash. 

  3. Survivor Season 46

    Survivor_46_logo.pngSeason 46 of Survivor is the 14th consecutive season to be filmed on the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji. It continues to follow the post-COVID protocols, including a reduced game of 26 days, with 18 castaways in 3 tribes. The season will premier with a pair of 120-minute episodes on Wednesday nights before settling into 90-minute installments until the 3-hour finale. The season was filmed from June 3 to June 28 2023.





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