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  1. 10:40pm BBT The F4 are playing cards at the DT. DF has no hearts or clubs. Ky guesses either DF or Azah has the Ace of Spaces. He tallies up the scores and Azah has won. 10:50pm BBT X/Azah have a heart-to-heart. She was upset that everyone was checking up on her today. X says he's a caring person; he doesn't check in on her for game reasons. Azah says she's learned in the house she is not as good a communicator as she thought. 10:55pm BBT Azah tells X she doesn't have anyone to bounce thoughts off of. She isn't comfortable talking to the mirrors because of the cameras. She says the house has a number of new normals for her. She normally doesn't cuss except with friends, doesn't raise her voice. 11:00pm BBT Azah apologizes for cussing at X and he accepts. She doesn't want him to change. She offers him food from her HoH basket and he just stares at her. She laughs and they enter into a staring contest. Was I staring at you that long earlier, she asks? 11:05pm BBT Azah tells X she doesn't always want to be right. Do I come across like that? X assures her no. How he jokes with DF and Ky is different from how he jokes with her. He gives her a good night hug, says he needs sleep, then heads to HoH with Ky. 11:08pm BBT Ky joins X in HoH and says he had a good talk with DF earlier (DF had told X earlier that Ky had said he trusts DF to take him to F2 but not X, which is not what Ky said. Ky said it is in his best interests to take DF to F2 but not for DF to take him). 11:10pm BBT Ky says DF did not understand how F4 worked. X says we are 1 person (Azah) away from our F3 goal. Unless Azah wins Veto, they're good. Ky warns that DF doesn't want to cut Azah. They wonder how they can make that happen if DF wins Veto? 11:14pm BBT Ky thinks DF will pick between him and Azah based on personal connection, not game strategy. Azah wants to keep noms the same, and X says that's his plan too. He thinks Azah would be confused if X took Ky down. Azah thinks DF would save her. 11:20pm BBT Ky says X has a better relationship with Azah. X says DF needs to stop talking until after Veto. Until I win Veto, Ky says, I can't talk to DF. X thinks DF is trying to make Azah upset with X. X wants to talk to DF. Ky says he'll go find him. 11:24pm BBT While Ky is looking for DF, X says to the HoH camera he told Azah he won't use the Veto and there's no backtracking. X is pacing, wondering what game DF is playing with Azah. Ky finds DF in his YBR bead and says if X wins Veto, they need a secret communication. 11:26pm BBT Talking to the HoH camera, X is tired of DF skating by (X has been throwing comps and skating by as well). X goes to get DF himself but Ky stops him and they return to HoH without him. Ky says DF is too tired to come up but wants X to use Veto on Ky. 11:27pm BBT X says he will think about using the Veto on Ky as Ky said DF wants (DF does not want the responsibility of the solve vote to evict Azah). X says DF has to get his hands dirty. X got his hands dirty following the plan to evict Hannah. We both did, says Ky. 11:30pm BBT X says he'll think about using the Veto on Ky to save DF from having to evict Azah. Ky says I'll just win it. They fist bump and Ky leaves HoH. X rolls his eyes at the camera. DF just keeps flip flopping to avoid getting dirt on his hands, giving X grief. 11:35pm BBT Ky is now in the HNR, recapping the jury eviction order. X is agitated in HoH. He says he needs to work on DF. He wonders why he is spiraling now (X appears to be referring to the stress he is feeling). He can't let Ky win Veto. 11:50pm BBT DF is sleeping in the YBR. In the HNR, Ky is moving chess pieces around the board. He gets on all 4's and says Day 6, lifting up a leg. Day 41, he lifts up a different leg. For each day he calls out, he lifts a leg to a different angle. 11:55pm BBT X gets into his bed clothes and shuts off the HoH light. Then he turns the lights back on, looks out the door, then turns the lights off again and gets into bed. Ky is still moving around chess pieces and counting possible jury votes. 12:05am BBT Ky thinks Alyssa, Hannah, Brit and Tiff would vote together against him. He doesn't think the jury vote would change whether he brings X or DF to F2, but he would have different speeches with different F2's. 12:06am BBT Ky says if he's F2 with X, he'll say that he kept X safe but X didn't keep him safe. He thinks Brit would also vote for X to win. If he cuts X, would he be a vote to win? In all his scenarios, he can beat X. He'll say X went back on his word to DF/Azah. 12:09am BBT Ky thinks Claire 1000% will vote for X. Then he says he's leaving her vote up in the air. Tiff would not commit a vote one way or the other. Ky thinks he can get DF to convince Brit to vote for him. He needs to win Veto, then Final HoH. He trusts X for a vote. 12:15am BBT Ky practices his speeches. He can't be as cool as X but he can talk about the CO strategy and how many right decisions he made to further the alliance. Because X is so likable, he knew he had to win comps. 12:20am BBT Ky reviews his resume: six comp wins, a reward and an extra Veto. I have to win it (Final HoH). How do I get to F2? I have to work backwards. He starts rehearsing his days in reverse order. He heads downstairs to the WA to prepare for bed. 12:27am BBT Ky returns to the HNR, crawls into bed and asks BB to turn out the lights. Thank you, he mumbles when the lights go out. All HG are sleeping. 1:08am BBT Azah gets up & gets a tea bag from the SR. She heads to the KT and under the light of the counter, fills up a cup w/water & puts it in the microwave. She grabs a spoon and takes the cup of tea to the LR where she sits on the floor. BB turns on the lights. 1:13am BBT Azah is sitting on the LR floor in front of the couch, drinking her hot tea with taking quick sips. When she's done, she returns the cup to the sink, throws the tea bag into the trash, then returns to the dark YBR and crawls back into bed. 1:22am BBT All HG in bed (again) and BB turns out the LR lights.
  2. Back to this week, Xavier won HoH, securing his spot in the Final 3, and nominated Kyland and Azah for eviction. It is Azah's first time being nominated and she took it hard. It really comes the Veto now. If Ky wins, then Derek F goes up. If Azah wins, Derek F goes up. If Derek F wins, noms stay the same. And if Xavier wins Veto, he will decide not only who faces eviction next Thursday but also who will cast the sole vote to evict.
  3. 10:30am BBT DF is out of the shower and getting dressed in the YBR. X continues looking at the Memory Wall on the HoH monitor and practicing his days and numbers. Haven't yet seen Ky or Azah this morning.
  4. 1:00am BBT DF tells Azah that if Ky wins Veto, he'll take Azah to F3 (over him, his usual self-deprecating line). He no longer sees himself as Top 3. Azah thinks sending Ky home would be a move. She feels she was disrespected during the DE. 1:05am BBT Ky is in the HNR with the chess board. In the YBR, Azah tells DF that Ky disrespected her by using Veto without talking to her first. She says Ky told her afterward that he wasn't sure DF would vote out Hannah, so he saved X. Azah can't wait for the Veto. 1:10am BBT Azah and Kyland were nom by X (HoH comp and Noms will air on the special Friday 8pm show). DF tells Azah if Ky wins Veto, she should make a F3 deal with him. Azah says she's cried so many times in the game and now she's nom and not crying. 1:12am BBT Azah says Ky should have targeted X in F6 rather than Tiff. DF would have taken out Hannah at F6 (yet he gleefully voted out Tiff). Azah says it was interesting to see relationships fall apart at F6: Tiff/Hannah, Tiff/Ky. If they make F3, it will be on loyalty. 1:15am BBT DF continues supporting Azah bashing Ky. He does things he doesn't have to, she says, h's selfish. DF says he held Tiff accountable for her endurance win, he has to hold Ky responsible for his F6 win. Azah thanks him and leaves to make tea. 1:20am BBT Ky fell asleep in the HNR. Azah rereads her letter from home (she received her DE HoH basket yesterday). She wants DF to meet her parents. DF tells Azah she has to keep acting like she doesn't know him. She has been giving him a cold shoulder for effect. 1:39am BBT Lights are out across the BB House.
  5. With the B2B Double Eviction of Tiffany and Hannah (Azah won HoH and nominated X and Hannah, but Kyland won Veto and saved Xavier, leaving Derek F to go up on the block), an interesting gender dichotomy has arisen. Derek X is alone in the Jury House with six women, while Azah is alone in the BB House with three men. While viewer and live feeder attention has been on The Cookout running silent and deep through the season, the game is possibly going to end up being decided on gender lines, with a majority female jury choosing between two good looking but very different men. Kyle is the ultimate competitor who was willing to say and do whatever was needed to further the Cause. Xavier avoided positions of responsibility at every opportunity, throwing comps and never making promises, let alone ones he would not keep. Yes, I am putting the cart before the horse here, because technically Derek F or Azah could make F3 and then win Final HoH. It happened with Jordan in BB Season 11. But unless Kyland or Xavier turns on the other, I think that's what we're looking at. A bunch of women choosing between two guys.
  6. 8:45pm BBT Azah and X join DF downstairs in the KT. DF tells her he doesn't know what he'll do if he wins Veto. He apologizes for being a bad friend. 9:11pm BBT In the gym, Ky is cycling and juggling sponges while practicing his days.
  7. 7:00am BBT Tiff gets up in the SBGR to use the WA, get fresh batteries, and retrieve her suitcase from the SR. 8:00am BBT The rest of the HG have been woken up and are sleepily beginning their ADLs. Tiffany is packing her clothes, pictures and bible. FotH. Over the next couple hours, there are audio leaks from what sounds like HG singing to music and production crew in the BY. 10:30am BBT @CBSBigBrother has tweeted: Heads up, BB fans! The live feeds are currently down and will be back up after the West Coast airing of tomorrow's live eviction episode. And don't forget, a brand new #BB23 is coming your way tonight at 8/7c on CBS.
  8. 9:51pm BBT X/Ky talking on the LR couch about going to bars w/friends. He tells Hannah to not go to bars but to stick with fashion and think about DX. Ky jokes that guys can't fool Hannah. X joins in, saying she can tell the difference between a Brent and a DX. 9:54pm BBT X jokes he has to evict Hannah because she's hanging around w/DF too much. Hannah would like his bro, Devan - he's more chill, a good dancer, mixed and has hair like Ky's. He's an egghead, high SAT, full rides to Harvard & Standford but went to Cleveland State. 9:57pm BBT X says Devan switched his major from Engineering to Special Education. Hannah says since X is like her brother, dating Devan would be like dating her other brother. As your older brother, X says, I'm going to check out who you're seeing. 10:00pm BBT Hannah doesn't think she'll use her phone or go on social media much after the show (yeah, right). Ky thinks she just doesn't follow many people. X wonders if he'll have a big following after the show. He will post more if he does. He thinks the F6 have 50k+. 10:09pm BBT DF tells Hannah he's missing out on opportunities to win stuff - the rest of the comps will be mental or physical, no more luck or skill comps. Hannah says we don't know. Whomever is not evicted next will earn Final 5 prize money, $12k. 10:11pm BBT DF says everyone in the jury or pre-jury wanted the prize, but The Cookout was here for the cause (they want the money too). DF says he knows what it's like to be on the block. Hannah sings an On The Block song and he joins in and sings with her. 10:15pm BBT DF tells Hannah that Tiff took a shot at Ky. Hannah thinks Ky is more unpredictable than X. DF says he never knows who is going to be nom. He's worried Ky will Veto Hannah's nom and put him up. Hannah says Ky made it clear his target is Tiff. 10:20pm BBT DF says if X didn't talk so much, he could have won. X doesn't respond. Hannah says they didn't beat Nicole F's BB Comics time (7m) but both she and Ky beat Cody's All-Star time. Hannah thought Ky was another Derrick initially but then he started winning comps. 10:24pm BBT Tiff is alone in the SGBR, reading the bible and then just contemplating her fate. DF says Tiff timed out during the comp. X got 20m. DF said he did beat other HG in BB Comics. Hannah wants to be an honorary Joker since she sleeps in the YBR now. 10:30pm BBT Ky comes into the SGBR and lays besides Tiff but Tiff does not say anything but keeps reading the bible. X says they should just do DEs until the season's over (surprise!). Hannah suggests he could always self-evict. She says she's been cussing more hanging w/DF. 10:37pm BBT DF says there's a lot of money on the line. He'd rather sit next to someone easy to beat. He doesn't have to beat the best. Hannah tells DF they've been on the block the same number of times. Hannah says X/Azah both worried Ky will BD them. She thinks Ky won't. 10:40pm BBT DF says he got 2nd place in HoH and Veto so he thinks he will get BD. X and Hannah are laughing. FU, DF says, I'm going to be seen as a threat! I would have been better off timing out like Tiff! X says it just means you're trying and that's important.
  9. It's the Endgame for The Cookout, and Kyland got the ball rolling winning HoH and then nominating Tiffany and Hannah, making it clear that Tiffany was his target. Kyland then won the Veto comp. So now the question is, does he have a backdoor plan? Or will Tippy Toes be dancing in the Jury House by the end of the week?
  10. 7:59am, 9/11/2001 - American Airlines Flight 11, carrying 81 passengers plus 11 crew, departs Logan International Airport in Boston, bound for Los Angeles Airport in California. No one realizes 5 hijackers are on board. 8:15am, 9/11/2001 - United Airlines Flight 175, carrying 56 passengers and 9 crew, departs Logan International Airport, bound for Los Angeles Airport in California. No one realizes 5 hijackers are on board. 8:19am, 9/11/2001 - Flight 11 is hijacked over central Massachusetts, The pilots are ordered to turn south. 8:20am, 9/11/2001 - American Airlines Flight 77, carrying 58 passengers and 6 crew, departs Washington Dulles International Airport, bound for Los Angeles International Airport in California. No one realizes 5 hijackers are on board. 8:42am, 9/11/2001 - United Airlines Flight 93, carrying 37 passengers and 7 crew, departs from Newark International Airport. bound for San Francisco International Airport in California. No one realizes 4 hijackers are on board. Flight 175 is hijacked above northwest New Jersey, about 60 miles northwest of NYC. The flight changes direction to the northeast. 8:46am, 9/11/2001 - Flight 11 flies into the north face of the North Tower (WTC 1) of the World Trade Center, ripping into the building between floors 93 and 99. The 1st Battalion of the FDNY are the first to respond. 8:48am, 9/11/2001 - No airborne evacuation is possible due to smoke. Trapped above the flaming wreck of Flight 11, over 100 desperate victims jump dozens of floors to their deaths. A firefighter on the ground is hit by a falling body and dies. 8:50am, 9/11/2001 - Flight 77 is hijacked above southern Ohio and is redirected southeast. President Bush is first informed that a small plane has crashed into the World Trade Center. Advisors assume it is a tragic accident. 8:55am, 9/11/2001 - The South Tower is deemed secure after the crash into the North Tower. Occupants in WTC South are instructed by Public Address to remain in their offices rather than flee into the debris of the North Tower's collapse. 8:56am, 9/11/2001 - President Bush is at the Emma E Booker Elementary School for an event promoting literacy when White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card informs him that a small twin-engine jet plane has crashed into the World Trade Center. 9:02am, 9/11/2001 - An evacuation of both North and South Towers is ordered by the FDNY. The message sent over Public Address adds "if conditions warranted". 9:03am, 9/11/2001 - Flight 175 flies into the south face of the South Tower (WTC 2), ripping into the building between floors 77 and 85. Parts of the plane fall to the ground from the east and north sides, landing six blocks away. 9:05am, 9/11/2001 - President Bush starts reading the book The Pet Goat to students when Chief of Staff Andy Card enters and whispers that a 2nd plane has hit the other tower: America is under attack. The President chooses to continue reading. 9:06am, 9/11/2001 - The FAA orders a halt to all takeoffs and landings in the New York Center airspace at the request of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. 9:11am, 9/11/2001 - The last PATH train leaves the World Trade Center, leaving the transit station empty prior to the collapse of the South and North towers. Ten minutes later, all bridges and tunnels into Manhattan are closed. 9:25am, 9/11/2001 - A video teleconference is started out of the White House Situation Room, including the CIA & FBI, as well as the Departments of State, Justice, Defense and the FAA, which orders a national ground stop of takeoffs/landings. 9:28am, 9/11/2001 - Flight 93 is hijacked above northern Ohio and turns southeast. Unaware, President Bush makes a public statement in the classroom, acknowledging the World Trade Center attacks and leading a national moment of silence. 9:36am, 9/11/2001 - Vice President Cheney is evacuated to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center beneath the White House. 9:37am, 9/11/2001 - Flight 77 crashes into the western side of The Pentagon and a violent fire erupts. The explosion and smoke can be seen from the U.S. Capitol and the White House. 9:42am, 9/11/2001 - U.S. Airspace is shut down, with all aircraft in flight ordered to land at the nearest airport. All aircraft except Flight 93 respond accordingly. The White House and U.S. Capitol are evacuated and closed. 9:57am, 9/11/2001 - Passengers aboard Flight 93 revolt against the hijackers and attempt to take back the plane. Passengers apparently learned of the attack on the World Trade Center towers via cell phones and decided to take the plane back. 9:57am, 9/11/2001 - President Bush aboard Air Force One takes off from Sarasota, FL. At the time, no destination had been decided. 9:59am, 9/11/2001 - As New Yorkers and media cameras watch in horror, The South Tower of the World Trade Center collapses in just 10 seconds, 56 minutes after impact from Flight 175. More than 800 civilians and first responders are inside. Continuity-Of-Government procedures, intended to protect high level government officials during a national emergency, are implemented for the first time in American history. 10:01am, 9/11/2001 - The FAA has observed Flight 92 "waving its wings" as the hijackers tried to stop the passengers' counterattack. 10:03am, 9/11/2001 - Flight 93 is crashed by hijackers fighting with the pilots in Somerset County, PA, 80m southeast of Pittsburgh. The 9/11 Commission believes the hijackers real target was the White House or U.S. Capitol buildings. 10:15am, 9/11/2001 - A damaged section of the Pentagon's west-facing outer ring collapses. 10:20am, 9/11/2001 - Aboard Air Force One, President Bush informs Vice President Cheney he has authorized the shooting down of aircraft suspected of having been hijacked. 10:28am, 9/11/2001 - The North Tower of the World Trade Center collapses, 1 hour and 42 minutes after the impact of Flight 11. A Marriott Hotel between the two towers is also destroyed. More than 1,600 civilians and first responders are killed. 10:50am, 9/11/2001 - Five stories of the Pentagon collapse due to intense fire. Three minutes later, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield orders the U.S. Military to DEFCON 3 for the first time since the Yom Kippur War in Israel in 1973. 12:16pm, 9/11/2001 - All airspace across the 48 contiguous United States are clear of commercial and private traffic. 12:30pm, 9/11/2001 - Fourteen survivors, including 13 firefighters who were in a North Tower stairwell, miraculously climb out of the rubble. 12:41pm, 9/11/2001 - Arizona Senator Orrin Hatch (R) is the first to publicly identify Al Quaeda and Osama Bin Laden as responsible for the attack on America. 2:50pm, 9/11/2001 - Air Force One lands at Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue, Nebraska. President Bush convenes a National Security Council teleconference. 3:00pm, 9/11/2001 - A Port Authority employee is rescued from the rubble of the North Tower, reviving continued hope that survivors could be found. 9/11/2001 - Big Brother Season 2 House: In the 2nd season of Big Brother, production breaks the rules to reveal the attacks on America to the remaining HG who are given a TV monitor to view news stories so that the scope of the event is understood. HG Monica is told her family in NYC is safe, though a cousin was injured and taken to the hospital. Evicted HG Krista was in route to the Latin Grammys in Los Angeles but was rerouted to Baton Rouge. Will has a bunch of friends in New York and wants to send a message home. Big Brother provides lunch from a local sandwich shop. Nicole complains the onions are too thick. The HG are given DVDs to distract themselves. 4:36pm, 9/11/2001 - President Bush departs Offutt Air Force Base aboard Air Force One. 5:20pm, 9/11/2001 - Number 7 World Trade Center, a 47 story building, collapses after structural damage resulting from the earlier collapse of the twin towers. 6:00pm, 9/11/2001 - The last international flight destined for the United States is diverted to and lands safely at Vancouver International Airport in British Columbia, Canada. 6:54pm, 9/11/2001 - President Bush returns to the White House in Washington DC. Ambulances that have lined up near what is being called Ground Zero to transport survivors to area hospitals remain empty. 7:24pm, 9/11/2001 - Members of Congress gather on the steps of the United States Capitol gather and sing God Bless America in an act of defiance against the attacks. 8:00pm, 9/11/2001 - A Port Authority police officer is found alive. It would take 3 more hours to rescue him, 13 hours after the South Tower collapsed. The 18th and final survivor of the attacks will be extricated the afternoon of 9/12. 9/12/2001 - In the Big Brother Season 2 House, Will says they don't have enough information to know what to do. Monica is informed that her cousin, Tamitha Bailey, is actually missing. She was eventually declared among the dead from the attack. Tamitha Bailey worked in the South Tower of World Trade Center. Her office began evacuating after the North Tower was hit, but she forgot her purse and went back to retrieve it. That was the last time anyone heard from her. 9/13/2001 - Will, Monica and Nicole are asked to make a statement about the terrorist attacks and they say they have been told some of the details but not all. They send prayers and love to all the families of victims. 9/15/2001 - Monica is evicted from the Big Brother house in an episode that is not broadcast until September 18th. On September 20th, Will is voted the winner of Big Brother Season 2 by the evicted HG.
  11. It was 20 years ago today, during the last weeks of the second season of Big Brother that America was attacked in tragic event known universally as 9/11. The terrorist attack changed the nation and the world, and to a significantly lessor extent, it impacted the fledgling Big Brother family. What follows is a remembrance of that day. For anyone who was alive that day, you probably remember exactly what you were doing. If not too painful, Morty's TV invites you to share your memories of that day in replies to this post. Together we can do our part to never forget the passengers and flight crew, civilians and first responders, whose lives were taken from a stunned nation that day. We owe it to their families and friends, and especially to their children, now 2 decades older, to never forget. For me, I was watching CNN in the morning, getting ready to go to a computer trade show in downtown Atlanta. I had left the house before towers fell, and since I was on mass transit, I was unable to receive news updates until I arrived at my destination. By then, both towers had collapsed as well as a section of The Pentagon. The venue was practically empty, with vendors packing to go nowhere - their flights were all canceled. Not knowing what to do, I hung around for about an hour before heading home myself and watching the aftermath on TV. To all who are remembering this day 20 years ago, the thoughts and support of the entire Morty's TV Community are with you. If the topic remains too tender and sensitive, I would urge you to not read this thread any further. #NeverForget911 Morty's TV Remembers September 11th, 2001:
  12. 1:15pm BBT X decides to do dishes since noms not right away. Hannah joins Ky in HoH. She wants F3 with Ky/Tiff & will vote however he wants this week. She would choose Ky for F2 because Tiff has good relations w/the jury; taking Azah or DF to F3 is slap in the face of BB.
  13. 12:30am BBT Azah says last year, JCM told Day about The Committee alliance before she went to jury. Ky/Tiff say JCM can't do that. Azah is sure. (Azah is wrong- it was Tyler and Nicole in their GBMs that mentioned unspecified alliances, but The Committee is not mentioned) 12:35am BBT The HG try to figure out what the pre-jury HG think about The Cookout. Tiff says Travis doesn't care. Ky thinks Whit is OK with it. X thinks Brent respects it but Christian is shocked. Ky/X thinks The Cookout will be written about and studied. 12:40am BBT The HG discuss historical figures. Ky is Fredrick Douglas. X is Malcom X. Tiff says DF is MLK. Ky says no, Thurgood Marshall. Tiff says she is NOT Harriet Tubman. Hannah says DF is Louis Farrakhan. Tiff says she is Angela Davis. Azah is Phyllis Wheatley. 1:00am BBT The HG talk about Claire's desperate campaigning this past week. Ky says her eviction speech accused X of acting like he had nothing to worry about. None of them ha anything to worry about when on the block. DF laughs that Claire thought X was running the show. 1:02am BBT DF laughs about Claire pitching a F3 with him and Azah. He responded that none of them could ever win anything. Tiff says that last night after Claire cried with her and said it was over, but then went to find Ky and campaign. 4:20am BBT Tiff is sleeping in the SGBR. Hannah is still up in the YBR. Ky is preparing food in the KT. DF is in the Poker Parlor. Ky and DF have another heart-to-heart talk. 5:00am BBT Ky/DF hug and Ky heads into his HoH room to listen to music. DF goes to the WC then to the YBR for bed. All the other HG are sleeping. After a minute, Ky turns out the HoH lights and goes to sleep. 8:50am BBT HG are up and all in the YBR. 10:30am BBT Ky is holding 1-on-1 meetings w/the other 5 HG. HG tell Ky what they think he wants to hear & steer him away from targeting them. Then they talk to the other HG about who they think Ky should target, which means who they think the other HG wants them to target. 11:30am BBT Tiff meets with Tiff. Tiff tells Ky she can't get to the F2 without him. She thinks X or DF should go first. 12:30pm BBT The HG were up late last night celebrating the success of The Cookout. Some of Hannah's HoH wine may or may not have been involved. Ky also got his HoH room. The LR screen says Nominations Today but the HG are all in various states of sleeping and eating.
  14. With The Cookout having completed its mission, the Final Six enter a new game in which personal differences and disputes do not have to be set aside for the good of the Six. It's time to look at the Power Connections within the alliance to see who has the relationships to power them through to Finale Night. We are down to three alliances, the largest being the core remnants of The Cookout, excluding Derek F and Azah. Hannah, Ky and Tiffany have a Final 3 alliance, as do Derek F, Kyland and Xavier. Derek F has 3 F2 deals, as does Kyland. But Kyland and Xavier are connected to the most HG. Azah is on an island by herself, while Kyland has the strongest connections in the house. Being HoH (yeah, that just happened), Kyland has assured himself Final 5, but he risks becoming an easy target next week (which we know will be a Double Eviction in which he cannot play for HoH). At this stage in the game, HG need to be thinking whether they want to be in the F2 against the bet and make the jury decide who is the most deserving of their votes, or target the strongest players and giving the Jury an easy choice. We'll find out which path Kyland plans to tread when he makes his nominations. What kind of endgame will he want to be known for?
  15. 11:47pm BBT Azah tells X that she thought HoH was an elimination game, and after she got the first one wrong, she didn't play anymore. That's why JCM kept saying she needed a final answer. Ky is selecting which chicken pieces to freeze with rubber gloves. 12:10am BBT Quick Ky/X mtg the HNR hall. Ky repeats he didn't mean to win & about Azah liking Tiff/X. Downstairs, DF again says he thought he had it this time. He can't win sh*t. DF says he's been here for Azah. He could have had power. He looks like he rode X's coattails.
  16. 11:30pm BBT Hannah joins Ky in the HNR hall for their quickie-catch-up. She says DF had the best HoH game. Ky says she was faster. He tells her he thinks she is being transparent with him but he's not promising anything re noms. He hates being the first in F6 with power. 11:36pm BBT Ky says the house seems to want to target Tiff. He had to win because he knew DF would target Tiff if he won. He doesn't want to just nom Tiff/Hannah like DF would have. Ky wants her to think of ways he can get to F3 with her and talk again tomorrow. 11:38pm BBT Ky say says a 3rd HoH gives him a resume that could win F2. Hannah says Tiff could also end up with 3 HoH, and could also win a F2 vote. Sounds like Hannah doesn't want Tiff in F3. Hannah hopes she'll still get pictures from home, especially her sister. 11:45pm BBT Ky has cooked chicken for dinner. He asks Azah if he can freeze some of it and reheat later. He doesn't want it to go bad in the fridge. She says yes. Azah, X and Tiff are in the LR. Ky joins in the convo from the KT.
  17. With The Cookout having achieved their goal of becoming the first 6-person alliance to reach the Final 6, and guaranteeing that for the first time in Big Brother USA history, a Black/Brown HG will win the game. Let's take a look at how they achieved it. They did a lot of clever things to hide the alliance. First, they used the teams to keep the rest of the house focused on team threats and off the possibility of a Black/Brown alliance. Then Tiffany's came up with the idea to create fake duos and to always have the Main Dish go up w/their Side Dish. They would use paint the Main Dish as the target in order to hide the real target. This made it seem that alliance members were going after each other when they were really not. There were enough side alliances and F2 deals to keep the focus off The Cookout. Then, once they had the numbers, they could control who was evicted and when. Even when a Side Dish won HoH, they were able to manipulate nominations to make sure 2 alliance members were never on the block on eviction night. That nobody figured it out is a testament to their success and a bit of luck. Perhaps the other HG thought it was too obvious an alliance or that the personalities were two diverse to make it work. Perhaps they suspected but were not comfortable enough to voice their suspicions in case they were wrong. Even now, once Claire and Alyssa make their way into the Jury House, the Jury may take note of the all Black/Brown Final Six but still not make the connection that all six were in an alliance. Will they have a collective epiphany and realize what individually has escaped them? I'm looking forward to finding out!
  18. 10:05pm BBT Ky goes up to the HNR to talk with DF and make sure DF doesn't think Ky stole the comp from him. DF assures him he does not. He thought he could win this one and Ky just beat him out, but he came close. Ky comforts DF for about 30m. General chit-chat downstairs. 10:35pm BBT Ky/DF join the others in the KT. DF thanks BB for giving him a comp he would win & apologizes for not being able to. In the SR, Ky talks to the camera. He didn't mean to win HoH over DF; he was just practicing w/the egg and he accidentally won. Tiff was last. 10:37pm BBT Ky says if he loses in the F2, it could be because of this HOH. He should not have won. He could make X/Tiff battle it out but no. He wants to win against the best. That is X if he can trust him and keep him safe. He hopes he is not hated by Jury or America. 10:40pm BBT Ky tried to honor The Cookout in his GBM but let each evictee know a little about what was really going on. He hopes the he's being shown well & thanks for all the love & understanding. He came into the BB House wanting to be the first African American winner. 10:45pm BBT Ky thanks America and leaves the SR. DF notes that DX is in the Jury House with 4 very different women. X wonders if Alyssa and SB will become friends again in the JH. FotH. Feeds return and X implies the HoH comp was in the "basement". 10:50pm BBT Ky offers check-ins in the HNR and Azah takes him up on it. In the SR, Azah says respects Tiff/X and would be OK with either winning. Or KY. That is her F4 preference. Ky says to have pros/cons for him tomorrow. She asks if he wants to put her up and he says no. 10:55pm BBT Ky tells Azah he's not thankful for his win. It's going to be tough sending the first Cookout member out. FotH. DF is at the DT with Azah, X is in the KT. Hannah asks X's help packing Alyssa's stuff. joins them. Tiff is out of the DR. That's all that's left. 11:00pm Tiff hopes they don't have HN this week. X tells her to eat up tonight just in case. Tiff says she needed more egg practice. Ky says he dropped a lot of eggs. It sounds like the comp where the HG have time to practice but one shot at playing the game. 11:15pm BBT X is laying on the LR couch talking to Hannah. Ky is in the KT. Tiff heads upstairs. DF hopes Ky gets a pic of his dad. Ky says his dad is private and may not have signed the papers (he did since no FotH at his mention). His dad is not on FB. 11:17pm BBT In the HNR hall, Tiff tells Ky he had to win this. I know, Ky said. It sucks to be the first one to do it (send a Cookout member out), she says. Ky says he's not offering anyone anything. Ky wants to talk more tomorrow about how she think the house will vote. 11:20pm BBT Tiff tells Ky she has no hard feelings towards DF. They are good and she knows he is taking it hard (losing HoH). DF, X are both on the LR couches downstairs. Tiff tells Ky she needs him and not because he's HoH. What she doesn't know is if he needs her. 11:25pm BBT Ky's food is ready in the oven and he has to run downstairs to get it. Tiff joins Hannah in the WA where they share "comfort" notes about Ky. DF tells X on the LR couch that he's had every emotion - he's cried, been angry, he's like the Pixar movie, Inside Out.
  19. 10:00pm BBT Feeds return. Kyland is laying on his back on the KT counter with the HoH key around his neck. DF is in the HR moaning that he could have won this, he came so close. He can't win anything. Ky wants to hold 10m voluntary check-ins tonight. Tiff wants a burger.
  20. In the first of two Live Double Eviction nights, Claire was evicted by a 4-1 vote (Hannah was the sympathy vote). On her way out, she threw Xavier under the bus. In the start to BB Comics Week, Hannah bested the other HG in a game of total recall to win HoH. As planned, she nominate Xavier and Alyssa, telling Alyssa that Claire was right and Xavier was her target. But Xavier as able to puzzle out the Veto and removed himself from the chopping block. Hannah was ready with Kyland, and by a vote of 3-1, Alyssa was evicted (Kyland was the sympathy vote). And thus The Cookout has achieved something never before accomplished in BB History - a six person alliance made it to the Final 6 intact, and guaranteeing a Black/Brown HG would win the game. Regardless of what you think of The Cookout and their game strategy (and opinions and emotions run the gamut), their ability to hold true to their cause and their execution of Tiffany's strategy has been near perfection. But now the Endgame begins and it's going to be bloody. Hannah cannot compete for HoH this week and Azah, Derek F, Kyland, Tiffany and Xavier all have their targets. But will the new HoH swing for the jugular or go for a backstab blindside?
  21. There is a Morty's Flash Poll on the Morty's TV Coverage Page, and your response will impact the Morty's TV Big Brother Season 23 Monopoly Game this week? Who do you think got the best Zing from Zingbot 9000? Let's review. Alyssa Zingbot: Alyssa, you are from Florida, the Sunshine State, which is ironic considering you’re so dim! Zing! (Alyssa does not get the zing) To be clear, I am calling your dumb! Xavier Zingbot: Xavier, I am going to reveal your secret - You have a crush. All season long you’ve been getting lost in their eyes, watching their body, and staring at their ass. Wait, that is your reflection! Zing! Tiffany Zingbot: I've been zinging for over a decade, and it never gets old. But you know what has? Tiffany! Four score and seven zings ago. Zing! Claire Zingbot: OMG, nobody move. We are all in danger! I’ve spotted Big Foot. My bad, that’s just Claire! Zing! Hannah Zingbot: Houseguests, I have a joke for you. Knock knock! (Who is there?) Hannah. (Hannah who?) Exactly! Booor-zing! Derek F Zingbot: Big D has made quite a mark on the Big Brother house this summer. Too bad it is in the toilet! Zing! Azah Zingbot: As a robot, I can accurately predict the future. The following things will never happen: time travel, teleportation, and Xavier going on a date with Azah! Zing! Kyland Zingbot: Kyland, listening to you talk is like sitting next to a brook. An endless, babbling brook. Shut the F*ck up! Zing! So which HG do you think received the best Zing from Zingbot? Vote at https://mortystv.com/bb before the start of the Live Double Eviction Show Thursday night, 9/9/21. The HG Token with the most votes will earn their Morty's TV Big Brother Season 23 Monopoly Game player $200 Morty's TV Bucks!
  22. A friend recently approached me to say that due to life circumstances, they had been unable to watch the first 2 months of the season and were hoping to get into the last month but were not up to speed on the game so far. So I came up with this quick tutorial to explain to your friends where you've been since July 4th. Sixteen HG entered the BB House and were divided into 4 teams of 4. On Day 1, Tiffany, Derek F, Xavier, Kyland and Azah formed an six-person alliance called The Cookout, which also included Hannah (also called Chaddah) but they didn't actually tell her she was in it for the first couple weeks. Don't ask me why. The goal for these six was to ensure the first ever all dark-skinned Final 6. In other words, to evict all the white/light-skinned HG. To accomplish this, Tiffany came up with a plan where each alliance member took on a partner from outside the alliance that they would pretend to have a F2 deal with. And when it was time for that Side Dish to be evicted, the Main Dish would be nominated along side to dissuade anyone from thinking The Cookout existed or that the Six were secretly working together. Using the Teams twist, The Cookout were successful at manipulating their counterparts into nominating and evicting the guys and then the girls from other teams outside the alliance to the point where The Cookout gained numerical control of the game. They will evict Claire tomorrow night, leaving Alyssa as the only non-Cookout member left in the game. And they still have not made the connection, though the Jury Members are starting to piece it together and realize they had been hoodwinked (being kind) from the very start. This alliance and strategy has been very controversial among fans, with some applauding the execution of the secret strategy and others calling it racist (it's not according to the definition of the word). Tomorrow night is a the first of two back-to-back Double Evictions. If Alyssa wins HoH or Veto, then The Cookout will fail in their objective and be forced to evict one of their own. The Cookout members have been lining up F4, F3 and F2 deals for the end game but in a DE, anything can happen.
  23. There are just 5 spots in next week's finals. Which acts will take them? It's AGT The Results! Tonight, only 3 will go through on your votes. The 4th, 5th and 6th place acts will be in danger; one saved by your Instant Save, the last spot decided by the Judges Choice. Last night, the remaining 11 SemiFinal acts performed for your votes to make it to Finale night: 1aChord, UnCircle Flow, Lea Kyle, Kabir Singh (X), Northwell Nurse Choir, Peter Antoniou (X), Victory Brinker, ChapKids, Rialcris (X), Josh Blue and Brooke Simpson. Let's get down to business. The acts that came in 4th, 5th and 6th and are in danger of going home are... Lea Kyle, UnCircle Flow and Victory Brinker, please step forward. You can put one of these acts into the Finals. The Instant Save vote is now open for the next 25m. After the first commercial break, it's neck and neck between Victory Brinker (38%) and Lea Kyle (36%), with Unicircle Flow trailing at 26%. You can change one act's future tonight! Tonight, 2 of the most awesome acts AGT has ever seen are about to take the stage together. They combine strength, agility and incredible danger. Give it up for Duo Transcend and Deadly Games! Now it gets serious. It is time to find out which acts you put through to the Finals. If you voted, now is the time to get nervous for your favorite. Northwell Nurse Choir and 1aChord, please step forward. The first act through to the Finals is... Northwell Nurse Choir! Instant Save Vote update. Lea Kyle and Victory Brinker are now tied at 37% each, with Unicircle Flow trailing at 27%. You still have time to vote for your Instant Save. YouTube sent AGT an award for reaching 3 billion views and 20 million subscribers on its YouTube channel. Have you watched AGT performances on YouTube? Simon dedicates the award to NBC who bought the show when the other networks wouldn't. Sounds Of The Season. To fill time, we have a bit where the judges listen to sounds recorded during the season and they have to identify the acts. Roll tape! So far tonight, Northwell Nurse Choir has beep put to the Finals, Who will join them? Kabir Singh and Rialcris, please step forward. America has voted. The next act going into the Finals is... None of you! -- Simon sabotaged both acts last night. So far one act is through to the Finals. There are 4 acts left up on stage, and one of them is heading into the Finals. Brooke Simpson and ChapKids, please step forward. America has voted. The act going into the Finals is... Brooke Simpson! Simon hints that there will be a wildcard because he's gutted ChapKids were eliminated. But there are still 2 acts left up on stage. Josh Blue and Peter Antoniou, please step forward. America has voted and the act going into the Finals is... Josh Blue! Northwell Nurse Choir, Brooke Simpson & Josh Blue are through to Finale Night on your votes but who will make it through on your Instant Save? Lea Kyle, UnCircle Flow & Victory Brinker, please step forward. The act going through on the Instant Save is... Lea Kyle! We are down to the last two acts: Unicircle Flow and Victory Brinker. Only one can go to the Finale. And for the last time this season, it's up to the judges. Let's take one more look at last night's performances. Who would you put through? Judges, this is it. Please consider your verdict. Two acts, one spot in the Finals. Heidi votes for Victory Brinker. Sophia votes for Victory Brinker. Howie votes for Unicircle Flow. Simon votes for Victory Brinker! Your Top 10 acts heading into next week's Finale are: Aidan Bryant, World Taekwondo Demonstration Team, Dustin Tavella, Gina Brillon, Jimmie Herrod, Lea Kyle, Northwell Nurse Choir, Josh Blue, Brook Simpson and Victory Brinker. And who would you bring back as a Wild Card?
  24. I've seen a number of posts on social media and comments in the Morty's TV Fan Forums & Chat accusing The Cookout of being a racist alliance. Racism is an easy word to through around by those who do not really know the meaning nor have ever experienced the blunt weight of its practice. I count myself among that group. As a white male, the system was designed for people like me, whereas from the very start of this nation (going back to the days of Columbus, the creation of the Constitution, the Civil War, the Civil Rights era and today's Black Lives Matter movement), it was not designed for minorities. Yes, we have come a long way from the days of slavery but while Declaration of Independence says All men are created equal, it has never been the case that all men (or women) are treated equally. That is racism. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines racialism as: Now let's apply this to Big Brother Season 23 and The Cookout alliance. Do the Cookout believe they are superior to those not in their alliance? I haven't heard that. Do they believe that those that they have evicted are inferior to those in the alliance? To the contrary, with the exception of Brent and Frenchie, they have been largely complimentary and given evictees the impression they were evicted for their competitive skills, not because of any pigmentation deficiency. The Cookout was formed because in 23 seasons of Big Brother and Big Brother OTT, no person of color has ever won the game. Yes, Danielle Reyes made it to the Final 2 in Season 2, but she was denied the victory, despite having played the superior game, in part due to the evicted HG having had the opportunity to watch her honest and open DR sessions that were broadcast in episodes. It was no accident that in Season 3, a sequestered jury was added to the game. And yes, there were winners with different ethnicity, but they were all basically white. Instead, we have seen season after season that minorities or those who don't "fit in" because they were gay, socially awkward, old, a minority or different for any reason were frequently targeted first. And even when someone who is Black made it to the Final 2, they lost the jury vote. I am not saying it was intentional or that any past HG were racist or discriminatory, though some most definitely were. If you really want to see a racist season, be sure to check out Season 15 in your Paramount+ app. Until then, I thought Season 9 was the worst ever. Any time someone complains about a season of Big Brother, just tell them to go back and watch Season 9 or Season 15 and then tell explain how this season could possibly be worse. Back to this season. The Cookout was formed by the six HG who are not white with the intent of making Season 23 the first in two decades to break that barrier. It was not that they felt the rest of the house wasn't good enough or deserving, but that these Six had a bond. Despite having been raised with diverse backgrounds, they share a common experience of having been looked down, dismissed, or being made to feel they have to work thrice as hard as those with lighter skin tones. In Big Brother Season 23, rather than just casting token Derek F (Big D or DF) came up with the idea of the Six coming together to form an alliance whose primary purpose was to make sure a person of color (POC) won Big Brother USA for the first time in over 2 decades. In every other aspect, they are no different from any other alliance that banded together based on whatever bond or common interest, real or contrived, that brought them together. Tiffany came along and provided a strategy to the Alliance, with each Main Dish having a Side Dish with whom they would pair up and steer away from the others in the Alliance. To keep the alliance secret, each Main Dish and Side Dish would be nominated as a pair. They would even throw "sympathy votes" against their own alliance members when they were sure they had the votes to evict, which would further throw anyone off the scent. What is different from past alliances is that they have executed their plan to perfection. Despite not meeting regularly (and suspiciously), they hid behind the Teams for the first month, using tribal rivalries to justify targets that were aligned with The Cookout's interests. Even after the team twist ended, they still stoked the embers of team tribalism to pit non-alliance members against each other. That isn't to say that there are not divisions between the member of The Cookout. Derek F and Azah have largely lived on the edge of the alliance due to their inability to win competitions. Xavier is put out that he keeps throwing comps to help the alliance achieve their goal but others, namely Tiffany and Kyland, have played the game for themselves even while sticking loosely to the cause. In Tiffany's case, she has a tendency to use The Cookout as a blunt cudgel to keep the others in line even as she continually makes unilateral decisions that furthers her own game at their expense. Kyland is seen as a smooth talker who makes you think he's putting the alliance first even as he's looking to advantage his own game. Ironically, it is Kyland's jury management, hinting at The Cookout without breaking his word to reveal it, that would likely be seen positively by the Jury members. Juries generally accept that lying and deceiving is part of the game. What they hate, and what often leads to a "bitter" jury vote is when HG continue to lie and deceive the jury once they have been evicted from the game. Just ask Paul Abrahamian, who twice played strategically strong games to reach the Final 2 but both times was dissed by the jury in large part because even up to the season finale, he failed to own up to the elements of his game. So where does that leave Hannah? She considered part of The Cookout months before she was even told it existed. Then, when Tiffany (who has a big mouth in the house and often lacks situational awareness when using it) spilled the tea that The Cookout existed, she dithered and said it was just something in her mind. I'm not sure when she and the other five owned up to having included her in an alliance without her knowledge, but she's played a quiet yet instrumental role ever since she found out. Hannah's hope, along with Azah and Derek F, is that Kyland, Tiffany and Xavier will go after each other in the final three weeks of the season, leaving them picking up the pieces and bringing the cause of The Cookout home on Finale Night. In fact, the Main Dishes in The Cookout have largely become emotionally connected to their Side Dishes. Derek F volunteered to go on the block to spare Britini. Kyland cried after both Derek X and Kyland were evicted. That is why those who have made the sacrifice of their Side Dishes feel like they have born the burden of the alliance, both because they were on the block against their external partners and because it left them largely alone in the game. Tiffany went against her alliance to win HoH to protect Claire, even as Xavier threw the comp to leave Alyssa exposed. Which brings me to looking forward to many who are hoping that the Double Eviction that is coming up this Thursday will finally lead to Main Dishes of The Cookout turning on each other. While they will have no choice if Alyssa wins HoH or Veto (spoiler: Claire will be named the replacement nominee after Alyssa uses the Veto to take herself off the block and will be evicted Thursday over Xavier), if she does not, The Cookout will hold together one last time to complete their mission. The reason is simple. Nobody wants to be the one responsible for breaking up the alliance and failing to achieve an all minority Final 6. That person would immediately become the target of the rest of the alliance. This is why the rest of her alliance was so cold to Tiffany after she won HoH against the previously agreed-upon plan, and while being forced to nominate and evict Claire is karma coming back on her from the perspective of the rest of the Six. So Tiffany will nominate Claire, the Cookout will evict Claire, and then Tiffany will hope beyond hope that Alyssa does not win HoH or Veto. Because if the last Side Dish is safe, The Cookout will have no choice but to consume one of their own Main Dishes, and Tiffany is looking mighty tasty right now.
  25. 1:13pm BBT Alyssa tells Azah that she tricked Tiff into nominating Claire. After talking with X, Tiff talks to camera that she's not going to convince X to turn left when he wants to turn right. Maybe she shouldn't have waited until the last minute to approach Alyssa.

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