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  1. Due to technical problems, I cannot watch tonight's Playoff Live Results show and provide real time play-by-play coverage, but I will bring you the results as best I can. Some events may be fabricated out of boredom and exasperation, but the results will be real. Please welcome your coaches, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Ledgend and Gwen Stefani! Last night, all four teams performed live for the first time. Tonight, the Top 17 will get slashed down to your Top 9 as we careen towards the season finale in just 2 weeks. Let's take a look at last night's performances. For Tea
  2. This The Voice! Welcome to the Playoffs and we are live! Say hello to Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, the great John Legend, and the cowboy, Blake Shelton! The Top 17 will perform tonight and tomorrow night, we will cut 8 artists, with the final spot determined by the Instant Save. Before we get to the music, let's look back at last week's 4-Way Knockout featuring Ryan Gallagher (Team Kelly), Larriah Jackson (Team Gwen), Julia Cooper (Team Legend) and Taryn Papa (Team Blake). Ryan Gallagher had to exit the competition, so the the Knockout has become a 3-way. The artist winning th
  3. Previously on The Voice, Hosted by Carson Daly, Gwen Stefani joined finance Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend as the coaches for the 19th season of The Voice, with appropriate physical distancing and health safety protocols in place, including the return of the live audience Zoom wall. In the Blinds, Team Kelly got its start with Joseph Soul, Eli Zamora and Marisa Corvo. Team Gwen landed Lauren Frihauf and Payge Turner, while Team John began with Tamara Jade (4-chair turn) and John Holiday and Team Blake began with Ian Flanigan and Jim Ranger. The Blinds continued
  4. Nicole could not wear the dress she had planned to wear because she gained too much weight and it wouldn't fit anymore. Cody looked like Mr. Rogers. Ian is a better dresser than all the other HG. I give Enzo a Zing for not pointing out that the only reason Cody made it to the Finale is because Enzo turned on Tyler and Christmas, and then told Cody what Tyler had tried to do. Were it not for those two things, Nicole would have been gone and Cody might have soon followed. He probably wouldn't have won but he might have earned a vote. I Zing the shortness of the Finale. P
  5. OK, the season is over, and I can finally get to sleep again without the HG talking in the background on the feeds. Especially over this last week, it seemed the HG were getting more sleep than I was. I thank the hundreds of you who have read my blog this season. I didn't post as often as I wanted - at one point during the last 85 days, I had 3 paying jobs and 2 additional volunteer jobs, my role with Morty's TV being one. I wish you had commented more and shared your own views and perspective, though - this is much more fun when it is interactive. There are a couple of observation
  6. It has been a fantastic season for live feed memes, with 219 entries over the last 85 days. In 3rd place with the funniest meme of the season is "Need Jesus" from Josh on the Facebook Group! The Committee alliance dominated the season, landing 2 of 6 members in the F3. In 2nd place is a cautionary tale, the theme meme of the season, "Against The Family" from Jodi on the Facebook Group! This was an All-Star season seemingly lacking All-Stars. In First Place is the HG who might have won America's Favorite Player if eligible,
  7. Last night, Enzo asked his family to tell the kids if he gets cut, it will be because either Nicole or Cody were afraid he would win. And if he is cut, the kids should look away because he'll go off on whoever cuts him. He still doesn't think Cody will cut him. Cody has been careful to accept what Enzo says but not confirm or commit his F2 deal. Best I can tell, Nicole hasn't given him any reason to think she would pick him if she wins Part III. Yes, it is the logical argument that Enzo would be easier to beat and clearly he's playing for 2nd place right now. But his real anger isn't at his ho
  8. 2:00pm BBT Cody is humming in the kitchen while he eats. Big Brother says, "Humming is the same as singing. Please stop humming." Cody says Bob is so mean, then repeats the message mockingly. #BB22: 2:45pm BBT Cody and Nicole play another game of Chess at the DT. 20 minutes later, Cody wins. 3:37pm BBT The F2 are in the KT. Nicole recalls the lies Memphis tried to tell her. Cody says Memphis was arrogant and trying to play the game too late. Enzo agrees he was too comfortable. 3:49pm BBT Enzo can't believe Christmas thought she and Nicole were good after Christmas trie
  9. Nicole won HoH Part I and Cody won HoH Part II. Either Cody or Nicole will win the Final HoH, leaving Enzo's game entirely in their hands. He doesn't think either will take him and is just counting the days until he can go home and watch movies with his kids. Neither Cody nor Nicole are celebrating, however, as both have hard decisions ahead of them. Will they stay loyal to each other and possibly give away their game? Or do they break their F2 and take Enzo to give them a better chance of winning? They'll have 4 days to make up their minds.
  10. 11:33pm BBT Nicole takes a break to check for pimples in the mirror. Enzo still in the shower. She tries a tiny piece of a crumb donut. She didn't like it and tossed it in the trash. She grabs zucchini and mushrooms out of the fridge and eats with some salad dressing. 11:38pm BBT Enzo is out of the shower. He pops into the WC to put clothes on. Presumably Cody is in the DR. He walks past Nic in the KT & back to the PBR. Nicole is done & rinses her dish. Enzo crawls into bed but sitting up. Nic asks if she can make him some garlic pasta. 11:42pm BBT Nicole goes i
  11. 11:00pm BBT I'm sick of you taking my stuff, Nicole says as Cody takes another game piece off the board. Nicole almost fell into Cody's trap but she has no safe moves. She still has her queen, but barely. Cody forgot to say Check. Cody says she still has a move left. 11:06pm BBT Enzo is out of the DR and says he's taking a shower. He grabs some clothes from the PBR. The chess game continues unabated. Enzo says he's a little calmer now. He heads to the WA and chats with Cody and Nicole in the KT. Enzo grabs something from the SR. 11:10pm BBT Cody is getting impatient wa
  12. 10:42pm BBT Feeds return to show Cody teaching Nicole how to play Chess. No sign of Enzo. No idea what went down in the HoH Part II Comp. 10:51pm BBT Cody tells Nicole she's lost. He's making dramatic comments at all his and her moves. He tells her that last move was not allowed because she exposed her king to his queen. That's why he couldn't figure out his next move. 10:57pm BBT Nicole says this game (Chess) is very difficult. They argue about whether Cody explained the rules right. Roll back the tape, Nicole says. Nicole is starting to see ways that Cody could move again
  13. #BB22 2:40PM BBT The HGs are hanging out in the KT just chatting. Enzo says he lost 20-30 pounds last time he played. This season was, yo. He thought he'd be backdoored every week. #BB22 2:46PM BBT Enzo says he was frustrated when Memphis went to bed early and refused to be part of any game talk. Nicole said he was a jerk, always trying to get David. For no reason. David didn't win anything! #BB22 2:52PM BBT Enzo said the Slick Six was created to make Bayleigh and Da'Vonne happy. Nicole wonders if Da'Vonne told Kevin about the Slick Six. Cody and Enzo both say she did,
  14. Just a quick note. The deadline for the final week of memes is 9pm BBT on Monday, October 26th. The final Meme of the Week will be chosen on Tuesday and the Season 22 winner will be chosen prior to the Finale on Wednesday. So there is still a chance for you to win! And remember, any screen shot posted to http://mortystv.com/bb or to the Morty's TV Fan Forums Live Feed Update forum are eligible to be used for a meme, as well as any screen shot you capture yourself or have permission to use. So get your meme on one last time this season!
  15. 10:57pm BBT Cody and Enzo get up from the LR sofas to go after a donut. Cody picks up the ball and bounces it a bit. Cody pours some milk to go with his donut.
  16. 9:51pm BBT Cody got the American cheese he requested. He says David wanted to see the table in the house get smaller and it never happened. Enzo thinks David was starting to ally with Tyler and Christmas before he was evicted. Cody thinks Dani and Christmas will fight in jury. 10:00pm BBT Enzo lays down in the LR while Nicole puts on a nice sweater in the WA. Cody is in the shower. 10:15pm BBT Cody is ou of the shower, Enzo is still laying on the LR sofa, rubbing his face stay awake. Cody puts on some deoderant and gets dressed. with red striped lounge pants and h
  17. Previously on Big Brother All-Stars, Enzo became King of the House and he kept his boy Cody off the block. With the hamster wheels in motion toward the end, Cody claimed the final Veto of the season. With the solve vote to evict, Cody canceled Christmas. Now, with the Final 3 set, Nicole, Cody and Enzo look back at the All-Star season. Witness the laughs, emotion and triumphs you haven't seen. The road to crowning the winner begins tonight, right now on Big Brother! We made it to the end, Enzo cheers as Cody claps after Christmas exits the Big Brother house. Nicole thanks Cody for savi
  18. 10:36pm BBT Feeds return. The HG look like they have had a catered dinner but they are also covered in paint. There was some kind of comp involving a moon, going fast and smashing into walls. Sounds like they may have had the HoH Part I comp. Nicole is taking a shower. 10:44pm BBT It sounds like the comp where the HG hang on the rope and are spun in circles, ramming into an object (maybe the moon among the stars). Nicole is out of the shower and Cody is next. Enzo says at least he got to see his kids' video and keeps muttering in the KT. 10:50pm BBT Enzo says he's more
  19. 3:40pm BBT Cody is jogging laps in the BY while Christmas and Enzy nap outside and Nicole naps the PBR. BB says No Napping and Christmas says we're not napping. Cody pauses the laps and after catching his breath, starts doing pushups on a mat. Christmas rolls over. Cody picks up the hand weights and starts doing squats and arm raises, low reps. He then does some crunches. He doesn't seem to be into it though. And he's back to jogging. Enzo has moved to a different lounge in the shade. 3:55pm The only ones on their feet are Cody and Moolan, who is watching him jog laps in the BY. Ch
  20. 3:15pm BBT An airplane flew over the BB House and Cody on the hammock used his hand to shade the sun as he looked up. Nicole turned the pae in the bible. Cody gets vertical and heads into the BB House but turns to grab his towel and water bottle from the lounge where Christmas was laying.He heads inside. Nicole gives up on reading and pulls the comforter over her. She is momentarily startled by Cody in the hall but that doesn't last. Cody puts on some shoes, grabs a cap from the PBR, puts some ice into his water bottle, fills it with vodka (just kidding - it was water), uses the WC, washes his
  21. One thing I think Cody does well is make you feel like you have his attention when you are talking to him. You feel like he is taking your strategy gambit seriously, even when he turns around and dismisses it in the DR. I think that is a big social game factor and will help him in the jury. This is a big Derick influence because he was the same way - he never let his evictees feel dumb, gullible or betrayed. Enzo has a similar strategy where he animatedly makes you feel like he is agreeing with whatever you say, like he is on your side. You feel safe in confiding in him and divulgi
  22. Enzo stepped up big time to earn his spot in the Final 3 and will be the last to occupy the HoH room. And he will be the first (and possibly only) HG to have gone the whole season without being nominated and not part of a house-consuming alliance. His choices for nomination are Nicole, Christmas or Cody. But it doesn't really matter - all four will play for Veto on Saturday and whomever wins will cast the sole vote to evict. If Enzo nominates Cody and Nicole (the last pair in the game), and Cody wins Veto, he'll save himself and Christmas will go on the block by default. Cody will then
  23. Cody knows that Memphis would choose Enzo over him, so it is not in his best interest to evict Christmas. Enzo knows Memphis would pick him over Cody, but doesn't think he could beat him with the Jury. Here's how I see the F4 shaping up: Cody's best chance is to win F4 HoH and hope Christmas is evicted. Enzo's best chance is to win F4 HoH and hope Cody is evicted. Nicole's best chance is win F4 Veto.to bolster her comp creds for the jury. Christmas's best chance is to win F4 HoH, and if not, winning Veto. Otherwise, I don't think anyone would want her in the F
  24. Bye bye Tyler We're gonna miss you so Bye bye Tyler Why'd ya have to go? (Bye bye) No more sunshine (no sunshine) It's followed you away (you away) We'll cry Tyler (Tyler) Till you're with Angela to stay We'll miss the way you smile As though it's just for us And each and every night We'll vote you for Most Favorte HG (Bye bye Tyler ) Bye bye Tyler It's awful hard to bear Bye bye Tyler Guess We'll always care Guess We'll always ca-a-a-a-are Guess We'll always carrrrrrrre
  25. Previously in the BB House, Kevin was the first to fall to the Triple Eviction, and David soon followed, leaving Enzo and The Committee in the Final 7. With the power back up for grabs, Tyler secured his safety and targeted his former ally, Dani. After Tyler locked in the Veto, Dani's fate was all but sealed and she became the third casualty of the night. Tonight, witness all the crazy strategy you didn't see that shaped the shocking Triple Eviction. Plus, with only 6 remaining, a new HoH will be crowned and 2 HG will be nominated for eviction. All this right now on Big Brother All-St

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