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  1. Hello Fuskie 


    I have asked you awhile ago if you were doing survivor 41 recaps, you said you were going to try after being busy with BB. If have started I can not find them.any infomation on them would be appreciated.


        Thank you.  watchers

    1. Fuskie


      I have them all on my DVR and will update them as soon as I can. I've just been crazy busy and I do apologize. The updater who has done past seasons is not able to do it this season. 

      If you want to post your observations for each episode, I can post my recaps into the threads you start. Please don't let my slowness keep you from doing your thing!



      Who is trying to juggle a lot of things and trying not to drop the balls...

    2. watchers


      Thank you for your quick response ,I understand you've busy

      I am happy to hear you will be doing them as soon as you can

      I  like to put photos of those who are voted out, but I will wait to 

      do that....


                               Thank You




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