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  1. I agree Helene. I've been watching BB for years (since season 2), and this is by far one of the worst (I still say the one with Dick and his daughter is the ultimate worst). This one gave that one a run for its money, though. Was hoping Michie would lose at the end just to see his anger explode (he was already steamed from the questions the jury asked). Now THAT would have been some good BB tv given how rotten the season was. Oh well, I'll check in again next year to see if they can do better with the casting. I will say I was happy that CBS allowed the first 5 to be evicted to have some say in how they were treated.
  2. Haha... yes, if she was smart she would take Nicole over Michie, but even then Nicole might win over her. It's more likely that Michie would win over Holly. Smart move is to ditch Michie to avoid that possibility, but I'm not holding my breath.
  3. Hope this A*hole loses to Holly in the finals.
  4. Cliff has played a good game. He made one mistake and that was trusting A*hole when he should have known better. At least he can go out with his head high. He and Nicole BOTH.
  5. Disagree that she deserves to win. She's flying by the seat of her pants at this point. And all it takes is a veto win this week, and poof! there goes Cliff. Should have locked in Tommy for final three (hard), and broken the showmance up. If I'm on the jury, I'm handing it to Holly or what's his name, not b/c I believe they played a better game (they didn't; abuse and cheating deserve no respect), but b/c of the level of stupidity of Cliff and Nicole.
  6. Hahaha! I've never seen two people more chicken shit than Cliff and Nicole. Truly pathetic. I don't even care if they go on to win. Just the fact that they allowed a showmance to run to the end tells me how shameful they are. Can't stand the showmance couple (Holly and what's his abuser name), but if they have the ability to stupidize the others, then more power to them.
  7. Yes, this will be the best move for Nicole and Cliff. And there isn't a thing Michie can do about it, PLUS he can't compete for HOH this next time (or am I mistaken about that??). Assuming Michie can't compete for this next HOH (and Holly is GONE), then there's a great chance they can vote Michie out next.
  8. I think my favorite moment (well, one of my favorite moments) of the night was when they showed the messages Josh left for the jury members as they got evicted. He just could not believe that Josh out-smarted him in using those goodbye messages to work the jury against Paul. Paul called it "cowardly," but what he meant was that it was brilliant strategy on Josh's part. He didn't think Josh was that smart.
  9. Good. He thought he played the "perfect" game. His arrogance, though, was one of his stumbling blocks.
  10. Never cared for Elena, but I have to say she made probably the best, most compelling arguments during the discussion with Will Kirby. I think she could have (and should have) played a much better game than she did.
  11. Alex got most played by Paul, and she thought she was the smartest but was actually the dumbest. (she was a true disappointment as a player). But she redeemed herself just a tiny little bit tonight when she said she was giving her vote to the person who stabbed her in the front and not the one who stabbed her in the back, and I jumped up and screamed "YES! Tell it like it is, girl!" Big kudos to her for her snarky comment. Paul definitely had it coming.
  12. I think there may actually be something wrong with him, he's so proud of being such a loser. Being on a reality tv show is probably not the best place you can most prosper by doing absolutely nothing. He and Xmas could give each other a run for the money, they're about an equal match.
  13. I think my heart skipped a beat when Kevin walked across the stage when Julie was introducing the jury one by one. He walked that stage like it was a catwalk, and I thought YES! Some part of him is still Mr. Massachusetts. He is a very nice looking man. And a real sweetheart of a guy. I think his family should be very proud of him.
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