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  1. Is there any reason it couldn't be both? I don't see it necessarily as an either / or. I agree, though, that he knew that he needed Kyle in the game -- but ironically, knowing that he needed Kyle and could work together moving forward kinda undermines the spin that Kyle is a racist. The narrative that Kyle is a racist is too generalized and omits the parts of his wanting to work with POC early on when the leftovers were being formed.
  2. People should talk about racism and a whole lot of other isms as well. Diversity of all kinds should be embraced. We live in a pluralistic world and the more we recognize the value in that, the better. However, questioning whether there could be an alliance made up of people of color (especially just fresh from last season's Cookout) in and of itself does not rise to the level of the reaction that was displayed by the houseguests. At least one of the houseguests recognized that the size of the punishment did not fit the crime, but sadly no one really listened because of yet another ism (of age).
  3. And this may be why CBS is wanting to use the show as a platform for addressing a particular ism. They may know more about their demographics and the need (or perceived need) to make a teaching moment out of this. My post was simply pointing out that CBS is trying to score points off of cleansing just one ism. There are many, many other isms. Ageism for instance. Terrance was treated horribly by most if not all of the houseguests this season. He was older and perceived to be weaker. I don't think anyone took him seriously. I did not hear or see any attempt on the part of CBS to address the issue of ageism. It's a serious thing in our society but no one wants to talk about it.
  4. I like Taylor and definitely think she was treated extremely unfairly early on. Turner was instrumental along with Kyle in turning that around and helping to change the dynamic. But do I think she deserves to win this season? No. That's not to say that she won't ultimately win. But I don't think she's earned it.
  5. Sadly, I think CBS will milk this for some kind of political correctness / wokeness thing. They want to be the heroes in showing they don't stand for anything remotely hinting of racism -- and Kyle was a convenient scapegoat. What CBS doesn't seem to realize is that the audience is way more progressive and open-minded than they think (we don't need to be taught a lesson here with Kyle). In the rush to cleanse the show of any hint of racism, CBS neglects the genderism or sexism that is assumed to be okay or acceptable (the women have an all-girls alliance; "the ladies are working together"; we guys have to stick together to make it to the end, etc.). I'm speaking here of the situation with Kyle only -- and the lack of consistency that jumps out this season. If what Kyle questioned is so wrong, then the other should also be shunned for being wrong as well. You don't get to cherry pick. If you feel the need and rush to judge Kyle for questioning whether people of color might be aligned, then you need to do the same for every single time someone in that house discussed the possibility of an alliance of all girls or all guys. This is why I think CBS is race posturing and trying to score some hero points.
  6. I hope they show it -- can't wait to see how he is received by the others. Plus, I'm curious to see if they talk about how he pulled out that racist crap on Kyle after sitting on it for weeks. BTW, Kyle has taken on way too much of a racist identity. Maybe what he did had racism in it (and if so, everyone needs to own their part in simply questioning if there could be an alliance made up by, as Turner phrases, having "similar characteristics". The extent to which Kyle got crucified is ridiculous. I saw way more genderism blatantly discussed and bandied about and no one said a word about that.
  7. I stand corrected. I never dreamed Michael would stoop so low as to depict Kyle as a racist.
  8. Yes, they are, and it's pretty despicable IMO. It has altered my view of Michael especially. I'm not a Kyle fan by any means, but it's pretty pathetic (and desperate) to malign Kyle in the manner they are. I hope Turner can see through it.
  9. Michael is super smart and knows the dynamic has changed re: the Leftovers once the house came back together. But he has really been outplayed in the sense of not knowing just how much ground the After Party has already covered. I don't think he has a clue about Terrance and Alyssa, for example. He's working Alyssa hard but I hope it ends up backfiring (and I really like Michael, probably my fave most of the season, but getting annoyed with him now placing so much stock in Brittany). He's a bit behind on this one. And if he thinks pitching Kyle to go this week will work with Turner, I think he is sadly mistaken. Compared to the ways in which several others have flexed their game based on the changing situations, Michael appears stuck and I'm starting to think he's not as strategic as some of the others. Smart, yes. Physical ninja, yes. But will it be enough to get him to the end? not so sure
  10. I would like to see her go soon. She has not contributed anything to merit still being there, other than being Michael's wing woman. Plus, I would like to see Michael play this game without relying so much on the emotional support Brittany apparently gives him. With so many excellent players this season, she just isn't in the same league. Plus, she's incredibly arrogant to think she is in the same league as everyone else when she's been riding the coat tails of Michael all season.
  11. I fear he will end up being the weak link for the Leftovers. Which is truly sad b/c he could really work the Alyssa / girls alliance and benefit the Leftovers. Maybe if Alyssa goes, it will be easier for him to stay committed to the Leftovers alliance.
  12. Dial him back to pre-Chill Town. He would have been great for Season 1.
  13. I'm really impressed at how so many of them are good at lying and strategizing -- did it take 20 + years of growing up on Big Brother to master these skills? I don't know but if this year's cast is any indication of the benefits of seeing past seasons (with one BIG EXCEPTION: POOCH), we might be in for a whole new era of savvy game players! I haven't been this impressed with a cast since Will / Chill Town.
  14. He's a good guy. He does seem to work well -- and is convincing -- when he has others to work with. I think he had a low expectation for himself and assumed he would be gone by now. The fact he's still there might help build his confidence and propel him along.
  15. Nothing that I can see (but I don't have live feeds). To me, they hate on her 1) because she is a totally confident and strong woman who stands her ground and doesn't just glob in with the women on the basis of their being women. 2) she's an easy target.



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