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  1. Survivor 41 starts on September 22, 2021 at 8/7c on CBS. What do you think of the cast? Cast Bios here. Are you ready for some Survivor? I am!!
  2. 10:57am BBT Alyssa and X are looking for places to hide their veto for the Hide the Veto comp (if they have it today) X says there are not a lot of places to hide it, its about the size of a vinyl record. Big D says if you flip over the bed that lamp is going, if his big butt his timed he will destroy things.
  3. 10:17am BBT Big D, Azah, Alyssa, Sarah and Ky in LR talk about their fav comp. Big D the only thing he liked about a comp was looking at Ky in his outfit, he was looking at the snack. 10:25am BBT Big D says he isnt unpacking this week. They agree that they hate powers. They talk about how they think the coin flip will be front of them but they wont know who said heads or tails. 10:33am BBT Tiff says this chat has been so nice no BB talk. Hannah says she has met Big Sean thru her dance. In LR they joke about if Big D goes home it will be a triple eviction, he will take Lucias and Haviar with him. (Its just general chit chat no game talk)
  4. 10:07am BBT WBRB, Feeds back. Tiff is saying if she is away from home and meets someone from Detroit they are from instant friends. She talks about some of the shirts she has designed.
  5. 9:34am BBT X says everyone called him Z from Kindergarten thru High School. HG in LR taking about nick names and parents. Hannah, Derek X, Azah, and Tiff in WA. Hannah describes a dream she had. (LOL I couldnt remember X from school but the second he said Z I remembered him!! All the kids loved him. Morty don't post that!) 9:53am BBT Tiff wants a BBH rabbit, she needs to cuddle something. Derek X says he would love a rabbit, he says sometimes they bring in cat or dog (?). They need a rescue animal says Tiff. In LR Azah says she loses stuff all the time, phone, car keys etc. X says she needs the Tile to keep track of it. She says she has lost a fanny pack before. She lost her wallet once and had to answer a ton of questions to get on the plane to come back home.
  6. 9:17am BBT HG hare hugging all around. Sarah says its been her, Hannah and Derek F that have never been picked. Playing for veto today: Sarah Beth, Claire, Xavier, Big D, Azah, Alyssa. Alyssa and Sarah talk. The only one they have to worry about winning VETO is Claire. Sarah asks her if Clarie does come off would Azah and Big D keep X? Alyssa says oh yeah. In WA Derek X and Claire talk, he tells her she needs to bring the day one energy.
  7. 9:00am BBT Tiff talking to camera. She is ok, send her some love, send her some luck and send her some BB Bucks. And we have FOTH (Furbabies of the house)
  8. 7:16am BBT BB gets the HG up early. 8:50am BBT Alyssa thinks the VETO will be the Hide veto where they tear the house apart. She is trying to put things she doesnt want damaged away. Hannah is memorizing the faces on the memory wall.
  9. 9:33am BBT X gets called to DR. Hannah asks Brit to sit with her and just talk to her. Brit starts with an English accent telling her what day it is. Hannah asks for a story, Brit starts whispering a made up story about a unicorn. 9:50am BBT Ky, Big D and Tiff in the HOH bed. Tiff says she votes how she wants she dont care, she has a lot of excuses on how she didnt vote for someone. they all LOL. Tiff says the BB roulette is Fed. They need to ensure that none of them are on the block Thur.
  10. 9:00am BBT HG are awake early today doing Eviction night ADLs. Ky and X in HOH talking what ifs. 9:09am BBT Well some HG are awake. (I think Derek X fell asleep in the shower.) X and Ky still going over what ifs (who will go up next, what if certain ppl win HOH etc) Can switches to Anchor bedroom where 3 are still sleeping and Brit twirling her hair around her finger. 9:13am BBT Derek X talks to Claire and Tiff in WA. He says he (Ky) wants to keep Big D but doesnt want them to feel pressured on how to vote. They go on to talk what ifs. (What happens if one of them are HOH or on the block.) 9:18am BBT X and Hannah in LR. X tells her that if there is an Enduro that they need to not let Derek X win. X will throw it to her but he (X) cant drop until DX is down. They say next LD is at 10:45am BBT. Derek X and Tiff talking in WA. Both couples are talking what ifs.
  11. 10:15am BBT HG are awake doing ADLs. Big D is working out, uses loo, and starts breakfast. Brit is laying in bed. Ky comes down stairs and chats with Big D, He says he is glad they got to go outside for a bit....WBRB 10:23am BBT Brit tells Azah that she is thinking about her convo with Ky, he has her answers weither ppl choose to believe them or not is up to them. Brit says he can believe what he whats, she doesnt care, he is not god. Azah says to do what she wants. Azah goes brush her teeth. Brit pulls out some colored pieces and talks to us about what shes thinking. She is not a shield for the guys, with her on the block you will see the block less cuz she is always on the block, Big D...she gets interrupted. In HOH Ky and X talks about who has the BBBucks and who is lying about it. 10:35am BBT Ky and X talk about what ifs for the next few weeks and when to use the extra Veto. They talk about what happens if they keep either nom. In KT Big D and Brit chat, she says she is ok, he says he is taking a me day, just going to sit in his room. He is making eggs, he will will some w/o milk for Brit 10:42am BBT In HOH Ky pulls out his colored pieces and goes over scenarios with X. Azah hugs Big D in the KT, he says his head is spinning, she says she knows.
  12. 9:48am BBT Big D and Sarah are going to make breakfast, omelets, pancakes and potatoes. Derek X and Ky are cuddling in bed, Ky has his Jackass head on DX head, Claire is sitting across the foot of the bed. They say it was hard to look Christian in the eyes. Claire agrees. DX says he was worried there would be a Battle Back, Alyssa really wanted one.
  13. 9:10am BBT Wake up time, we have WBRB 9:19am BBT In HNR Alyssa and X talking. Alyssa says they didnt tell about their showmance because ppl would assume that if they told her something she would run tell Christian. Alyssa says she will just be to herself for the rest of the week, wouldnt it be funny if she won HOH, then ppl would have to talk to her. No body talks to her now. 9:29am BBT Brit and Big D, Big D says Alyssa will take me down. Brit asks but we need to know who he will put up in his place, it needs to be someone they want out. Brit says they need to paint a big enough target on this person to make them be put up. There are ppl in this house that have sway and they need to put them up. Brit says he needs to go to Ky and say Hey this is what it is. Big D needs to go to talk to ppl and see how they feel about this HOH then take it to Ky. 9:33am BBT Brit tells Big D that the minute someone tells him something against Ky he needs to take it to him. Claires biggest fear is that Tiff goes up next to her. Big D goes to cook and Brit talks with Tiff and says they have to get Hannah put up. They need to make Ky scared of ppl coming after him next week.
  14. 11:32am BBT Feeds come back and Brit is hugging a crying Azah. Derek X and Ky in HOH. They have a long hug. DX asks why Big D. Ky says that Alyssa only has Sarah. Ky says the fact that Big D can have everyone in the house sit next to him, he says everyone will put him (Ky) now. Alyssa, Brit and Azah talk. Alyssa says I dont think the target is either one of them. Alyssa walks away and Azah tells Brit that there are very few ppl she can talk to even about feelings.
  15. 12:32pm BBT Chris tells DX that while he was HOH Ky said he thought DX was sneaky. Chris says during the one on one he asked Ky who in the RF was he most uncomfortable and Ky said DX was sneaky. Chris says they need to take out the person who is the best for both of them. DX asks how long for the cease fire. Chris says he thinks 5 weeks is too long. He goes saying that they can use ppl that go home, say they were in our ear. WBRB 12:39pm BBT Tiff and Hannah whispering. who is he going to offer safety. Claire joins them. Tiff likes the bed, its so big. Tiff says she will sleep out here from now on, she is a night WC person and she talks in her sleep, she wouldnt disturb ppl. In HOH Chris and Derek X try to figure how long the cease fire is to be. He says he wants DX around but not to F2. Chris says DX needs to make a decision or send him home. What did Chris do to DX to be put up, DX says nothing. Chris says the only time he said DX name was after noms, Sarah said his name. 12:49pm BBT Tiff, Hannah and Claire talk about using the HOH shower. In HOH, Chris asks Derek X how does keeping Sarah benefit his game over him, besides him going home. DX says just comps. Chris says in the puzzle comp she did the most of it. Chris is the only reason Hannah didnt go home that week. Chris says that Sarah kept telling him they should have gotten Hannah out. Chris says that with this agreement that they 2 and relax some. DX says so you want me to swing the vote to get Sarah out, what will they say. Chris says he needs to convince Claire and Tiff, he has a plan to get the rest, but he doesnt want to tell DX for obvious reasons. 12:58pm BBT Derek X says he wont talk to ppl today. Chris says he wont either. Chris says he doesnt feel any point in keeping it between them. Chris can tell Alyssa and DX can tell Hannah. Chris is gong to lay low today. As far as the way the votes go he is going home right now thats why this deal is essential. DX says let him think about it, it is an interesting deal. Chris leaves the HOH. (The deal is for the week of 8 HG or 3 HOHs) 1:00pm BBT Derek X talks to us, says he didnt think of something like that. He needs to talk to Ky about he said about him. After this week he sees Alyssa, Sarah and Ky as targets. The only person he is missing is X. How does he get X on his side?
  16. 12:00pm BBT KY burns the Vegan bacon. Sarah tells Ky and X that she is just going to keep doing her best. She says that she talked to Ky and he is not keeping her. Ky says he is not going to lie, its just easier that way. (they are joking with each other) Big D comes in to the KT and says he was going to hug X but he (X) hasnt showered yet. X says he can hug Ky. Sarah says they (Ky and Big D) cuddled the other day. 12:07pm BBT Big D going around to see what ppl want for dinner. He says spaghetti, goes into the KY and is told its Taco Tuesday. He says oh yeah and tells BY thats its tacos. (more WBRB) feeds back. Ky, X and Big D talking about how shady they are (skin tone not character) Sarah tastes the vegan bacon, she says it tastes like Bacon Bits, Azah says it looks like Beggin strips she feeds her dog. They all look burnt she says. 12:20pm BBT Christian and Derek X in the HOH. DX says he is sorry about the nom. Chris says its a game. DX says the peak at the same kind of comps, he sees a lot of similarities between the two. When would be the next chance at this opportunity. Chris says that thought never crossed his mind, he has to deal with it now. He doesnt know where DX head is, what can he do or offer him or act to show athat the paranoia is gone, ppl have to go after each other, only 2 get to the end. Chris says can we fully agree to not come after each other until a certain date. 12:24BBT Chris says they need to get rid of the paranoia. DX asks what his game would look like after this week. Chris says DX cant play next week, DX has a lot of strong ppl on his side. DX says its good to not have a lot of enemies. Chris says there are each others shields. They are both not idiots. Chris says for DX to set the date and he will do what he needs to do to keep DX safe until that date. He is willing to prove it again, he proved it last week. DX asks who Chris targets are. Chris asks if RF is still a think. DX says he (DX) is on the bottom. Chris says there is only one person on the top, he says Ky. DX says he can see that. Chris says there are meeting where you arent there. 12:29pm BBT Chris says that in Ky mentioned DX. DX says reeeally. Chris says he is willing to go after his target as long as its not Alyssa. DX says two questions then. If he can share anything Ky said that would be helpful. What length of time would he be willing to set up for this......(crap WBRB)
  17. 11:26am BBT Ky and Azah in SR he is saying that he has to reduce the amount of time he talks with some ppl. Whats the correct amount of time? Azah says Sarah is real emotional, she cries to everyone....WBRB 11:35am BBT feeds back. Claire needs a bandaid, she got a paper cut from her cards, she says her own ppl!. Derek X is doing yoga in the BY with Brit, Hannah and Alyssa drinking coffee watching him. 11:39am BBT Sarah talks with Big D, she says ppl told her to just wait until Wed and do her one on ones with ppl but then Christian is campaigning like crazy. Big D says do what you have to do. Frenchie told him to trust her....WBRB 11:45am BBT Feeds back. Big D says he has an instinct when ppl are BSing him. Have a convo with someone to see where their heads at, build a relationship for next week. 11:51am BBT Azah, Alyssa, Hannah, Brit and Claire in BY talk about how many ppl are watching them right. 50,000 or more (and even more reading about them) Chat changes over to snot and boogers and how its changed being in the house. Brit says to wake up in the morning and say you will purposely hurtful to this person that is not her cup of tea.
  18. 11: 18am BBT Claire calls Ky a donkey, he says thats Jackass to you. She responds with How asinine of me. He LOL. Large group of HG in bedroom talking about someone outside the house and we get WBRB. (must be someone that hadnt signed a release)
  19. 11:00am BBT HG are awake doing ADL and chit chatting. The Duchess of Hearts (Claire) and Jackass of Clubs (Ky) are in the KT... and we get WBRB. 11:15am BBT still WBRB
  20. 11:42 am BBT Alyssa leaves and Tiff whispers to Derek X. (I cant hear but she is shaking her head and he is saying yeah. Alyssa goes up to Christian and X. She tells them Sarah said that she heard things. Christian starts cussing, he could go home this week and he could have put him up last week. Back to Derek X and Sarah. Sarah says they should go out there and sit down and he should say he has made up his mind and thats it. FOTH (Furbabies of the House) Time for Veto meeting.
  21. 11:29am BBT Derek X asks to talk to Sarah. She tells Derek X that they are coming after you. Derek X tells her that Alyssa says they have switched the vote. Sarah says oh wow. In PC Alyssa, Christian and X talk. Alyssa says he (Christian) never talked about putting X up last week. Alyssa leaves to talk to Derek X again. Christian tells X that if he is on the block he doesnt have the votes to stay. Sarah joins Alyssa and Derek X, Alyssa says the only time I mentioned your name was when she (?) was on the block. 11:36am BBT Derek X says it may not be the time but I wont be HOH later. He is good at mental comps. Alyassa says he is good, he did that puzzle week 1. Alyssa says she makes her own opinions and Christian makes his choices off her opinions. There is not sense in going against the numbers. She has been trying to get his trust (Derek X) and this is not the way to do it.
  22. 11:12am BBT Twelve minutes (so far) of WBRB. 11:16am BBT Feeds return. Lots of whispering. Alyssa and Derek X in Gym, she is saying that she has told him what she said in the DR week 1. She tells him that he is not on the list for her and Christian. She leaves and X comes up to Derek X. Derek X says that Alyssa has lied to his face before. Derek X says if he puts up Big D he is not going home. X says it sounds like a King has to go home. Alyssa joins them saying if he says and you cant play next week. Going against the numbers, he didnt put you up last week. 11:24am BBT Alyssa keeps repeating to Derek X why do other ppls dirty work. Sarah joins them. Derek X says another option is Big D. For his personal game. Alyssa says she is much saver next to Big D but not against Christian. Alyssa says she wants a big target because no one is threatened by her (Alyssa). Alyssa says whats best for his game and thats Big D sitting next to Big D.
  23. 9:56am BBT Brit in the BY telling us that no one knows she has a F2 with Christian, she will have to play dumb. No one knows she knows the plan. In the WA, Derek X says he has 4 more hours...WBRB
  24. 9:00am BBT HG are still sleeping. 9:30am BBT Ky is awake, grabs some clothes off the table and heads into the WA. BB tells the HG its time to get up for the day. The bedroom lights must stay on during the day. There are fresh batteries in the SR. We have WBRB as BB plays music for them to get up.
  25. 11:54am BBT Derek X, Tiff, Claire and Alyssa still chatting in LR. They talk about how they havent watched BB. How unless you watch the whole season you get it. Alyssa has a friend that will post to Social Media before each show, like...if she wins HOH, who will Alyssa nom or if she is nom, will she win POV and save herself. BB says You are not allowed to talk about production.

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