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  1. At camp Jeremy finds out Tyson was voted out. Jeremy asks what happened, they dont want to tell him. Ben says he has a group of 5, stick with that 5 and go with the biggest threat, that's Jeremy. Jeremy says Tyson was shield to him, as soon as he was out of TC there goes Tyson. Michele thinks she is on the bottom cuz she was left out of the vote. Koru Day 26: Tony isnt sleeping, he is going to go look for a HII. NIck shows up and Tony tells him to look at the well area. NIck leaves and Tony continues to search and finds a HII. He is so excited. Day 27: Sarah makes a skirt, Tony walks away. Sarah and the girls put on a fashion show. Tony wants to play the game. Tony tells Jeremy that he is on a side that he really isnt. Now Tony is getting nervous that "they" might vote him out. Jeremy says his talk with Tony was believable. Jeremy thinks they have 5 out of 9. Kim tells Denise she thinks Tony is playing both sides. She thinks Tony is the biggest target. EOE Yul meditates. They gather wood. Nat and Parvati find a message in a bottle. The goal was so clear to be crowned best of the best..crawl if you must..to lie down now would be the end of your quest. They figure out they have to crawl under the bed. Nat finds an extortion advantage...blocks on person from playing in immunity challenge and from voting unless they meet their extortion demands. They have the power to really do some damage. Camera pans to Tony at camp. Day 28: Nick says on his season he was called Donathon Vampire. Tony gets so excited to find something in his bag. He sees Extortion first, then reads that it is being played against him, the extortion fee is 6 FT. Tony says he only has 3. They get tree mail. It talks about not touching the next challenge with a 10 foot pole. Tony asks Michele for her tokens, she tells him she doesnt have any, she bought an advantage when she gets to EOE. She says Jeremy may have some, she gets the advantage from him to show to Jeremy. Jeremy says he is willing to give 1 FT. Tony has 4 now. Tony goes to Nick, he gets one from Nick. Tony then goes to Ben and gets another one. He has enough FT. Time for Immunity Challenge: they have to stand on a beam while balancing a statue at the end of a long pole, at intervals they will back away from the statue. Last person standing wins immunity and 2 FT. Ready....go! Kim is out. Time to move away from the statue. Denise and Michele drop. Sarah is out. Tony wobbles, Nick is out. Sophie is out. It's down to Tony, Ben and Jeremy. Been up there 32 minutes. Ben is out, Jeremy is out. Tony wins Immunity and 2 FT. Tony says he can pay his debt and they will be voting Jeremy, he loves it. Day 28: Tony gets hugs at camp. Kim says winning 2 in a row puts a target on his back. They talk about voting out Jeremy and throw 2 votes at Michele. Sophie says she has a HII but she knows there are more HII out there. Jeremy knows they are coming after him. Denise agrees to vote out Ben along with Jeremy and Kim. Denise says she is in kahoots to vote out Jeremy. Tony says if they want to sit around thats fine with him. Tony thinks his target should be Sophie, he wants to hit the others just minutes before TC. He goes to Nick, he agrees to vote Sophie. Tony tells Jeremy the plan to vote him out, the proposes voting out Sophie. Jeremy doesnt know what to do, he doesnt know right now. Tony is begging Jeremy. TC Night 28: Sophie says it was a kick in the pants to everyone, that you can go into TC knowing the plan and then all the advantage were played. Jeremy says he feels that everybody is telling half truths. NIck says there are moves you dont want ppl to know were yours. Its a paradox. Jeff says its like you are on a lazy suzann. Sophie says you dont want to over pad yourself. Jeremy says it came to him that if he didnt play the advantage he would be sitting where Tyson is now. They say things were quiet today. Sophie says ever person sitting there is comfortable. Sarah says its like mass physiological war fare. Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Jeremy, Michele, Jeremy, Michele, Jeremy, Sophie, Sophie, Sophie, 13th person voted out is Sophie. She says nooo, idol in my pocket. Good Job guys, she didnt see it coming. Ben says Boom. Sophie gives her FT to Sarah and Kim. Next time on Survivor: Jeremy says this is the time for war. Tony hides in a tree.
  2. April 15, 2020 Day 24, Family time: Kims husband Bryan and their 3 kids. This is why you are playing. Kim says to see their faces is everything, one of the best moments of her life. They all take a seat on the bench together. Bens wife Kelly and their kids. (grab the tissues) Sophies fiance Bobby. Sarahs partner Wyat and their son. Denises husband Brad and their daughter. NIcks fiance Giselle. Tonys wife Marissa and their kids. Michelles sister Kim. Tysons wife Rachel and one of their kids. Jeremys wife Val and their kids. This is a beautiful Survivor moment. Jeff thanks Fiji airways for creating this once in a life time moment. Lets get to the loved ones challenge. There is no Survivor Loved one challenge, everyone is going back to camp and experience Survivor. Koru Day 24: Ben says this is their reward for giving all they have to the game. Sarah says everybody put their guns down and had a great time. EOE: a big boat comes up. It's their families too. (more tissues) Adam says he needed his dad to be here to get closer for his mom. His mom was on his season and has since passed. Day 25 Immunity Challenge time: They will pull on a rope balancing a wobbly table while stacking letter blocks. first person to spell immunity wins immunity and 2 FT. Ready ....go! Nick first to put a letter on the table, most spelled the word first. Tyson, Tony and Nick in the lead. Tony and Kim have 4 blocks then Tyson and Nick. Jeremy has made up time. Jeremy loses it and has to start over. Kim has her 6th letter...and loses it. Tony in the lead, they Tyson and Ben. Tyson loses it. NIck and Jeremy lose it. Tony in the lead with Ben on his tail, they are on their final letter. Tony places his final letter but has to get back w/o dropping. This would be his first Immunity win ever. Ben loses it. Tony wins immunity. He cant believe he won a game of patience. Day 25, they congrat Tony. Tony says slow and steady is not what he is made of, he is so happy. Jeremy and Tony talk, Jeremy wants to split up Sarah and Sophie. Tony doesnt want to. Sarah tells Tony they have to get Kim out, Tony want Tyson out. Sarah says talking to Tony is like talking to a rock. Sarah says its a mess, it will end badly if they cant get it straightened out. Tony says ok, Sarah tells him to touch base with the boys. Tony talks to the boys about blindsiding Jeremy. Jeremy talks to Kim and Tyson comes up, they also have Denise and Michelle. Kim tells them she has a HII. Sarah and Ben talk and the votes have been changed again. Jeremy tells Tyson he has an advantage, Tyson tells him no because then they wont have a vote. Sarah also has a steal a vote. TC, the jury comes in. Nick says he was frustrated at last TC, it feels like they are playing Survivor now. Whispering going on. Tony says he is so glad he has Immunity. Kim says you cant ever really know what is going on. Jeff calls it Survivor insanity. Kim agrees. Jeremy says this is their seasons on steroids. Time to vote. Jeremy stops him, Sarah stops him too, but neither will say anything else. Jeremy plays his advantage. Jeremy leaves TC and heads back to camp, he can not be voted out but he has no vote. The whispering starts again. They split 5 to 4. Sarah plays her steal a vote to take Denises vote. Denise will not vote, Sarah will vote twice. Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? Kim gets hers out and uses it on Denise. Votes: Denise, Denise, Sophie, Sophie, Tyson, Tyson...tied....Tyson, 12th person voted out is Tyson. Tyson says see you guys soon. He flips off the FT chests as he walks passed as he has no FT. Next time on Survivor: Tony is trying to play double agent. (Jeff tells Jury to head back to EOE, the jump up and hug him saying TY for the family visits.)
  3. April 8, 2020 Koru Night 21, Michele is annoyed, she was blindsided. Michele talks with Nick, his name was on the block too. Tony joins them, Nick says he didnt know> Adam says his heart was beating out of his chest but he is here, he is here. Adam asks if Michele looked at the podium tonight? there was a flour de lice symbol on Jeffs podium. If he is right he has a way to save himself. EOE, the girls are doing yoga. Yul finds a box, there are notes for them, they think there is a clue to something on the top of the mountain. They break off into different groups. Danni and Parvati go back down the steps and find a clue....50/50 clue its like heads they are safe, tails not safe. They talk to the others about selling it. Reward challenge time: two teams of 5, they will swim out to get fish, put fish on a pole, carry it in and use the fish to solve a puzzle. Reward is Chinese take-out. Red is Tyson, Adam and Tony in the water and Jeremy and Nick. Blue is Kim, Sarah and Ben in water with Sophie and Michele on puzzle. Denise sitting out. Blue is fast to untie the fish. There are 14 fish. Blue is putting the fish on the hooks. Blue is good and heading to the puzzle. Red right behind them. All the pieces will sit flush when they get it. Red has one piece left...doesn't fit. Blue has it. Blue wins reward. Sarah gives her reward to Nick for his birthday. Adam says Sarah made a mistake swapping with Nick, he doesn't trust Sarah. Koru Day 22. Nick tells Sarah he is sorry and will pay her back, Sarah says no. The winners take dinner away from camp. Tony says Sarah got caught up in the moment and that can cost you the game. Denise thinks it was total game. Jeremy wanted to talk to Nick, he had someone give up a reward for him and they got voted out. Nick says he doesn't trust Sarah any more then he did before. As they eat dinner they look around in the food for a clue, they read the fortune cookies. Michele has 4 FT, she finds the 50/50 coin in her bag. She flips the coin twice and gets different sides, she goes with her fortune cookies and trades in the FT for the coin. Day 23 Immunity challenge time: They will balance on a triangle platform in the water last one standing wins. There are 2 narrow perches and a top board. They will be on the first perch for 5 min. Michele is out, Denise is out. The wind is blowing, the water is a little choppy. Jeremy struggles, they survived round one, sit down. Everybody on the next perch. Tyson is out. Jeremy is out. Tony is out Ben looks like he is doing Kung Fu, he is concentrating hard. They made it thru the second section. Move to the top of the platform (the board) Adam cant get up on the board and is out, Sophie is out, Nick is out, Sarah is out. It's Kim and Ben left. Ben is out. Kim wins immunity. She gets the necklace and a FT. Tony says the lower players (hyenas) will come after the higher players (lions). They need to take out the hyenas. Koru Day 23. Kim says it feels good walking into TC with immunity. They talk about splitting votes between Nick and Adam. Stick with the larger group of ppl and vote one out. Make Michele the back up vote. Nick and Adam talk ...How about Sophie, Jeremy comes in they change to Sarah. Denise goes to Kim and tells her Sarah, Kim talks to Tyson and he says Adam. They all agree to vote Adam. Sarah is not happy her name was thrown out. Ben says the group decision has changed and will change again and probably again at TC. Adam and Ben talk Adam tells Ben it doesn't matter, Ben says it does to him. If Adam doesn't want to tell Ben then don't Ben walks away. Adam is now pissed off. All hell breaks loose, now the vote is Nick? Tyson? Sarah? Adam says he needs to go for what he thinks is an HII. This is a high stakes game and Adam is playing it on the edge, he just doesn't want to be on the other Edge. TC night 23: Wind is blowing hard. Jury comes in. Sarah says the game is not cagy anymore, its like a solo game now. Tyson says it was a game of running in cycles. Jeremy says it was crazy. Denise says so many names were thrown out and you cant keep it straight, she aged to today. Nick says he is tired of his name coming up, if this is Winners at War its a terrible war. Tyson whispers Adams name. Ben and Jeremy whisper the girls whisper. Everybody whispering. Everybody is whipsering and not so whispering. (my sound is out sorry) They dont look happy. Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to us a HII? Adam gets up and grabs at the flour de lice on Jeffs podium...its just decoration. Votes: Sarah, Adam, NIck, Adam, NIck, Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam is voted out Survivor.
  4. April 1, 2020 EOE day 19. Battle to get back in the game is coming, time to cash in their FT. Amber gives Rob her FT so he can buy a HII. The tribes come together at the challenge....Drop your buffs, we are merged. There are 11 and are about to be 12. Returning from EOE are the cast they voted out except Sandra. Nat says EOE was rough the first night by herself. Tyson tries to find humor in everything but it might be a mask or a wall. Giving up the pursuit for your family is paramount. Rob says there is nothing romantic about the Edge. Rob says they are not quitters they are giving it their all. They will race thru obstacles, monouver a ball thru a tiny snake shaped track, first done wins their way back into the game. The ones that earned an advantage will not have to dig up their rope it will be waiting for them. They all get their first bags. Tyson has 3 and so does Rob and Ethan. Tyson and Rob dont have to dig, neither does Ethan. Parvati has to dig. Nat doesnt have to dig, Amber and Yul dig. Yul has his string, Amber does too, Parvati gets hers. Rob gets his key and is thru, Nat has her key, Tyson is thru. Rob drops his ball on the track. All but Amber are at the track. This is why they suffered every night on EOE. Tyson is getting up there, almost dropped it but didnt. Tyson and Rob are fighting for a shot to get back in. Neck and neck......Tyson wins by a milisecond. Tyson joins the merged tribe. The rest head back to EOE where they will wait for another chance to get back in and will come to TC as first 7 members of jury. Merge tribe is at Sele camp.There is new menu for FT, Tony says he cant buy anything. Feast time!! Denise tells them what happened with Sandra. They call her Queen Slayer. Tyson says he the only OG on the beach, are the kids coming up changing the game so much he cant adapt? He doesnt think so. Tyson says if you let me dig my roots in he will dig is way there. Wendell wants to build his relationship with Jeremy. Jeremy wants Wendell to come work with them. If Jeremy can get rid of Wendells right hand man (Nick) he will fill his place. Ben says big names have been taken out left and right, he talks to Tyson, they have to draw lines. Ben tells Tony to get rid of the sleepers. Koru day 21: its raining, they are miserable. Adam says this is nothing he went thru a cyclone, they are having fun now. Kim says you either laugh or cry. Tyson wonders how long it will go on before someone buys a tarp. Time for Immunity Challenge, its still raining. Sophie is so cold she is shaking and trying not to cry. They have to hold on to a pole for as long as they can. Last one holding on wins immunity and a FT. Last man and woman holding on wins immunity. Michele is first out, she says she is fine. Sarah and Tyson are stuggling. Tony is about half way down. Adam is down, he helps Michele up. Sarah and Tyson are down. Tony slipping, Wendell is down, Tony is out. Denise, Kim and Sophie for the women. Sophie is down. Kim is out. Denise wins Immunity for the women. Nick, Ben and Jermy for the men. Wendell is down. Both guys looking at each other for a sign of weakness. Nick slides again, Jeremy is hanging by a toe. Nick is down. Jeremy wins immunity for the men. They both also get a FT. After 21 tough days someone will be voted out tonight. Jeremy wants to go after Nick, he wants to drive this thing but he doesnt want anyone to know he is driving it. Koru day 21, they try to dry out, the guys go on a wood run and Jeremy, Ben and Tony say take out Nick. Ben says Nick buts in to everyone convos, you never know when it will happen. Nick talks to Jeremy, Ben and Tony, says vote out Adam. The girls say maybe Wendell. Sophie says a lot of power is coming from Jeremy, she starts putting Wendell's name around. Jeremy says lets get Adam out, dont let him skate. The girls might be on board for Adam. Denise says she could go either way. Denise says her and Adam made a day 1 alliance but that might be a day 31 alliance. Adam is nervous. Adam doesn't know what the plan is. He is scared, he doesn't want to go home or to the edge. TC night 21: Tyson gets his new torch, jury comes in. Tyson says the game feels different, he was loosy goosy with his filter and now he has tightened up. Sophie says she didnt hear Tysons name today. Tony says the dynamics of the game have changed since Tyson was voted out before. Wendell says this vote will tell some things, you hope you have the right ears and the right convos. Adam says some of the convos are quick and you dont know if it happened. Nick says he wants to double check but you dont want to be the guy questioning your allies. Sophie says you have to prove to ppl in your group that you dont have to have all those convos. Adam is not sure how things came together tonight, ppl did not want to talk. Tony says everybody is ready to go with the current. Jeff says but which way is the current going? Time to vote: We see Nick vote for Adam and Adam vote for Wendell. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Adam, Wendell, Adam, Adam, Wendell, Wendell....tied...Wendell, Wendell, Wendell, 10th person voted out is Wendell. Wendell says good play guys. Wendell gives his FT to Michele and NIck. He says the marathon continues. Next time on Survivor: Nick says it is now his duty to take out everyone that betrayed him.
  5. March 25, 2020 EOE night 16. Parvati tells them it was 3 of them vs her and Michele. Sandra surprises them. Sandra tells them what happened and Rob says how could you not think of yourself. Sandra says she is not going to be here, she feels her time here is done, its time to move on, she wishes them luck and gives hugs all round. She tells them to get Denise for her, she takes her torch and raises the flag. She is happy to go into retirement doing the best she had. She is the Queen and she will always be the queen. Sele camp: Yul says TC kinda sucked. Wendell created more drama and almost blew things up for no reason. Yul and Wendell talk, Yul tells him it immediately put a target on Yuls back when Wendell did that. Yul will watch him closely. Wendell tells Michele he is sorry, he knew what he was doing at TC last night. Michele tells him he is killing her. Yul tells Michele Wendell has a different tone to when he talks to Yul. Michele says she is not going to the end with Wendell. EOE day 17: Ethan says life on EOE is a struggle, its depressing, feels defeated, no hope. They have to find that hope or they will destroy themselves. Parvati talks to him. Ethan says this cant be good for his boby. Parvati tells him to think of more positive things, he doesnt need to go there, stay positive. Ethan wants a chance to win, to get back into the game. Ethan finds a box, there is one scroll each, they open them together. Scattered on top of the island there are 4 FT, no limit to how many you can find. They leave the rice on the fire and head up the paths. Rob is first up with Tyson right behind him. Tyson finds one first and shows it to Rob and Nat. Rob pulls down his tighties to show he doesnt have one. Rob also finds one but doesnt tell anyone, he finds a second one and a third. Rob says he is batting 750. Dakal day 17. Tony runs, they tell him he was so fast he was a blurr. Tony says Denise did him a favor and it also made her a big target. Jeremy says Tony is the bigger threat in the game. Kim is nervous, if push came to shove she can go with Jeremy and Denise. Denis says she took out the Queen and there is now a solid with the three, there are big targets in very small places. Yara day 17: They have left overs today....PBJ. Sophie says she has the HII in her bag. Ben asks Adam if he has the HII, Ben goes looking for it. Adam says soooo annoying. Adam says they are pretending to look and he is not an idiot. Adam is convinced that Sarah has the HII. Sarah tells Adam he can go thru her stuff, she does not have it. Sophie says lets give up the HII talk, its just dividing them. Day 18 Immunity challenge time: they will carry a large saucer to a water tower, race thru some obtacles and fill a well then put a puzzle together. Ready...go... Michele takes a big hit. Red and Green getting water, now Blue. Dakal losing water. Yara moving slower and not losing as much water. Sele loses more water. Red first to the well, Sele at the well, neither has enough water. Dakal and Sele both heading back with more water. Yara is pouring their water and the puzzle pieces drop. Dakal and Sele drop their pieces and everyone is on to the puzzle. Yara has one piece left Yara wins immunity. Now its between Dakal and Sele...tied....Sele in the lead. Dakal wins it by maybe a second, what a battle. This is the second time Nick has lost this challenge, its like salt in the wounds. Yul says that Wendell has basically dug his own grave. Sele day 18: NIck props the flag up and spits on it. NIck says Wendell screwed up the challenge. NIck tells Yul they shouldn't be in this position. Wendell tells MIchele to vote for Yul. She says she will vote how ever he wants. Yul says he has an idea how to get Wendells FT. They will tell Wendell that the boys will vote for him and that leaves MIchele on Wendells side. Michele and Nick talk, they need to get together and make a decision. They will have less flexibility if the get rid of Yul. Michele has been looking to get rid of Wendell but it makes sense to get rid of Yul. This vote is so difficult, she went 4 years feeling she didnt deserve to win her season now she feels she has earned it. TC night 18: Wendell shakes his head, he says that smerk Jeff. Wendell says it being so close doesnt change who to vote out. Jeff asks Yul if the older players have a harder time then the first time. Yul says yes, you have to vote someone out but not get them mad at you so you can get their FT. FT give a whole new layer of options. Wendell says you try to find someone or somebody you can trust. Yul says yes it goes back to preexisting relationships. Wendell says just because he knows Michele from outside the game doesnt mean he wants to sit next to her at the end. Michele says Wendell has made it clear he is here just for Wendell. Michele says its not lovers paradise here. Wendell says he cares for Michele and her future. NIck says today was different for him, if its him today he is ok with that. This is his F4 and he would like to come back to this. Yul says he will be bitter if he gets blindsided tonight, he feels he knows them better then anybody. Michele says she loves all the boys and doesnt want to make a decision like this, its a curse and a blessing. Time to vote: We see Wendell votes Yul and Yul vote Wendell. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Yul, Wendell, Yul, 9th person voted out is Yul. MIchele says so sorry. Yul gives one FT to Sophie and one to Sarah. Next time on Survivor: everybody, drop your buffs. So who are you guys thinking, Nick or Wendell? Sophie is playing. Let's do Adam. I have zero clue about what's going on. It's a free for all on Survivor 40: Winners At War!
  6. March 18, 2020 Yara day 15, no more Boston Rob. They are teenagers now, no more parents. Ben says he is out here to have fun and build relationships. Adam says the vibe of the tribe is the wicked witch is dead, but he is on a tribe that is closer to others then to him, he feels more cornered now then before Rob went home. At EOE: they get a log with a note on it. Another chance to earn a FT, the more stones you turn over the more chances you have. Rob says its on the cliff, "edge" has more then one meaning. Tyson looks at the tide line, he sees something in a hole but others are looking, he pretends to take a pee then grabs it. It says that it is an idol nullifier, sell it for one FT. He sells it to Parvati. Tyson buys Peanut butter with his one FT, he plans on eating a bit each day. Day 16 time for the Immunity Challenge. Everybody ooohhhh when they find out Rob is out. They have to swim out to a boat to get 3 bags, fit the bags thru a hole, rip open the bags to find balls then get the balls thru a maze. Only one tribe wins, the others go to TC. Also playing for PBJ. Ready...go....Blue is ahead, green next and red last. Blue gets 1 bag thru the hole, and 2 and 3 bags thru. Red has all bags, green last. Green back in it as Red has trouble getting bag to the table.Green has 2 balls, Blue has 2 and 3. Green has their. They are neck and neck. Red is behind the other 2, finally they get all 3. All are onto the maze. Blue has 1 ball in, Green has 1. Green has 2, Blue has 2. Green (Yara) wins. Adam says its like winning 2 immunities at once, going from 14 ppl to 12 ppl in the game. Sele Day 16: They say that was brutal. Parvati says she feels alone here, she has the nullifier but she needs numbers. Nick was always hoping to play the game with Parvati, but he is friends with the guys, if he has to vote her out he will. Michele doesnt know if she can save Parvati. Michele talks to Wendel, MIchele will vote Wendel to get Parvati's FT. Wendel says no that would be 2 votes for him. Wendel says he has known her for more then 16 days. MIchele says she got burned in their relationship. Wendel and Parvati talk..who would they vote out? one of the guys. Will she buy his vote? 2 FT before the vote, she says no. Nick and Parvati talk, she tells him what Wendel says. NIck says he has been on cruise contol to make it to merge. Parvati says she trusts Michele more then Wendel, Nick says it makes sense to get rid of him. Dakal day 16: They are all sorry they didnt win it or the PBJ. Tony is worried they all will flip on him. He goes to spy on them, he hides under some branches. Jeremy says he doesnt have a vote but he will be here tomorrow. The girls go somewhere else to talk, Denise says they are solid, Sanda says its cuz they have the numbers. Denise says Sandra feels like she is in charge, she will play it like they know her, but she knows them. They talk about voting Jeremy. Sandra has a bad vibe about Tony being missing, Sandra says dont talk at the water barrel that was where he was before. Jeremy says why you hiding Tony. Tony comes out but gets caught, says he fell out of a tree. Tony wants their word, Jeremy says he will vote Denise. Sandra doesnt know how she feels about Denise going home. Denise says she will sell her HII for 2 FT, her name is going to be written down by all of them, Denise will decide which boy will go. Michele walks up and they talk cupcakes and cookies. Denise says this is not a selfless act, whats in it for Sandra is that Denise stays in the game and one of the guys is gone. Denise says she will give one FT now and one after they get back to camp. TC night 16: Sele first. Wendel says its the season of preexiting friendships. Wendel says he came into the game thinking he will stab ppl in the back. Nick says that won him a million it won Wendel a milliion. Parvati says her approach will be different then that. Michele says she doesnt want to be backstabbed. Wendel says he isnt playing that way this time. Michele says her and Wendel have a differnt style of speaking to each other. Parvati says its been difficult to have a convo with Wendel. Parvati starts to tell Jeff about Wendel wanting FT for a vote but Wendel cuts her off. Wendel says he will wait for Parvati to say a name. Yul says this got interesting.Parvati senses Wendel doesnt trust her. Yul says he feels like he is watching his parents bicker. Jeff says Michele seems emotionally distressed, she says she is a wreck, caught inbetween 4 ppl she loves, she knows its for a million but her heart hurts. NIck says grow some back bone or not but someone will get screwed over. Time to vote. Anyone want to use a HII? Nope. Votes: Parvati, Wendel, Wendel, Parvati...tied...7th person voted out is Parvati. Parvati gives 3 tokes to MIchele. TC, Dakal: KIm says this season is the threats vs the non-threats. Sandra names Denise as a non-threat. Denise says you can take things so many ways, they are all threats for different reasons its just which one will be targeted tonight. Jeremy says he has heard the old Sele vs the old Dakal. Tony says they know better then that, they weighed all their options. Jeremy says they have to stay strong or they will be back again. Denise says she is not the biggest challenge beast but there relationships that will move forward. The thought of leaving the tribe is upsetting. Jeremy says he is nervious, he is a duck upsided down he is lossing his mind. Sandra says when you have the addvantage you have to exploit it. Time to vote: We see Sandra vote for Denise and says its all for show, she is not going home. Anyone want to use a HII? Denise plays a HII. Denise also playes one for Jeremy. Votes: Deinse, Denise, Denise, Denise, 8th person voted out is Sandra. Denise says she wants to throw up, MIchele says she is impressed. Next time on Survivor, Michelle puts Wendell on a leash, Tony takes off down the beach and Jeremy plays for keeps. Sandra gives her fire token to Yul before heading to Extinction Island.
  7. March 11, 2020 Dakal Day 12 Nick says he was stoked to get rid of Tyson, he finds a FT in his bag. Nick says Thank you Tyson, maybe at an other situation they could have worked together. Jul talks to Jeremy and Sarah, Jul is friends with Jonathan Penner and his wife has ALS. Yul says they are under a lot of strain and it breaks his heart, he cries. Cast a ways are on the sand island where they first started the show....everybody drop your buffs, we are switching tribes. Rob says he doesnt like this part much. From 2 tribes to 3 tribes Red, Green and Blue. Blue (Sele) is Parvati, Nick, Yul, Michele, and Wendel. Red (Dakal) is Jeremy, Denise, Sandra, Kim and Tony. Blue (Yara) Rob, Ben Adam, Sarah and Sophie. (Jonathan and his wife have a commercial for ALS) Dakal Day 12. The newbies to camp are shocked by the camp (Wendel built it) Jeremy takes advantage of the hot sauce. Jeremy talks with Kim. Kim talks with Denise. Denise wonders if Kim will join her and Jeremy. Kim says they may be down numbers but they arent out. Tony says there will be hyenas and they will come in and clean things out, he doesnt want to be cleaned out. Kim says she is ok with Tony for now. They catch a huge eel. Sele NIck says if he could hand pick his tribe he couldnt have done a better job. Wendel says the shelter needs some TLC. Parvati and Yul talk. Yuls wife loves Parati and she is her fav player. NIck tells Parvati she was his highschool crush. Michele used to date Wendel and it might not have ended well. Michele teases Wendel they didnt think they would be stranded on an island when they ended their relationship. Is it going to be awkward? Sele NIck says if he could hand pick his tribe he couldnt have done a better job. Wendel says the shelter needs some TLC. Parvati and Yul talk. Yuls wife loves Parati and she is her fav player. NIck tells Parvati she was his highschool crush. Michele used to date Wendel and it might not have ended well. Michele teases Wendel they didnt think they would be stranded on an island when they ended their relationship. Is it going to be awkward? Michele says she is not surprised Wendel is keeping his distance. Michele doesnt want to get burned in the game like she did in their relationship. Yara, they tribe gets to camp (or lack of camp) They go for a walk to the well. They talk about the tribe members sent to EOE. Ben and Sarah shake hands. The girls start looking for a HII, the boys also start looking. Rob says he never found a HII w/o clues. Rob says he usually has the answers. Sophie fins it and shoves it down her shorts. She has to give away one half by sundown. She gives it to Sarah. They hug. Immunity challenge time: They have to race thru obstacles, use sand bags to knock blocks off a ledge then stack he blocks so there are two sides the same. Ready....Go!! Yara in the lead, Dakal struggling. Yara can throw sandbags, Sele right behind. Dakal behind. Yara has all their blocks off. Sele has 2 blocks down, 3 and 4, they are on to stacking the blocks. Dakal still struggling. Dakal fighting to stay in, they are now onto stacking. Sele think they got it...they do. Sele wins immunity. Yara starts over. Dakal think they have it..they do. Dakal pulls it out winning immunity. Yara goes to TC tonight. Rob says its no big deal, they have expendable ppl on this tribe. Yara day 14: Sophie says she feels her game is slipping thru her fingers. Sarah tells Sophie she is comfortable with Adam and Ben. Rob tells the boys he is not writing their names down, Adam says Sophie is more of an asset in challenges. So its Sarah. They know the girls have a HII. Rob says they have to go to camp and just sit around, no one goes off with anyone else. They all 5 sit around camp. Rob says this is the buddy system, the girls cant cause a commotion. They talk of random stuff. (this is awkward to watch) Adam says this is boring, nobody can leave, nobody can play. Ben can stick with the guys and go with the godfather or go with the girls. Sarah says its uncomfortable, baby sitter Rob, you aint putting me in a play pen. The girls go to the well. If Sophie asks for the HII back, she wants a golden TC but it wont happen. Sophie wants a wink or a thumbs up to know that Ben or Adam are with them. Time for TC: They are just passed the 1/3 point. Sophie says last time she played there was 2 tribes against one, now there are many intertwined relationship. Adam says usually the first while is getting to know ppl. Ben says everyone knows not to poke the bear. Jeff says there is usually a crack, is there room to open that crack? Sarah and Sophie says they got 7 or 8 words from the guys all day. Sophie is offended by the word crack, it feels like they have to open the crack or screw you guys. Rob says they werent a tight 3, they are the most unlikely 3 from Sele to sit there. Ben says he has never been in a situation where there are 2 easy outs. There was not a lot of strategy at camp today. Rob says sometimes less is more. Sophie says its scary. Rob won his season by keeping ppl together. She says proven strategy working on her. Rob says proven strategy works. Time to vote. We see Rob vote for Sarah, Sarah votes for Rob. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? Nope. Votes: Sarah, Rob, Rob, 6th person voted off is Rob. The girls breath a sigh. Jeff says its called Winners at War, maybe there is no such thing as a simple vote. Rob gives his FT to Parvati. Next time on Survivor: Adam says the wicked witch is dead and they can do what they want. Rob goes to EOE and Both losing tribes will votes someone out.
  8. March 4, 2020 Sele night 9: Rob says he felt trapped, sorry Adam. Adam says he did everything you are not supposed to do in Survivor and he felt he could get away with it. He says he was playing all sides and he is lucky to be there. Adam needs to make an apology tour. Ben says Adam is the little weasel traipsing through the tribe and thats not good for his game. Dakal Day 10: Yul is excited for the day, he says they all like each other, he had maximum rang of options. EOE: They receive a box, they each have a chance to earn a fire token (FT) but it will require effort. Bring down all the pieces of wood (20 pieces) one at a time by sundown. They have their own piles. Piece of cake says Ethan, Danni says it was like a marathon. No sleep, no food, little water. Natalie kept the pace. Ethan says Natalie was a beast. Ethan says reality set in by log 10, he has to talk to himself, he is struggling. He will go until his legs collapse or the sun goes down. Medic comes in to check on Ethan, his blood pressure is low, the faint feeling wont go away as long as he continures. He had 14 trips down he wants to make it. Medic says he can continue as long as he rests. Nat says she is finishing this, she wasnt thinking about one emotional thing until that 20th piece hit the pile then it all came in. Amber says that was probably the hardest thing she has done. Danni also finishes. The girls went with Ethan to finish his last leg. They now have a very strong bond. Sele day 11: Rob and Michele chit chat about how old she was when he played before. Adam is now the hardest worker around camp. Jeremy says as long as Adam keeps working and sneaking they will keep him around. Rob, Adam and Parati talk, Adam tells us he is not going to give them the satisfaction of slipping up. Rob asks Jeremy what he should do about Adam. Jeremy says Adam can go, he is done with the switching it up. Dakal camp. Tyson says Sophie is so under the radar he didnt know her name. Tyson, Sandra and Tony talk, Sandra tells us that Tyson is shady, he better hope they win this challenge cuz he's in deep doo doo. Day 11 Immunity challenge time, today 4 tribe members will be attached to a boat, they will pull the boat to a tower, climb up, leap off while retrieving keys, use the keys to open puzzle pieces, first to put the puzzle together wins. The will also get chickens. Sandra volunteers to sit out, they call it the Sandra sit out bench, Tony also sits out. Ready..Go!! Dakal gets to the tower first. both team misses the first key. Dakal gets one and two. Sele gets one. Dakal gets last key, they are on their way to the puzzle locks. Nick working on the puzzle, he won this challenge in his season. Sele having trouble getting last key. Adam struggling to get the last key. He gets it. Dakal has half the puzzle done. Sele quickly catching up. Dakal takes their puzzle apart. Sele takes the lead. Sele wins. Dakal camp: its not the puzzle peopls fault...Tyson says yes it was, he want Nick out of the game. Yul says he is ok with that. Sandra agrees, Tony agrees. Tyson says it was too easy. Wendell says Tyson is blind, he is a dead man walking, once Tyson teams up with Rob or Parv its trouble for them. Nick walks Tyson out, Yul tells Nick he is good. Nick says until ppl vote you dont know where they stand. Tyson tells Tony they have to stick together. Tony says he would rather get rid of Nick, Tony is hiding behind Tyson, he is a shield. Sarah and Kim are on board with Tony and Tyson they need one more...Sandra. Tony talks to Sandra, Sandra doesnt trust Tyson, but she never will allow emotion to control her game. She loves revenge but she loves 2 mill more. Time for TC. Tony says the bonds they have formed on a personal level are stronger then on a game level. Yul says there are groups of ppl that feel closer to other ppl, if you expose them they cement that group and you cant get between them. Sophie days there has to be 8 that stay strong. Sandra says she will do what ever they say. Yul has watched these ppl play, he says they are different in person the on TV. Sophie is star struck by half her tribe, its critical they become less star struck. Tyson says it could go the other way, be the one to vote out their Survivor idol. Sandra is not star struck with this group. Parvati was Nicks Survivor crush. NIck feels like he is the reason they are here today. Tyson says they are all on the same page and that makes them on different pages maybe. Time to vote. We see Nick vote Kim. Time to tally the votes. Any one want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Nick, Kim, Tyson, Tyson, Tyson, Tyson, 5th person voted out is Tyson.Tyson says it was too easy, he should have seen it coming. Tyson gives his FT to Nick (he says here's a token from your hero Nick) Next time on Survivor: Everybody drop your buffs.
  9. February 26, 2020 Sele Day 7: Adam says the 3 old schoolers are running the show. Adam says Rob won the show cuz he ran the show. Its time to draw a line in the sand and target some of the big dogs in the game. Denise tells us Adam gave her back her part of the HII, Denise and Adam talk about getting out Parvati, Ben in on board for that. Rob tells Ethan that he is going to vote out Parati, he needs Ethan in his corner. Ethan says it was a silly mistake for Adam to tell him that, Parvati is his #1. Dakal Day 7: Sandra sees about 2 dozen fish and they set out their net to catch some. Tyson says he thinks throwing Sandras name out there will topple the Queen and make everyone happy. Yul says he wants to keep ppl that make rational moves, and voting out Sandra is an option. Day 8, they caught a shark in the net. Baby shark doo do do dootoodo, Sandra shark......Tony picks up the shark and runs up the beach with it, he doesnt want it to get away. Yul and Sandra talk, Sandra says there is no way Tyson will come after her and not pay the consequences. EOE: There are no coconuts and very little rice. Danni and Amber go fishing and spear fishing. Nat brings tree mail. They have pictures of trees on them, they get to the tree on the pic and there is a lock box, they already have the clues they just need to figure it out. Amber says she is not going to help them out, she heads back to the sail, she saw numbers on the crates. She writes them down but it doesnt work. Natalie counts the shells on the messages then tosses one in the grass and breaks one. She goes back to box and opens it. Its an advantage to help a player steal a vote. No value on extinction, she has to pick the right person that would do it and pay for it. Natalie would have 3 fire tokens. Dakal Day 8. While the boys talk about the shark Sarah finds the advantage clue in her pack. She will have to sneak into the other tribes camp to find it in a torch. Sarah checks out her tribes torches, she asks Tony to help her, he covers her forhead with ashes. She heads out on a boat, sneaks down the trail to camp. She finds the torches but she has to stand up, one clinks and wakes someone up. She finds it and books it. Mission Accomplished! Day 9 Immunity challenge: they will leap across walls, dig up a ladder, retrieve a rope to get to the top a tower and do a puzzle. Winning tribe also gets kabobs and a grill. Sandra sits out. GO!! Dakal makes it thru the walls, Sele makes it thru and both are digging for the ladders. Dakal gets their ladder first, Tony goes up it and gets the key, Wendel tosses the rope. Rob throws for Sele. Wendel gets it and they now go up the second part of the tower. Sele struggling. Dakal starts their puzzle. Sele getting up the second part of tower and now are onto the puzzle. Its now tied, the pressure is real. Sele takes the lead. Tied. Sele takes lead. Dakal in lead. Dakal has one piece left, Sele has 2. Dakal wins it by seconds, Sele had one piece left. Sele heads back to camp empty handed. Denise says the plan is to vote out Parvati so its ok. Sele day 9: They sit around camp looking at each other, Rob says it was like a stand off, these players know what they are doing. Michele says no one wanted to walk off, they know what happens when you walk off. Ben and Jeremy walk off and Denise follows, they talk about getting rid of Parvati, its scarier to have Parvati. Adam talks to Rob about Parvati, Adam says they have the votes and he will have Robs back afterward. Rob talks to Michelle and Jeremy says he knows Adams plan, they talk about voting Adam. Rob goes to the others and they agree to vote Adam. Michelle and Jeremy talk about voting for Ethan, no Adam. Michelle tells Denise and Ben about Adam. Time for TC: Ben tells Phil about the 40 minutes of silence. Jeremy says they have to figure out why they keep losing. Ethan says info comes at you in a variety of different ways. Adam says there is no one clear vote. Michelle says its like date, you go with the ppl that make you giddy and hope they choose you too. Rob says you have to trust someone but you shouldnt trust anyone. Parvati says she is walking around like a billboard target. Adam says when you play multiple times or there is a statue on this this island its makes you a target. Ben says this alliance thing is new to him, its like a bunker, everyone pops up and looks around but you dont know whats going on. Denise says everyone was jumping bunkers today. Ethan says he cant think to far ahead of he isnt in the game anymore. Time to vote: Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Parvati, Adam, Adam, Adam, Ethan, Ethan, Ethan...tied...one vote left. 4th person voted out is Ethan. Adam doesnt know what happened. Ethan gives his token to Parvati. Next time on Survivor: When there is a snake in the grass thats ready to strike, the venom can leave you paralyzed. (We see several cast close their eyes and lay down)
  10. February 19, 2020 EOE day 4 Natalie and Amber are around the campfire. Amber says she didnt come all this way and leave 4 kids at home to out of the game, the game is still going for her. Rob finds his fire token and knows its from Amber, it kills him for her to be at EOE. He tells Parvati that he got a token, they wonder if its from Sandra but if they voted out Amber this is war. Ben says this time around he wants to work on his social game, he tells Denise how to find HII, she looks down and finds one. It's in two halves and she has to give one half to someone else by sundown. Ben says this could bring someone else in with them. Denise tells Adam and asks how he feels about giving it to Parvati, he says no. Adam tells us he was able to convince Denise to give it to him, but he is nervous about playing with Ben. Yul is trying to gather bread fruit, he makes a tool with a bamboo pole. Kim finds a HII that also has half that needs to be given away. Tony and Nick walk up on her, she grabs some sticks and says she was just gathering wood. Kim says she feels good about Sophie. Sophie says she is in shock that Kim would give it to her instead of Tyson. Sophie says if she were Kim she would be worried about telling her (Sophie) about an HII, she (Kim) could be next on the chopping block. EOE day 5. the girls go to the flag where there is a message. There is some thing out there they haven't noticed yet. Nat says there is something that can be bartered for. Survivor shows us the first letter of each line of the message to spell out WATER WELL. They search all over the island. Nat gathers some water and finds something in the well. It's an advantage where one person can leave TC and return to camp before votes are cast. She sends it to Jeremy who says he is buying it. Jeremy says the tokens are more important then ppl think. Dakal Day 5. Tony makes a ladder to gather papayas. It's heavy and starts to fall apart when they try to raise it up. Tony tries to climb it and they are concerned for his safety. Tyson now questions his lead on Tony. Sarah says she has known Tony for 6 years but they are trying to stay low key. Sarah says Cops R Us can work now that she knows Tony, last time she didnt know him. Day 6 Immunity Challenge time, Rob sees Amber is gone, he says its tough, its a game he gets it. They will race out with a cart to get 3 keys that will release heavy chests, disassemble their cart, move it thru an obstacle then reassemble it to move the chests, inside the chests are puzzle pieces. Reward is Survivor Spice Kit. Ready...Go......They are neck and neck, with keys and moving chests, they are both on their second key/chest. Sele takes a small lead, its tied up. Dakal starts to disassemble their cart first. Dakal has pulled ahead and have all 3 chests on their stands and start on the puzzle. Sele is slowing down. Dakal get first section of puzzle done but Sele is making up time. Sele talking about the pieces and where they go they are slowing down. Dakal are on the final section. Dakal wins immunity. Rob says My bad, boys. Parvati says one of the newbies gots to go. Sele day 6. Rob says he was second guessing himself. Let the crazyness begin. Rob takes full responablity but he feels secure in his relationships he is building. Rob suggests Jeremy or Ben. Danni says is been 14 years since she played and she feels on the outs. Danni tells Ben about the Old school thing. Ben says he is concerned about Old School/New School. Ben suggests Danni to Ethan, Jeremy and Adam. Danni tells Rob she feels that Parvati flipped on her, she suggests Parvati and Rob says he is in. Rob tells Adam and Ethan he is good with voting Danni. Ethan tells Parvati that Danni said her name. Jeremy says Rob is controlling the game and he wants to control it. Adam says he knows where the HII and they could vote out Parvati, it s risky but he wont win the game if he doesnt take those risks. Time for TC Night 6. Adam hs trouble getting his torch in the slot, it was the wrong spot. Ben helps him. Rob says this game all about relationships, its more complex this season then it has ever been. Ethan says its confusing reading ppl, is this real or a new side of the game he doesnt understand. Parvati says ppl that havent played in awhile doent have the experience of HII. Danni says she played a loyal game before but know its different. They talk about Old School/New School paranoia. Ben says everybody is paranoid. Rob starts whispering with Parvati and Ethan and Jeremy. Rob asks who as the HII? they all open their bags to see who has it. Denise pulls stuff out of her bag but keeps a hold something (the HII) then puts it back in the bag. Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Parvati, Danni, Danni, Danni, Danni, 3rd person voted out is Danni. Danni gives her fire token to Denise. Next time on Survivor: The hunt is on but when you fight like an animal, there will always be a bigger fish.
  11. December 18, 2019 Episode 13, Season Finale We are live in Hollywood with Jeff, Sandra and Rob. Rob says the game is evolving and his eyes were opened too. Lets get to it, the finale of Survivor Island of the Idols. Day 36: Rob and Sandra talk, Rob says only one person is going to win it, he met his wife on the show, has 4 wonderful daughters because of the show. Sandra says she found happiness in the money, the find happiness in different ways. At camp a boat shows up, grab your personal belongings and get on the boat...all of them are going to ioi. Tommy says he is the only person that has not been to the ioi. Hugs all around. Rob says they are so close, only 3 of them will plead to the jury. Rob gives them the house Sandra and he worked so hard on. They get special edition ioi buffs. Rob and Sandra get on the boat and leave....Rob says there is one last test, maybe just maybe someone has been paying attention. There is fruit, comforts, chickens, a stove. Janet has an idol and no one can beat her at fire, so she is guaranteed F3. Dean and Noura talk about getting rid of Janet cuz she is so loved. Noura tells us its a no brainer..get rid of Dean. Tommy looks at the new buff and see a machete on it, he looks at the machete in a coconut...its pink or red inside (he is color blind), he gets help from Dean. Dean says they look for another machete or another pink thing. F2 if they find it. Camera zooms into a board on the walkway. Tommy pulls up the board and finds an H. Tommy shows Dean nd says if he finds it Tommy gets it. Dean says if he were Tommy he would not have told Tommy. Dean says the swing looks like the symbol and starts looking around and sees the symbol, gets the machete and finds a HII in the support leg. He also passed the last test from Rob and Sandra...he dosent not tell Tommy and burns the peice with the symbol on it. Immunity challenge time: They have to retrieve a bunch of rope rungs to climb a tower then use rings to go up a ladder. then use balls to on a table maze. Winner gets F4 and steak, baked potatoe or vegitarian options. Ready go! All are getting their ropes. Dean is thru, Tommy is thru and onto the tower. Noura is thru. Tommy and Dean are up the tower and working on the ladder. Janet struggling. Dean and Tommy are neck and neck. Both at the maze. Noura is at the maze, Tommy gets his first ball in. Janet and Lauren are at the maze. Dean gets his first ball, misses the second ball. Lauren has first ball, Janet working on second ball. Dean misses again. Dean getes it and wins immunity. Dean says this iis about the F4, he picks Noura with him for the meal. He says its to make amends. Lauren says Dean is doing jury management with Noura. Back at camp: Noura says Dean is a man in her eyes today. She felt like she was walking into a date. Noura says he is growing on her. Dean says he just wants her to know that this is not a romantic jester. He tells us he is trying to get on her good side to go to F2 with her. Noura says she is committed to him, she will take him. Dean says he has an F2 with Tommy and Dean. Noura says they need to get Janet out tonight. Noura knows he is buttering her up and she likes it. Back at camp Janet puts her HII in her bra, she tells Tommy she has it, she will claim her spot in F4, put all their votes on her and she votes Lauren. Janet and Tommy make a F4. Tommy says he needs to get Janet out. Tommy tells Lauren, they tell Dean. Dean says he is scared to sit next to Janet or Noura. Dean says its Janet or Lauren. Tommy gets a weird gut feeling about Dean. Time for TC night 37. Jury comes in. Dean is guaranteed F4, he is thinking about what will happen tomorrow. Lauren says pandamonium set in after the challenge. Janet says the fireplace is the best! Janet says she is concerned but she is the fire lady. Noura says its about the jury and what they think about us. Tommy says our prespective changes and jury probably changes too. There are so few choices, they roll a dice, Dean says its more like flipping a coin. Time to vote. We see Janet vote for Noura and Tommy vote for Janet. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? Janet uses hers on herself. The idol nullifier is also played, and it was played against Janet. Any votes for Janet still count. Votes: Lauren, Janet, Janet, 16th person voted out is Janet. Hugs from everyone. Missy says that was wild. In Hollywood Janet comes out on stage to a standing ovation. Jeff tells her it was a compliment on them fearing her. Janet says as soon as she told Tommy about the HII she know she shouldnt have. We are down to 4 and with the F4 fire making challenge anyone can win it. Day 38 ioi: Dean tries to make fire, he struggles, he has never made fire. Tommy tells Noura he cant make fire (but he can) Tommy will tell Noura anything to get her to take him. Noura tells him she will get what she wants. Noura stops her diary session when she sees Dean stretching, she says its been a long time with no romance. Time for Immunity challenge: They have to place letters on a moving thing. They can lock it in to get a letter but then unlock it to set the letters. Dean has the first word...Island, Noura also has first word. They can lock in the individual words. Dean and Noura have 2 of the 4 words. Noura in the lead. Noura has 3 words locked in. Noura places last letter. Dean loses several letters. Noura locks in her letters and wins her 3rd individual immunity and a spot in the F3. She feels amazing. She will choose the one to sit next to her and force the other 2 to make fire. Noura says look what you can do when you really believe in yourself. Noura says she wants to jump in the ocean and clean off. She wants to tell them later what she is going to do but first she wants to chill. No one joins her in the ocean. She is done. She says Lauren is her number 1, Dean is the man, Tommy is loyal, an incredable person. Tommy says that she is typical Noura, all over the place. Noura tells Lauren will go to fire. Noura says Dean is on fire, literally on fire, thats what he will be doing tonight. Lauren walks off down the beach crying. Lauren says she has never made fire since she has been here but she wont leave without a fire. Dean practices making fire and tells us he has never made fire in his life. Tommy teaches Lauren to make fire and teaches Dean. He is playing to their jury vote. Tommy says he tells Dean to make fire and make it well, he wants to sit between Dean and Noura. Noura and Lauren have words. Lauren believes in herself and she has to win. Night 38 TC: Jury comes in. Noura says the journy has been about every single step, it shows that you have more in you then you thought you did. Noura starts to tell Jeff what she said and Lauren is looking grumpy at her. Noura says did she expect her to take her #1. Lauren says she wont go out w/o a fight. Noura says Dean will make fire vs Lauren and Tommy will sit next to her. Tommy says his mind is on who will sit next to them. Dean says he is feeling good. They are off to make fire: Begin.....Lauren is first to save magnesium, Dan trying, Dean gets a tiny flame and putting small sticks on. Lauren has fire. Lauren putting sticks on. Both are in it with small fires. Deans has more of a base. Deans starting to burn the rope. Noura encouraging him. Dean got it and is in F3. Lauren hugs Dean and Tommy. Lauren says the fact that she stayed outside for 38 days is amazing, its about believing in yourself. Hey going out as the biggest threat is the way to go. F3 is Noura, Dean and Tommy. In Hollywood Lauren comes on stage. She says she didnt think she was going to win an idol, meet Rob and Sandra etc but she did. Toot Toot. If she can do it, (the indoor Barbie) others can do it too. Day 39 on season 39. Noura says it feels odd to wake up on day 39 when she thougth she would be the first gone. They get their last breakfast feast. Dean says this is the most proud of himself he has ever been. Tonight it comes down between Dean and Tommy. The boys agree to go for it. Tommy helps Noura with her speech. (helps himself with her speech)Dean says he played when he had to and got so much. Noura says to with this game you have to be a disruptor.
  12. December 11, 2019 Episode 12 Lumukaku night 32. After TC, Tommy tells us if Dean hadnt asked where his vote was he would have gone home. Noura says she is sorry, she let the game get to her. Noura blames it all on Dean. Noura takes Deans shoes and put them at the top of the flag stand, he cant reach them there. Lumukaku day 33. Elaine and Dean go looking for a HII. Janet wakes Tommy up and go looking too. Janet finds one, she can use it until there are 5 ppl left in the game. She tells Tommy she they it. Elaine and Dean see them and know that they found it. Dean says knowing that puts him in a good spot. Day 34 Elaine says Noura is a basket case but who doesnt love a crazy person. Elaine tells Lauren that Tommy will run with it, also that when they get down to 4 they will make Lauren make fire. Lauren now asks more questions. Tommy says he would love to have Janet, Lauren, Dean and him as F4. Tommy says here he gets to lie and he is good at it here. Dean, Tommy and Dan have a F3 and say that Lauren has to go. A boat comes to the beach...Draw a name from the bag to go to ioi. Dean will go to ioi. Dean says its crazy, this late it could be the last trip to ioi. Rob is fishing. He tells us that this feels like home. They feed Dean, Sandra asks him how his game is. Dean says he backed out of hte blindside because ...he pulls out the fake legacy. They can not claim or deny its real. Dean says how he thinks he will use it, Rob says never put votes on yourself. Rob tells him the lesson is about jury management. Can he tell a story to the jury that will make them give him the check. Sandra says you have to story tell, make your moves known. Dean will have a choice between 3 advantage...extra vote, idol nullifier or an idol that cant be played on himself. The game is a coin flip, he loses and he loses his vote at next TC. Dean leans towards the idol nullifier, why not. He risks it.....its.....yes, Dean wins the idol nullifier. Dean says he is this close to where he may have to manage a jury, he feels he has a clear plan to win over the jury. Dean returns to camp, he tells them tells them he got to flip a coin that would get him an extra vote or idol he could play on someone else, he says he lost. He then tells Dan, Tommy and Lauren he got the idol nullifier. Tommy is scared, he was understimimating Dean, he has got to go. Day 35, Immunity challenge time: they have to spin to unravel a coil of rope, then go over obstacles to gather a puzzle piece, then put a word puzzle together. First done wins. Ready, go. Tommy is whipping down the course, he done with the coil. Elaine, Dan, Elaine go down dizzy. they are across the netting and on to the beam. Noura has her piece, Dean has his, Lauren and Dan, Tommy, Elaine and Janet are all on the puzzle now. Everyone is looking around. Dean has it..This game will mess with your mind. Dean wins immunity. Elaine is upset she had it but couldn't get the top letters switched. Rob says Dean is doing stretching before the fight scene. Dean plays to the jury and Rob says it was a good lesson. Noura things are changing daily. Dean says when there are 7 ppl left it takes only 4 votes. Dan says you hope to build a foundation to withstand an earthquake, he hopes they dont have an earthquake toinght. Elaine says if she doesnt go tonight they should vote out Noura. Its better to go to Final with Elaine instead of Noura who is a wild card. Janet says everything Elaine is saying could also be said about Janet, Lauren agrees it could also be her. Elaine says the glass is half empty, nothing good ever happens to her, she came for the money but she is trying to put things into perspective, trying to work thru her mom passing 3 months ago, time is what she needs. Janet hugs her. Elaine says she has learned to not take anything for granted. Janet says having a few more days on this earth then most of them, she says there were times in her life where she couldnt understand the tragedy and pain but she always believe there was light on the other side, she turns to Elaine and tells her she will find her way thru this. They love Elaine. Elaine says time to vote. We see Noura vote Elaine, Dan vote Noura, , Dean vote Elaine, Elaine vote Noura. Time to tally the votes. Commerical.... Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes. Elaine, Noura, Elaine, Noura, tied...Elaine, 14th person voted out is Elaine. She gets hugs, even one from Jeff. Jeff says its been 35 emotional draining days and if you think it gets easier you got another thing coming. Day 36..Jeff comes to camp. He has news...he spoke privately to Dan, Dan is gone, he wont be back to camp and wont be on jury. Tommy says the deck is recrambled, this game. There is a written message on screen "Dan was removed from the game after a report of another incident, which happened off-camera and did not involve a player." Next time on the season Finale of Survivor: Prepare for battle because its a fight to the finish. Join us on December 18 for the season finale.
  13. December 4, 2019 Episode 11 Reward Challenge time: Lets bring out the families. Lauren's boyfriend Matt. Tommy's girlfriend Nicole. Karishma's husband Drew. Naura's sister Elanna. Janet's husband John. Dean's mom Laurie. Dan's 13 year old son Brian. Elaine's girlfriend Tonya. Lets get to it, they will be teathered to another tribe member, go thru obstacles then attempt to land a sandbag on a small disc. Reward is Love. Jeff brings Elanna closer due to being visually impared. Ready...Go!!. Dan and Naura are in the lead. Dean and Elaine are thru, Tommy and Janet are thru. Dan and Lauren are thru. Lauren and Karishma are dead last. Elaine and Dean are thru the second obstacle and tossing the sandbag. Janet and Tommy are tossing the bag. Lauren and Karishma are tossing. Naura and Dan are tossing. Tommy and Janet win reward, they invite Dan and Brian to go with them. They also pick Lauren and Matt. Karishma says it sucks to feel you are at the bottom, moving forward lets ban together and put a wrecking ball into someone else. At reward they enjoy dinner and time with loved ones. They talk about getting Elaine out. At camp Naura goes on about what she does for the others. Elaine says Naura is their bitch. Naura goes on and on and on. Karishma says for her it was great, when people are emotional they are truthful. Naura says she is in with Dean, Elaine and Karishma. Dean says Lauren has Tommy wrapped around her finger he is ready to vote Lauren out. Dean says they either drag in a 5th or go find a HII. They go looking and Elaine finds it. Elaine puts it in ther redneck pocket and it will stay there. Naura says the biggest obstacle in her life has been her, its going to change today. Day 32 Immunity challenge time: they will stand on a small block of wood while stablizing a ball with a block of wood. Last one standing wins. They are on one food, the wood that they are holding the ball with looks like an egg with handles. Dean out, Tommy out, Naura is out, Janet drops hard, she is out. Janets foot is bleeding. Karishma is out, Dan is out. It's Lauren vs Elaine. 15 minutes in. Lauren shaky, Dan telling her not to look away. Elaine drops suddenly. Lauren wins Immunity. Tommy says tonight is the night to get out Karishma. Janet tells Lauren she did good she should be proud. They talk about splitting the votes between Elaine and Karishma. Noura says its a really big vote and its feels pretty cool that she has so much power. Karishma says this is break she has been waiting for, it takes only 1 TC to change things. The underdogs choose Tommy to go but Elaine is worried Noura wont stick to it. Dean tells Noura to not over think it. Dean trusts the votes to be for Tommy. Noura goes off and uses stones and leaves to think out the plan. Tommy says Noura has been the wild card since day one. Elaine says its a tricky situation and if you mess it up its gone. Go big or go home. Time for TC: Jury comes in. Janet says having her loved one was amazing. Dean whispers to Tommy that they want you, he nods to Noura, Tommy whispers to Dan who whispers to Noura. Jeff is still talking to them but most are ignoring him. They all whisper together. Noura says she will bring it out. Dean, Karishma and Elaine will vote Tommy and Elaine has an idol. MIssy is acting like she is eating popcorn. Karishma says 10 min before TC Noura was 100% with them. Rob says Noura got caught in a lie and trying to talk her way out of it. Elaine promises she is not writing Tommy's name. Jeff asks Noura how she feels about all this. Dan whispers to Lauren. Time to vote: time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? Elaine plays hers for herself, she says sorry this smells like feet. Votes: Karishma, Noura, Noura, (Sandra says damn Noura they screwed you. Rob says she screwed herself), 3 votes Noura, Karishma, Kairhsma..tied..Karishma, 13th person voted out and 7th member of jury is Karishma. Rob says all of that talk just to vote out Karishma. Tommy thanks Dean, Dean says we'll talk. Next time on Survivor: When your head is spinning and you roll the dice, the game can turn upside down.
  14. November 27, 2019 Episode 10 Lumukaku after 1st TC. Lauren is worried that Tom is gone, they get excited that Missy is gone. Karishma cant be happier, she finally has some options. Elizabeth feels stranded as 2 of her closest allies are gone. Day 28 Tom says last night was huge. They talk about getting Karishma out. Dean says they can not change votes again. Tom says Elizabeth may have to go next. A boat comes to the beach. Tom reads it, choose one person to come to ioi, must be unanimous or draw a name from the bag. Lauren wants to go, they all agree (not Karishma but she keeps her mouth closed) At ioi a chicken bites Sandra's finger, Sandra drops her papaya and the chicken eats it. Lauren arrives and OMG OMG about seeing Rob and Sandra. Sandra wants to know how she is doing in the game. Lauren says she is a great social player. Rob says her lesson is about situational awareness. She will predict who wins the next Immunity, if she is right she gets an Idol good for 2 TC, if wrong she loses vote. Rob says then next immunity challenge they will be on little stands and hold a bar up to keep from dropping a ball, it will also have an eat or play component (Breakfast!) Lauren goes thru the castaways and eliminates several of them playing. Noura could win it, Elizabeth could win it. Rob sweetens the pot by letting her pick 2 people. Lauren picks Noura and Elizabeth. Sandra says if Lauren gets it right the idol will be under the big rock at tree mail. Back at camp: Dean asks Janet if the Jamal thing is real or fake, Janet says fake. Dean thinks its real. Dean makes a fake fake idol. Dean says its his turn to shake things up a bit. Lauren tells them that she knows what the challenge is and she got to make it an eat or play game, she tells them about breakfast foods. She will be honest with Tom, Tom says tell nobody. Tom will talk about breakfast all day long. Janet says it will be hard to smell that food and play. Elaine doesnt want to get voted out just for food. Noura says she will play. Lauren says bring on the bacon and bring on the immunity challenge. Immunity Challenge time: Jeff tells them what they have to do, then shows them breakfast. No reaction, Lauren tells Jeff about ioi. Sitting out are Tom, Dan, Dean, Lauren, Janet, Elaine. Karishma, Naura and Elizabeth will compete. Ready go. Karishma is out already. Lauren says yes yes yes. Karishma says she can handle it, smelling the food and feeling like a failure. Jeff says it could be 30 days of Survivor, it can to it to people. Elizabeth drops the ball. Naura wins immunity but she doesnt drop. She says she is playing for those eating. Jeff tells her it doesnt work that way to drop her ball. Janet says she chose to eat and it was probably one of the scariest things she has done. Back at camp Lauren gets her Idol and Tom says she doesnt need it tonight. Lauren says it should be Karishma but why not take the shot at Elizabeth while you can. Eliane says she would rather Karishma goes but Elizabeth is good. Elizabeth says its an easy opportunity for them to get rid of her. Noura tells Karishma to dring water, Noura scoops up Karishmas bag and goes thru it. Dan tells Karishma that the votes are split between Janet and Elizabeth. Karishma tells Elizabeth she has an Idol. Dan goes over after Lauren reads Karishmas lips. Karishma says she said Jan. Dan says Karishma is doing everything wrong, thats it for him. Dean agrees with everything Dan is saying about Karishma. Karishma says she would hate to lose Elizabeth but.... Karishma says she has a dilemma, using the HII and playing it correctly. Time for TC, Night 30. Jury comes in. Jeff says today 6 ppl chose to eat. Elizabeth says she lost her main alliance so she had to win immunity. Karishma says had to win it, to challenge herself. Noura says she feels strongly that she has a good footing in the game, she chose to play so the others could eat. Dan says there is a trench and if someone is on the other side its hard to bring the over that trench. Tom says some needed that pit stop to eat. Dean says he has a differnt situation, he has legacy that everyone knows about. Lauren says everyone has their own adgenda and TC is not easy. Tom says trying to get 8 ppl to agree is tough. Elaine says you have to pick a core and roll with them. Elizabeth says she is loyal, you dont know where others fall. It is time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyonewant to use an HII? Dean stands up and hands Jeff his legacy. Jeff says it has no power. Karishma stands up and gives Jeff her HII. (Rob says yes!) Lauren stands up and gives Jeff her HII. Votes: Karishma, Karishma, Karishma, Karishma, Karishma, Karishma, Karishma, Janet, Elizabeth. Tied with Janet and Elizabeth. Revote, they can only vote for Janet or Elizabeth. Time to tally the votes. Votes: Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, 12 person voted out and 6th member of jury is Elizabeth. Rob says its all well and good until someone plays and idol. Jeff says well one thing for sure, it wasnt an easy vote. Next time on Survivor: IN and unpredicitable game theres no one to trust except family.
  15. November 20, 2019 Episode 9 Lumuwaku night 24: Janet says TC was hard, at one point she didnt know if she was going to stay in the game but she doesnt quit anything. Janet calls herself a free agent. Karishma is freaked out when a mouse runs across her face at night. Day 25, it rained hard all night Elizabeth got the worst of it, she is cold and wet. Noura says Karishma is lucky to be there, she does nothing, acts like an old person. Karishma says she is in trouble and has only herself to blame. Noura sends Karishma after coconuts. Karishma says she is a goat. Not only does Karishma find coconuts but also a HII. Karishma says she can finally make a name for herself. She has been gone from camp for an hour and found only 2 coconuts, she fakes being sick and camp wants to call medics. Karishma says she feels better after drinking some water. Day 27, it's Immunity challenge time. they will stand on a narrow beam while spinning a ball on a wooden track, at intervals they will step back on the beam. Let's make it more interesting....today they will be divided into each group, one person from each group will win immunity, each group will go to TC and each will vote someone out. In Orange its Missy, Tom, Elaine, Elizabeth and Karishma. In Purple its Dean, Dan, Lauren, Noura and Janet. Karishma is out. The last person standing not only wins Immunity but also PB&J for their group and they will go to TC last so they get to observe the first group. They move up on the beam. Elizabeth is out. Tom drops. Aaron drops, Dan drops, Lauren drops. Dean Lauren and Janet for purple and Missy and Elaine for Orange. Janet drops. Move down on the beam. Dean is out, Noura wins Immunity for purple, she drops before winning PB&J for her group. Orange wins PB&J. Missy drops. Elaine wins Immunity for Orange. Purple win go first at TC. Purple will go back to the old Liaro camp. Old Lairo camp looks so different. Aaron says he doesnt want to be there, it brings back bad memories. Aaron says with Karishma on one tribe and Janet on the other could be good for them. Noura says Aaron is a clear shot. Janet says woo hoo everybody wants to get rid of Aaron. Dan tells Janet she is someone he wants to play the game with. Dean says if Aaron goes home he will be the next big threat. Dean and Dan say Janet can with this game, she made fire, every ones momma. Dan says they could switch the vote back to Janet but is that good for his game? At Lumuwaku, they are enjoying their sandwiches. Missy says TC should be easy, Karishma right? wrong. Missy says pull Karishma with them, vote out Tom and that opens up Lauren. Missy tells Karishma to talk to everyone one on one but dont give them a name. Karishma walks away, says Missy was talking AT her not TO her. She wont take that from anyone. Karishma talks to Elaine about it. Elaine says she is voting for Missy tonight. Elaine tells Tom about the plan to vote him out but Elaine and Karishma are voting for MIssy, Tom is on board for that. Missy says sorry to Karishma, Karishma plays along with her. Karishma says tonights vote has to be logical and not emotional. Karishma says getting rid of Tom has its points but she doesnt trust anyone, she will take her HII with her. Over at Liaro, Aaron says Janet is going home. Janet says its not rocket science this group is done with the meat chills like Aaron. Purple goes to TC. Dan says the biggest impact of the two groups is the teams seem to have scrambled in a way that things should go as planned before. Dean says when you dont have ppl you trust its concerning. Aaron says its his first time sitting at TC w/o a necklace, its an oppurtinity for his name to be written down. Noura says there are always suprises. (Sandra whispers she thinks its Janet). Noura says there is a boundary between her and Janet. Time for purple to vote. We see Aaron vote Janet and Janet vote Aaron. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Janet, Aaron, Aaron, Aaron, 10 person voted out and 4th person to Jury is Aaron. (Rob says I told you it was Aaron) Aaron sits on Jury and Orange comes in, they are shocked. Elizabeth says her heart is beating hard, Aaron was one of her number ones, thats not how Jury is supposed to look. Elaine says you broke us up and things got switched. Missy brings up her and Karishma not having a good day. Karishma says she likes to say her piece and walk away. Missy says when you call someone out, you say someone needs to go cuz they are threat not a bully. Missy says she knows who she is. (Sandra says there is not room for both of them) Tom says they both view things differently and will not get along. Missy says that she understand that Karishma doesnt want to be voted out so you lie but she has always said she want to work with Karishma. Elaine says the only way to squash it is to vote one out. MIssy says a few days ago two minorities wore immunity necklaces one the same day at the same time and it was not mentioned. Jeff says he didnt notice and doesnt know if he would have mentioned it. It is time to vote. We see Tom vote for Missy and Missy vote for Tom. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to play a HII? nope. Votes: Missy, Tom, Tom, Missy, 11th person voted out and 5th member of Jury is MIssy. Missy says wow who did it. Tom says you were coming after me. Elaine says it was me. (Rob says they are keeping Karishma for last) Missy tells Elizabeth to kill Elaine methodically and slowly. Jeff says they are 27 days into a 39 day game and the foot has not come off the pedal for nothing. Next time on Survivor: When animals attack, you'll need to tavel in a pack to reach the top of the food chain.
  16. November 13, 2019 Episode 8 Tonight its back to back episodes of Survivor. Lairo night 19. Dean says he had to play the card like he saved himself. Kellee saved his life. Noura says she was the other vote for Jack, she was adised to vote Jack. Jamal wants to know who advised her, she says it was Kellee. Kellee's jaw drops, tells Noura to stop talking and then asks to see Janet and Jamal. Kellee denies telling Noura that right before TC. Jamal says something about it doesnt add up. You never try to play an underground game with Noura. Lairo Day 20, everyone is looking for an HII. Kellee finds one. Tree mail: Time to merge. Both boats join on the beach for the merge feast. New buffs are blue. Dan talks to Janet, she tells him Jamal wants to work with him, Dan says why would he want to with Jamal. Vokai 2.0s plan was to stay 7 strong then bring in Janet and Kellee. Tom discribes the plan to Kellee and Janet. Kellee says why would she take her good alliances and go to the bottom of the new Vokai 9. Lumuwaku day 21, Kellee and Missy talk about Dan being inappropriate touching. You cant say anything about it, Missy says she is not an object. Kellee says its a pattern 5 of the girls dont like it. Kellee is crying over it, the camera guy says that if anything does happen to come to him. Tom tells Lauren that he is worried, he says vote Kellee. Lauren says can she trust Kellee as much as she thought she could. Kellee and Janet hug, Janet says she cant ignore your feelings. Janet says at first she thought Dan was just an old style touchy person but its hurting the girls. Elizabeth says if she can play up the Dan card she will. Kellee wants to vote Dan out but she is not going to make a game decision based on her feelings. Lauren talks to Missy about her 2 hr talk with Kellee. Lauren says she is being dead ass, she says they are coming after Missy. Missy says if Kellee thinks she is going to get Missy out first she will vote her out. We get a printed announcement from producers saying they talked to all players individually and as a group. They cautioned about personal boundaries and reminded that producers are available at all times. Sweat is poring from everyone. Elapsed time is 15 min. Missy is out. Down to 3. Elizabeth has 1 left. Aaron drops 1. Elizabeth is out. Down to Aaron and Jamal both with 2 balls left. Elapsed time 25 min. Jamal drops, falls off the platform and drops to the ground. Aaron asks if he is good and runs over to Jamal. Kellee says it to late in the game to work with Missy. Lumuwaku day 22, they congrat Aaron on his win. MIssy is scared its going to be her. They want to go after Kellee. Lauren says that her and Tom are on the bottom and want to get out Kellee. The word goes around to get Kellee out. Jamal doesnt want to make personal votes, why would he keep Dan, will Noura vote with him? Noura says yes, she will vote Dan. Why wait just do it. Jamal talks to Janet and she changes her vote to Dan. Its hard for Janet, she likes Dan but its a moral decision, she will do what is best for the girls. Janet tells Elizabeth the vote will be Dan but she doesnt believe Janet. Elizabeth has felt safe this entire time. Elizabeth is writing down Kellee. Elizabeth tells Elaine who tells Dan. Dan says screw them. Jamal goes to Karishma and Kellee to vote Dan. Kellee is now worried, Dan is way to calm, she is getting nervious. Kellee looks for an HII. Jamal asks Tom to vote for Dan. Tom says he knew merge was going to be nuts. Tom says the vote could go either way. No matter what happens tonight Tom is going to make a lot of people mad. Kellee finds an HII, she now has 2. She cant be voted out with 2 HII in her pocket, she may have to play 1 tonight. Time for TC. Jack comes in, Rob and Sandra are in their hut. Dan says there is a weird vibe going on. Trust outways deception. Missy says trust is dope. Karishma agrees, you cant have the depection with out the trust first. Lauren says what is happening is terrifying, when you talk to 1 or 2 ppl alone its all suspicions. Kellee says it makes you present, if you aren't you probably aren't playing the game you should be. Kellee says its about trust. Tom says its been discussed that Vokai has more ppl. Janet says at time goes on tribal lines can be softened. Dean says he is looking to build some trust tonight. Dan says you are either going to be proven really wrong or really right but you want know until the votes are read. Time to vote. we see Kellee vote Dan. Dan votes for Kellee. Kellee asks Lauren if they are ok, she nods. Time to tally the votes. Commercial Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Dan, Kellee, Dan Kellee...tied, Dan, Kellee, Dan, Kellee, still tied. Dan, Kellee, Kellee, 8th person voted out and 2nd jury is Kellee. Dan says yup put that torch down. Jeff says as much as you want to believe in trust you gotta worry about deception. . Back at camp, Janet wonders what happened, nobody is talking. Janet says her info from the girls made her feel betrayed. Lauren says she was not comforable with the way things were going, Janet says she was trying to something good for them. Lauren says she wasnt comfortable with voting Dan out for those reasons. Janet talks to Dan about how inappropriate he has been and yet he came back from TC. Dan says he has never had a hint of this in his life. Janet says then she got played. Dan talks to MIssy and Elizabeth that Janet he feels like his soul was ripped out, he says the only thing he can do is deeply apologize. They say they slept next to Dan in the bungalow every night. Elaine comes up and says it was taken and miss construed. Elizabeth says it was all game with her. Dan says that vote proved they want to keep playing this game wiht him. Janet comes to Dan, Dan says the girls said they never came to her, they have slept in the shelter every night with Dan. Janet goes to Missy and Liz. Dan wants it left alone, Janet asks them point blank and Missy says yes. Janet leaves and Liz says just know we are fine. Janet says sexual innuendos has no place anywhere. She sleeps apart. Aaron and Missy go for a walk and pass Janet as they go HII hunting. Janet follows them down the beach but loses them, she continues to look for an HII and finds one. Lumuwaku Day 23. A note hangs from a tree says you found me, I'm yours. Jamal and Karishma find it, Jamal grabs it. It says bring this with you to ioi, he gets on the boat. He gets to ioi and is so excited. Out come Rob and Sandra and he cant believe they are there. Jamal pulls out the note and opens it. You just learned a tough Survivor lesson, if its looks to good to be true it probably is. You just lost your vote. Rob says he got burned, there is nothing they can do about that. Does he want to get someone else? Sandra gives Jamal a blank piece of paper and a pencil. Rob says its opportunity, anything he wants it to be. What can he do with that paper and pencil? He rights a fake legacy advantage.....he tells them he risked his vote to play 50/50 chance, he wins but he has to give it to someone else. He gives it to Dean for his bday. Dean says you can barely read it, Jamal says he had to copy it down from a board. Dean says where did he get paper? where did he get a pencil. Dean tells us Jamal just put a huge target on Deans back. Aaron says now every single person knows that Dean has an advantage and thats a death sentence. Jamal has to go. Time for Immunity challenge. They have to hold on to a handle over the water, at regular intervals Jeff with put them closer the water. Last man and woman still holding on wins immunity. Everyone has their front to the water, Jeff cranks the handle lowering them towards the water. Lauren freaks out says hers is rolling, she drops, Dan is out too. Jamal drops, Elaine does a flip into the water she is out. Jeff cranks the handle again and they lean farther toward the water. Karishma drops, so does Janet, Dean also drops. Elapsed time 10 min. Jeff cranks them out again, 20 min in and Jeff cranks it again. Noura drops. Tom drops. Aaron wins for the guys. Elizabeth drops and Missy wins Immunity for the girls. Back at camp. Janet and Jamal meet on the beach. Jamal is worried he will go home tonight. Janet tells him she thinks it will be a split vote. At camp they decide the guys will vote Jamal and the girls will vote Karishma. Tom tells Janet she is safe and to vote for Jamal. Janet has to put her trust in ppl that were angry with her. Time for TC. Noura says there were a lot of upset ppl after last TC. Janet says there was a lot of miscommunication. Janet thought everbody was voting for Dan, Missy says hold on, what was your plan before that. Janet says to put Missy name down, Janet thought her plan was good for all concerned, she was wrong for getting involved. Aaron says it was a plan that went wrong and she is trying to spin it into something to hurt Dan. Jamal says if it was a real issue he would have heard about it, we are not intitled to know things just because we are men or in power. Aaron says this is not an issue he takes lightly. Dan says is the bottom line that we arent going to let this go? Jeff says let me put the context of what I am looking for. Everyone is talking around it and that creates more uncertainty about it. Dan says things were used that shouldnt have been used in this game, he doesnt want to ever be a part of anything that makes ppl feel bad. Jeff says there is a sensativity about this issue. Jamal says far be it for him to speak for woman, he can give advise about how he hears the issue, take a step back and look at it. Its hard for woman to bring it up, we have to listen to woman when they are ready to talk. Dan says since it wont be left go...Jeff say he wont let it go, they will be here till day 39. Dan says most of his clients and workers are woman and his person feeling is, if anyone ever felt uncomfortable with anything he has done he is sorry for it. It horrifies him and he is sorry, weither he know he did it or not, he is sorry. He feels it all turned into game play. Janet is trying to decide if she should stay in the game, never would she have wanted to do this, everyone hates her, they tell her they dont. Jeff says this is why its complicated to play, is she in? Yes she is. Jeff summarizes what happened. Jeff says no matter what we all need to look at these things. You have this thing that will stay with you, can you seperate it? Lauren looks at Janet and says that there are ppl that thank her for what she did. Time to vote. We see Jamal write no vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? Janet plays her HII on herself. Votes: Janet, Janet, Kirishma, Kirishma, Kirishma, Jamal, Jamal, Jamal, its tied. Jamal, 9th person voted out and 3rd member of jury is Jamal. Jamal walks off with nothing to say to anyone. Next time on Survivor: When there is a twist of fate the game is one and the gloves come off.
  17. Happy November everybody!!

  18. October 30, 2019 Episode 6 Lairo day 15, the tribe says Dean is still in shock. Noura says it was kill them or they will kill her. Dean tells Jamal that Noura is crazy. Jamal says she is bonkers, out of tune, she doesnt get it. Vokai day 15, Elizabeth sees a big spider in the shelter and freaks out. Elaine says they will go to rocks, Aaron says no rocks, he is willing to write Elaines name down. Time for Reward Challenge, Transport a sled loaded with sand bags and a tribe member down a trap and over obstacles to retreive a key, use the key to release sling shot, use the sling shot to knock down targets. Person on the sled must knock down the targets. Reward is chickens. Elaine sits out....oh wait nope she is headed to ioi. Ready go!! Jack and Aaron are on the sleds. Lokai has key first, both are close. Vokai move the sand bags first. Aaron first to sling shot and takes his first shot. Jack gets the first target, Aaron ties it up. Vokai gets second target. Vokai wins chickens, they chant Beast Mode. Dan says Vokai has the wins all day. Day 15 ioi: Rob is chopping wood and building the mansion of all shelters. He may corner off on side for Sandra...she snores. Elaine makes it to ioi and sees the stautes. She hugs Rob and Sandra. Her lesson is about having the courage to be daring. Sandra uncorks a sand timer....if the sand runs out before she makes a dision to take Robs challenge...she takes it..before knowing what it is. She is here for the adventure. Rob says a "block a vote" will be hidden at next challenge, she needs to grab it w/o being seen, in the middle of a challenge. If she fails she will lose her vote. Big stakes. She takes a name from the bag for the next person to come to ioi. Sandra says Elaine came to play and if her tribemates arent careful she will be there at the end. Lairo day 15. Jamal is tapping out a rythum on a cane pole and shows Kellee how to dance. Jack asks Jamal to use his durag to lift the pot. Jamal stands up and looks at him. Jack is sorry and feels bad he said it just as soon as he said it. Jamal says this character is so ingrained in our culture. They talk about things late into the night. Jack has a new perspective. Jack says he is very privilege, this talk brought them together more as friends. Jamal says Jacks apology has made up for alot of things, he will remember it the rest of his life. Vokai day 16. they dont know what chicken is the rooster. Elaine and Elizabeth talk about ioi. Elaine tells her about the advantage. Immunity challenge time: they have to dig under a cage, pick it up and carry it across a course picking up 5 balls along the way, they will then shoot the balls into target. Lauren sits out. Ready go!! Vokai is in the cage and at the table where the advantage is ....Elaine gets the advangte, puts in ther pants but drops it, she gets it and this time gets it in her pants. Vokai has their second set of balls. Vairo has no communication. Vokai has a ball in, Lairo has one and 2. Vokai ties it up and takes the lead. Vokai has 4, Lairo gets 3 and 4...tied....Lairo wins. Vokai day 16, they kill a chicken for pre TC dinner. Elaine reads the advantage with Elizabeth, she has to use it tonight. Elaine is going to tell Missy and Aaron. Aaron says he is in. Missy says now they run the game. Aaron says its all 100% a cover to keep Elaine calm. If Aaron votes the way Vokai wants he gets out Elaine and gets in with them. Vokai says it will be Elaine if there is no HII. Elizabeth and Missy assure Lauren there is no HII. Elaine wants Tommy out. Aaron says he has control. Both sides say they have it, they are the F4. Aaron says the game will be very very live. Time for TC night 16: Rob and Sandra enter their little hut. Jason says they are in a unique situation with a 4/4 tie split, its a very important vote tonight. Elaine says the line is drawn in the sand. Jeff says it only takes one person to switch sides and it messes everything up. Tommy says if they switch they will be Vokai. Elaine says if one of her tribe goes home she has to suck it up buttercup and so would they. They all say they are willing to draw rocks. Elaine says she doesnt like rocks and she pulls the advantage out of her bra. She reads it out loud...she wants to block Jasons vote. Rob says just because she blocked his vote doesnt mean he is the target. They whisper to vote Elaine. Elaine gets a look on her face. Lauren cries. Dan would be disappointed to go home tonight. Time for all but Jason to vote: We see Tommy vote for Elaine. Time to tally the votes Anyone want to use a HII? Vote: Elaine, Elaine, Elaine, Jason, Jason, Jason 6th person voted out is Jason. Lauren gasps. Jason tells them to not trust Aaron. Lauren says sorry Jason. Jason says none of you turned on me, freinds forever. Next time on Survivor: An empire falls and a rebellion rises but the war is far from over.
  19. October 16, 2019 Episode 4 Lairo Night 8: tribe talks to Karishma about the vote, she says she understands but that she knows she is expendable. Dean and Chelsea snuggle up and Aaron says that is dangerous. Dean says he is super drawn to Chelsea. Missy says if Dean doesnt help in some way he needs to go, she is ready to make a big move. Aaron says Karishma will keep for later. Vokai day 9: They take the raft out for the first time, Jamal stays on shore and looks for the HII. Jamal says you have to be present in the here and now...he finds the HII Vokai, Boats coming in.....one of them must come to ioi by a unanamous vote or draw from the bag. Noura voluteers to go. Noura meats Sandra and Rob on the beach. They offer her watermelon and she screams. Rob tells her her lesson is about the art of persuasion. Persuasion has to line up with what someone wants, different people need different types of persuasion, scare someone, or rumors, this for that. Rob offers her some insight in to the next Immunity Challenger...the caller is the most important person in that challenge, if she can persuade them to make her the caller she will be able to block the vote of another player, if she fails she loses her vote. She goes for it. Sandra says she didnt give it much thought, that is her mentality and it will get her in trouble. Rob says she is living in Noura world, is her perception reality? Noura comes back to camp, she tells them she gets an advantage in the next immunity challenge for her and her tribe, she tells them that they have to unanamously make her role, she tells them if they all agree she gets to pick the part she plays she can tell them the game. They agree and she tells them she is the caller and they are blindfolded. Jamal asks what makes her the caller? Noura says she already the caller by their agreement. Kellee says its a bad lie. They practice, Lauren says Noura is not a good caller, if she insists on being the caller then she better follow thru or it will be her a**. Day 11 Immunity challenge time: A caller will lead them through a course collecting keys,use the keys to unlock puzzle pieces, the caller will then tell a still blindfolded member to put the puzzle together. The tribe votes Noura to sit out. Noura says this might blow up her game, its a friggin nightmare. Elizabeth calling for Lairo and Jason calling for Vokai. Both get their first keys, Vokai get their second. Vokai has all the keys. Lairo is having trouble. Vokai gets to the mat and heads out to the puzzle area. Lairo gets their third key. Kellee working on the puzzle. Elizabeth grabs her tribe by the hand and heads across the course to the puzzle area. Aaron starts on the puzzle for Lairo. Kelle and Jason almost have it. Lairo working quickly. very close......Lairo thinks they have it but no. Vokai thinks they have it and they do. Vokai wins immunity. Missy says she is going to keep Karishma in her pocket and use her vote. Lairo day 11: Elizabeth says sorry, tribe says they put her in that possition. Karishma thinks she is at the bottom, she doesnt want to go home, not like this. Dean says Karishma's name has been around a while, it wont be a blindside. Chelsea says her relationship with Dean will take her far. Aaron says the game needs to blow up now he suggests Dean. Elizabeth and Missy are shocked. Dean helps out while Karishma takes a nap, she is not ready to see Dean go. Elaine says if Aaron is willing to cut the throat of his friend what will he do to her? Aaron says this koombya nonsense has got to go. Missy is her to play the game and kick some but, she needs a name that is not attached.....she talks to Elaine about Chelsea. Elaine says her ablilty to drop names like that scares her. This one is going to draw the line in the sand, it will be gut check time. Time for TC: Rob and Sandra go into their hidy hut. Sandra says they just love TC. Chelsea says that line hasnt been drawn in the sand yet maybe it will be tonight. Karishma says its the Survivor God that she is still there, no one will talk to her. Elaine says she is lost all the time. MIssy says if you say you can do something do it. Karishma says maybe chaos is a ladder and she can climb her way out. Dean says there is some sort of sorry in their and thanks for playing. MIssy wouldnt be shocked if it were her but she didnt hear her name out there today, but in a good blindside she wouldnt hear it. Rob says it could be anybody. Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Karishma, Karishma, Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea, 4th person voted out is Chelsea. Sandra says yup you wanted a blindside you got you one. Chelsea says good luck guys. Jeff says well I guess that was plan Z. Next time on Survivor: In a game of lies, new battle lines are drawn (drop your buffs).
  20. October 9, 2019 Episode 3 Vokai Night 6: Jason says at TC Molly went home and he stayd, it was a total blindside. They all stand around not wanting to talk. Jack says he had no idea about the vote, he has a lot of work to do. Jack says that was amazing. Tommy says he has to do damage control with Jamal. Jamal says he is not happy, forgive but not forget. Lairo day 7. The girls are in the water and the guys are at camp. Kaishma is uncomforable with her lack of coverup but she has to make the girls feel strong about their alliance and if that means she is in her underwear so be it. Aaron says 5 girls/4 guys ...the guys ban together. Vince says ifthe girls have control of the game fine, he will work with the women. Vokai make fire. Dan says he wants a win win and thats Noura for the next vote. Dan says he thinks they can go 8-1 for Noura and no one will be upset. Jamal says this will be a nice unifying vote, but he reserves the right to go rough. Jamal says Dan has a car salesman vibe about him when he wants you to do something. Jamal talks to Janet about maybe getting Dan out. Tommy says Jamal is coming on to strong, do they consider Jamal? Maybe he is the best vote for Tommy's game. Karishma is shredding coconut and stabs the knife into her hand, she can see the bone. She is on the ground and no one comes to her aide. She says if she had cut her hand off no one would have helped her, everyone on the tribe is dead to her. Lairo: a boat shows up and they are slow getting to it. Vince is headed to ioi and will return in the morning. The tribe thinks he will come back with an HII and they need to flush it. Dean says split the vote and its silence...was everyone thinking it, yes...was any one going to say it...no. Vince gets to ioi, he is worried that ppl will make plans against him. Sandra and Rob come out to meet him. He is star struck and over come with emotion. Rob says its awesome that they were just playing the game and it made such an impact on ppl. Rob tells Vince that his lesson is staying calm under pressure, his test is to sneak into the other tribes camp and steal fire with this torch. If he does it he gets a HII that is for the next 2 TC, if he doesn't do it he loses his vote. He says he will take the test. Rob gives him a map of the other tribes camp. Sandra says its late at night, doesnt know the camp. They give him hints on how to succeed. Rob says Sandra takes it a step to far..as usual. Good luck Vince. Vince gets to Vokai and he says his shoes squeek, he heart is beating, some one is having a bad dream and wakes the camp. They settle down and Vince sneeks in and sees there is no fire, he is going to collect ash to show Rob and Sandra he tried. Tommy keeps looking around but rolls over....Vince gets out of there and back to the boat. Back on ioi...Sandra says he didnt get caught, Rob says he adapted, its a win he gets a HII. Immunity Challenge time: one person will swim out to get a key, the rest will climb out onto a teeter totter while retrieving 2 bags of puzzle pieces then use the key to unlock the last bag, Put the puzzle together and win. Its also reward challenge for comfort items. Elizabeth and Janet will swim out for their tribes, Elizabeth is first to the net and gets the key. Lairo heads out to the teeter totter. Janet having trouble getting the key, she gets it finally. Lairo is almost to the first bag and drops it into the water. Vokai making up time, gets their first bag. Lairo gets both bags, and starts on the puzzle. Vokai gets to their puzzle (its a hanging fish puzzle) Vokai takes a big lead and Vokai wins immunity and reward. Lairo camp. Tom says ppl are mad they didnt win, they said Karishma messed up the comp but Vince probable has an HII they have to make sure the girls vote Vince. Missy says the girls have the vote why should they vote out Vince when he will be a vote with them. Do they shoot for Tom? Elizabeth says Dan is like their dad, she wants to vote out Vince. Karishma is worred its her. Vince tells us Karishma needs to give them a name, Vince tells her to vote Tom. Vince says he will play his HII if he feels the need. Chelsea says Tom? Vince? Karishma? The tribe is being run by the women and Vince is an ally of the girls. Time for TC: Rob and Sandra get in their little hidy hut. Tom says this had a difference sense to it then the first TC. Its frustrating, they are 2-0 with puzzles. Karishma says there is heat on her back, when push comes to shove and when it comes to her tribe she will push so hard, she can be a strong ally. Karishma says she feels like an audience member to the girls sorority. Dan says he came into this game with the idea of not losing a challenge and they have lost twice. Aaron says he is 100% with his tribe. Vince says dont let the paranoa kick in. Karishma gets up and starts whispering. Dan says he doesnt buy it, nothing has changed. Time to vote. We see Vince for Tom, Dean votes for Karishma. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Tom, Karishma, Karishma, Karishma, Vince, Vince, Vince...tied....Vince, 3rd person voted out is Vince. Sandra is saying oh no. Rob says Vince was voted out with a HII in his pocket. Next time on Survivor: When romance blossoms, you must protect your secrets, while flying blind.
  21. Loved Sandra's comment to Molly being voted out..."Dang, they played her ass."
  22. October 2, 2019 Episode 2 Lairo camp: They talk about the votes, Vince is worried about his votes. They tell him it was all about Ronnie. Aaron was mad. Missy says with a guy gone the girls are doing well. Aaron says their day will come. Day 4 Vokai, Noura is complaining. Molly says as each day goes by its harder to like Noura. Noura doesn't hold her tongue, she tells everyone what needs to be done or gathered when they are out and about. Noura says Molly is put together and charms people. Noura says her and Jason are the underdogs and the others are the popular kids, its like HS all over again. Lairo camp tries to make fire, Chelsea makes a suggestion and they ask if she wants to make it...she succeeds in 2 min. Dan says it ruined his male ego for life. Chelsea says the girls can do anything the guys can do only better. Chelsea collects fire wood and finds an HII. Chelsea says she doesn't know where the guys heads are but the game has started and they are behind. Vokai Day 5: They are on the beach doing yoga led by Noura. A boat comes in into shore with a note. They gather as group. Kellee needs to get on the boat and got to ioi, she is freaking out. They tell her to assume nothing and think outside the box At ioi Kellee is nervious, she says maybe Cokcron will pop out of the bushes, out pop Boston Rob and Sandra. Rob reads her the Oath of rules. They chit chat for a few minutes. They bombard her with info and she starts to look confused. Rob tells her that her lesson started the minute she landed on the beach, paying attention to others and forming bonds and trust is important. How well was Kellee paying attention to them. If she answers 4 out of 5 questions right she gets an HII that is good for the next 2 TC, if she loses she loses her vote at the next TC. Rob sweetens the deal, only 3 out of 5 questions and the HII good for the next 3 TC. She agrees....Q1 is correct, Q2 is correct, Q3 is correct, she gets the HII and cries. Kellee picks the next person to come to ioi. back at camp Kellee starts to cry. She tells them about the wooden statues and offers to strip down to see that she doesnt have anything but she hid it in her hair. They hug her, patting her hair in the process. Day 6 Immunity challenge, they have to swim out and release a ladder from the ocean floor, use it to retreave a bag of balls, lad the balls in 3 targets. First tribe to win receives Immunity and reward of a cooking kit and spices. Vokai sits out Lauren. Ready...Go!! Both find their ladder. Lairo gets their ladder first the Vokai but Vokai has trouble getting ladder to the bag. Lairo gets their bag and the loses it in the water, they find it. Vokai cant hold the ladder while Lairo gets ready to start putting the balls in the holes. Vokai gets their bag of balls. Lairo gets their first ball in the spot. Vokai gets to the ball part. Lairo gets 2, Vokai gets 1, Vokai gets 2, its tied. Vokai misses. Lairo wins immunity. Tommy says it will be either Nouri or Jason, he feels bad for them, you can't put your neck out for somebody, you have to play for yourself. Vokai day 6. Nouri tells Jamal and Jack that she knows its either her or Jason. They ask Jason if he has a HII and he says no. They will split the votes between the two. Nouri campaigns to stay. Molly says to have a good afternoon and not mess this up. Jamal takes a nap. The girls wonder about Molly, Janet says Molly has the guys in the palm of her hand. Lauren says she is not going to let Molly play her, she will play Molly, she wont be a sheep. Jason is excited to hear its going to be Molly but its sounds to good to be true, he tells Nouri who dances. Janet tells Tommy and he says its to early, the turmoil will be crazy. Its a tough decision, shuffle the deck and make a move or go with the cool kids. Time for TC: they grab a torch and get fire. Rob and Sandra go into their little hidy hut to watch TC. Jason says he noticed that everybody except him got along from the start, he has been in purgatory accused of looking for a HII. It could be an easy vote then lets start playing the game. Kellee says the group culture was to get camp started then look for a HII. Jason turns his bag upside down and shakes it showing has no HII. Noura says she sticks out but she doesn't like to stick in, she does her own thing, but what makes you happy is fitting in. She says some of the problems in actual life is reflected here. Molly says she will tread water until she drowns. Jamal says the pedal is not to the metal, Survivor is a slow burn. Jason says you didnt come to TC will a bag, Jamal says the game Jason is playing is not the game he has to play right now. Kellee says there are a lot of contradictions about how they feel about the vote, when they are gone the group will be gone forever. Time to vote: we see Jamal vote for Jason, Noura votes Molly. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use the HII? nope. Votes: Jason, Noura, Molly, Jason, Molly, Molly, Molly, second person voted is Molly. Sandra says Dang they played her a**. Molly says good luck guys. Jeff says there is a brutal but exhilarating true to every blind side, if it can happen to them it can happen to you. This tribe is definitely not in first gear. Next time on Survivor: In a game of manipulation there will be blood (one of the girls says I can see my bone as we see blood pour out of a hand) and an impossible mission.
  23. Congrats on winning Mortys BB21 Monopoly Game!!! 


    Thank you for playing!

  24. We have a winner in the Mortys BB21 Monopoly Game! We had a 4 way tie, their names were put in an algorithm and assigned a number from 1 to 100. Morty then chose a number and the person closest to the number won. The 4 and their numbers were gishy333tx --49, teresalynn --57, angelhrocks --65 and kakidoodle --81. The number Morty picked was 14. Congrats to gishy333tx!! Thank you all for playing!!
  25. Welcome to the Results for the fifteenth cycle of Morty's TV Monopoly Game. It's not to late to play along. Just go to the Token Selection page and follow the easy directions. Then later check back here to see where you stand in the results! Note: A cycle is an eviction cycle (HoH, Noms, Eviction). Board Events for this cycle: These are the routine events in the Big Brother House (and their values). Note that an event that does not take place does not impact the account balance. HG Token wins HOH Part I $250 Jackson HG Token wins HOH Part II $250 Holly HG Token loses HOH Parts I & II ($250) Nicole HG Token wins/loses HOH Part III +/- $250 Wins-Jackson Loses-Holly HG Token is evicted BK Nicole HG Token wins BB 21 $1000 Jackson Chance Cards for this cycle: Chance cards are drawn when BB throws in a twist we didn't anticipate. This week's Chance cards (and their values) are... HG Token is chosen for F2 by HOH $250 Holly HG Token first to drop in HOH Part 1 ($250) HG Token who does not win HOH wins BB $500 Fifteenth cycle HG Token results: This table reflects the net amount earned or lost this cycle for each HG Token. HG Token - Cycle 15 Analyse $0 Christie $0 Cliff $0 David $0 Holly $250 Isabella $0 Jack $0 Jackson $1,500 Jessica $0 Kathryn $0 Kemi $0 Nick $0 Nicole $0 Ovi $0 Sam $0 Tommy $0 Total HG Token Balance This table reflects the total HG Token Balance so far... HG Token Balance Analyse $0 Christie $0 Cliff $0 David $0 Holly $3,550 Isabella $0 Jack $0 Jackson $8,400 Jessica $0 Kathryn $0 Kemi $0 Nick $0 Nicole $0 Ovi $0 Sam $0 Tommy $0 Fifteenth cycle player results: Each player's HG Token was seeded with $500 to start the game. The Cycle 1 total reflects the total money earned or lost during the cycle. The HG Token Balance reflects the current account balance for the player at the end of the cycle. Player HG Token Cycle 15 Total Player Balance Fuskie Tommy $0 $3,100 Yolanda09 Jack $0 $1,900 TerACNJ Jack $0 $1,900 izzynorm13 Cliff $0 $4,200 gishy333tx Jackson $1,500 $9,700 teresalynn Jackson $1,500 $9,700 Dade Bella $0 $2,425 angelhrocks Jackson $1,500 $9,700 Amy123 Tommy $0 $4,200 scifigrl0 Nicole $0 $4,700 Relevart Analyse $0 $2,925 Lesann Sam $0 $2,750 Tabbydo Sam $0 $2,750 kakidoodle Jackson $1,500 $9,700 aprilbiberstine Jackson $1,500 $9,450 CrazyBBFan Holly $250 $3,900 Emerjenc1 Kathryn $0 $1,900 leighschwartz Bella $0 $1,150 Dish704 Bella $0 $1,150 DaniCal79 Holly $250 $3,900 Jvatbooks Holly $250 $3,900 Goldylucks Tommy $0 $3,450 Rita19 Jackson $1,500 $9,450 firerescue Analyse $0 $2,200 StephanieL Christie $0 $1,450 Pennie Sam $0 $2,750 Monadyan Tommy $0 $3,450 FinsFan Isabella $0 $575 IrishLass Analyse $0 $2,000 Nicka Jack $0 $1,450 MamaLong Tommy $0 $3,900 Chefcarri Tommy $0 $3,250 CorolinaBlondie24 Analyse $0 $2,000 BigBrother88 Nick $0 $3,350 LadyChandella Jack $0 $1,450 evilbleukitty Sam $0 $1,800 Pattylouwho Nicole $0 $4,250 Paulagreen Bella $0 $950 Mariedylanj Sam $0 $1,975 LisaEagan Nicole $0 $4,300 grandmat Tommy $0 $2,750 ashleenicole220 Tommy $0 $2,750 Stac717 Analyse $0 $500 Lisa63 Kathryn $0 $500 Marilyn Cliff $0 $2,000 asalyer Analyse $0 $350 Renolover Nick $0 $350 MizPigE Nicole $0 $2,850 TaraTrucks Jackson $1,500 $4,150 Thank you for playing with us. We hope you enjoyed playing Mortys BB 21 Monopoly, we had fun playing it with you.

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