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  1. It sounds like it literally pains her to string two words together.
  2. HUGE stupid mistakes. He's where he should be.
  3. Watching that psycho go into the jury house was HILARIOUS. Nobody gave two about her tears, manfistations ( she's so short yellow bus ) or her existence in general. She needs to go eat more cake.
  4. I WANT him to win. He earned the win. I don't have to like the winner, although I don't mind him. Mo evil Mo betta!
  5. And she's a Stage One clinger! ** PUKE **
  6. Instead, let's discuss her upper lip injections and makeup applications that have her looking like a whacked chick off a Rob Zombie horror flick....
  7. Cliff or Jackson needs to win this. Played different games... but better than the rest of the rodents.
  8. Tommy was the short, gay guy in school. His desire to be liked and extreme neediness created an over the top persona. Being involved with musicals somewhat makes other's accept his in your face clingery. He's not a bad kid. He would annoy the sh!t out of me in 90 seconds. His game-play is a product of how he's been his entire life. He'd literally cannot be true to ANYONE. He will throw you under the bus if the more popular kids will befriend him ahahahahaha
  9. Some people would think those were TRIVIAL compared to lying. I say bring it ALL on. Dirtier the better. I hope he SLAM DUNKS it for the win. LOVED his expression mwah ahahahaha
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