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  1. So sad, that cliff didnt vote Holly out when he had the chance. I will not be watching the finale. Can't beleive Jackson's bad behavior is winning the game.
  2. I am still team Cliff and I hope he makes it to the finals!!! So mad at Nicole for not getting Jackson out when she had a chance.
  3. I really liked Kat and was sad to see her go!! Now I am team Cliff and I hope he wins!!!!
  4. So disappointed in Kat, i really had high hopes for her. I cant belielve she was so desperate for attention she hooked up with Nick. Edited 9/26
  5. I dont have cable hooked up in my spare bedroom and i just use regular bunny ears on that tv. It picks up the local chanels like cbs, abc, etc. No out door antenna. Have you tried that?
  6. I think casting tried with the diversity thing. There were two African Americans, a Chinese American, Bangladesian American and two hispanic women. I dont think its Big Brother's fault that people like Jackson probably lied in their interview that they were tolerant. This post is just to support a show that i have watched many years. Please be nice in the response. Ive been a lurker/participant for many a year and dont want to get blocked.
  7. Hmm, she is playing dumb imo like a fox. Her side keeps her around because they think she is dumb and the other side feels sorry for her. I think she is smart playing everyone right to the end.
  8. I am rooting for Kat to win. I actually think she is very smart and playing a good game.
  9. I really want David to return to the game because he never got a fair chance. But based on previous seasons, i think if he returns it will be a let down. I think he will go with the majority just because he may feel thats the only option.
  10. Just catching up on this season. I think Jackson is the problem and the catalyst for a lot of bad behavior. He seems so angry all the time. Jackson really wanted Kat to chase him and to act like Belle. I'm so glad she didn't give him the satisfaction. I really can tolerate everybody else.
  11. I hope is not true about JC. Althouh it would make for good tv, i want Tyler to choose. Tyler is getting off too easy.
  12. I like Julie as the host and hope she remains.
  13. I hope Sam is next to go. I change daily with who i want to win out of Tyler, JC, Angela and Kaycee. This will be the best final 4 in forever. All have played a good game and a pivotal role. I want Tyler to own his game. IMO, he did lie and lead people on, i want him to own it. If at the end he doesnt own his game then i hope whoever is sitting next to him wins.
  14. Angela is definitely not one of my favorites but i hate that she is so hated and disliked by everybody. She doesnt deserve it. I hope Tyler isnt playing her. Imo tyler is a good liar, I believe nothing he says.
  15. He was playing for 4th place any way you look at it. The bond between tyler, kaycee and angela is too strong
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