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  1. Pre-gaming and creating alliances before the show really did ruin the game. Because of all the pre-gami g that Cody and Nicole did. I hope they don't win.
  2. Hopefully things get shook up this thursday night. Im hoping Tyler wins HOH. He then nominates nicole and cody to go home!!!
  3. The houseguests should do whats best for their game and if voting as a house is not best then dont do it. Because the house could next week turn on you and decide to vote you out. Its just silly game play and i hate when people on the block get mad that the house is voting them out. Maybe last vote you should have split the house.
  4. Glad Kaysar stayed. I want to see what he can do. He has been voted out early every time.
  5. I agree it is time for David to go home. I feel embarrassed for him. He is so socially awkward. He should be next. Put him out of his misery.

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