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  1. ahhh I am just walking thru reflection & the good old days 🐵

  2. The world has changed so much since I wa last here but I hope life is treating you well & I wanted to say HI!

  3. I'm back bishes ❤️

  4. Come back!  I am.  I bet you can't stay away :D

    1. WickedOne


      Buy me a dragon and I might....

  5. I have not been here in forever but gurl... you are missed!

  6. Poops in your room.

  7. One finger lifts you until ur feet are off the ground. No leps. I want children. Juicy ones.

  8. If you'd like to fix me a plate of leps feel free. But again, I will fart at will.

  9. Aquired taste. Personally they give me gas. I prefer children.

  10. rosemary & garlic

    Guh! You act like you've never eaten elf before.

  11. Well I'd rather have a MINI than a maxi

    ::giggles & runs::

  12. I dunno nuttin about no stinkin toilet

    ::cutely shrugs::

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