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  1. Well thanks so much you guys are very sweet Thanks for the detailing supplies king & wicked after I ate a piece of cake I was picking bone fragments out of my teeth for an hour. Is that normal?
  2. Poops in your room.

  3. One finger lifts you until ur feet are off the ground. No leps. I want children. Juicy ones.

  4. If you'd like to fix me a plate of leps feel free. But again, I will fart at will.

  5. Aquired taste. Personally they give me gas. I prefer children.

  6. rosemary & garlic

    Guh! You act like you've never eaten elf before.

  7. Well I'd rather have a MINI than a maxi

    ::giggles & runs::

  8. I dunno nuttin about no stinkin toilet

    ::cutely shrugs::

  9. DB.... someone is trying to blow up my toilet.. do you know why they would wanna do that?

  10. So that's what you're calling it nowadays? Your 'mini'?

  11. :pfft: Oh I see fizzle is in here thinking she can hatch evil corncob plots on me & the MINI. Well don't worry, I won't blab & tell fizzle what you have planned for her... muhwhahahaha

  12. I'll bring explosives and hide the extinguishers.. heads to fizzles to blow her toilet up...

  13. Everybody took their toys & went home but I'm up for a bit of pyromania if you are. I'll even bring the weenies & marshmallows...

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