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  1. so he put up Nicole A and David. He has said all along he wanted to take out a previous winner but Christmas won the safety suite and made Ian her plus one so he is safe Not cool that Memphis is calling David "boy" -- not the time in our country to use such a derogatory term. It made David upset too.
  2. part 1 and part 2 are always physical comps. part 3 is Q&A. He can hold his own in physical comps. I watched him do push ups and lift weights at the same time so I have no sympathy for him.
  3. He was just complaining about it being a physical contest (part 2) and designed for people like him to lose. Ummmm it is always physical in the final until part 3 which is questions. Very poor sport at this point.
  4. JC is making threats that if Tyler doesn't take him to final 2 he will ruin his life when he is out of the house. I don't like behavior like that and he says Tyler is really gay and JC will tell the world. tonight JC refused to put on his mic and also refused (again) to stop singing. This is just childish bratty behavior. I feel like people allow him to behave as a child because he is childlike. Just my opinion
  5. 8:58PM BBT Kaycee and Angela in HOH talking about noms. wondering what tomorrow's comp will be. They need 3 more wins to get to the final 3 with Tyler. Sam is the target this week and the only way she stays is if she wins veto. Angela was worried about her nom speech
  6. 8:38pm bbt houseguest had a concert with Bebe Rhexa and JC and Sam are on the block. Sam is glad JC held his temper and didn't go off. Sam says she must hold a record to be on the block 3 times in 48 hours HG are all making food and in awe that Bebe was in their bathroom, laid in Sam's saucer and went in the kitchen and got cereal.
  7. I am looking forward to a strong 3 person finish and watching tyler, angela and kaycee battle for the top two places. They have proven to be the strongest competitors.
  8. the reason for the blocking out of feeds was cussing. they seem to forget they are on national tv and are not smart enough to speak without profanity.
  9. When you go to a live show you have your picture taken and you fill out information with your name and ID. You are warned that it is a live show and since it is a relatively small audience you will be quickly removed and prosecuted. It is also almost a full day of waiting in one line and then another before you get to walk to the studio/house.
  10. Everyone keeps referring to REALvegas as a she. Do we even know this? There has been speculation it is AG but we certainly don't know this. I thought it was a he. Whoever it is - the get some pretty good info and I personally love a good spoiler.
  11. While a season may be "manipulated" to favor a particular person or group of people, the final outcome is not fixed. Look at the seasons where favorite or controversial players are brought back to get another chance (Dr. Will and Boogie or Paul last season). There is no doubt a player can be asked questions in a way that makes them think someone is after them or is betraying them. Games can be scheduled to try to help a player to advance (Fessy in the slip and slide) but it is up to the player to make the information work for them (Haleigh during her HOH). If you do not enjoy the show because of this manipulation -- stop watching. I sold all my CBS stock when Evel Dick poured tea over Jen's head and called her vile names. I thought it was horrible. Now all these years later I watch the show with different expectations and enjoy the show so much more knowing what I think doesn't matter!! (I wish I still had that stock too! )
  12. no matter how anyone feels about the situation, production has met - reviewed the footage - and ruled. It was not caught during the actual competition and too much game has transpired to make any changes. Tyler was not TRYING to break the rules. I think this is unfortunate but I do not believe it was a set up for Tyler to win. All our admonishments are not going to change the ruling.
  13. I saw his interview with Ross and Marissa on FB and they asked him about kissing Haleigh. He was truly shocked that people knew about that or that it was shown. He seemed clueless about live feeds. He thought all the cameras were just there for the cbs show.

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