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  1. The world has changed so much since I wa last here but I hope life is treating you well & I wanted to say HI!

  2. Does a fly by


  3. a new service at Mortys nobody told me about!!! ::::::::::runs check profile:::::::::: Happy New Year Morty!
  4. ^^^^ that is a very good point. Hey Spikes!!! long time no see!
  5. TCS... yeah... and a naturally small pea brain right?
  6. its bad enough when a cute squeaky looking person talks baby talk... but when someone rough looking like Michelle talks baby talk... its REALLY annoying. she is either on mute or on FF in my house. uggg..
  7. Howz summer?


  8. Howdy...Howdy...how have you been doing? Hope all is well in health, wealth, and happiness.

  9. LOL @ that video...if i didnt know any better, that could have been adam in the video with her.. and you are right BB... not so great with the played up accent.
  10. King.... since when have my PMs to you ever been terrorizing? full of Fubs... and ok, i do send you the latest on the "bad people".... but you are not in that group. but King? Nat still sucks.
  11. they want james out of the house because he is a dangerous player... not because he got frisky with chelsia. if that was the case Natalie would have been outta there a long time ago.
  12. i didnt think i would like james at the beginning of the season... and after he did that trick with his floppy woppy the first time... i was convinced he was just there to have some fun and be on his way... but then something happened, he started playing the game and really made me look at him differently. and having "team christ" opposite of him made it even easier to root for him. forget how he dresses, forget his hair, forget what he has done outside of the house.... james played a great game.

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