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  1. Oh it was a tear jerker..Laura was brought back from being in a comatose state for 4yrs...but only Luke knew it was temporary and she would soon start to go back comatose again (he did tell Laura and the kids eventually). She spent time with Lulu, Nikolas, Lucky and remarried Luke (fake ceremony since he is married to Tracy Q) but that days episode was her telling each family member goodbye and then as she was telling Luke goodbye she slipped back into a comatose state...it was so sad, then they showed her thinking back to her first wedding to Luke 25yrs ago..
  2. I was wondering the same thing...OMG did everyone cry watching GH today..
  3. I looked around and didnt' see this posted anywhere..but if it happens to be a double...sorry and just move or delete I read abot this in my TV Focus this morning and had to go to the site and find an article for you all to read. This show sounds like it will be hilarious, I love a good laugh...everytime music comes across the speaker they have to stop and drop everything they are doing..And Do The Hustle...lmao...then they have to go to a hip-hop club and dance disco...and not tell anyone why they are doing it, some of the girls and I'm sure some guys said they were humiliated...anyway here

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