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  1. I"ll be visiting more often to caught up...Scubby I can't believe your babies have grown so much and past adorable. Fuski how are you...Marty what trouble you been up to or maybe I should that question for wicked wtf use it both Slo I have missed so many of you how are you> My grandson just turned 6 I wll post a new pic in photos.I want to see anyone's new anything
  2. I love my Duck Dynasty guys...Ci can get on your nerves but all of them just makes it work..season just ended wonder how long till next
  3. Just popping in to say hello since It's been a while since I have visited. Hope everyone is doing great..
  4. Mary I love that photo...y'all look so happy!!
  5. Hey everyone and hope everyone is doing great. Stopping by to do my Big Brother is back..happy dance Scuba thanks for being my dance partner..lol
  6. Hey Gizz it is great seeing you and everyone is still here or popping in for Big Brother..I've been on Facebook playing Mafia Wars I'm addicted..lol How have you been? Hope all is good with you.. Slow I just noticed we joined one day apart..lol
  7. Hey Slow and Marty I have missed y'all...how is everything going with you anything new and exciting, Marty how are your kids(Pets) .Of course I'm glued to Big Brother...lol I'm sure everyone is with all the craziness so far and it just started. The family is great daughter and grandson still living with us my grandson is 3 now and my son is back from his 2nd Iraq tour and in Officer Candidate school now so all is good..and me I'm just being lazy till Sept doing nothing and loving it. Slow I liked it better missing me Pic of my LuvBug
  8. Congratulations Scuba he is adorable...I have been away longer than I thought for you to have a 4 month old seems like you just had your daughter time flies.
  9. Hi how is everyone doing this wonderful Big Brother season..
  10. Just stopped in to say hi...Big Brother brings out the Mortys thoughts in me..lol
  11. Miss ya. Are you still having trouble getting in Morty's?

  12. My grandson loves the convertable.....he just loves watching it go down and just laughs and laughs. I'll have to take some pics this weekend from Gulfport/Biloxi him in his car seat catching the breeze...lol
  13. Hey chicky!! It's good to see you back on the boards! It's starting to look like old times around here! I hope all is well for you. How's the family?

  14. The sheriff is either lying like crazy...maybe Wakefield is his family member...he confuses me dont' know wether to believe what he tells Abby or not. Loved how they got the engagement ring back at the bar to funny
  15. I got a new used car....it's something I've wanted for 10 years...lol BMW Convertable..
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