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  1. Scuba


    This show was awesome!! All season I couldn't wait until Sunday night to watch this. They had it set up to be the best season finale EVER.......and then it fell flat! I couldn't believe how disappointed I was with this last episode. I hope they come back with a bang (literally!!) in the new season.
  2. I want to see this kid's wife!!
  3. Scuba

    'cause he's a dumba$$ and thinks he looks too cool for the finale.
  4. i don't mind the liars. i just hate when they try and apologize and say they didn't mean to lie and cheat and hurt feelings that i get pissy.
  5. i hate people who won't own up to what they've done. this is survivor. you're gonna lie, you're gonna hurt feelings. OWN IT! stop hiding behind God and saying He told you who to vote for! that's a crock. you don't want to play with honor and integrity (Coach, you might want to look up the meanings of those words buddy!), you want to play to win a million dollars. there is no honor or integrity there. i hope you go away now into reality star oblivion. i'm done with you
  6. Scuba

    was it just me, or is he a very windy person? had to fast forward part of his speech because he was just droning on and on and on.
  7. someone's been blabbing.....'cause there is a very reliable source out there.
  8. dude is a douche and i hope he does not make the final 3 can i say douche?
  9. so it has been confirmed, the WHOLE family is nuts. it is nice to know he gets it honestly.
  10. Pokey, he's the master strategist!!

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