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  1. you were imagining it pokey. go back to sleep!!
  2. i see nothing ever changes. that's good. still feels like home! good to see ya pokey! been busy...sorry i left ya hanging with Wicked.
  3. I'm here to stalk Wicked........
  4. anytime nawlins! sorry if i step on your toes!
  5. What is this Big Brother you all are speaking of? And snancy, the only reason she throws the toenails at me is because she steals all my clippings from my trashcan! she's a stalker!
  6. YES!! there will be no more. i really REALLY mean it this time
  7. no, she doesn't. she is done.
  8. Scuba

    Picture Thread

    Super Bug Miss E2 Bug chillin' E2 face painting at the Zoo sibling love!
  9. ducky, ducky, ducky......you miss me. admit it. Wicked doesn't, 'cause she still gets random emails of my loveliness. Marty, kids are fantastic! i'll post you some recent pics in the picture thread. they are getting waaaaaaaay to big!
  10. sit down old man before you hurt yourself!
  11. Scuba


    This show was awesome!! All season I couldn't wait until Sunday night to watch this. They had it set up to be the best season finale EVER.......and then it fell flat! I couldn't believe how disappointed I was with this last episode. I hope they come back with a bang (literally!!) in the new season.
  12. I want to see this kid's wife!!
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