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  1. I would like to see Nicole get this prank vote, she would have to get off the fence and put someone up. Who would she choose? I think they said it is anonymous so that might give her a little backbone.
  2. I think they will throw out all the votes anyone has cast for the hoh and the nominees and take the next 3 top vote getters
  3. Do I understand this correctly voting ends Friday the 9th , by then we will know who is the new HOH so any votes we cast for that person is a waste.
  4. I’m voting for Jackson and Christie. Don’t care who the third person is
  5. It would be smart for Jess to make Jackson a have not he does follow the rules and doesn’t get in trouble, one less person mad at her
  6. I don’t know if I want to see Kat go but I would like to see Sam stay. It is hard to get behind anyone this season. Not even a clear underdog.
  7. After watching these clips it is obvious Jackson has problems. There has to be people living there who object to someone drinking out of milk jugs and hiding food. I wonder if production is advising them to avoid confrontation. It is apparent to me this person does not have the coping ability to be in this house.
  8. Liked her at first but now I think if she was nominated she would curl up into a crying ball saying I don’t understand I love and I love you and I never said a bad word about anyone
  9. Just catching up on Jackson cheating on slop. I know this is about production allowing this to happen, do they not care about the fans? If a houseguest doesn’t want to follow the rules then put them in “camp comeback “ (no participation during have not period) You can be on the block but no POV, no voting, no competing for HOH now that is a twist I could get behind.
  10. Just got to watch first episode last night, looking forward to new season. All the tribes seemed equal in challenge, Joe from Healers and Alan from Heros appeared to be conformational and a little off tiltar. Liked the early alliance of Ryan and Devon. FYI I do think Alan could be one of those people who throws way all the rice!
  11. Glad to see that hatchet got buried and not in each other's back. Read somewhere Paul didn't go to after party because Jody was there. Anyone else hear that?
  12. I agree love reading these posts looking at situations from someone else 's perspective can make you think and I enjoy reading these.
  13. I think Jess and Cody can exist in their own little bubble but I don't see either one fitting into the other's world.
  14. I think Josh thinks he has a bunch of fans. He believes the jury respects his game play (the screaming, yelling and crying). When Josh was giving his final speech I was sitting here thinking Josh just sit down and shut up before you start pissing people off. OMG I have some of Paul in me!

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