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  1. BB has run its course. It's time to retire it and find greener pastures. NEW pastures. Ones with dungeons.... chains... guillotines for losers... piranhas in the tank...
  2. I don't care how dirty a player is. The dirtier the better. The whole goody goody is boringgggggggggggggggg af.
  3. watch the very first BB watch the very first Survivor these shows are FLATLINE now by comparison no personalities 100% bores too many people know the game so it's 100% JUST game now No surprises No young horny couples No drunken fights BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
  4. You can lead a horse to water... if they're idiot enough to be bullied or coerced... more power to the person that can employ the power. He's a moody bore otherwise.
  5. Points to name... see that title? Wicked Member? I don't play nice... in particular, with whiny instigators that cry victim when they get b!tch slapped for trying to act superior or high-handed. I reconsidered my attitude... I'M KEEPING IT BAHAHAHAHA ps. B & D Still can suck it! toodlessss
  6. Not the sharpest crayon in the little box, are you? Explains your confusion. By your responses, you play the poor pitiful, repressed me card often. It's not complicated. It's a double standard which is pathetic. And ignorant. If two white girls fist bumped WHITE GIRL MAGIC ... everyone would've crapped their panties. But two black girls do it? And no one bats an eye. Biased. Good grief, must I explain EVERYTHING to you? I'll type slowly. Shove your cute lil shamey shamey finger up your a$$. ( Google that and hit images )
  7. Some of the most racist and attention loving racists ARE black. Educate YOURSELF. You look for what doesn't exist in other's statements JUST to try and sound righteous and be able to shake your little fist. You ignore facts and cherry pick. YAWN! I don't buy into the double standard bullsh!t. That's your defunct game. Clearly you thrive on it. I still want B & D out because they BOTH suck. Dani can REALLY suck it with her jezuz crap. Anyone that thinks their invisible sky daddy will aide their game while 10,000 kids die DAILY... needs a lobotomy. NEXT.......................................................................................!
  8. Allow me to insert a rather LARGE eyeroll. It's a double standard. If two white girls high fived over white girl magic, people would sh!t themselves. >> Like... OMG that's racist! Like... they need kicked off the show! Like OMGeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! << It perpetuates the difvision by favoritism. YOU make it worse. YOU don't get it. 1/4 of my family are black and wholeheartedly agree with the cherry picking and biased being BS So feel free to find another use for your shame shame finger. In fact, I can make a suggestion.
  9. He put BB on the map! There WERE other fun seasons tho and crazy sh!t! Usually booze was involved but hells yeah THAT revealed plenty! The last several are BORING. Flat. Barffffffffo.
  10. BB would be so much more fun if losing meant the guillotine :giljotiini::devilish:

  11. He's not the only one. I was 100% put OFF at Dani & Bay's comments early on about black woman power alliance. If two of the other gals said WHITE girl power alliance and to watch out... bet your ass they'd get booted straight off BB for racism. Double standard bullsh!t.

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