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  1. Hey all I'm out here, trying my best to figure out how to partake in the first week of BB18 while also helping out at a teen camp all this week! At least I've got internet, and my computer, so that's a start.... I'll work on figuring out how to get active with LFU stuff, and hopefully not get too far behind everything that's going on in the house! George
  2. 8:35am BBT Steve has made a bed for himself on the floor in the corner of the HOHR, with just a blanket and pillow. Everyone is asleep again. 8:47am BBT Another WBRB wakeup call, and BB has the HG up... almost. Vanessa is sitting in bed, head in hands. Liz was seen walking, but now is off camera. Steve is still laying down on the floor in HOHR. 8:55am BBT Van was called to DR. Van/Liz are in WA getting ready for their day to start/head up to HOHR.
  3. 7:30am BBT All HGs still asleep. It was an early night for them, all in bed by 2am. 8:05am BBT HGs are still asleep. (Will BB give them a wake up call, will we see them awake before the feeds get cut at 9am?) 8:21am BBT Feeds go to fish (could BB be waking the HGs for us?) 8:36am BBT Feeds are back, HGs are up, Steve eating cereal, Austin exchanging batteries, John mentions they have tie dye supplies. 8:40am BBT Steve is done with his cereal, John is back in bed, Van is called to DR. 8:42am BBT Austin/Liz/Steve looking at tie dye supplies, Austin asks if he can make a heart and put 'Liz' inside it. They all are going back to bed. 8:51am John is back up, joining Steve to examine the tie dye supplies. John gets called to DR though. Steve is back to pacing thru the house. Liz doesn't want to get up, saying she doesn't want to put make up on. Austin is laying with his eyes open, staring at the ceiling. Liz appeared to be asleep, but instead is giving kisses to Austin. Austin:Are you going to get ready? Liz:They said we have to... Austin:You look ready to me. 8:58am BBT Liz is up, going to WA to do her make up. Steve is at table, putting glove on, ready for tie dye or DR. John is out of DR, looking for tie dye instructions. 8:59am BBT Feeds go to Jeffish... that's all we will see until Tuesday night at 9pm BBT
  4. 8:00am BBT BB wake up call... HGs are up and doing morning routine of getting ready, eating breakfast. Message scrolling at top of feed states: "The live feeds will pause starting on Friday 9/11 at 9:45am PST and will resume at 11:30pm PST. We appreciate your cooperation. Please enjoy the hightlight commentary in the "
  5. 1:17pm BBT:Feeds are back, HGs are in WA still primping for tonight's show. 1:19pm BBT: and John is trusting Vanessa with cutting his hair. 1:22pm BBT: BB gave a 'Vanessa, stop that', followed by 2 minutes of fish. Vanessa wasn't sure what she was doing to cause a 'stop that' from BB(and I didn't see anything either). 1:30pm BBT: Vanessa done with clippers, using scissors on John now. Julia finds a hat, she likes it but isn't sure who it belongs to, but then decides it looks too 'Driving Miss Daisy'. 1:38pm BBT: (It is determined the hat may have belonged to Audrey) 1:39pm BBT:Vanessa is back to using clippers on John, saying she can't get this side right. John:"Maybe it's my head is weird?" 1:41pm BBT: Raid has arrived, so Liz is attacking the kitchen ants. Vanessa has moved from John's head to attacking his back hair with the clippers. 1:50pm BBT: Twins meet up, go over what Julia should say to John about not trusting Vanessa, and Julia having a F2 with Van. Julia is worried it will backfire somehow because she doesn't have a relationship with John. 1:52pm BBT Twins are practicing final speeches, Liz mentions making it to F6 together, getting scared easily (and feeds cut to fish) 1:53pm BBT Now Austwins going over what Julia will say to John. "I got manipulated by Van during Veto, she made F2 with me, so that's why she wanted to keep Liz over me. Just want you to know that you can't trust her." 1:56pm BBT Julia plans to talk to John after the next HOH lockdown. Liz gets called to DR. 1:57pm BBT Julia is called to DR.
  6. 11:00am BBT: Feeds cut to Jeffish, while HGs are all in HOH room for lockdown. 11:30am BBT: Still fish...
  7. 11:35am BBT: Liz explains to Julia why Julia HAS to win POV. Julia questions if Liz is really more of a target than Austin. Liz says "Van hinted that she'd vote to keep me over Austin, but it's better for her game to keep Austin. It's us against the house". Julia questions why Steve would go after them instead of Vanessa? Liz: We are a 3 headed monster. Julia: It makes sense, if you are gone, it breaks up me and Austin, you are the link. 11:41am BBT: Austin joins twins in HNot room. Liz says she doesn't understand why Vanessa called him out at meeting last week, and now he's targeting her. Austin tells Liz she needs to go tell Steve what is in her heart right now. 11:44am BBT: Austin repeats that they have to stay calm, because the vote can change, it's ok to cry, but be careful. 11:45am BBT: Austin- "I hope the POV isn't the shave your head thing, cause I'm not doing it. None of us would, that would favor Steve and John". 11:48am BBT: Twins/Austin still talking in HNot room. Twins say they will NOT vote for Steve to win if one of them gets evicted. Then Julia explains to Austin why it makes sense for Steve to target Liz, removing the link between Julia and Austin. 11:58am BBT: John in K eating cereal, twins in WA. Liz:if I go, I'm going out with a bang! And I'll tell Steve he just lost 3 votes in jury! 12:00pm BBT: John is called to DR, gets up and carries his bowl with him. [i HOPE they show him in DR eating cereal lol] 12:05pm BBT: Steve/Austin/John in K, Van asks Steve if she can listen to his music, Twins primping in WA 12:08pm BBT: Steve goes to HOH, Van shares how she calmed Liz down. Steve asks if he should talk to LIz(Van says no), then tells Van he's going to leave 'before Austin freaks out". 12:12pm BBT: BB announces for HGs to "clean the bathroom today, including the mirror above the sink", prompting Julia to complain that "#1 I just cleaned it yesterday, and #2 the sink isn't really all that bad." 12:16pm BBT: Austwins in BR, Julia says to Liz "Can you believe Meg stole your robe and took it to jury?" 12:19pm BBT: Julia briefly meets with Steve: "I'm hurt you are putting up my sister, but it makes sense to break up a trio. I won't be stand offish, but will take me a while to get over it. If it was your sister, you wouldn't want to see her go. I'm an adult, so it's ok" Steve: My door is open, so if she wants to talk at any time, let her know she is welcome. (Meeting lasted about 2 minutes, then Julia returned to Liz/Austin and recapped what was said) 12:24pm BBT: Austin leave twins to get glass of water in K, Liz says she's more mad at herself, "for being HOH in DE and not taking him out. If you ever had to win something, this is it. Not to put pressure on you." Julia asks what would happen if Austin won POV, Liz isn't sure. 12:28pm BBT: Twins have found a bag of something to snack on. They say it is 'so good!' [i'm thinking they are chewing loud] At the same time, in K Austin says 'wow they are loud, I can hear them!" [not sure if he's talking about BB building POV comp outside, or twins eating in BR] 12:30pm BBT: Liz "Can we get this show on the f#$^#% road?" 12:31pm BBT: Steve goes to HOH, tells Van he wants to take a nap, but is worried about Austin freaking out. Steve thought Van had said for them to avoid each other, but Van didn't mean that, but is now using the confusion to ask Steve why Steve thinks Austin would think they are working together. They agree veto is important tomorrow, but Julia is least likely to win. 12:35pm BBT: Van pauses in mid thought, then tells Steve she was going in circles with her own thought [LOL] 12:37pm BBT Van tells Steve, Austin's argument is Julia needs to go, so if Van wins POV, she needs to use it on Austin. Steve says his thing with Van/John are solid, so... Van says even if she can't trust John, John's incentives are for the same thing as Vanessa to happen this week. 12:40pm BBT Steve "Is it bad that I'm a 22 year old playing Big Brother, I'm HOH in the final 6, and looking forward to snuggling with my teddy bear?" Steve also said his teddy bear is part of the reason Steve is here, saying he brought it 'the space ship'(audition?) 12:45pm BBT: Steve is napping in HOH, Twins complaining about Steve in BR, Austin/Van/John in K. Right as Julia asks "What is up with Austin, do you think Clay would leave Shelli at a time like this?", Austin walks in and joins them. Liz/Julia start naming shows/dvds they would want to have if they went to jury house. Twins think jury house is bitter place, but Austin says they are all over it, probably all laughing and having fun, not holding grudges, there was no major back stab. 12:52pm BBT: Van/John in K, Van says she wished she had watched feeds, because she would have known it was so different than just watching the DVDs. She asks John if he's watched feeds, John says no. Van says Austin quoted someone "Luck is the result of design", you set yourself up... 12:55pm BBT: Van reviewing comps with John, saying she either brings her 'A' game or her 'F' game. Austwins discussing what POV comp may be, Julia hoping it isn't counting! 12:58pm BBT: Julia tells Liz/Austin she is now a lion going after a gazelle, she's going to catch it and eat every bone
  8. 11:00am BBT: Steve meets with Liz, confirms to her that she will be nominated, but not with Julia. She appreciates both twins aren't going up, knew this day was coming, and will play hard at veto. 11:02am BBT: Steve quickly meets with John, sharing that Austin/Liz will be nominated. John says that Liz wants Austin nominated with her(instead of Julia). 11:03am BBT: Liz/Austin retreat to BR, John/Steve join Van who is still in bed. Steve fills Van in on his talks with Austin/Liz. 11:06am BBT: Reality of being on the block hits Liz, who is sniffling. Austin hugs/comforts her, says he gets that Steve doesn't want to be in F4 with Austwins. Liz says it just sucks because she couldn't even play for this last HOH. "This is war" 11:10am BBT: Austin to Liz-If two of us are up, Van/John decide. If Julia wins POV, we get to decide. Liz says she should have taken Steve out(in DE on Thurs), then James would still be a target. "I just don't want to be in that jury house". Austin says not to think like that, there's still a veto to be played. 11:13am BBT: Austin leaves Liz to go to WC, finds Van in WA and discusses how this is better for him, because he can play for the veto to save himself. Austin says if Van wins, "I still think you should use it on me, or Liz". Van says "I told Steve I would vote the way he wants, but I never said I wouldn't use the veto". They 'confirm' that if Liz/Austin stay on the block, Liz would go. Austin wonders if they should have voted out John over James, but Van says things would still be the same. 11:18am BBT: Liz comes to WA, tells Van that Liz/Austin are going up. Van says what's better, you go up against your sister, or Austin? Liz says she's upset because she could have gotten him out yesterday. Van says anyone(Steve/James/John) would do the same thing, so it doesn't matter. Van explains that for Steve, he can't go to F5 with Austwins, so go play veto with class, worse case scenario, one of you twins is in F5. Liz is concerned if she wins POV, Julia would be replacement. Van says that wouldn't be worse thing in the world [but doesn't say she would vote with Liz to keep Julia]. 11:23am BBT: Liz says she's an ugly crier.... Van uses her own crying voice to comment about her own makeup(lol). Liz feels she is most hated by jury, then asks Van to take care of Julia if Liz is sent to jury. Van keeps trying to encourage Liz("you've got your twin here, your boyfriend, maybe the man of your dreams and if he wins you can spend his money"). 11:26am BBT: Van calls Austin in, telling both how lucky Liz is to have 'two tickets in the game at this point, it feels terrible, but you've got 2.7 chances in this game, you two, and point 7(referring to Julia)". 11:27am BBT: Van explains to Liz why Steve was in a tough spot, going over why it would be difficult to nominate each HG. When she mentions herself, she pauses, not able to list a reason Steve should NOT have nominated her. [lol] "End of the day, it would be worse if you were up against Julia. At least be thankful for that." Liz says Steve did tell her "I didn't want to put up you and your sister, it's not personal". 11:30am BBT: Van says Liz HAS to hide her emotions, don't get Steve thinking she will seek revenge. 11:31am BBT: Julia is out of DR, twins go to HNot room. Liz says Steve said Liz/Austin are going on block, explains Julia has to win veto so she can take Liz off block. Meanwhile, in HOH, Austin tells Steve that he is worried that Vanessa would try to flip vote and evict Austin over a twin.
  9. 3:56AM BBT Steve exits the DR, sits in dark bedroom for about 10 seconds, then turns light on and stares at us while silently mumbling(I could hear the light switch 'click' on, but have no sound while Steve is talking to us!) 4:00AM BBT Steve sits on side of bed, just staring down at cup of MnMs, still thinking... 4:12AM BBT John is up from the HNot room, Steve(STILL with no mic sound BB!) continues shuffling MnMs around. Steve appears to hear something, but doesn't get up while John walks to K then WC. 4:14AM BBT Steve starts pacing the room. 4:15AM BBT Steve is out of WC, washes his hands, Steve keeps pacing and talking to himself. 4:16AM BBT John returns to HNot room and lays back down. Steve and John do not appear to be aware of each being awake. 4:18AM BBT John is back in his HNot 'bed', Steve is back to sitting on the edge of his bed, playing with a hair clip while mumbling silently. 4:20AM BBT Steve(with long pauses of silence):I just need to make a decision.... I'm no closer to making a decision... 4:24AM BBT Steve is back up, pacing and talking to himself under his breath.(He's up, he's down, sitting, standing, pacing, holding things, mumbling, you get the idea) 4:26AM BBT Steve turns the BR light out... and walks to the K, to pace and mumble there... no, he heads to the WA, to... pace back to the K... back to the WA to wash his face, no just a quick splash, dry his hands, back to K, touching the wall in the hall a second time... nibbling on a crumb left in a pan, then back down the hall, nope uturn and back to K.. 4:50AM BBT Steve is back in bed with lights out... doesn't get back up or talk to us, but there's lots of tossing and turning and half awake moments for him 5:00AM BBT - 9:00AM BBT All HGs sleeping...
  10. 12:10pm BBT Austin has received the camera, it's picture time, and everyone is... not interested. He has John take a picture of him with Irish Spring soap, then talks about some of the things he put in his HOH blog. 12:20pm BBT Now that HGs are awake, they are getting into taking pictures. Van wants to take a picture with Steve, "now that we've made up.... well, kinda made up". 12:22pm BBT Austin suggests they take 2 of each picture, one normal and one with the Irish Spring box included. Meg is applying make-up to the black eye she got last night from chocolate bar fights. HGs suggest she wear sun glasses for picture time. 12:25pm BBT HGs are taking pictures in BY despite a slight drizzle of rain falling.
  11. 9:40am BBT John is up! He gets a bowl of cereal and heads to the patio to eat alone, then sits quietly. Still waiting for the other HGs to wake.. 10:00am BBT BB calls Vanessa to the DR, and then says Good morning house guests, it's time to get up... 10:12am BBT Feeds are back, John still alone on patio, HN room light is on now but James/Jackie/Meg still laying down, discussing how many night of sleep til Thursday eviction. 10:15am BBT Steve/Meg in K,mention today is picture day. Steve says he doesn't want to go outside, because BB will make him put the awnings down. 10:34am BBT John returns from patio to wash his bowl/spoon, BB calls to DR Becky, who is busy fixing her hair. 10:39am BBT James in HNot room, says to no on in particular, "She's got to go, got to go!" #Shirtgate 10:55am BBT John is back outside,swinging on the hammock. Van is up, talking to Meg about her eyes being swollen.
  12. 12am-2am BBT My summary of just game play: Vanessa talked to James downstairs alone, asking if John is still the renom plan. James denied knowing what Bekcy plans to do, only saying Becky is considering her options. Vanessa tried to call James out, saying she could tell he was lying and not sharing all he knows with her. But James deflected and covered fairly well. Vanessa went up to HOH to talk with Becky, asking if John was still the renom plan. Vanessa admitted that it has to come down to her or John as Becky's only options. Becky calmly stated that the plan was still John, and never cracked. Vanessa kept on, stating why it was best for John to be the choice. Becky said she plans to let John know Sunday evening. Their conversation turned to talking about Saturday's POV comp (so either Van believed Becky, or decided it wasn't worth continuing to pursue it right now). Vanessa went downstairs to Havenot room, where Meg, Jackie and Austin were talking non-game related. Vanessa asked Jackie and Meg if the deal was still on to target John, Steve and Shelli thru the expected double eviction. Jackie immediately confirmed it was still the deal, and questioned why Vanessa would be asking. Vanessa tried to cover, saying she was just verifying. Vanessa, Austin, Liz, and Julia all in WA, where Vanessa says that John does appear to be the renom target by Becky, and that Becky said she would tell John Sunday night. They all agreed it would be best to stay quiet and not talk game with the house until after Becky tells John. Austin, Liz and Julia compare notes, pointing out all the times they've seen Vanessa talking with other HGs tonight, first with James, then with Becky. Austin shares that then Vanessa came into the HN room, where he was with Meg and Jackie, and Vanessa looked very suspicious when she questioned if they still had a deal. Austin said to imagine if one of them was HOH, and Jackie came to them asking if the deal struck last week was still in place. Austin, Liz, and Julia decide they should go up to the HOH room, to feel out where Becky stands on the plan and Vanessa. They join Becky and Meg, Jackie, and James, but no game related talk occurs.
  13. 1:20am BBT Van is up to use WC, Jackie heads to bed, says good night to Steve/John on her way to HNR. James is making things with foil again. Van finds Shelli, tells her she has handled everything well so far this week, asks if Shelli is missing Clay. Shelli says he left his shirt for her, it was weird today because everyone was sleeping and that's when she'd hang with Clay. Van says to get sleep, 'cause you need to win tomorrow, but how can you sleep with them being so loud in there?' Van says Steve said told her he would pick John with HG Choice. They agree Steve should pick Van to play POV. Van could take Steve down, John would go up, and Van/Aust/Twins/Steve would vote John out over Shelli. 1:28am BBT Shelli asks who Twins would have targeted if they won HOH this week? Van says likely John/Shelli, but Shelli would have been safe Van: You need to go out tomorrow and play your heart out. Worse case for us is John plays.
  14. 12:00am BBT: Jackie comes out of the DR in her full armor outfit. Everyone comes to the living room to watch her 'shed' her costume. After announcing that her 'service in the Big Brother house is over!", she does a playful strip tease of the costume while the other HGs clap along and scream. 12:10am BBT Vanessa/Steve in WA, Steve asks Van if she wants him to choose her if he draws the HG Choice chip for POV. Van:"I'd love to be able to play, however if you don't want to, I completely understand." 12:15am BBT Steve/James start a game of chess. Van/Austin discuss who would be best choice for Steve to pick for HG Choice. They think John may use the POV on Shelli, so decide Steve should select Meg if he draws HG Choice. 12:20am BBT Twins discuss if BB will call them to DR, or can the remove their makeup for the night. Van/Austin discuss again if John wins POV and takes down Shelli, Van may be the only option to put up, "They might do it during the DE, but not this week, unless they are stupid, which they are, but I don't think they are that stupid." Van thinks Becky was the worse to win HOH, because she's the only one that has issues putting up John. 12:25am BBT Liz finds aluminum foil voodoo doll that James left in her bed. 12:27am BBT Van realizes if she plays/wins POV, she could use it on Shelli, and 'force' Becky to put John on the block. 12:30am BBT Van/Austin/Liz realize Becky is playing both sides. Van says Becky told her 'I used to trust you/Shelli the most, but things have changed'. 12:40am BBT Aust/Liz appear to be asleep, Van laying in bed staring. Other HGs in LR random chatting. 12:42am BBT Becky informs the LR group "I got hit in the face with a bat one time, not a baseball bat... a bat flew into the car, hit her in the face, then flew back out" 12:46am BBT Meg walks from LR to WA, James escorts her, saying he's protecting her from muggers since they are in NY. 12:48am BBT Steve starts taking a shower, Meg gets called to the DR, Julia ponders why yawns are contagious, then LR group start making popping sounds with their mouths. 12:49am BBT John/Shelli talk, Shelli asks if Becky told John what the plan is, John says he thinks Van is on to it, Shelli is worried about that. John says far as anyone knows, it's 'me, you, Steve playing for our lives'. Van has told them both that she wants to talk to them(individually) about information Van has 'once the yard is open'. Shelli questions who she should choose if she pulls HG Choice. "Van would think something is up if I don't pick her since we are supposedly close.' John tells Shelli that Van talked about an 8 person alliance that would be coming after John, Steve, and survivor of Clelli, but Van said that while she was part of the 8-person alliance, she also wanted to protect John. 12:55am BBT Shelli: So the plan really is to BD Vanessa? John: yes, but you can't say anything! Us 3 need to use it. Shelli:So if I get HG Choice?John: You need to pick me.Shelli: She's gonna know somethings up. I just worry there's a grand scheme to get me out.John: We are either in a lot of trouble, or we are not. Do you notice the pattern, every single person that has gone out, Van has blown up on.Shelli: She has said she didn't get a good feeling about you. She wanted to keep me from getting close to you.John: I went to Clay saying I didn't know who I should vote out, then Van came and... you just can't give in to the paranoia... I should use it on you.Shelli: I'm a big target, Steve isn't it... Jackie/James/Meg don't know you/Becky are close.John: It's you, me, Steve, we have to win POV and the next HOH 1:04am BBT Shelli asks John what she'd tell Van as a reason for picking John with HG Choice? She already asked Van who Becky would put up if POV is used, and Van said John, so now if Shelli picks John, it will appear she is protecting him. Shelli will think more about what her reason will be. Shelli says Van likes to say she is all alone, which doesn't make sense if Van is in an 8 person alliance. 1:08am BBT John/Shelli finish talking, Shelli's light is out, going to sleep. John finds Steve to update him. John: If you get HG Choice, you need to pick me. Steve: If you win, you'll use it on me? John: I have to use it on Shelli, you ok with that? Steve: I'm not sure, what's going on? John fills Steve in on information Van shared about meeting last week. there was meeting of 8 people, everyone but you, me, Clelli... (Someone calls for Steve, so they start talking about counting POV comps) John:Bottom line, it's you, me Shelli Steve, what's up? Am I the target? Is Shelli the target? John: yea, I think so... (back to talking loud about counting comp) John: you and Shelli are the only ones I trust now Steve: You don't trust Becky? John says no, says 'we are on the outside Meanwhile, Julia has gone to Vanessa and says that John was talking to Shelli a while, and now he's talking to Steve...
  15. 4:01pm BBT Back from WBRB, Day/Jason/Audrey still talking on patio, Meg/John on hammock. Jace/James join others on patio with food, along with Jackie. Becky joins the hammock, discussing what the next HOH may be. Becky thinks it could be asking questions like "Which HG looks best in a bikini"? 4:07pm BBT Austin is telling Clay/Shelli/Vanessa about his tree tattoo. Steve joins hammock HGs, talking about catching mice on "sticking stuff". Becky says when she was little she had pet mice, her neighbors had traps, she tried to free a mouse and it bit her, so she had to get a rabies shot. She also had a 4 ft boa(her sisters and why she had mice), 4 cats, 2 dogs, salamanders, water turtles... lots of pets. Becky is 26, with sisters age 27 and 28. Finally her mother said no food chains in the house, cats chased the mice which were fed to the snake. 4:11pm BBT BB says the outdoor lock down is over, they can go back into the house. Steve says his family doesn't like reality tv at all, is sure they are already embarrassed for him. Steve/John ask Meg who fell off the balance beam more(in BotB comp)? Steve says evidently Julie said this will be the longest season ever... but only told the first group of HGs.. they call themselves the step children, due to coming into the house in the second group. 4:15pm BBT Steve asks Meg about her two siblings. Meg says she also has 4 nieces/nephews. Meg's dad and brother are lawyers, 'they are all smarties'. Clay/Shelli are laying on the lounger, Austin laying on the ground next to them. 4:30pm BBT Becky/Jason/Day/Jackie on patio, saying they won't make their decisions based on what the house wants... Clay/Shelli/Ausin still at the lounger... just a lazy afternoon in the BB house.

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