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  1. I love Enzo! I think he is a loyal player (as loyal as one can be in the house). And he is hilarious!!! I would keep him in the house for comedic relief! He seems like a super fun person to hang around. Otherwise you have Christmas.... Memphis..... Nicole.... Cody.... none of them are just really entertaining.
  2. This week I decided that Memphis and Christmas could have a love connection. He is annoyingly negative and she is annoyingly happy, in a way that only an online athletic trainer can be. They kinda strangely balance each other out! I know she has a significant other. I have no idea what Memphis’ situation is, but it seems like he is single and does not mingle. I look forward to following up on this little nugget after the show. Enzo, sweet Enzo. His critique of music week to week never disappoints! Taylor Swift yo, is she dead or alive in these songs, yo? I like some of them and some I am just like, yoooooo. Seriously, I am entertained by pretty much everything Enzo says. I would totally watch the Enzo show. I need him to stay around until the end. Otherwise, snooze fest! Those are my seconds. What else ya got? -Min
  3. The end is near! How exciting for family, friends, and fans. Even more exciting if you are the houseguest calculating your moves to the $500,000! It has to be pretty boring for them at this point. It is pretty boring for the live feeders if we are being honest. Which brings me to Enzo. I love Enzo! His style, his accent, his... YO! Enzo and I are very close in age and I cannot remember the last time one of my peers said yo. I think Enzo might be the most fun person in the world to hang out with in the BB house! If not for Enzo we would be listening to Christmas constant talking about... Christmas, Memphis moaning and groaning about his latest injury, Tyler(sweet Tyler, I hate to see him go) kicking the ball endlessly in solitude, Cody-eating, and Nicole studying. But Enzo, his stories and banter make it all worth watching. This week I have noticed more stars than ever. I wonder if production is so bored that they turn on stars and fall asleep before turning them back off. Maybe they know there are fewer moments of interesting material. I think the house needs a luxury comp! Give them some designer clothes, designer booze, a designer pet, and a movie! They deserve it and honestly, so do we! We want more action! So, CBS if you are listening I want some action and luxury for the houseguests and I want it without stars. Thanks, -Min
  4. Dear David, Why for the love of all of the things did you not act/talk to the other houseguests the way you spoke to Julie tonight?!? I am truly sad. You were likable, relatable, and vocal! I know it is hard being in the house. Please go home and watch the show. Come back to BB another season and act like the David we all saw with Julie. And WIN! Thank you, brealz
  5. So tonight we have thirds! And while this was the most exciting night thus far, I am having mixed emotions. I always get a little melancholy when the end of BB is near. I wish BB had these speed weeks and double/triple evictions early in the season when there are so many stragglers I cannot remember all of their names! I always think they rush the end of the season and it almost seems unplanned. Like they ran out of airtime and had to figure out a way to end things early. Is it just me? I think BB needs to spice things up with some unpredictability. Even newbies who have watched a few seasons can predict what type of comps are coming up. Don’t get me wrong, I would watch the show year round even if it was Groundhog’s day on replay! But I do think it would prevent some of the bore and house votes if they mix it up a tad. Am I asking too much BB? Maybe I should just be happy that we have a season amongst the havoc of 2020. Either way, I want to know what you think. Who knows? I could end up producing BB 23! (I kid) Hit me up CBS. I have big plans! And CBS, if you are listening, we want the feeds! All of the feeds! #nomorestars -Min
  6. Yes! It seems like we are getting stars more than ever. So, CBS if you are listening. We want the feeds!!!
  7. Thank you so much Fuskie! I am so excited to be a part of this BB community!!! I would like to jump right into the kool-aide. Julie is definitely the BB Queen. Her narratives lure you into fandom and taunt you with hints of that sweet BB drama we all crave. Will this person make a big move? Will the house flip the vote this week? And if you are anything like me you are ever hopeful that something will happen that will leave us stunned, nervously signing into our live feed accounts and praying we do not see stars or animals. (The animals are adorable, please adopt) In seasons past I have been pleasantly and not-so pleasantly surprised with BB drama. I have watched big meatballs, pots and pan bands, and the crying Jedi who stayed covered for a week when she knew her fate was sealed. ( she looked like a Jedi to me in the hoodie, glasses, and blanket) So here we are at second. I want us to discuss the seconds. I want us to talk about the things that excite us, the things that bore us, and what we want to see on BB that will have us staying home from work and bingeing live feeds for days. ( really, do not miss work for BB live feeds! You can watch on your phone at work!) I was so excited to hear that BB22 was happening! Expect the unexpected, right?!? Not so far this season. I really want to see some moves being made! Seeing poor Kevin, Day, and David on the block week after week is just sad. I want to see some new comps mixed in with the usual ones. The tiny cans were kinda cool, I want more new comps! And I want the live feeds to live feed! The houseguests signed up for this. I want production to let the feeds roll. If someone in the house is garbage and says something they shouldn’t say I want to see it on the feeds! Shew!!! I get a little fired up about my BB. So what have you enjoyed about BB22? And what has left you wanting more? What do you want to see Second??? I cannot wait to hear from you! -Min
  8. Right. 3 types of players make it to the end of BB. 1. Competitors who win a lot. 2. Social gamers who are not great at comps but great at social game. 3. The pawn who is not really good at anything but they show loyalty to a strong set of players and ride that wave to the final 3 or 4. David is none of the above. I really want to see him make it far but he has got to win comps. He has a painfully awkward personality. People have tried to talk game with him and feel him out and he is so awkward and he comes off as sketchy. So this is make it or break it point for David. I think he will make it this week again and if he dies not win he is just going to have to go.
  9. Nicole went to nursing school. She is not a nurse. Also, dealing with patients with disabilities is not something a typical nurse does. People with disabilities or special needs have care takers who go with them stay with them If they go to the hospital. And most nurses I know are not nurturing or the most intelligent people on the planet. Ian self soothes constantly. He rocks constantly. If your own child rocked 24/7 at some point it would annoy yo lo u. I think everyone is being too quick to judge them on this. Memphis is an ass hat 24/7. And he seems to be the ring leader of everything. Was it a jerk thing to say, yes. Would most people living in the house get stressed or annoyed by the rocking and at some point tell someone, yes. Sponsorships being dropped is a routine thing. Companies love to use opportunities like this to “take a stand” and get more business. This will more than likely make her podcast more popular. Bad publicity is publicity. BB is quick to cut the feeds on controversial subjects lately, but they sure zoomed in and let this one roll! Production plays into these things too. They probably asked Memphis about the rocking in the DR and have prodded this convo along. Trust me. It gets them ratings too. And sells live feed subscriptions. All of these players are puppets.
  10. I do not see how the conversation they had is bullying. Nicole is very kind to Ian and has become quite close friends with him. Memphis is annoyed by his rocking, it stresses him out. Okay, that is a valid complaint. People who live together get on each other’s nerves. People on this forum have mentioned that he is rocking more this season. They say much worse about others! Ian is very intelligent and signed up twice to play this game. I am not saying it is okay to make fun of anyone really, but bullying is just a different situation to me.
  11. I am really wanting to see some game play. And some sort of win to back up all of the jawing!
  12. Yeah. That is why I kinda felt like Christmas was a waste of an HOH. If we are being honest Bay/Day were not coming after her and are not competition beasts. But in her mind she was making huge game moves.
  13. She has done much better this time. The fact that she really had to channel herself to not act crazy is a little concerning. Also, the point of BB is to nominate 2 people and one gets voted out. Typically, pairs are nominated. I think she missed that in the rule book.
  14. I am confused about all of the confusion. Pairs are always nominated. It sucks for them. I hate to see one of them go! It is Big Brother, so someone is leaving this week and that person will be sad. How did this turn so dramatic?!?

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