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  1. As you put 2 and 2 together, you realize why she attacked Haleigh and Kaitlyn in her nom speech. They were seen as competition to her having a showmance.
  2. I think a lot of people gave Tyler way too much credit for his gameplay. He's playing the best game when you compare it to the people from this season. But, he's looking good because he really hasn't had to play yet. You go back over the game and there's been a lot of game that has just fallen in his lap and he's really haven't had to face any real adversity yet. He's made a couple of good moves by getting the psycho or psychic to backdoor her own alliance member early in the game and he did a good job of working Sam early on, but neither of them were good players and allowed him to have control of their HOH's. But, let's see what happens if he ever ends up on the bottom side of the numbers and he's sitting on the block after veto.
  3. I am assuming you meant Rachel, but yeah, IMO she failed to improve her standing in the game by really improving her position with the opposing player and securing her safety for a couple of weeks.
  4. Tyler didn't tell Sam anything because Sam was supposed to be his Victoria. However, as lame as Victoria was, she knew more about how to play the game than Sam. IMO, she is more dead weight than Victoria was.
  5. I don't think she can win unless two other hated people make it to the f3. I don't think the other HG see her as a game player, she just someone who's in the house. And, I really think that let her win thing probably lower her standing among the people in the house. She made herself look like a joke.
  6. I like balanced sides also and I also agree that Janelle's first season was the best. I think I like that season because strategy was thrown out the window and it was just pure in your face disdain for the other side. And, keeping it even was what made the season great. But, I don't like twist that gives too much power to one person. I like the twist that can tweak the game but not dominate.
  7. As boring as the game is for me, if Bay is voted out, I will be looking at at least a month of complete boredom in the game.
  8. I thought her "everyone should refuse to play and let me win the hacker challenge" was about the dumbest thing I ever heard on BB. Her voice as the robot in the first week was kinda cute and all, but now, her voice just grates on my nerves. Every since her HOH, I have been ready for her to go.
  9. I think when you trash a person when they are on the way out the game, it really says something about your own character. You can't chalk it up to gameplay because there's absolutely nothing to be gained by it in the game. It made Angela look even worse because she was trashing the person who absolutely believed in their F2 deal. and was trying to help her.
  10. I kinda like the hacker twist, but I agree it is way to much power for it. The hacker should have been allowed to use one of the three options.
  11. My understanding is that she picked JC so that no one would suspect her. It makes it look like someone in L6. But they all believe it is Bay.
  12. She would still be on the verge of being backdoored but you are right, they talk too much.
  13. If you tell one person, you just as well stand in the kitchen and yell it out for everyone to hear, that way 2 minutes will be saved.
  14. I know we are not going to see things the same way on this, but I didn't see where Rachael had turned her back on her alliance. She had spent some time trying to find a way to get the target off of Brett and on to someone else, while she herself was on the block. As to swearing her alliance to Bay, how many people haven't done that over the years. About half the people who play the game swear their allegiance or agree to work with the HOH and that all changes as soon as the power changes. IMHO, Angela was just looking for an excuse to sell Racheal out. She knew that going to Tyler would be a death sentence for Rachael since she was sitting on the block.
  15. A good portion of "reality" tv is scripted. I am pretty sure this Swaggy C meets the parents was scripted TV, from the cloths to the dramatic dressing up to the drive over to his exaggerated knock on the door. I suspect they had already talked before this "first" meeting on tv.

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