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  1. Tyler’s downfall is he got too close to people so when he stabbed them in the back, it felt too personal. This wasn’t smart
  2. Ha! I knew she could beat Tyler! Well done!!
  3. I think Sam is the only one who really knew who she was though. The others did the usual say things like they know who they are bit, and Angela didn’t even pretend to know her. So you might not be too old and out of touch yet. But who am I to say, I definitely am.
  4. ...which is exactly what I’m hoping happens. So I hope they don’t play smart. Play for Kaycee!! She’s too loyal to play the ‘smart’ game so hopefully they play loyal too.
  5. Don’t people in the jury mostly like him? So a bitter jury could easily give it to him. I think Sam would be the easiest to beat, besides maybe Angela. She’s annoyed more of them too much
  6. Sssshhhh! Not Kaycee! I like her a lot. I’d rather they blindside Tyler, which I also don’t see happening
  7. He’s told Angela so I’m sure she’s told Kaycee. He would tell her that he couldn’t believe his nerve suggesting such things to him etc.
  8. The poor sportsmanship has been aweful. Everyone predicted he’d take the block badly, and he has. I think they’d be smart to get him out before Sam, but I think Sam annoys them too much. They know what JC has been saying so why don’t they want him out The whining is old, especially since he hasn’t done anything but get Fessy to get out Scottie
  9. I don’t understand saving JC over Sam. Doesn’t she know JC is targeting her and Kaycee. Did she take him down so he’ll be comfortable this week and think he’s safe?
  10. At this point, everyone would keep Tyler over Kaycee, even Brett was going to keep Tyler. So she might as well get Brett out since he was actively targeting her and Angela. But she she didn’t put Brett up or use the veto to get him there. That was Tyler and Angela.
  11. He’d be the worst possibility. I like Ross, but think he’d get old fast. If not Julie, then it should probably be Jeff.
  12. JC is so gross. Now we know he’s the one peeing all over the bathroom because he doesn’t like holding his penis when he pees. If you aren’t going to control it, sit down! Yuck
  13. Maybe nothing. Julie is a Big Brother institution and talented in her own right. Weinstein’s now ex wife, Georgina Chapman, kept her Project Runway Celebrity job. Hopefully, she didn’t turn a blind eye to his poor behavior. But if she didn’t know what he was doing, she shouldn’t be held accountable for it. Of course, her standing by him could make her more accountable. I don’t know. I’d just miss her, so I’m being biased. People credit him with giving her shows etc, but she was on Big Brother before she started seeing him and had other work as well.
  14. Shes definitely referring to those videos, but she could have just been joking to break some of the silence. Her gaze seems to wander with the swing to me, but she does seem to see some of it. As far as JC goes, it just sounds like he thought it was sketchy to me, but his English isn’t perfect so who knows.he would definitely want Tyler to win though.
  15. That’s definitely JC’s accent saying sketchy. Tyler was grunting and talking as he straightened himself out but went quiet once he did. I’m pretty sure that was Hailey joking afterwards, but I can’t catch it all. Edited to add: I think she said, “oh he wants a large! He got money!” Does that make sense? Sounds like just a nonsense joke

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