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  1. I place him in the category of Lawon Exum . The lights were never on and no one was ever home. Lol
  2. He makes the house much more entertaining. Brett is funny too but kind of too stoic at the same time. This cast has been the most subdued and least interactive with the cameras which makes me bored. Do fake talk shows, dance in the back yard, hang out in the backyard in a vertical position. Lol They just lay around and it drives me crazy. JC is the Tiny Dancer of entertainment that we need.
  3. I did like Sam but she is making me so angry. Her attitude about Bayleigh just did it for me. The way she talked about Hayleigh and Kaitlyn and now she is mad because people are mean. She needs to get over herself and shut up. I wish Tyler had kept his mouth shut and not told her. She can go now. I'm over Queen Sam and her brutal judgment of others.
  4. They turn on each other so quickly with no real reason. It's like what alliance. There is no way I would keep Brett and Bayleigh is still making deals when she is not HOH anymore. Lol I miss the posting on here too. I have enough of facebook and just want us old timers that have posted here for years.
  5. I like that they are actually playing the game. They are used to being on camera so that don't waste time trying to be famous. I still liked Over the Top though. Lol
  6. My final post before the finale is "Wouldn't it be fantastic if Josh won part 3 HOH and freaked out and evicted Paul." It eould make this whole season worthwhile. Crossing my fingers...
  7. Probably the dogs don't like him because he is so cold and has those crazy eyes.
  8. If he evicted Paul I think he would win and it would be so funny. Lol
  9. Me too except for the winner of Season 9. Yikes. How can anyone be fans for one of these people. I'll pass
  10. I wish I could vote for the hurricane relief fund instead on one of them.
  11. People Paul will not care if Jessica or Cody win the AVP. He is a narcissist. It will only hurt the person who really deserves to win it. Jeez



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