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  1. I'm surprised Christie has not been struck by a bolt of lightning with all her lies. If I were her sister I would kick her behind.
  2. Wonderful news!! I hope he puts Christie and Nick on the block and if Nick comes off he puts Sis up. Then I want Christie voted off.
  3. Don't you know it's only fair if someone else beside one of "The Group" is nominated? Christie makes me sick with the way she has acted this whole game. I wish Tommy would realize his chances of winning would be better if he let her stay on the block. She certainly won't have any trouble putting him on the block when the time comes.
  4. I loved seeing her realize that America hates her. Even Michie knows the three of them were nominated because no one in the real world like them. I wish someone would convince Tommy that she will win if he goes up against her and he doesn't take her off the block. But I know this is wishful thinking.
  5. I do too. It would make me very happy to see her azz up in that chair.
  6. He is definitely not my favorite and I want him out soon. But I want Jack and Christie out first.
  7. I don't know why they looked the other way when he cheated before but I'm with you. I will be SO disgusted if they let get away with it again. I'll bet they won't let her put him on slop. NOT FAIR!!!
  8. I like Sam better than anyone else in the house. I guess Cliff would come in second and then Nicole. I really hope Sam doesn't get evicted tomorrow.
  9. >> He makes Jack look good, and that ain't easy.<< I laughed my behind off at this comment. It certainly is the truth.
  10. So what is so special about Jackson? Why does production want him on the show so badly they risk the wrath of all the fans when they not only let him cheat but help him cheat? Throw him out ASAP. If he wins I will no longer be watching Big Brother.
  11. I would love to see Holly backdoor Jackson this week. Surely she isn't that hard up for sex. He would vote her out in a heartbeat if it would help his game so she should return the favor. Plus it might help her become America's Favorite if she gets rid of the hated Jackson.
  12. Is is possible Jackson has Prater Willi disease, at least a mild case? He eats all the time. Whatever his problem is he shouldn't be allowed to remain in the game if he can't follow the rules, no matter what the reason is. Throw his skanky butt out!!
  13. I wonder if Jackson has Prater Willi Syndrone. That is an eating disorder where the person eats all the time. Evidently parents have to lock up their food when the kids are younger because they will eat constantly if allowed. A friends child was thought to have this disease, even though he didn't eat all the time, but it was later proven to be something else.



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