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  1. A week into BB20 and only a handful of posts? What happened to everyone? Life has been busy for the past couple years, but this place is like a ghost town!! BTW, not really getting into BB this year. The usual bunch of losers!!
  2. One of the few HG's I like this year.
  3. Cody isn't the 1st to talk across the table on an exit. But I found myself wishing that the table would shatter and he would fall into Paul's lap. Cody set himself up as the #1 target week 1, they get him out, he comes back. What does he do, stays in bed with Jess. I'm glad he's gone...
  4. I really feel bad for Cameron, he was a fan. So many HG's are "found" and have no idea what the game really is. To most of the HG's this year it's a 3 month vacation of eating, sleeping and having sex. Josh is no worse than ED was. Sorry, I think the Josh we saw the 1st half of the season was all an act. Personally, I think Josh will be the one to get Paul out.
  5. Don't leave Marty!!! I have never had the live feeds, but do watch BBAD. As much as I disliked Jess & Cody they were the only ones not under Paul's spell. But to all you out there bitching about Paul, if it were HG's under Dan's mist you would all be dancing!!!
  6. Of course they want Cody back in. Cody has 1 round with the maze already. He knew how to make it work. Paul had a learning curve. If it really was fair it would have been a new game to give an no player an advantage. BB wanted someone back in the house,
  7. Hi Everyone!!! Picture being locked in a room with Jozea on one side a Frankie on the other!!! KILL ME NOW!!!
  8. Problem is these sheep will do whatever Van says. I don't think they are here to play the game, it's just a summer job for then...
  9. If there is, I'm hoping for a none of the above choice!!
  10. I so want to see James win the next HOH!! Liz and Vanessa on the block with Austin as a backup!!! That would make my night
  11. If Meg gets evicted, what a waste of a great goat.
  12. If Vanessa doesn't break up the Austwins (looks like she's not going to), she doesn't deserve to win either. She has to know, with the Austwins still in the game, she is playing for 4th or 3rd. Austin will take Liz, Liz will take Julia and Julia will take Liz. Vanessa doesn't fit into that plan at all.
  13. I don't care who comes back as long as they nominate Austin and Vanessa, with plans to BD Liz!!

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