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  1. I hope that Paul or James wins the next HOH and that Victor gets the next ACP. I also think it's weird that Victor & Paul named their duo alliance "sitting ducks" because I always thought that being a "sitting duck" was not a good thing. Sorta like the girls alliance name of the "Fatal 5" where they turned on each other, and the "Bomb Squad" that imploded in BB16.
  2. Maybe some music and live entertainment is just the distraction that some of these HGs need. Since Paulie is a DJ maybe they (BB production) figured that some music could sooth the savage beast. If I recall some years ago Sheryl Crow performed for the HGs, and a couple of years ago they had a country singer perform.
  3. Victor had enough justification to nominate Paulie beause Paulie was directly responsible for Victor being backdoored in week 2 during Paulie's first HOH. I'm glad that these HGs started talking game to each other and comparing notes. I think alot of the HGs eyes were opened and they finally began to think & play for themselves and not just listen to Paulie & follow his orders.
  4. I'm glad to see that Paul had decided to play his own game and get out of Paulie's pocket and realign with Victor. I believe that Paul was really hurt to discover Paulie's double dealing because he really trusted Paulie and believed they were "bros to the end". When Bridgette outted Paulie' statement about only trusting 1 guy in the 5 guys alliance, Paul was quick enough to figure out that he was not Paulie's #1 bro in the house. When Michelle, Paul James & Victor were in the kitchen questioniing Paulie about his various alliances, plans & schemes his #1 bro in the house was hiding out with Nicole in the bedroom..
  5. Paulie, Paulie, Paulie - Oh how the mighty have fallen. I just hope that if he's evicted on Thursday that he doesn't have the RT ticket to return to the game. It's obvious that Paulie really doesn't want to go to the jury house right now because the environment will probably not be very inviting since he's directly responsible for sending all 3 HGs there. I'm quite sure that Bridgette, Zakiyah & Davonne will be very happy to see him but all for very different reasons. I've been away from BB for a while watching the Rio Olympics, but I got caught up on the latest BB action by watching You-tube videos and Paulie's true colors of being an entitled spoiled brat, sore loser and poor sport about the game. Paulie blames James for backstabbing him, Michelle for manipulating Victor & Paul and Natalie for exposing his faux showmance with Zakiyah, but not once has Paulie taken and/or accepted any responsibility for exactly what HE has done and what HE has said. Victor & Paul have been rather honest with Paulie and told him directly that Paulie's involvement in several 3 person alliances is what turned them against him, but Paulie is insistent that it was Michelle who got in their heads. Paulie has been planting little seeds of doubt between James & Paul about each other for weeks and when that blew up in his face he had no logical or reasonable explanation to cover his tracks with that bit of treachery. Paul, Victor & James talked & compared notes and they busted Paulie. Paulie may be good at sweet talking & manipulating the girls, but not all th guys are as dumb and gullible as Corey because Paul, Victor & James are wise to Paulie's little schemes.
  6. I think that James best game move that he & Natalie can make for this week is to vote with Zakiyah & Michelle, forcing a 4-4 tie. James has never really trusted Paul since the Bronte eviction when he caught him in a lie. James let it go and never really brought it up again in an effort to get along. Paul has been trying to play both sides by telling the boys he wants Davonne out and telling "the house" he wants Bridgette out. I don't believe that Paul wants to be the tie breaker because his plan is to blame "the house", leaving his hands clean - no matter who stays. If he votes out Davonne he's good with the boys, but the girls (Z, Michelle & Natalie) will see a clear boys alliance. (And realize that Paul lied to them.) If Paul votes out Bridgette, the only one to be mad is Paulie. Nicole & Corey will be pissed but unless or until they win an HOH they can't really do anything but whine about it.
  7. I wouldn't say that all the guys are jerks, just Paulie & Paul,and to a lesser extent Victor (but I think Victor is trying to fit in with the dominant "Bro" culture in the house). Playing pranks on each is all in good fun but Paulie & Paul seem to enjoy torturing the girls with mind games to get in their head and make them cry or feel bad. Paulie & Paul seem to bring out the worse in each other with regard to pestering the girls. Corey & James may not participate, but they don't do anything to discourage it either. Of the women this season Bridgette, Tiffany & Davonne may have body image issues but they've not dicussed those issues the way that Michelle, Natalie & Nicole have complained about various body parts numerous times.
  8. Successfully getting Natalie to the jury seems to be James' game plan, but I have a feeling that the guys will take him out before Natalie. Natalie is sitting in the "Victoria" position, she doesnt fully understand the game (but she has good instincts) can't win any comps and she really hasn't done anything to piss people off. Comp wise James is good at the physical stuff, but anything involving puzzles, questions, or memory and he's toast, so I don't see him going getting much further this year than he did last year. I don't see James getting AFP because his game kinda sucks, but if Natalie manages to stay longer than James, I can see her in the running for AFP.
  9. If Corey's past performance in comps is any indication of his future performance he is the perfect goat for Paulie to take to F2.
  10. This seaon should be required viewing for future female contestants. Zakiyah & Michelle completely abandoned their own game plans to follow the boys for safety. neither one has been OTB and they've gotten too comfortable. It's too late for them to mount a defense against Pauli now because he has 5 puppets (or allies) and they are more than willing to take out Zakiyah & Michelle on Paulie's behalf. Michelle & Zakiyah, as fans of BB should be aware of the saying, "Bros before Hoes", but since they didn't heed the old BB adage now they get to play it out.
  11. Corey's performance in the veto comp was pitiful. He was the first player out of the game due to his false start. He's not really much of a comp threat but the way he's always talking about beating the girls is ridiculous. He couldn't even beat Natalie, or Bridgette in a physical comp of running short sprints. And since the veto comp was played on Saturday, he can't use the excuse of beng a HN either because he had only been a HN for 1 day, and being a HN certainly didn't affect Paulie's performance.
  12. I saw it, and to be honest that scene in the Paris room was hard to watch. It's bad enough that he's set her up to be nominated by Victor, Corey or Bridgette, depending on who wins the next HOH. But accusing Zakiyah of lying & disloyalty was just too much because she's been 100% loyal to him since week 1. Paulie knows that Z is already sad because Davonne is being backdoored this week and she's losing a friend & ally in the game. When Nicole's playing both sides was brought to Paulie's attention and confirmed by other HGs he dismissed Nicole's actual treachery and continues to shield & protect her - yet he's giving Z the 3rd degree interrogation over a comment between michelle & Victor. I don't know if Paulie's paranoia is getting to him or not, but hurting Zakiyah for no apparent reason does not make any sense to me, it's just mean, cruel and totally unnecessary. Fan Fiction - Zakiyah wins HOH & puts Corey & Nicole OTB. Natalie wins veto and doesn't use it. Paulie has to choose between Nicole & Corey. Or Bridgette wins HOH & puts Paul & Paulie OTB, Victor wins veto and takes Paul down, Nicole is replacement nominee. I wonder how the voting would go with Nicole & Paulie sitting together on eviction night.?
  13. At least 3 of the women have body image issues and the guys know it, Although none of the women on this show are fat (by normal standards) they often make references to being fat or feeling fat. Paulie & Paul have recently taken to calling Natalie "FTs", behind her back, to her face and sometimes within earshot of Natalie. Initially, Natalie denied having breast implants, and her breasts have been discussed quite a bit by both the girls & the boys. Natalie recently confirmed that she does have implants and the boys have been teasing her about it.
  14. Paulie cannot control or manipulate Davonne because she is about the game and she's strong mentally & physically. I'm really shocked that Paul turned on Davonne so easily because none of Paulie's reasons for evicting her was directly related to Davonne & Paul's game relationship. Davonne's biggest mistake was telling James & Tiffany about being the 5th wheel with the 2 showmances. Nicole & Paulie never forgave her for outing their 5 person alliance. If Davonne had kept that one piece of info secret she would not be in the position she's in now. If Davonne wanted no part of the showmance alliance her best move would have been to quietly recruit & assemble her own 4 pack to compete against Paulie's group. When the 8 pack & the Fatal 5 broke up tiffany & Frank putt a giant target on Davonne's back. And she should know that HGs get evicted over the slightest little thing. It would take a BB miracle to save Davonne because she'd have to be lucky enough to have the round trip ticket and win the HOH upon her return. That's about the only thing that could or would shake up the house and get some serious BB game going.
  15. The showmances really screwed up this season plus the combination of 4 vets returning along with the 2 siblings. I'm sure it probably sounds good on paper but the way it's playing out is not an entertaining BB season, Because of Paulie's complete control of the house none of the other HGs are playing their own game. Paulie is systematically eliminating any HG who thinks for themself or is actually trying to play the game. And God forbid they express an opinion that Paulie doesn't approve of, or something offends him - they'll have hell to pay. Paulie is quite intimidating and most of the HGs are afraid of him, or they're afraid to go against him. This season could be improved if Paulie had a worthy opponent or at least an honest competitor. I don't want Davonne to have the round trip ticket because she doesn't have any allies and can't win a comp and she'd be right back out the door. After Davonne is gone I'll be rooting for Natalie, not because she'll win anything, but because she's a really nice person and generally positive most of the time. The other girls don't stand a chance because they've willingly given up control of their games to the boys. Paulie & Paul don't bring out the best in each other with the juvenile behavior. antics & off color jokes. Beating someone fair & square is OK, but these 2 guys always wanna take it too far by enjoying making the girls cry, getting in their head and just wanting to hurt them on an emotional level. Being mean does nothing to advance the game, it's just cruel.

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