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  1. I loathe Paul. He is everything that has been said about him and more (exception to the person who called him a molester. So irresponsible) Is there anything more A-hole pretentious than referring to yourself as "your boy". Spoiled Rich trash family has raised a child who will never grow up. I so love how he thinks America will love him and his 10,000 projects even though he didn't get thought of enough to get a care package. People liked him like we liked Vanessa... Not at all
  2. Exactly. It was Boo worthy. People didn't like it, but technically nothing happened
  3. Sorry I have to disagree with you. She was the one who was married. The responsibility is on her. It is not his marriage. I take some exception your "good ole boys" view. If my wife acted that way I would be pissed at her. I could care less who the other person is, it is on her. Implying she only is called trampy because of a double standard simply doesn't apply her,I think. If Cody was the married one, I think the names would have rained on him too.
  4. It is these mutters that give me hope she will take James. But some practice speeches have been directed at Paul. Not sure what will happen.
  5. Christine was the suspect married hussy who cuddled and canoodled with Paul's brother Cody all season. Flirting is one thing, but she wasn't even trying to advance in the game. She just looked trampiesque when it was time for her to go. Although technically she did nothing wrong. The old "not a good look"
  6. I loathe Paul. He is everything that has been said about him and more (exception to the person who called him a molester. So irresponsible) But that is what this show is. If you don't want to see how people act, then don't watch the feeds or BBAD. We don't need to change things to how one group thinks another should be. Some guys say some piggish things. And yes some think nothing of who they say it in front of.
  7. Da is not strong, she is a loudmouth hothead who sticks her nose in places in don't belong. Paulie is an immature boy. He is not smart or witty, he knows just enough to be an a$$hole by instigating. I don't believe guys should be defending Paulie-. He sucks as a person, but may grow up. I don't believe women should be defending Da. Wrong is wrong even if your gender, race, orientation,etc is being defended. No matter what, you don't get to tell others what to do. She may grow up too. (she is a lot closer)
  8. Jury and how they vote in order Davonne- Nicole, James, Paul Zakiah- James, Nicole, Paul Bridgette- James, Nicole, Paul Paulie- Paul, James, Nicole Michelle- James, abstain, Paul, Nicole Nat- James, Paul, Nicole Vic- Paul, James, Nicole Corey- Nicole, James, Paul And if last jury member is... Nicole- James James- Nicole Paul- ??? So to surmise, I don't see a path for Paul. He should no he is not well liked, but maybe he thought care packages were sent to those we hated. Nicole and James is a crap shoot with an edge to James. I do admit to not being sold on Zakiah & Bridgette which would be enough to give Nicole the win. On a different note, Davonne is so trashy. Tonights jury highlight she was disappointed she let paulie- get her off her game. She shouldn't be, because that is who she is. When has she not acted that way? I enjoyed watching her and Bridgette, but they are part of the problem if they are throwing mess at another female just because she won't do what they wanted her to do.
  9. Throw it out there stick! I recall several occasions when James made it perfectly clear to Nat they were both playing their own games.
  10. I have them ranked James, Nicole, Corey, Paul. Power Paul is back and swearing up and down he knows everything and he is wrong. I don't think it is good for Paul. He has maybe a 5℅ chance to win and that is against Corey every time. I don't think Paul can do better than 2nd.
  11. So how delusional are these houseguests? They have talked all summer about what a great competitor Corey is. He has been mostly trash all summer. I am not impressed by winning a comp against 4 people. He has been good at appearing relaxed, because that is who he is. I would love to have him up there at the end as this BoBo could not formulate an argument to a jury. Even this one, loaded with superficial females. He so pretty never wins. If I was James, I would be trying to sway Paul to voting out Nicole. If she is gone and James makes the F2 (which I think both the other guys would take him) James is your winner without making a single plea to the jury. Paul and Corey cannot win against Nic or James. IMO
  12. Well white trash, I am some random guy. I was only responding to the question you asked.

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