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  1. Not a fan of Natalie at this point BUT she had wanted to make a couple good moves but James held her back. She does seem to be very intuitive although not enough to realize her abusive comments toward James would cause his fans to be angry with her. (especially me)
  2. Thanks Marty. I feel there were so many 'mistakes' he made that they couldn't be counted. Wish I had seen him after show. So wanted to see him then. And the way he immediately congratulated Vic for AFP. I know he was seething but must say he 'played' it well. Meaning his faux happiness for others. So thankful he was not big winner.
  3. Agree re getting his due but only one mistake? What do you feel was that one?
  4. Thankfully evil did not win this time. Yay !!!! How could Julie and CBS even consider bringing that slime back on TV? Shows how low our culture has fallen that a man who degrades women in such a way and uses such foul language, showing respect for no one, could be admired by anyone is appalling. Crawl back in your hole and hope to never see that face again.
  5. America's Favorite !! Well deserved. If Vic continues to be the great guy we saw later in the game he will have much success in life. Hopefully he will get busy finding the best PR man in the business and we see him soon in action movies. The next 'The Rock'. He can do that, it would suit him. Wondering how Vic will feel when he sees his 'bro' stating that he is stupid. That will hurt. Paul is a user manipulator. Vic was great fun to watch, certainly very pleasing the eye, and great emotion and passion. Will miss watching Victor.
  6. First, Michelle looked very beautiful last night. She is a beauty. But was shocked that she voted for Paul even though he called her foul language and treated women so disrespectfully, that disappointed me. She allowed her emotions to get in the way once again. She may need a little counseling to get a grip on her self worth. Her mind must be spinning. She can be very brave, then cries re decisions she has made, then fears others hate her, a little ADD possibly? I can say that as I am ADD also. As one who has been there, get evaluated, it can help so much in your life.
  7. Very proud of Nat for bringing out truth re Paul horrid behavior against women. It was very important for not only Paul to know how his words affected the game but also for kids who watch BB to understand that such behavior is not acceptable in our society. Very impressed with Nat for that question/comment. And cute the way Nat reacted when hearing she was in top 3 for AFP.
  8. As you can imagine I am thrilled that Paul did not win. And Natalie's question/statement were necessary to explain that his words and actions led to his downfall.
  9. From this woman's perspective I was thrilled that when Paulie got closer to Da she got even closer in his face. Paulie has been ugly toward women and in this case, I totally support Da., Think of it this way, she had not attacked anyone else in the house in that way. And really for you to call her ghetto trash is way out of bounds. What do you really know about her? That she flips her hair. Really quite an assumption and very derogatory. Is it better to watch beautiful Z fall all over him or to see a strong woman stand up for herself and her daughter?
  10. Well we agree re him being a dirt bag. I do believe women would have strong negative reaction to all his demeaning words and actions toward women. Seems most women posting here feel the same way. As someone has said, it is not always the comp winners who win the game, that the social game often wins. It's almost over. We will soon see what happens.
  11. Is this Paul's mom? Must be as you are one of the few who seem to like that slimy disgusting pig. If you can point out any redeeming qualities please let me know. He is an arrogant abuser who attacks women, calls women c-nts, screams and rants in faces of women, when BB tells him to wash hands after using bathroom he say he 'held his wiener did not touch not his ass', the list goes on. What redeeming qualities?

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