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  1. Paulie lost his mind as soon as he lost control of everyone! He has been whining about a sick aunt and being too claustrophobic to go to the jury house! Wtf? Like the jury house is any smaller than the big brother house??? His true personality showed itself and it's not pretty. Thank goodness these hamsters are finally playing to win!
  2. Yes I watched Paul suggest it after talking to natalie. She was the one who said it would be awesome if victor nominated paulie and corey. Still it'll be credited to Victor since he is HOH. However, Paul is finally playing for himself instead of Paulie so I'm a happy viewer! It'll be interesting to see who the next HOH is and who they will target. I'm hoping Natalie, James or Michele pull out a win. I'd be happy with anyone left in the house to win it all except Nicole and Corey!
  3. I loved her in her previous season but really dislike her this season. But to each their own right? Lol
  4. King Paulie is finally nominated and not as a pawn. Thank God Victor had the stones to put his a** up! I don't know how much more of his "I'm gods gift" attitude I can handle! Go Victor,
  5. I'm so frustrated with the CBS casting of this show the last few seasons! I'm in my forties and love to watch this show for the strategy and dynamics not the T&A. I'm sure they get plenty of good looking thirty and forty something applications and could easily make a house with equal shares of older and younger people. THAT would be a season to watch. Now that they are doing a fall and summer show maybe they'll expand their casting horizons and give us a GREAT season!
  6. Holy crap and hallelujah! Victor grew a set of ***** and nominated king Paulie! He must have gotten the subliminal messages I was sending through my computer! Finally the game has started. Although why America would give Nicole safety for the week is beyond me. They probably just wanted to humiliate her by making her wear the costume. For the first time Paulie is NOT calling the shots and it's killing him. After this move I'm pulling for Victor to win it all! So excited for the rest of the season now.
  7. I am so over this season! Somebody in CBS casting should be replaced!
  8. This is my first time posting on this sight but after these last 2 weeks I'm really at a loss and want to vent! I LOVE this game and this season has turned from "Big Brother" to "Let's Give Paulie the Money"! I firmly believe that casting is a big part of the problem. I mean how can you have a great show with grand schemes when they only.cast a few people that have a backbone? I have never been in the position to apply to be on the show but after this season I am finally doing it! CBS casts what they feel works best for the majority of their audience but I can't believe that all America wants to see is a bunch of dim witted girls, with the emotional maturity of my 12 year old daughter, getting duped by abs of steel! I'm all about a wash board stomach but this is for a half million dollars GIRLS! With the exception of Momma Da this season every girl in the house is playing for the guys to win! Let's cast some older ladies and guys next summer CBS, and not just your token older guy that you've done the last few seasons! I know there are Paulie fans out there but I'm just not one of them. I'm actually pulling for James or even Paul to win this season. All they have to do is quit being a part of King Paulies court and make a freaking move!
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