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  1. My wife and I disvovered a new drinking game last night. We were joking around and said we would have a sip of wine every time one of the houseguest used the word "literally". Next thing we knew we had downed two bottles of wine.
  2. Watching the live feeds and every camera has Paul running his yap. He goes from room to room monopolizing every conversation. Would love to send a petition to BB18 to show less of Paul. Hoping for an eviction soon.
  3. Sangria and Big Brother 14 = Big Brother Miami style. Can't wait for it all to begin!
  4. IDK if I can take a whole week of Brenchal's laugh. She is the most annoying HG to date on BB.
  5. I see that happening and would love it!
  6. Evil Dick is already taking his cuts at the HG. It will be a death by a thousand cuts if they let him stay. He does make the game interesting though. I am thinking that they are putting on a big front of not getting along and have only spoken once in three years.
  7. Is in BB mode.

  8. Hello everyone! I am so looking forward to this season. I thought this date would never get here.
  9. It makes me wonder if she is really engaged as well. You would have thought that he would have been with Brits family....things that make you go hmmmmmmm.
  10. Glad it's Brittany. Another twist??????
  11. If Matt wins hoh the brigade will trip all over themselves trying to kiss Matts A$$.
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