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  1. I would vote for Haleigh, but I'm also too lazy.
  2. Me too, and I also hope we get to see his face when Kaycee votes him out. Hopefully. I like Tyler, but I want Kaycee to win.
  3. I guess we'll have to wait and see if it's their way to keep the little pervert creeper out of the jury house, or if they plan on him winning it all. I sure do hope the latter isn't true. He shouldn't get rewarded for his awful behavior, IMO. My guess is that Tyler is going home tonight. That will eliminate any issue with his feet coming off the disc in that comp. I'll be surprised if the winner isn't Kaycee, with Angela winning the $50,000. Maybe crazy Sam will win the $25,000, but maybe JC will win that.
  4. The bottom line (and Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't watched tonight's episode) . . . . . . Angela just won $50,000. Second place is solidified, unless complete idiocy takes over. I'm sure by now Tyler and Kaycee realize they messed up big time by keeping JC.
  5. She'll probably be mortified about how that showed up when she watches the season.
  6. He has been a LOT strange with the other house guests. Totally creepy, IMO. I agree - UGH.
  7. I agree, and I hope Kaycee wins too. If JC gets evicted on Thursday, he won't be in the jury house too long, which is a good thing for the other jury members.
  8. It could happen. Remember, it's double eviction time. I'd like to see Haleigh win the POV and JC get backdoored. Then I'd love to see Haleigh win HOH and have Sam go out on the double eviction. Just dreaming.
  9. It's very creepy, and he's been warned. Touching someone when they're sleeping is definitely crossing the line.
  10. I think it's too fast-paced to have have-nots. I think Keshia made it pretty clear that she did this for the money. Maybe it's also for the exposure. As far as her breast milk depletion, I can see how she'd get emotional about that. Hormones can also definitely figure into that. I'm not criticizing you because you're entitled to your opinion. I just see it differently. I've got a grandson who is over a year old and is nursing. I get the privilege of taking care of him about 25 hours a week when both of his parents are working, and I do everything I can to make things easier for mommy and baby, including taking him to her for breaks when possible. I think it makes having to leave him when she goes to work a little easier, knowing that she'll get to see him once or twice during her shift. I know she'll be weaning him one of these days and it's going to be kind of sad for me too. I am actually really enjoying this Celebrity BB. I'd watch it again if they do it again.
  11. And Jessica tried to convince him that he was wasting his HOH. She is just not the brightest Crayola in the box by any measure. It was better to get that Halting Hex thing out of the way right away. Her bluff was ridiculous.
  12. Well I guess and honest ass is better than a lying ass, as far as asses go.
  13. Julie Chen: "Anything to say Cody?" Cody: "Doesn't make sense." A normal, decent person would say "Thank you"
  14. I guess I missed it too. Cody "I don't care" Nickson just doesn't care.
  15. Yeah, Jessica showed her mean-girl self right away. She made a very bad first impression and never did a thing to overcome it. That's because she is, indeed, a mean girl.

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