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  1. So Aimee. brilliant analysis .. Who do you want to be America’s Nominee. I for one now want. Morgan.. since there may be one or more Plastics fans have done some dirty tricks. Most recent is pretending to be Julie Chen and nominating Kryssie. I reported it to Twitter and the real Julie Chen. Anyone would realize that Julie Chen could never interfere in the game without making herself a target for a lawsuit by the loser impacted. (THe fake twitter account. @juliechencbs.. formed in Nov. 2016. The real account is @juliechen formed back in 2011). Now Rachel Reilly has gone from recommending. Morgan to Kryssie. And there are some saying that her account was hijacked. (it was an identical tweet back a few weeks ago. and made to look recent. Of concern that CBS has to work on if their franchise will continue is to insure it from the hacking and manipulation that has taken the game out from being a fun rivalry to those who really want one side to take the money. I will let you know if I get locked out tonight. again. (I voted in the correct time for Pacific Coast - so know something was wrong.. especially when I kept reading the voting open for 15 more minutes. To date unless blind. No-one from CBS access emailed me back. I do have the three case numbers. and if tonight we are again blocked.. I will know that CBS needs to do a lot of retooling to get the bugs out.) Again Aimee. I love your contribution… awesome
  2. I don’t know if other fans were locked out - but I could not vote for ACP last night. .. Tried different computers. all locked out. Some browsers. ended at week 5. So no care package for week 6. Other of my browsers. had week 6 but no ability to depress the selection. I would have voted 20 votes for Justin. I wrote to CBS 2X during 7-8 hour period. and an additional time around 7:59pm (case # 02739754). I watched the competition - and saw all of them struggling. But think it is totally unfair to allow a redo. Especially. when they blanked out. Had BB production not blanked out our screens with fish - I might have felt differently. I agree with Aimee - that there are many times were competitions did not go well but redos. are rarely allowed. It is unfair to give one person an advantage. I notice that. Shelby does a lot of complaining about fairness to her. Yet when she wins. and others have technical problems - she is less sympathetic. Shelby has problems with change .. or the unexpected. So. when Jason became her Co-HOH. she was bitter cried. a lot of angry tears. Told us how unfair it was to her. Why? Complain .. Why not go with twists and turns and adjust. When she made a mistake and someone else won - she complained that she should have won. There is a sense of entitlement that is not pleasant. And now She is getting a redo. For all the trashing of Kryssie and Justin .. they roll with the punches they don’t complain
  3. As always Aimee. brilliant analysis. just want to add there is another factor that I believe made a difference. Another fan site member exposed by reprinting the collusion for multiple voting. From the recommendations for the multiple voting, there is strong evidence was caused by fans of the all girl (plus Scott) alliance (BS as they call themselves, or Plastics as defined here. From analyzing the vocal fan bases, it appeared there were still more LNC (late night crew/jamboree then the girl+Scott (bs/plastic) alliance. Yet the results. including Shane & Neely evictions seemed not what one. have based on level. of noise and the numbers of different posters. I was suspicious of some form of cheating and actually posted my concerns. But It was not until exposure on twitter by some vary brave posters of the calculated way in how to vote and revote beyond CBS Rules and regulations. I forwarded to CBS the twitter postings and links. of various posters. brazenly voting. up to 60 times to 100 times (when only 20 allowed) as well as the various schemes on how to vote multiple times by manipulating the site. (there is a section for BB that actually allows for raising issues.). I raised the duty of CBS. to ensure the integrity of the process since. there is $250,000 prize money on the line, and all cast members should have an equal opportunity to compete fairly. Do not know if was random or if there were others who had voiced similar concerns. But it appears that steps were taken to correct the ABUSE of the process. Based on the turn in how nominations, and voting have gone CBS. took steps to. close down some of the cliches allowing multiple voters. I actually think Scott’s nomination, Scott’s eviction, as well as care package delivery to Jason is indicative of the true representation of fan base numbers. BBOT. is a gift to the true fan base of BB franchise and as such honesty and integrity need to be shown back to CBS. to keep the show alive. I know many fans of BB. who did not subscribe either for financial reasons or lack of access. Those who subscribe and participated. should not have had cheating in the process although how innocent motives were. IF CBS is able to keep out the manipulation of the voting - then those who support one side or the other can trust the integrity of the process. I do not think we need to look at the weeks of Shane and Neeley evictions as anything other then manipulated voting. THe evidence is clear that Jason and Scott’s ouster reflected CBS’s getting control of the wide scale cheating going on.
  4. Sorry. totally disagree. It’s Aime’s blog. And we don’t get to troll because we don’t like what she says. There are two groups that seem to have polarized. much like society, sadly…. Look this is a game of strategy and wits and skill. The end prize is $250,000. That is a lot of money for anyone. Each of them comes with the strategy that each believes will work. We need to respect that process. I also think it is not efficient for us who seriously love watching this social experiment, to make statements that we cannot stand one person over the other. Simply put Name calling is Bullying. And today’s Purple wearing is a reminder of that. Bullying on the internet is even worse - there you have anonymity, but the hurtful words still are there. Trust me. if one person is truly Psychotic or a risk. BB will remove that player as they have done in the past. Here is how you express yourself. You vote in the way BB has structured, but please don’t trash the players or other posters. And for heaven’s sake Aimee can write and blog to her heart’s content. I enjoy her perspective. because those are her. opinions. Remember she is entitled to her opinion. Don’t take it as presenting facts. truly, Aime’s blog is hard work … to write as she has. BTW my opinion and approval is dependent on a player’s actions - I either like the choices that player makes or dislike the choices. But I separate the game play out as just simply game play, from their personality their character. I do not believe in trashing people. whether players or posters…. That is the definition of. BULLYING>. Words can hurt and they last. In the season(s) where there were misogynistic, homophobic, racial and vile comments by player(s), trust me after BB there was a learning curve. (Remember coming face to face with Julie and having to explain the antiAsian slurs for eg.… It is a self correcting process. We as posters didn’t need to trash and troll the behavior. The media. through shock will broadcast that controversy as they have in the past seasons) So if strategically you admire one player over another, or you believe that you would like to help that player get to the end so for strategic reasons you want to vote a certain way. Go for it. make your choice known. But on the basis of game play and someone deserving. If choice made because dislike that person’s character then that becomes the problem. Just enjoy the process thanks for listening.
  5. so true - Andy just separated himself from what the world saw - and categorized his behavior as game play. Dear Andy we watched you 24 - 7 and got to know the real you - not the one you portray yourself as. The obsessive meanness you exhibited in your non-stop rants about people go far beyond game play. You are not an all star although congratulations for being the first gay man to win big brother (sorry wish it was Marcellas - or Regan) . And the game you played this time - will never get you far - as we all know who the real andy is. Your conduct was extremely despicable and we don't celebrate your winning - we watched your game play. it was something to be desired.
  6. Spencer vocalizing group of fans commit "mass suicide" Even if Figuratively - highly inappropriate. Bravo to Judd for reprimanding Spencer telling him you can not say such a thing about a group of people. And got to wonder about Andy's greed for self glory by siding with Spencer with a "yes you can". Andy is a provocateur and an inciter a manipulator who has no sense of shame... for him he will destroy or attack without regard for the devastation that his words carry. It looks like he and spencer may be on their way to win BB 15. But what I hope for is that all former players, (including Ragan Fox a big proponent of Andy's early on) will censure him universally for his conduct so that the group that he most admires -- the celebrity all stars of BB history will shun him. Andy should have known better as a man in a hated class with immutable characteristics (ie being a gay man in a bigoted society where - not to long ago KuKlux lynched someone for suspected of being gay, Hitler sent many blond blue eye Ayarns to the gas chambers (wow just hit me aaryn name so close interesting)..., or in many states up until recently Sodomy was grounds for imprisonment. (go to Lousiana - baton rouge - still has sodomy on the books. ) or as i said before Matthew Shepard in Wyoming. THere are no game play excuses that allow the festering and encouragement of hate for his own purposes. Unacceptable. The house has now turned into Gomorrah (like the McCrea read on that passage.) Not always does the ends justify the means. I hope that Andy who looks like he will be in the final two will experience social ostracism and not admiration.
  7. the constant talk is to distract. Andy is trying to "communicate" his way out of being seen as a power player who needs to go. His obsession with Elissa has more to do with his obvert guilt. Tonight's show - he was giving away the tells. He was showing false indignation, calling Elissa a liar. McCrea -- got it - he knew that Andy was lying but decided it was best for his game to not buck the majority. Andy doesn't realize that McCrea knows he is a liar. so now we are getting this garbage by Spencer and Andy - that MCrea should not use the Veto on himself - and GM will throw HOH to him. For Andy he couldn't care less who he was slandering - he is mirroring Spencer (and Judd's) hostility to women. Andy is latching onto to McCrea's socially acceptable target (Elissa not Amanda) Really, seriously. One word to these morons. Marcellas. said it was the stupidest move in BB history not to use the veto. MCCrea is a fan of BB and should know what happened when veto isn't used. Hopefully this will be even more of a warning to McCrea of the Toxicity of ANdy. And if it is so imperative to these clowns Andy and Spencer that GM be taken off the block.. Just don't vote for her. Or better yet - Spencer prove your loyalty to GM by putting Andy on the block. that will work.
  8. What I don't understand is why AG didn't take charge to control the venom. When employers for Aaryn, GM and Spencer are publicly reproving the acts of the HG, and your own Julie Chen is speaking out on Letterman, to ETonline and on her own show the Talk... This is not publicity that can be tolerated just for the sake of ratings. This is a social experiment gone terribly wrong, and could have been grounds for the Producers sending a strongly worded message by removing the offending houseguests, the bottom feeders. THey did it in the past when a player threatened another physically or when Shanelle (?) threw her mic into the hottub. WHy aren't words equally worthy of removal. It is not about political correctness but the duty to prevent bullying on such a large scale that now we have to endure degrading sexual comments led by all people Andy. ( I have said it many a time - this is not about lying Andy for game play this is about abusive behavior that goes beyond game play. Calculated game strategy by a "professor" of communications and a member of a group that is highly victimized around the world. Think about Russian law that go criminalize gay behavior or speech recently passed that will affect Olympic Athletes . What makes bigotry and jokes made at someone with immutable characteristics or throwing a bed or calling someone Shanequa not a removal offense. Is this about Ratings. Certainly the good will that BB had in the past - is not here for this season. BTW - Amazing race - an emmy winning show - or survivor are done with a lot more class. THese producers need to reevaluate their model.
  9. Fin: Original 9-8-2013 "Andy's behavior in this house - will IMO put him up to the level of Aaryn GM and Spencer (all of whom have lost their employment because of what they did in isolation away from societal norms" Thank you both. You are right Spencer still has his job but he has earned himself displeasure from Union Pacific Railway and because of that no union railway worker can be fired without the due process rights of a grievance hearing defended by a Union representative (if Spencer choses.) What I wanted to indicate there are profound consequences when we violate societal norms of behavior, and Andy with his degree in communication and his unique perspective of being a Gay man knows better. What I should have said "Andy's behavior in this house - will IMO put him up to the level of Aaryn GM and Spencer (Aaryn GM have lost their employment and Spencer has earned himself Union Pacific's public reproval because of what they did in isolation away from societal norms" To set the record straight Spencer Clawson right now is in a lot of trouble but his employer does give him the right because of Collective Bargaining not to be fired without a due process hearing.. What is important is that Union Pacific released two public statements the shortly after the Hitler as a gifted speaker comment and Kermit the F* directed at HG. plus his continuous sexist comments.(that don't seem to have abated - what he would do to Elissa's picture this weekend as example.) Should Spencer win the $500,000 he probably won't look behind at Union Pacific - and will move on to a new life - and he may just resign. My caution was for Andy, because the outside world is listening.. So for those of you who want the definite quotes directly from Union Pacific The Union Pacific statement was issued in early July 2013. and was widely disseminated in the the larger news organizations. (huffington Post etc.) Union Pacific:.. "The values represented by Spencer Clawson’s comments during the Big Brother show do not at all align with Union Pacific’s values. Mr. Clawson is on unpaid leave of absence while participating on Big Brother. Union Pacific does not condone his comments... Union Pacific is acting in accordance with Collective Bargaining Agreement terms regarding Mr. Clawson." additionally after the pedophile joke. Union Pacific came out and reiterated the Collective Bargaining agreement to shut down the discussion of Spencer Clawson being fired in absentia without the Grievance procedures. From the Union Pacific website early August: was the following post http://www.uprr.com/newsinfo/2013/spencer_big_brother.shtml "Due to the volume of feedback Union Pacific has received from the public about Spencer Clawson's August 5 comments on the CBS reality show Big Brother 15, the company wants to reiterate that it has taken all the action it can under the Collective Bargaining Agreement until Mr. Clawson is released from the show. Mr. Clawson took an unpaid leave of absence to participate on Big Brother 15. Union Pacific has notified law enforcement of Mr. Clawson's August 5 comments." hope that clears it up "
  10. thank you Bergupnorth. For me - it is Andy attempting to be an unsuccessful Ian Terry or Dr. Will - After seriously watching Andy - and being incredibly confused by his actions initially; I suspect Andy "hostility" is manufactured to seduce attention away the remaining HG against Andy as a target. As long as Andy controls the flow of information the HG can't focus out of boredom on other scenarios. In real life those who fear negative attention - are usually the first to redirect the focus. Andy teaches communication skills at a college level. His conduct is no accident. He is serious about trying to win by using calculated redirection strategies. As long as he can focus on one player to give enormous hostility to - there will be no time for the remaining HG to think through what is actually going on in the house . Andy is deliberately distracting the other HG. Otherwise if it were Andy's real and raw emotional reaction to a disliked woman - then he would be talking about Amanda or Jessee. But he can't risk it - because of McCrea. And Andy contained himself while working with the 3ams. So by putting out Elissa's name constantly demeaning, marginalizing ridiculing Elissa - noone has the time (especially McCrea) to figure out that Andy stabbed McCrea Elissa and Amanda in the back. And he is doing it at the only level he can - appealing to what he believes are the misogynistic characteristics of the remaining HG. (Spencer in particular and to a lesser extent Judd. ) GM because she has made extensive bigot comments about Candice and Howard (participated in the demeaning Asian rant against Helen) so she will not speak up & she is a little clueless- even though the Misogynistic comments demean her as a woman, and if 'politically' expedient Andy would have led the posse against GM. Andy is safe by manipulating the group against the imagined target of Elissa. It is manufactured and controlled and he does what is expediently necessary. IMO his skill is so perfect - that it represents his character - and something that IMO he does with ease in the BB house. I think those who have known him if they can step back they may see Andy in a very different light. This game will have come at a tremendous cost to his reputation - regardless of whether he wins or not. My wish - is that Andy reads the boards to see exactly how the die hard BB fans perceive him - He was a part of that community at one time.
  11. great references. I too would not take a College course from this man unless I wanted to do a Doctoral or Masters thesis on sociopathology and Andy inside and outside BB. - This discussion thread is about the game. How in isolation power,fame and money as its final goal players deal with strategies to survive to the end.. Deprived of the outside world, there are no cues (except the random DR questions we don't know of) that shape no dictate what is socially acceptable. THe cues of what would be unacceptable are not there to forces adjustments either through attempt to conform from the inside or to pretend to conform. Just look at Aaryn's interview with Julie Chen - to understand the denial when faced with outside world disapproval, Aaryn explained by denial, by kidding by misconstruing the context, and then the ultimate coup de etat - blaming it on Texas!. what some of us wanted was a demonstration of how isolation and the desire to win the fame and money (and perhaps power) could be done by inspiration of leadership and social skills - that even in a vacuum -the corps of humanity would lead.. We wanted someone - to win but not at the costs to destroying the humanity of others. playing a sharp and smart game. The criticism of Andy in this thread - come from an expectation that Andy had what it took to inspire and lead. (Or Helen or Howard - a year of the minority winning) As a minority and Gay Andy could have succeeded where Ragan Fox and Marcellas were unable to. Andy,a Gay Man experienced an intolerant bullying society, teaches College level communication. -( Interestingly Andy fought in some challenges coming in second on the egg challenge - so physically I am not convinced he was totally inept.) But he had the social skills to inspire. he demonstrated his ability to make others trust. For History and Political science aficionados think Roy Cohen (McCarthy era ) Andy seems to flourish in a climate of hostility, bigotry, misogyny, racism and homophobia., In this microsociety of BB he pushes hatred towards immutable characteristics has flourished. (now 'egging' on GM, Spencer, Judd ) Andy has emerged as the sociopathic provocateur, urging others to start. Andy MIRRORS those around, CHANNELS the hostility toward one target. (his pattern) then MARGINALIZES AND RIDICULES THE VICTIM OF THE DAY. (now we have to endure Elissa Bashing - only because Andy wants to isolate McCrea. Andy's demonic "gift" comes creating contempt in a group that you have contempt for believe your are trustworthy. (no 'tells' for obvious lying that only sociopaths can pull off.) To me Andy is not a rat - but a parasite. seemingly insignificant harmless. manipulates the larger body until infected, evicted and dead. Elissa bashing on a sexual way for the calculated goal of infecting McCrea. It is not just game play. These traits come from within - This thread is about Andy's game play and how he has squandered his reputation. regardless of whether he wins or loses. Andy's behavior in this house - will IMO put him up to the level of Aaryn GM and Spencer (all of whom have lost their employment because of what they did in isolation away from societal norms.
  12. i am proud of McCrea - he has never been an angry loser. when he has lost or won - he feels conflicted. What a mark of a decent human being at his core
  13. going out on a limb here - Power and Greed Corrupt and those who seek it will be corrupted - all values and common decency gone. The talk now is despicable - references to Elissa, Helen and Amanda - sexually offensive. To think that Andy a gay man - well aware of bigotry - sidles up to that - is appalling. Did he forget Matthew Sheppard. For Spencer to talk about whether a woman makes him hard. - I am delighted he is on his way to losing his job and only hope society's shame hits him hard. Andy's silence is deafening, like a leech he attaches himself - convincing himself that there is no blood on him but gloating not realizing that this group of bigots have crossed the unforgivable line. I don't care at this point - whether Andy wins or loses the game. for it will not help Andy to reclaim his soul. It is not just a game it is a social experiment - that proves when you put people without character or morals into a closed setting and the group (except apparently McCrea at this point) condones vile conduct - whom they really are - their core is exposed without the social buffers that insulate them. Cameras on them constantly show the raw truth. It is as if I am watching Andy as the Head Corrupt Pig in Animal Farm by George Orwell whose ability to lie without the tels so common (aversion of the eyes, the nervous laughter or manufactured outrage) - marks the flawed character of sociopath - to lie without feeling without the need to overtly cover. It is amazing. to me - It is indeed a Social Experiment that ANdy may not realize the ultimate life price he will pay. Andy's ability to lie without shame - like a leech is reminiscent of Walder Frey who lies pretending to extend hospitality but instead murders the family of Robb Stark. from the Game of Thrones. Andy has plenty of blood on his hands. and he will be stunned to find out that he is reviled, hated. Ironically the ultimate compliment to bring back Heroes and Villains in a reprise game - would result in Andy being booted out first - .. or probably more likely never invited back again.



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