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  1. I've always thought Kevin looks older than 56 too. I think that is his stay-at-home dad cover...he's retired! Wonder what he did for a living? Also I noticed one time when Jason said it must be expensive to have so many kids still living at home he dodged the question and quickly changed the subject. What do y'all think?
  2. Hi! Is the regular chat room closed now and it's just these forums? I'd just like to say, WOW, what a coincidence! Someone did take the 25k and Paul is back in the game AND he was the first one chosen to go into the Den of Temptation and get three weeks safety...this is so obviously set up, grrr! Also, did anyone notice the word Friendship on the DR wall before it was decided about Paul? Hmmm. Anyway, I'm all for little scrappy cyborg Alex. She's a straight shooter and I loved it when she basically told Cody to eat Sh1t, LOL! Who knew she'd be such a comp beast. You go girl! Also I can't believe Megan just walked out. She knew what she was getting into...come on. Lastly, Cody is a total douche bag and Josh is off his rocker or something...
  3. I like that he said he is like a big teddy bear and an honest person...we'll see! Fingers crossed
  4. I REALLY hope that this new exciting looking twist works out. The last few have been total flops. Please get this game back to at least somewhat of what it used to be. So happy to see an all new cast too. Hoping none of them get on everyone's nerves too much. A girl can wish, right?
  5. Aww, so happy for them...sweet family ♡♡♡
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