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  1. I'm thinking Kevin (or David or a backdoor) goes home first. Then HOH, noms, veto, vote, and another HG goes. Then repeat the process one more time. All on Thursday. I may be wrong though. It's a two hour show. Everyone is expecting a double, so this is really gonna mess them up.
  2. I think you nailed it. I'm thankful that there's a three eviction night coming up because I doubt Cody has the backbone to make any move that would make the game interesting. I could almost see any of the other guys putting up Nic and Dani, but not Cody. I've been wrong before though.
  3. Triple eviction coming next Thursday, that should be interesting. I guess production is trying to put this season out of its misery! I now know why they call this the All Star season, because the feeds are all stars. At least Dr. Will is back for a little so we finally do get a All Star.
  4. I believe Dani used her replay power on Memphis. Wouldn't it be hilarious if he won HOH again and used his HOH to take her out? (Not that I want him to win it again, but I would enjoy that)
  5. Tyler is pretty good. He totally sold Memphis on keeping David and planted seeds about Nic and Dani. I hope he wins HOH next. I doubt he'd put up Kevin and David, unless he was going for the backdoor.
  6. I think that some people are starting to realize this. That would be hilarious!
  7. It may get better when Day (or Kevin) is gone. They're gonna have to start turning on each other soon.
  8. I read that there is speculation that Day and Nic got in a fight, but I doubt it. That would be too good to be true. If it is Covid that person should be removed from the game and on it goes. If they ended it tomorrow would it be a loss?
  9. Has she been right about anything? By the way, Tyler didn't use the veto so there's a good chance she's done!
  10. Her third season and she still can't play the game. I hope Tyler tells her that Nic voted Ian out in his goodbye message, like he said he wants to.
  11. I agree. I would love for David to win HOH and put him up. But only after David made a useless deal with him to keep him safe.
  12. Hey Dani, my grandma called and she wants her muumuu back.
  13. I think it would be fitting if David won BB this season. It would be the perfect ending to this crap season. I actually felt sorry for him while watching last night's episode. He is definitely the worst player so only fitting that he would win.
  14. To his face because Day thinks David voted Ian out.

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