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  1. I have a feeling this may be her week to go home.
  2. It shouldn't be stated at all. White or black, if they just blatantly go out of their way to exclude someone for skin color they're wrong. Anyone doing so sucks as a person. And if you're talking about Bayleigh from last season, well she was a fruit loop anyways. She got so pissed in her first season she made her mouth bleed. She gave herself the "angry black woman" moniker long before season 22. If a cast member can't play the game without cussing someone out maybe they're not really good BB material anyways. IMO
  3. Has there ever been an alliance where they blatantly stated it was a "white" alliance? I get people generally gravitate towards others who are similar, but for any group to just state it is a little put offish to me.
  4. In the age of social awareness, it seems funny that there could be an alliance of minorities and it would be ok. An all white alliance would be crucified. It doesn't seem right. I'm glad there's a more diverse cast. I've always wanted to see it this way. But really? Doesn't seem right.
  5. Dude doesn't even seem to care about his team getting decimated. Who would trust him to be in an alliance?
  6. She is such a coattailer (is that even a word?) I would love to see her on the block.
  7. I haven't been watching the live feeds, why is she a target? Is it jealousy from the other gals? She seems nice. I don't really know.
  8. Safe until jury! I hope that was just an edit to make her look like she was thinking about it!
  9. She was really cocky about getting rid of Brent last week. Now she's up. I'm not a big fan of any of the players at this point, but I hope she stays. I hope she wins HOH too. I would love to see the Kings busted up.
  10. Their whole four person group will now have a major target on their collective backs. I think he'll be the first target in that group.
  11. He couldn't even admit that his gameplay was bad. He has no self awareness. I almost felt sorry for him, but watching him talk to Julie instantly flushed that.
  12. I think it's just because she's not in the cookout or royal flush alliances.

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