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  1. I too was amazed how Raven was hanging on Paul's arm & rubbing it while Christmas was over holding on to Meatball. I just wonder if Christmas met Meatball at some bar before hand would she have anything to do with him. Kinda mismatched to me. BUT he does have the big money now. And Raven? "Tell them Paul, tell them how you & me were the puppet master".
  2. I totally agree. Cody had it rough his HoH week cause all his nominees we're dropping out. It made him look bad but I never thought he was a bully. Not in the Baby Josh way. They all said Cody didn't have any social game. Well maybe he saw the fake, phoney asses they all were & didn't want to be a phoney & socialize with them. I know I wouldn't.
  3. If I were a member of Kevin's family I would show up at the finale & give those asshats a piece of my mind. Maybe I would bang pots & pans at Josh or ride a scooter around Christmas holding a mirror, "Look at me, aren't I pretty, everybody wants to get with me". And with Paul I would follow him around & yell. My husband has asked me why do they all talk so loud they yell? And today on the feeds Christmas said that Jason & Alex told her that Kevin wanted to get with her. (Vomit) Really? He's married with kids & knows his family is watching, I didn't hear it but find that hard to believe. Go back to the mirror Christmas & your own little world.
  4. I agree. Paul is the animal trainer & Baby Josh does his bidding like the harassment of Paul's chosen victim at the time & the pot banging. Bullies. What gets me is how Christmas goes on about her HOH wins. They were handed to her!!! She didn't legit win them so don't go patting yourself on your back too much. I did read the feeds on Paul's excuses on not using the Veto on Alex. I thought they were in a deal of final two. I wish Alex would wake up & stick his Veto up his little kester. And I don't like Alex but dislike the others more.
  5. I wasn't a fan of Christmas but did like Alex in the beginning. Not now, not ever. She has shown to be cruel, picking at Kevin. She helped encourage Baby Josh when he would go after Cody or Mark. In the DR she would say she enjoyed the Baby Josh show. How do you sit there & enjoy bullying? I guess their reasoning is as long as it isn't me. A bunch of asshats is right.
  6. In Kevin's defense, I'm a little older than him & we get beyond the grade school dramatics, put downs & back stabbing especially if he is a stay at home dad. Then he is thrown into a house controlled by Rasputin & some pretty narcissistic people & cry babies, I'm sure he feels he isn't up to sparring verbally with the abusers. It was ridiculous when Narcissus Christmas got mad at him for asking if she was going in the pool. She could sit on the edge & stick a leg in. Sheesh what a stupid thing to get mad at & then it sets Baby Josh off. Yes I know Kevin talked bad about others, but so did the others & so do all of us but the isolation, shunning & lack of respect of Kevin is hard to watch.
  7. I have been totally disgusted with the way Kevin has been treated. The controlling, the bullying, the lack of respect. I'm sure he knew some back stabbing was going to happen but this is just plain cruel. The ostracizing is the worst. I use to like Alex but she is one of the worst. She finds Kevin annoying? I would find her constant need to hide & scare people very annoying. When this site had a poll of who your favorite player was I couldn't answer because I felt like Cody & couldn't stand any of them. After the pick on Kevin fest I would love to see him win just for the fact that he could stick it to the whole crappy bunch. I know it will be Paul tho because this season, cruel is cool. And BTW why was it so bad he took the money? They haven't been greedy in some way about money this summer?
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